Best DIY macrame bag and purse patterns for beginners and up

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Unlike more straightforward macrame projects like plant hangers and small, minimalist wall hangings, first-time crafters can expect a little more trial and error when making macrame bags or purses.

On the other hand, with the proper guidance and practice, it won’t be long before macrame bag-making becomes second nature — and there are many comprehensive, easy-to-follow resources out there to get you in the groove.

From wide-hole macrame bags to trendy knot-filled purses, our guide covers the best macrame bag patterns, kits, and tutorials to inspire you to jumpstart all the DIY macrame bag projects your fiber-art-loving heart desires!

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What materials will I need to make a macrame bag or macrame purse?

Macrame is pretty much about keeping things sweet and simple, although there are essentials every crafter should consider.

Before listing supplies and accessories you may be required to purchase specifically for macrame bag or purse making, I’ve added some resources below to guide you through the basics you’ll need to get started:

  • Essential macrame supplies: A complete guide to essential macrame tools and materials to complete just about any macrame project, including online sellers, best prices, and easy-to-access, high-quality products.
  • Best macrame cord: A comprehensive overview of macrame cord types, best brands, and where to buy.
  • Best macrame books: Learn techniques and essential knots with these top macrame books.
  • Best electric scissors: Tips on the best electric scissors to make cutting through tough fibers and macrame cord hassle-free.
  • Best macrame classes: These classes are mostly focused on learning the basics of knotting, but some also teach design and fabrication of bags and other accessories.
  • Best sewing classes: Macrame bag making may require basic sewing skills when getting into more structured projects. If you need to learn simple needle and thread techniques or brush up on your know-how, we recommend checking out these online sewing classes for beginners.

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Apart from the basics, making a macrame handbag or macrame purse will have you sourcing additional supplies depending on the intricacy or style of your final project.

Remember that this will vary; you can make beautiful boho-chic macrame bags with just a few strands of cord! But if you’re aiming to elevate your projects or give them a store-bought finish, purchasing a few accessories will help do the trick.

Below I’ve listed suggestions on what and where to buy additional supplies for DIY macrame bag making.

Bag handles


Handbag Base and Bottom Shaper

Best macrame bag and purse kits

If you’re entirely new to macrame, tackling a macrame bag as your first project will be a little challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with or still mastering the basics.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put macrame bag-making aside! Below are some of our favorite DIY macrame handbag kits for beginners to get you started with everything you need, from materials to step-by-step instructions.

Macrame Bag DIY Kit by Urban Kangaroo

macrame bag diy kit

Urban Kangaroo is a small, California-based company that sells a range of DIY craft bundles, from soy candle kits to beautifully packaged macrame bag kits for beginners.

Available on Etsy for ~$30, this DIY macrame bag kit includes all the materials needed to complete one item: 100% cotton cord, a pair of golden-colored hoops for handles, custom stickers, and illustrated step-by-step instructions.

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This kit is an excellent stepping-stone for upcoming macrame artists because it only requires a few easy knots. You won’t be overwhelmed with technique-mastering here; this project is more about getting you in touch with the basics to begin crafting confidently before getting into more complex works.

One of the perks offered by this seller is that you can order macrame bag kits in bulk: these are ideal for groups, whether for team-building events or craft sessions with family and friends. You can contact the seller directly from the platform if this interests you.

If you’re an intermediate crafter, you’ll likely find this kit too simple and are better off with some of the patterns below. Also, note that this set is currently only delivered in-country (USA). However, if you’re sitting elsewhere on the globe, don’t worry; the following options deliver internationally!

Chunky Macrame Handbag DIY Kit by GANXXET

chunky macrame handbag diy kit

Also sold on Etsy, this chunky macrame handbag kit by GANXXET is another beginner-friendly project worth checking out.

This is a great pick if you want to experiment with chunky macrame cord to segue into making fashionable, wearable accessories. Each kit contains two bundles of top-quality, recycled braided cotton cord (9mm) and access to a video tutorial.

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The only downside to this kit is that it’s pricey, costing nearly $60. However, while roughly twice as expensive as the previous set, you’ll get two bundles of first-rate cord. In addition, you’ll have an extensive cord color catalog to pick from — there are a total of 23 colors available!

GANXXET is known for its range of quality craft materials, from yarn to macrame cord, so if you’re looking for long-lasting outcomes, this is the one. The store also sells additional items to complete your macrame bag projects, such as wooden beads; these will give your handbag’s straps a nice touch! 

This product is shipped from the US and delivered worldwide. Keep in mind that shipping fees will vary based on your location. 

Macrame Kit for Beginners by EARTHCRAFTS DIY

macrame bag kit for beginners

Searching for a versatile macrame purse kit for an affordable price? While more generic, this product is cost-effective and offers a variety of options to play with!

