Essential macrame supplies: What and where to buy

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At first, macrame can seem a little intimidating. I mean, not everyone is a naturally talented fiber artist who can magically transform regular cord into mind-blowing macrame displays, right?

Well, kind of! While intricate works require dedication and skill, you can create lots of impressive macrame pieces with just a few basic knots and a good tutorial. However, having the right macrame supplies is a big game-changer.

Luckily, essential macrame supplies boil down to a short list of easy-to-find, inexpensive items; you won’t need much to tackle most projects. To know what macrame supplies to buy and where look no further — this guide’s for you!

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Essential macrame supplies

Wondering where to buy macrame supplies? We’ve got your back.

We’ve listed the essential macrame supplies you’ll need to jumpstart any project: macrame necklaces, wall hangings, curtains, macrame owls, and more.

Still testing the waters? Macrame kits are a great solution for first-time fiber artists!

Macrame cord

Macrame cord types
Photo via Nick Rowan (Tiny Workshops)

Of all macrame supplies, there is one you can’t obviously do without — macrame cord.

While cotton twine macrame cord is by far the most popular, many variations of this material are used for the craft, from chunky rope, nylon thread, and hemp to paracord and yarn.

Twisted 3-ply cotton cord tends to be the most sought-after because it provides the perfect combination of knot strength and softness and is compatible with most projects. It’s especially great for fringes!

However, small-scale projects like macrame jewelry are usually the exception because they typically require thinner threads like waxed nylon. When working from a pattern or tutorial, we always encourage sticking to the cord type advised in the guidelines.

Remember: your cord’s quality, material, and strand count can make or break your piece! If you want more options besides the picks below, check out our comprehensive macrame cord guide!

Best macrame cord: Quick picks

Macrame Cord by RockMountain Co

Macrame Cord by Rock Mountain Co

  • 3mm single string 100% cotton cord
  • Suitable for macrame jewelry, plant hangers, wall hangings, etc.
  • Available in different lengths
  • Delivers to Canada and the US

Bobbiny macrame cord jean blue 3mm single strand

Macrame Cord by Bobbiny

  • High-quality macrame cord
  • Excellent value for money
  • Wide range of cord thicknesses, colors, and styles
  • Delivers worldwide from Poland

UnfetteredCo recycled macrame cord

Recycled Macrame Cord by UnfetteredCo

  • Excellent recycled macrame cord
  • Available in beautiful, unique colors
  • Buy four, get one free
  • Ships from Canada

Macrame dowels and rods

Macrame supplies dowels or rods

Among other supplies for macrame are wooden dowels, sticks, and rods. These are essential if you’re working on pieces you want to display, such as wall hangings and macrame owls.

Sure, you can DIY this item; you may even find what you’re looking for during your weekend hike. But if you’re looking for convenience or don’t live in an area surrounded by nature, buying these materials online is really convenient.

Dowels are sold individually or in sets and come in different textures and colors. You can even find plastic versions! However, we always advise going for something more genuine whenever possible.

There are options to suit all aesthetics, whether you prefer darker wood for something sleek or driftwood for boho-inspired displays. And if you’re all about making your work unique, natural untreated wood dowels are easy to customize with paint!

Best dowels for macrame: Quick picks

Macrame driftwood by Californiacoastshop

Bulk Driftwood for DIY Macrame by CaliforniaCoastShop

  • Available in bundles of 10, 15, and 20 pieces
  • Hand-picked, natural driftwood in different sizes
  • Genuine wood vs. plastic dowels
  • Delivery in the US

Macrame Dowel Handiworkyourlove

Macrame Dowel Set of 3 by Handiworkyourlove

  • Perfect for wall hangings (rope not included)
  • Available in sizes 7-24 inches (8-61 cm)
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Delivers worldwide from Ukraine

Dowels by Darice

Dowel Rod by Darice

  • Budget-friendly bundle (~$8)
  • Suitable for creative hobbies other than macrame
  • Only available in one color
  • Each set includes 10 sticks

Macrame rings and hoops

Macrame rings and hoops macrame supplies
Photo credit: rocknwool (Unsplash)

Do you have your eye on a macrame dreamcatcher or plant hanger pattern you’re just dying to try out? Yup, you’ll need some macrame rings and hoops!

You’ll find many variations of these accessories when searching for macrame supplies online, primarily in wood and metal. These items are essential if you want to hang or mount pieces and are suited for different cord types and projects.

Besides aesthetics, keep quality in mind — you want your rings and hoops to be sturdy enough to sustain the overall weight of your pieces. And don’t worry, whether individually or in sets, these are by far some of the cheapest supplies for macrame you’ll buy.

Incorporating rings and hoops in your work will not only serve a functional purpose but will add a special touch to finished projects, especially if you’re making gifts!

