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Best macrame owl patterns, kits, and free DIY tutorials

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After succeeding at mastering a standard macrame wall hanging, take a stab at crafting a macrame owl!

Those who are familiar with this trend know that macrame owl patterns come in all styles and sizes.

Regardless if you go simple or try a complicated pattern, DIY macrame owls can be embellished with all kinds of eye-catching accessories: beads, rings, driftwood, fluffy fringe, and a rainbow of cord options!

You can find all kinds of tutorials and kits online for beginners and experienced fiber artists alike for free or purchase. 

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Whether your goal is to make a sleek, modern macrame owl wall hanging or a vintage-inspired piece, we’ve listed the best macrame owl-making resources to prompt your creativity!

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What materials will I need to make a macrame owl?

Although there are very few basic materials needed to keep up with a beginner macrame owl tutorial, these are likely to vary from project to project depending on skill level. 

These materials include cord for macrame art, a sharp pair of scissors, and measuring tape — simple and affordable.

When it comes down to picking cord, you’ll find that there are many different types you can choose from. If new to this art form, we recommend sticking to the cord types suggested in the tutorial or kit of your liking.

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By doing otherwise, you might end up with a macrame owl that doesn’t resemble your objective, which may result in frustration. It’s best to practice and go through the basics to build confidence before moving onto more free-handed macrame work. 

Whenever working with this material, scissors should be sharp enough to cut smoothly through thick cord fiber. A simple comb may also be required if you’re working on a piece with fringe that needs some fluffing! 

Using measuring tape is also crucial whenever doing any macrame project because the combination of different cord lengths and pieces is at the heart of this craft. While more experienced artists can eye-ball this at some point, resorting to measuring tape is crucial for starters. 

Aside from these essential resources, other popular materials include wooden dowels or metal rings for mounting and plastic or wooden beads to assemble eyes and a beak. 

Where can I buy a macrame owl?

Macrame owls are great statement pieces and are made in different shapes, designs, and colors!

While there’s nothing like the classic 70s-styled macrame owl, there are tons of modern, one-of-a-kind pieces to please hipster creatives.

If you’re looking into buying a macrame owl for inspiration or simply because you aren’t considering picking up this hobby anytime soon, check out these great finds on Etsy: 

  • The quality is in the details of this Boho owl by Breath of Thread. From the sweeping fringe to the intricacy of its knots, this is definitely a piece you’ll want to showcase. 
  • Sunflower Macrame offers all the traditional elements of a classic large macrame owl in this piece. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of colors upon purchase.
  • Looking for more color? This small macrame owl option from Kieu Handmade Shop allows you to choose the secondary color for a little extra pop.
  • Last but not least, this large macrame owl from Polish shop Mat Art Wood has a lot of character. It’s a bit pricier than the others, but it really is a statement piece.

Best macrame owl patterns and tutorials

If you’re inspired to make your very own DIY macrame owl, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite macrame owl kits and patterns that you can buy, as well as some great free blog and YouTube tutorials we’re confident you’ll love!

Macrame owl pattern by Lanaa Studio

Tamar Samplonius macrame owl

Lanaa Studio is the home of all patterns by macrame artist Tamar Samplonius, who was a well-deserved 2019 Etsy Design Awards Finalist. Her gorgeous work is celebrated for having a distinguished, contemporary take on macrame. 

Besides selling her made-to-order large-scale statement pieces, she also offers a selection of PDF pattern tutorials with detailed step-by-step instructions via Lanaa Studio — a great value add for beginners. 

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Mixing it up by adding a touch of modern details on a traditional pattern, this macrame owl wall hanging has contrasting wings, making it the highlight of this clean, minimal design. Along with a list of materials needed and thorough instructions, you’ll also receive Tamar’s illustrated Knot Guide as part of your purchase.

Tamar notes that if you follow the instructions closely, your macrame owl will measure 50 centimeters long (or 19.7 inches) without the suspension cord.

Macrame Owl Kit from MacrameIsLove

Macrame Owl Kit

We’ve recommended this kit in a previous post — and for good reason!

The proprietor of MacrameIsLove, Elena Voronina, assembles supreme kits that include all-natural materials to achieve classic bohemian works.

At 17.3 by 10 inches, this macrame owl is a mid-sized wall hanging with a vintage-inspired 1970s flare. You can expect to use a series of easy, but beautiful knots to build your creation which won’t look anything but professional when completed! 

