Make a macrame bracelet: DIY patterns, kits, and free tutorials

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Whether you lived the macrame fad in the 70s or were a 90s kid who believed all it took was a friendship bracelet to bond you and your bestie forever, I think we can all agree that macrame jewelry has come a long way since.

Like other handmade macrame pieces, macrame bracelets are fantastic additions to any outfit and make for incredibly creative gifts. And luckily for longtime jewelry lovers like myself, these are affordable to craft and super fun to wear!

From cocktail party-worthy bangles to color-filled chunky cuffs, there’s a world of macrame bracelet patterns, tutorials, and kits to learn the art of jewelry knot-making from home. Check out our guide to find some of the best resources!

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What materials will I need to make macrame bracelets?

Like most macrame jewelry projects, you won’t need an overload of supplies to create a macrame bracelet. Phew!

That said, there are a few ways you can approach this creative hobby for the first time. For example, we highly suggest macrame bracelet kits if you’re a complete beginner; they’re convenient and generally pretty affordable.

Because they’re designed to make life easier, they include all the necessary materials and instructions in a single bundle to guide you through projects from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the guidelines and craft away!

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Things are slightly different when working off a digital pattern or video tutorial. This is a more autonomous way of tackling projects and is typically preferred by crafters with some level of know-how under their belts.

However, the main aspect that really differentiates digital macrame bracelet patterns from kits is that you’ll need to buy materials yourself. While you will get detailed instructions and access to a supply list, you’ll have to source remaining resources on your own.

So what exactly will you need to make a macrame bracelet? Here are some of the essentials:

Cord: There are different cord types used in DIY macrame bracelet making. Some include cotton twine, hemp, nylon thread, paracord, and yarn. Which you buy should depend on your project’s macrame pattern, technique, and style. 

Embellishing: Beads, crystals, stones, plastic beads, and charms are often incorporated into macrame bracelet projects. These will give your pieces a special touch and a little more complexity than a standard cotton twine macrame bracelet.

Hardware: Depending on your pattern, you may or may not need this type of accessory. But if you ask us, purchasing a few clasps and connectors is always a good idea if you want to give your work a more refined or store-bought finish. Hardware is also useful for making more fitted pieces vs. adjustable macrame bracelets.

Besides these craft tools and supplies, there are a few household items you’ll need to gather too:  

  • Scissors: For macrame bracelets, simple embroidery scissors will do, but electric scissors are excellent for cutting through multiple layers!
  • Glue: Double-check which craft glue is compatible with your materials.
  • A lighter: This is a practical way to burn, melt and seal cord together.
  • Masking tape/clipboard: Cheap, DIY method to secure cord while knotting.
  • Pliers: These can be really useful for micro macrame projects.

Best macrame bracelet DIY kits

Before diving into macrame bracelet patterns and online tutorials, learning how to macrame a bracelet with a starter kit is a phenomenal way to dip your toe into this creative hobby. Check out some of our top picks for beginners below!

Beaded Macrame Bracelet Kit by Make & Fable Crafts

Beaded Macrame Bracelet Kit by Make & Fable Crafts

Make & Fable Crafts is one of our favorite macrame jewelry kit brands and sells this beautifully packaged, easy-to-make macrame bracelet set for beginners.

This ~$20 macrame bundle is available on Etsy and includes 1mm nylon thread, instructions, beads, and silver-plated hardware to assemble a pastel-colored macrame bracelet. You get to choose the color combination you like best!

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While simple, I love how this project incorporates details like beads and clasps. It’s a great reminder that beginner-level projects don’t have to look wonky or amateur; basic elements can really elevate the final outcome of your work. It’s also a great way to learn how to craft with hardware early on!

This seller also includes a free mini macrame bracelet kit in your pack to keep you practicing. Who doesn’t love a freebie? Needless to say, this kit’s fun features, overall quality, and affordability make it an excellent gift for anyone mad about macrame.

This set is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide; see more details by clicking below.

DIY Bracelet Kit and Macrame Tutorial by Mai’s Jewelry

DIY Bracelet Kit and Macrame Tutorial by Mai's Jewelry

I’m always in awe of how you can make something expensive-looking from your very own craft desk. And this stunning macrame bracelet kit is a great example of how you don’t need to splash the cash to make beautiful items!

Sold on Etsy for ~$11, this macrame bracelet DIY kit includes a tutorial, sturdy Chinese knotting cord, gold beads, and a glass connector of your choice — we really love the texture and colors of the charms on offer. They’re pretty fabulous!

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That said, if you’re anything like me and find unique jewelry craft projects hard to resist (she wrote as she “added to cart”), keep in mind that this is a relatively inexpensive kit.

The price of two Mai’s Jewelry kits is what you’d roughly pay for most macrame bracelet sets (~$20). That said, this macrame bracelet DIY kit makes for a creative, budget-friendly gift for friends and family.

However, if you love this item but don’t have the time to craft it, you can also buy the completed bracelet on the seller’s page. You can check them out here! These kits are shipped from Canada and delivered locally as well as to the US and UK.