Best macrame rings: Quick picks

Macrame rings Twisted Threads by Megg

Macrame Wooden Rings by Twisted Threads by Megg

  • Packs include different quantities and sizes
  • Untreated, natural finish
  • Compatible with various macrame cord types/thickness
  • Ships to the US only

SUNTQ Metal macrame rings

Metal Macrame Rings by SUNTQ

  • 10-piece packs
  • Sturdy metal in gold brass color
  • Ring sizes range from 2-10 inches
  • Ideal for macrame plant hangers and dreamcatchers

Macrame ring pack by Proops Bros

Macrame Pack Rings by Proops Bros LTD

  • Complete bundle of 18 rings + dowels
  • Items are plastic
  • Very affordable set with lots of items
  • Ships worldwide from the UK

Scissors for macrame

Macrame supplies scissors

Having a sharp pair of scissors may seem redundant no matter what creative hobby you take on. But in the macrame world, this is one of the most important supplies you need to consider.

Since cord type and thickness vary, you want to buy scissors that cut effortlessly no matter what material you’re using. Scissors are also very useful for snipping off imperfections on final projects or trimming details on macrame feathers and leaves.

And while you can’t go wrong with any of our recommendations below, electric scissors for heavy-duty threads are great alternatives for this purpose, not to mention extra fuss-free. Left-handed? Check out these craft scissors for lefties!

Best scissors for macrame: Quick picks

SINGER Macrame Scissors

Heavy Duty Fabric Scissors Bundle by SINGER

  • Reliable brand
  • Includes three professional-grade scissors
  • Very affordable
  • Cuts through various fabric types and thicknesses

LIVINGO Scissors

Premium Tailor Scissors Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose by LIVINGO

  • Premium multi-purpose heavy-duty scissors
  • Sold in different colors
  • Lightweight tool
  • Budget-friendly

Beads for macrame

Macrame supplies  Macrame Beads
Photo credit: Meg Wagener (Unsplash)

Although any macrame pattern is beautiful and pleasing to the eye on its own, a little detail and flair never hurt anyone!

Usually crafted into macrame jewelry, curtains, bags, and more, macrame beads add a lot of texture and dynamic to projects and, when colored and textured, look beautiful against the strands of white cotton cord.

Remember, beads come in different materials and sizes. That said, be sure to purchase beads with holes wide enough to slip your cord through! If using ceramic beads, be extra careful when securing them so they won’t fall off and break.

You may not always want to add beads to your work, but it’s always great to have the option, especially considering how fun and affordable these accessories are!

Best beads for macrame: Quick picks

Natural Round Wood Beads

Natural Round Wood Beads by Twisted Threads by Megg

  • Natural round wood beads
  • You can pick between packs of 10 or 25 beads
  • Ideal for embellishing/painting since wood is untreated
  • Delivery in the US

Macrame Beads by The Craft Making Shop

Multicolor Macrame Wood Beads by Craft Making Shop

  • Multicolor wood beads in a single bundle
  • Great value for money
  • Beads feature a 5.5mm hole
  • Great for crafting projects in bulk

Handmade Skinny Ceramics Beads

Handmade Skinny Ceramic Beads for Macrame by Stacia Schaefer Design

  • Original, handmade ceramic pieces
  • Different colors on offer
  • Price is per bead
  • Delivered to the US and Canada

Dye for macrame cord

Macrame supplies dye
Photo credit: Teona Swift (Pexels)

Whether or not dye is an essential macrame supply really depends on personal preference. While you may be more inclined to invest in multiple macrame cord colors, others may like the excitement of customizing their materials.

That said, dip-dying is a trendy technique that many macrame crafters have fun with because it allows them to add a personal touch and express creativity. Of course, white macrame cord never fails, but adding a splash of bright pink or deep blue can really spruce up your fringes!

You can dab acrylic paints directly onto the textile or swoosh some fabric spray paint to get the job done! Dying your cord with tea and coffee is a great DIY alternative and is (unsurprisingly) more budget-friendly.

When buying dyes and paints, ensure they’re compatible with your cord’s material; otherwise, you’ll be left with a soggy, colorless mess. Generally, you should stick to cotton for dyeing.

And, a kind reminder: follow all of the safety measures indicated by your product.

Best dye for macrame cord: Quick picks

RIT dye fabric

Purpose Liquid Dye by Rit

  • A very popular brand and product
  • Inexpensive, high-quality dye
  • 30+ colors available
  • Compatible with cotton, wool, and nylon

Arteza Fabric Paint

Fabric Paint Set by Arteza

  • 14 bottles of fabric paint for different fabric types
  • Non-toxic, water-based, permanent dye
  • Contains fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark, and glitter paints
  • Washer and dryer safe product

IDye Poly Jacquard Paint

iDye Poly by Jacquard

  • Very affordable, quality dye
  • Available in 10+ colors (14 grams per pack)
  • For 100% natural cotton, linen, nylon, and polyester
  • Dissolves in water

Macrame boards

Macrame Board Macrame supplies

If you’re making macrame jewelry, a macrame board is an essential tool you should add to your craft desk.