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You’ll also have fun creating fringe around black button eyes and mounting your fiber art on a natural wood dowel. One thing is for sure: this is a project you’ll be proud of once you admire it hanging on your wall!

This macrame owl kit is ideal for beginners and a fun macrame challenge to explore if you’re excited about learning new knots and techniques.

Glaux the Owl Pendant by Happyland87

Happyland87 owl macrame

Happyland87 is run by Claudia Cattaneo, an Italian jewelry artist known for her extensive catalog of jewelry tutorials, including dozens of elaborate pieces developed with macrame.

If you’re an advanced macrame crafter interested in jewelry, this is an entertaining micro macrame owl tutorial that experiments with Swarovski crystals, seed beads, and jewelry cord. Glaux the Owl is a fun and beautiful piece, making it a lovely item to wear or gift. 

There is no size listed for this jewelry pendant, but you will receive easy-to-follow, step-by-step photo instructions in a PDF file.

Claudia also sells a Glaux the Owl kit with materials for two pendants. It includes all the beads and Swarovski crystals needed — all you have to do is pick your preferred color scheme!

Macrame owl kit with plant hanger by Macrame School

Macrame owl macrame school kit

Why not consider a plant hanger macrame owl that adds a modern twist to a classic design? 

Purchase this complete kit from Macrame School and receive a natural cotton cord, wooden beads, and wooden ring. You’ll also be given instructions on paper that will give you access to a YouTube video tutorial on how to make your plant hanger.

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Ideal for beginners and intermediate crafters, there are no measurements indicated for this plant hanger, but it appears to be moderately sized. You can also buy the owl kit without the plant hanger part and save a little money. Or save even more with just the pattern PDF!

These kits are also acknowledged for their quick shipping and for adding surprise items in their packages such as extra macrame cord or a little gift!  

Owl Patterns and kits by MacrameIsLove

Macrame owl pdf pattern

MacrameIsLove gets more love from us on this list for their sublime quality and clear instructions. 

The shop offers three separate macrame owl patterns, purchased individually or as a set of three. You can also buy individual kits of all three designs with instructions and required materials.

Use this tutorial to create a large macrame owl that measures a satisfying 11 by 21.7 inches. This simplistic but impressive pattern is a 1970s vintage-inspired design, with button eyes surrounded by fringe on wooden rings.

Like other MacrameIsLove DIY products, newbies will love this kit and will be pleased and proud with their final wall hanging.

Have fun customizing the dowels, beads, and cord colors of your choosing!

Free macrame owl tutorial by Nana Ukhana

Check out Nana Ukhana’s YouTube channel for this DIY macrame owl tutorial recommended for beginners.

At an easy-to-follow pace, Nana will guide you through the whole process as she goes through each knot from beginning to end.

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The soothing music in this video will also get you into a zen mood and your creative juices flowing! 

A reason to love this pattern is the rose knots on the owl’s body, fooling anyone into thinking this piece is far more complex than it really is!

Hot Pink Owl by Seasoned

Seasoned pink macrame owl

Seasoned is a lifestyle blog run by sisters Katie Daenzer and Sarah Schu. 

They often share reviews on low-waste and natural DIY projects they’ve done, including macrame projects. This specific macrame owl design replicates a design developed during a free YouTube tutorial by the Macrame School.

What makes Katie’s version of a macrame owl wall hanging so unique is that she doesn’t use traditional materials. Instead, she works with a super slippery fluorescent pink nylon cord to weave her piece — #macrameowlgoals!

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These details give this item a trendy combination of vintage traits with funky colors while showcasing old-school details like the mounting stick, wooden beads, and fluffed fringe.

Keep in mind that if you’re new to macrame, using traditional cords to start is ideal. In the long run, you’ll have the basics down to start knotting away!

If you need a reminder on how versatile this craft can be, envision Katie’s hot pink macrame owl!

Owl Ornament by Soulful Notions

Self-acclaimed Eco-friendly art supply shop Soulful Notions sells natural, ethically sourced, upcycled macrame cord. 

They also have a YouTube channel with a handful of free tutorials, including this sweet owl ornament making lesson.

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The ornament is a small, basic macrame owl, measuring seven by 2.75 inches. Besides the cord, you’ll also need a 1.5-inch metal hoop and half-inch wooden beads for the eyes if you want the same look achieved in the tutorial.

This tutorial is perfect for the intermediate macrame owl artist interested in using environment-friendly resources to create stunning art.  

That’s it for this list of the best macrame owl wall hanging tutorials! Do you know about any more resources or great macrame artists? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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