Macrame Bracelet Kit by Nostalgie Art Jewellery

Macrame Bracelet Kit by Nostalgie Art Jewellery

The last macrame bracelet we recommend is by Nostalgie Art and is a great match if you’ve been looking for more elaborate beginner macrame projects.

While marketed for men, we think anyone who loves macrame jewelry will really enjoy crafting this classic Celtic pattern. Besides a kit and tutorial, this Etsy Star Seller also provides a standalone tutorial option for more advanced crafters (~$5).

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This set includes an instructional PDF and 1mm thick thread: you can select from a variety of cord colors at purchase. Although I’m a big fan of neutral, earthy vibes for larger macrame pieces, such as wall hangings and plant holders, I really like to see a playful hint of color in macrame jewelry.

Know that this kit doesn’t contain standard cotton twine cord but instead thin, waxed thread — a fun project to start developing or improving your micro macrame game!

Even though this is a starter set, we think more intermediate-level crafters familiar with basic knots and materials may find this project more accessible. This kit costs ~$20, is shipped from Greece, and delivers worldwide. Better yet, shipping is free!

DIY macrame bracelet patterns and PDF tutorials

Grab your macrame materials, brush up on your knot-making skills, and set up your craft desk; it’s time to get into some of the best macrame bracelet patterns and projects you can download right now!

Macrame Cuff Bracelet Pattern Tutorial by Make & Fable Crafts

Macrame Cuff Bracelet Pattern Tutorial by Make & Fable Crafts

Anyone looking for a modern macrame jewelry project will love this cuff bracelet pattern by Make & Fable — this is a really trendy, fashionable project.

For ~$5 on Etsy, this macrame bracelet DIY tutorial covers the basics to complete this item from beginning to end in a detailed, six-page long PDF file. If you like adding a modern twist to more traditional designs, you’ll love this funky take on the classic sailor knot.

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I also like how super chunky this bracelet is and the use of yarn. This is the perfect project if you’re an avid knitter looking for creative ways to put your never-ending collection of skeins to good use!

And because Make & Fable always likes to add a little treat for buyers (like the first macrame bracelet kit on our guide), you’ll be getting a bonus project to create a more delicate macrame bracelet with the same pattern.

Tutorial and Pattern Sailor Knot Macrame Bracelet by Raquel Jimenez DIY

Tutorial and Pattern Sailor Knot Macrame Bracelet by Raquel Jimenez DIY

Newbies will have no problem creating this sailor knot macrame bracelet; instructions are thorough, very few materials are required, and you’ll even get a bonus file packed with tips and tricks for extra support!

Although this seller features lots of macrame bracelet patterns, we especially like this project’s simplicity and timeless design. The outcome is very different from the previous sailor knot bracelet, but who doesn’t like a classic sailor knot?

This is a great pattern to experiment with since it’s so straightforward: switching things up with just a few adjustments will be a piece of cake. For instance, not a fan of the blue-and-white nautical theme? Use different colors!

And if you’re all about customizing projects as much as possible, you can use lots of quality acrylic fabric spray paints to dye plain macrame cord.

For only ~$6, this is the ideal buy if you’ve been wondering what to whip up for upcoming birthday and holiday presents. If you ask us, you’ll steal the show with some thoughtful, easy-to-make handmade sailor knot bracelets!

Micro Macrame Tutorial by NoTailCatJewellery

Micro Macrame Tutorial by NoTailCatJewellery

Interested in making a macrame bracelet with beads from scratch? This micro macrame DIY bracelet pattern by NoTailCatJewellery is a great place to learn.

For ~$7, this tutorial features an extensive guide (over 100 pages!) to make a multi-colored micro macrame bracelet with waxed polyester cord. If you’re a newbie, the amount of detail and knotting techniques in this project may seem overwhelming.

However, know that just because a project has more components and may demand more crafting time doesn’t mean it’s particularly challenging. In fact, this tutorial has been curated for complete starters!

If you’re curious about exploring micro macrame further and getting more hands-on with this specific style, we highly recommend this project, whether or not you’re a beginner. Trust us, it’s just as satisfying to make, no matter your skill level.

Again, this pattern will take longer to complete. So if you need to come up with something last minute (yes, we’ve all had to wing a birthday gift at some point!), we suggest something more straightforward like the previous sailor knot projects instead.

DIY Braids Macrame Bracelet Pattern and Tutorial by Knot Just Macrame

DIY Braids Macrame Bracelet Pattern and Tutorial by Knot Just Macrame

Next up for our favorite macrame bracelet patterns is this four-braid macrame piece by Knot Just Macrame on Etsy.

Available for ~$10, this project is a great step up from simpler macrame bracelet making, ideal for beginner and intermediate crafters looking to focus more on the design and textural aspects of their creations.

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Although more artisanal-looking, I really like how adding a clasp immediately transforms this bracelet into something slightly more distinguished. After all, this type of versatility is what makes macrame jewelry making such an entertaining creative hobby!

On a more technical note, you’ll also learn how to attach clasps to your bracelets. And while you may be thinking, “big deal,” surprisingly, many tutorials don’t provide these guidelines and will have you YouTubing away until you figure things out.