DIYing a clipboard for this purpose does the trick, but the deeper you get into the craft, you’ll want something more specific. Macrame boards usually include T-pins and are meant for small-scale projects that require intricate, braid-like knotting with thinner thread types.

Its primary function is to secure multiple strands at the top of the board while you intertwine the loose string ends together knot by knot. This will also provide you with a clean workspace (the body of the board) and a better view of your technique.

It’s also convenient when incorporating beads or charms into pieces. Since most macrame boards are self-healing, you won’t be left with a damaged surface after having pinned down your strings!

Best macrame boards: Quick picks

The Beadsmith Macrame Board

Macrame Board by The Beadsmith

  • Available in different measurements (price varies)
  • Self-healing board
  • Features custom-designed notches to secure cords
  • Includes macrame bracelet project with instructions

COLIBYOU Macrame Board

Macrame Project Board by COLIBYOU

  • Large-sized macrame board
  • Contains T-pins to secure materials
  • Basic, budget-friendly tool for beginners
  • Must leave plastic wrapping on when crafting

Macrame Project Board Milkagogo

Macrame Project Board by mikagogogo

  • Single board or board + holder available (prices vary)
  • Good investment for more frequent crafting
  • The board holder is height-adjustable
  • Worldwide delivery from China

Best macrame combs and brushes

Macrame Comb Macrame supplies

Macrame combs and brushes really help enhance the beauty and final outcome of your piece — especially if you’re all about that macrame fringe life!

This is a very sought-after supply among macrame hobbyists and crucial for smoothening out odd macrame cord fibers, whether for accurate cutting or to use as a fringe.

The type of comb you use should depend on the thickness and strand count of your cord to avoid unwanted snagging. In addition, using a comb will help you untangle knots and tangles to achieve fabulous fluffy fringes.

Mind you that this process can take a while, but it will be oh-so-worth-it, especially if your goal is to showcase your pieces!

Best comb macrame: Quick picks

Macrame Wood Fringe Comb by Casa Diaz Market

Macrame Wood Fringe Comb by Casa Diaz Market

  • Sturdy double-sided wooden comb
  • Accommodates small and large-scale projects
  • Made of natural wood
  • Delivers to the US

Macrame Brush a little knottie

Macrame Brush by a little knottie

  • Beautiful design
  • Ideal for macrame tassels, jewelry, keychains, etc.
  • Great alternative if you prefer brush vs. comb
  • Ships worldwide from the US

Other macrame supplies

Besides essential store-bought macrame supplies, there are a couple of household items that will come in handy as you work through your projects.

Below are a few extra macrame supplies and resources to help you get set up:

Measuring tape

This tool is crucial for measuring your materials, especially when a project requires incorporating different cord lengths, such as macrame dream catchers or wall hangings.


If you’re into DIY workarounds and want to skip the macrame board for small-scale projects and use a clipboard instead, rest assured; these do the trick. Clipboards will be less effective when pinning down single strands (surfaces are not soft like macrame boards), but they do a good job securing string as you knot.

Earring blanks

For macrame earrings, you don’t necessarily need blanks (this depends on your project), but they are convenient if you’re looking to make things simple. They provide somewhat of a “canvas” to weave around, which is particularly helpful for beginners. Etsy has a lot of earring blanks for great prices!


Although we’ve mentioned some of our top picks for this product in our guide, we want to remind you that you can always DIY this process. Many online YouTube tutorials will show you how to do this step-by-step with different resources. Coffee, tea, beets, and even avocado are some of the most popular and effective!


When working with fringes, using a household handheld steamer is a simple way to enhance the fluffiness of your fabric.

Fabric stiffener

This is a great product to apply to macrame wall hangings or items you intend to display. Spraying your piece will help it stay intact and rigid vs. floppy over time. This is another cheap, easy-to-find item that works wonders.

Knot Guide

Even if you’re already a macrame pro, having a knot guide at hand is always a good idea. You can find excellent macrame books and lots of free downloadable PDF files for reference. And, of course, YouTube is always the perfect plan B!

Macrame tutorials and patterns

If you’re working from scratch and at a beginner/intermediate level, having a pattern to work from is very helpful. There are many free online tutorials and cheap patterns you can buy for all kinds of projects.

Etsy, for example, is an excellent place to source macrame patterns for low prices. You can also check out online macrame classes if you’re aiming to brush up on your skills or learn something new.

For additional resources, check out our macrame guides and tutorials for beginners!

That’s it for all of the essential macrame supplies you need to get started! Feel free to drop any questions, comments, or tips for other readers below.

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