Available for ~$40, this DIY macrame bag kit is curated for complete beginners and is sold in six color variations. Fern and Lake are my favorites, perfect if you like woodsy, organic tones. Each set includes written guidelines, access to a video tutorial, soft cotton cord (3mm), and rubberwood handles.

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Although you’ll only receive enough material to complete a single project, one of the aspects I really appreciate about this kit is that it offers beginners three bag patterns and designs to choose from: an evening purse, a day bag, and a shopping carrier.

While not the cheapest of kits, it’s also not the most expensive, making it a relatively affordable gift, whether for adults or teens. However, instructions are less detailed than those in the kits above and, therefore, might be more challenging for kids to follow — be sure to be around to help them out!

If you think you’d benefit from a little extra support, we advise looking into online macrame classes for beginners before digging into this kit. Nevertheless, if you’re on the hunt for an easy project, this set provides a fair balance between accessibility, price, and quality.

DIY macrame bag and purse patterns and PDF tutorials

Once you’re ready to craft more independently, downloadable macrame bag patterns and tutorials are excellent resources to consider. You can find an eclectic variety of designs in different cord types and colors — including macrame backpacks!

While these will be more complex to work through at first, they’re worth a shot if you’re all about wearable macrame items and accessories. Find some of our favorites below!

Macrame DIY Boho Bag with Leather Handles Pattern by WhiteOwlKnot

Macrame DIY Boho Bag with Leather Handles Pattern

Sophisticated and subdued, this macrame bag pattern is perfect if you’re all about summery, handmade fashion items that look bought right off the shelf!

WhiteOwlKnot is an Etsy Star Seller and features this $7.25 pattern to make a macrame bag with leather handles. Although this is a beginner’s project and only requires two types of knots, its overall design is a little more elaborate.

That said, having some previous macrame experience will be helpful. Along with your downloadable pattern, you’ll also get access to a video tutorial for extra guidance. Be sure to review the list of materials needed beforehand; you’ll need more items here than your average project.

Also, having a leather craft kit or a few leather working classes under your belt will definitely come in handy when crafting your bag’s handles. You’ll also need crochet hooks: you can find some of our top recommendations here if you need a few tips!

To support your learning, this seller also sells a knot guide e-book (~$6) with step-by-step instructions on 15 basic knots for complete beginners — an excellent addition to your purchase! Your final piece will measure ~11 inches (30cm) wide and ~14 inches (~36cm) high (without handles).

DIY Macrame Boho Bag PDF Pattern by WhiteOwlKnot

DIY Macrame Boho Bag PDF Pattern

Our next pick is another WhiteOwlKnot special, this time, a color-packed boho-inspired macrame purse. 

Also available on Etsy for $7.25, this is a really enjoyable project if you want to challenge yourself to incorporate multiple colors in your handmade bag. However, remember that the beauty of patterns is that you can adapt them as you like — you can use one color instead if preferred!

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This is a great pattern to have fun with if you want to learn simple techniques to spruce up more basic creations with detail and flair. And surprisingly, as complex as this design may seem, like the previous pattern, you’ll only be required to apply very few knots.

You’ll also learn how to create fringes and add beads to your final piece. I particularly love how you can use different cord types and materials for different outcomes: chunky t-shirt yarn looks really great here! 

Compared to the previous project, you’ll need a smaller list of materials, so it’s a good alternative if you want to keep resources to a minimum. Your final bag will measure approximately 15 inches (37cm) wide (without the fringes) and 11 inches (28cm) high (minus the handles). 

DIY Macrame Baguette Bag by IlovecreateStore

DIY Macrame Baguette Bag

And now for something completely different: welcome to the macrame baguette bag!

Smaller in size and more structured than your typical boho macrame bag, this $9 pattern features a timeless crochet-like design that will look great for all occasions. It even has a clasp if you’re feeling fancy!

This tutorial is broken into different sections to guide you through the various stages of your project. You’ll learn how to knot a handle, make a bag base, sew linings, add zippers, and more. That said, this is definitely the way to go if you’re searching for an intricate project to practice technique. 

On the other hand, this project may be too elaborate if you’re a macrame newbie and better suited for experienced crafters exploring new approaches. But that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase it now to enjoy once you’re feeling a little more confident. In fact, we love that enthusiasm!  

Also, know that this project will take more time, so expect to go through more sittings for completion vs. whipping up a bag in one go. Macrame market bags are easier and quicker to make if you’re looking for more immediate results — we’ve added a video tutorial for this type of project at the end of our article! 

Backpack Macrame Pattern by Pelote Et Compagnie

Backpack Macrame Pattern

I absolutely love this macrame backpack pattern! Perfect for advanced crafters searching for creative projects to put their macrame cord to good use, this ~$9 design by Pelote Et Compagnie is worth a shot if you’re looking to take bag making up a notch.