In addition, I love this bracelet’s intertwining knot design. Can you imagine how cool this would look with waxed neon thread instead? This seller also features a complete knot guide on her website, which will be handy if this is one of your first knotting ventures.

Green Charm Connector Bracelet Tutorial by WLFYDSGNS

Green Charm Connector Bracelet Tutorial by WLFYDSGNS

Star Seller store WLFYDSGNS on Etsy sells a limited but very unique selection of macrame bracelet patterns for under ~$5 — but this Green Charm Connector Bracelet Tutorial is unquestionably our favorite!

Ideal if you’re a fan of discrete but impactful jewelry, this seven-page PDF tutorial provides all the steps to create this striking piece: it really is all about special touches with this one.

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Like most of the macrame bracelet patterns in our guide, this is closer to a micro macrame project, so not ideal if you’re looking for a chunkier cord project. Also, if you like the macrame thread pattern but aren’t crazy about the charm, this seller also features this plain macrame bracelet pattern.

This is an excellent project for beginners looking to do something a little more fashion-forward. The mix of simple brown cord with the shiny charm in the center makes this one especially perfect for boho-chic accessory lovers!

Wrap a Stone in a Macrame Bracelet PDF Pattern by Macrame d’Amare

Wrap a Stone in a Macrame Bracelet PDF Pattern by Macrame d'Amare

Once you’ve been in touch with the basics, it’s only natural to feel drawn to macrame bracelet patterns that incorporate other elements, such as beads, stones, and crystals.

Adding more complexity to your pieces not only puts your skills to the test but will also provide a broader range of creative possibilities. This macrame bracelet pattern by Macrame d’Amare is a fantastic pick if this is what you’re looking for!

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Featured on Etsy for a little under $4, this downloadable tutorial includes step-by-step instructions with photos (English and Italian) and a thorough knot guide for support.

Like many macrame bracelet patterns, this boho-inspired design is more of a micro macrame project and uses polyester nylon thread vs. chunky cord. Although intricate, this is a beginner-friendly pattern and a great launching pad to try out different cord colors, textures, and styles.

I also like that this is an adjustable bracelet; there are no clasps here. The benefit of this is being able to craft more freely, especially if you’re making a gift and are on the fence about whether or not it will fit!

Other macrame bracelet patterns and PDF tutorials

Online lessons and free video tutorials

Watch macrame crafters in action in these free online tutorials. There’s a lot you can learn here, whether techniques, tips, or inspiring project ideas!

Macrame Tutorial | Easy and Fast Macrame Bracelet Tutorial for Beginners | DIY

Sainabaft is the perfect YouTube channel for anyone getting into macrame jewelry. It hosts loads of informative, well-put-together video tutorials that stand out for their easy-to-follow instructions.

Over roughly 10 minutes, this macrame bracelet tutorial shows you how to create a simple bracelet with beads. Besides the actual content here, I have to say I super duper appreciate the time codes featured in the description section.

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This allows you to jump from section to section as you craft, which in my experience, has proven to be very helpful, especially when reviewing particular parts of the process. While not narrated, this tutorial displays subtitled guidelines, which include a thorough material list at the start of the video.

We highly advise snooping through this YouTube channel for more project ideas, and while you’re at it, follow this creator’s Instagram profile to get some extra inspiration!

Macrame Bracelet Tutorial: The Minimalist Heart Armlet 

Another YouTube channel we recommend for macrame bracelet tutorials is Macrame Tita. Although there’s quite a bit of content on the channel, this minimalist macrame heart armlet tutorial for beginners is one of our favorites.

This is the ideal pick if you’re just starting out but want to go beyond standard designs. Over a little over 12 minutes, this video shows you just how easy it is to make a dainty heart-themed macrame bracelet.

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We think this is a really fun pattern to play with different cord colors; finished items will make for really adorable, customized gifts! Keep in mind that because it requires using a thinner thread, this project may require more of your time.

Know that although you will see some written guidelines throughout the tutorial, this video isn’t narrated and features background music instead. For more macrame projects, jewelry-related and not only, check out Macrame Tita’s full YouTube channel and Instagram page!

Eternal Wave Macrame Pattern & Bracelet Tutorial

Last up is a classic macrame bracelet tutorial by the popular YouTube craft channel, Macrame School.

This channel has been around for quite a few years now, and for good reason: videos are straightforward and easy to follow, and projects are exciting and accessible for crafters of all skill sets. Macrame School is an excellent place to source creative design concepts!

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More comprehensive than the previous videos, this tutorial lasts a little over 20 minutes and will guide you through making a classic macrame pattern. Note that this video is not narrated but provides a material list and subtitled guidelines throughout every part of the process.

In the description section below the video, you can also find specific tutorials on macrame jewelry per category, which is perfect if, by the end of this tutorial, you’re hooked on creating more macrame bracelets!

That’s it for this list of the best kits, tutorials, and patterns for macrame bracelets. Did you find your next project here? Let us know in the comments below!

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