This pattern comes in English and French. Your PDF will include 20 pages with more than 80 pictures illustrating every step of the process. And, of course, you’ll receive a detailed supply list and tips and tricks for additional support.

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One of the aspects that I appreciate is that cord measurements are already converted. This is incredibly convenient because you won’t be spending time questioning if you’re cutting your materials accurately, no matter where you are on the globe!

The photos illustrating the different stages of this project are also very clear and self-explanatory — you can even get through this project without referring to the written guidelines! Note that a video tutorial is not included with this purchase.

Be sure to follow cord guidelines and stick to 2mm cord to achieve the same or similar outcome. I wouldn’t recommend experimenting with different cord types with this project! Finally, it’s important to stress that this is not a beginner project but best for more experienced, well-versed crafters.

Digital Macrame Clutch Bag Pattern by masuca

Digital Macrame Clutch Bag Pattern

Last up for macrame purse patterns is this diamond-shaped fiber clutch by Etsy Star Seller masuca. 

This is a beautiful project ambitious beginners will undoubtedly get a kick out of, even if it takes them a little longer to complete. Your PDF pattern will include a list of the materials you’ll need, as well as written step-by-step instructions. 

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You’ll also be sent a complete knot guide for this project! However, you won’t receive guidelines to make the shoulder strap: you’ll have to buy it separately here. On the other hand, get creative — make or outsource a pre-made strap in other materials to make your piece one-of-a-kind!

While smaller than the first bags, I like how this design doesn’t compromise visual appeal and showcases lots of exciting knots and detail. It also looks amazing in different colors, whether in more earthy tones or vibrant cord.

When completed, this clutch will measure approximately 12 inches (30cm) x 8 inches (20cm). Besides this project, I also really advise checking out masuca’s Macrame Belt Bag and Macrame Fringe Bag patterns

Online lessons and free video tutorials

Every crafter knows that sourcing new ideas and inspiration is one of the main drives to keep creating. That said, while there are lots of online macrame classes to learn new techniques and projects, there are many free video tutorials you can (and should!) take advantage of.

We’ve listed some of our top picks for online macrame bag and macrame purse tutorials to help you keep up the knot-making!

Macrame Bag Tutorial 

There are lots of video tutorials you can come across for macrame bag making. However, they’re often too quick-paced or complex for complete beginners to follow.

That’s why I really appreciate this macrame bag tutorial by Macrame with Flora! The fiber artist shows you how to make a two-colored macrame boho-style bag during a ~35-minute long video — this is longer than your typical YouTube tutorial.

This means that you’ll get to see every single part of the process at a comfortable pace, with the added perk of written guidelines and descriptions of every step as you watch: this isn’t a narrated tutorial.

Although straightforward, this project is really unique, which is perfect if you’re looking for easy designs that look impressive! If you like this tutorial, we encourage you to check out more videos on this channel; there are many trendy, accessible macrame projects to try out besides bags!

DIY Macrame Bag || Easy Tutorial

Macrame market bags are excellent DIY macrame bag projects to take on as a newbie! These usually feature larger holes, meaning you won’t have to worry about intricate knotting and sewing. They’re also much quicker to put together!

Agnes Studio is a YouTube channel devoted to DIY and sewing ventures and presents this quick, 8-minute tutorial to get you making a macrame bag from scratch.

Unlike the previous recommendation, the advantage of this tutorial is that it’s narrated, which will be very helpful if you rather listen as you craft vs. constantly referring to your screen for written instructions.

Since macrame bag making is a little more complex than other macrame projects, personally, I appreciate the narrated aspect of this tutorial; I find it easier to follow.

This macrame bag is the ideal project for beginners looking to put something together with little time and resources — a great idea for a thoughtful handmade gift!

DIY How to Make a Macrame Purse

Last up is another easy project for beginners pursuing macrame purse and clutch crafting. I love this tutorial because it only requires three basic knots and is under eight minutes long — although it will take you longer to make in real-time.

Soulful Notions is a popular YouTube channel that covers many fun macrame tutorials for all skill sets. It’s a great place to find inspiration for macrame projects you may want to explore!

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Like the tutorial above, you’ll be able to follow your instructor as she narrates every step. And if you need to take it slow, this is a great option; explanations are crystal clear and taught at a comfortable pace for beginners.

This is a smaller project, too, compared to your typical boho handbag. That said, with just a little practice, you’ll start making these in half the time! Better yet, they look absolutely stunning and will make for beautiful gifts.

That’s it for this list of the best macrame bag and purse kits, tutorials, and patterns. Did you find your next project here? Let us know in the comments below!

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