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Where can I take macrame classes near me or online? Best resources to learn macrame

Macrame is a great craft to learn for those who want to get creative but don’t have a lot of space or time to work. Just learning a few knots at a local macrame class you can create huge works of textile art from the comfort of your living room.

There are so many things you can make with basic knowledge of macrame: plant holders, bracelets, earrings, keychains, wall hangings, and more!

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To help you get started I’ve put together a huge list of resources to find macrame classes near you or online. I’ve also included a few of the best macrame books to learn the craft or use as a reference for more complex knots.

Let’s get started!

March 2021 update: This guide has been updated to remove workshops that have closed permanently due to the pandemic.

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What kind of macrame classes should I take?

Macrame classes near me
Photo credit: Geneva Vanderzeil

The right kind of classes for you will depend on what kind of learner you are. Some people are capable self-starters who can teach themselves just about anything.

Others need more of a helping hand.

Thankfully macrame has seen a resurgence in recent years, so it’s easier than ever to find macrame classes near you or online.

One of the biggest advantages of taking live classes is that they generally include all of the materials you need. It’s also a great way to get personalized advice and join a community of other textile artists!

Even better, these courses are also frequently streamed online, so you can attend even if you live far from major cities. You still get to interact with other people in real time, but you don’t have to leave home.

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For people who are capable of teaching themselves or want to learn at a slower pace there are all kinds of macrame classes available on a variety of platforms online. These allow you to pause and rewind as much as you need, so they’re easy to fit into a busy schedule!

Plus, many of them are completely free of charge!

Once you have a little experience under your belt you can also buy macrame patterns from well-known artists until you’re comfortable enough to design your own pieces.

Live macrame classes around the world

Macrame classes wall hanging
Photo credit: Geneva Vanderzeil

Those of you who want a live teacher to help them learn or just want to be part of a local textile arts community might be wondering “where can I find macrame classes near me?”

The answer to that question obviously depends on where you live. The best way to find live macrame classes and workshops is to ask around in local arts and crafts centers. Art supply stores are another great resource to try.

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To help speed up your search, I’ve made an extensive list of live macrame classes in several major cities around the world below. It doesn’t include every city, but it may include yours.

Also keep in mind that schedules are always changing, so you may have to check several links to find one that has open slots in an upcoming macrame class.

Do you know of or teach a macrame class that isn’t on the list? Drop a comment at the end of the article and I’ll get it added as soon as I can!

Note: Many classes are on hiatus until the end of the global pandemic.

Macrame classes in NYC (or nearby)

New York City is bustling with macrame classes, with lessons offered every week of the year at a number of places.

Macrame classes in Chicago

Chicago is another major macrame hub. You should have no problem finding a local class, although you might have to wait until the pandemic dies down to book.

Macrame classes in Atlanta

Those looking to learn macrame in Atlanta are in luck – there are tons of classes offered all around the city. However, few seem to have a set schedule so you might have to call around to find an available date.

Macrame classes in Philadelphia

Philadelphia also has a number of great macrame classes and workshops, although once again there are no fixed schedules. Most offer virtual lessons to watch from home.

Macrame classes in London

It should be no surprise that a major metropolis like London is teeming with macrame classes for beginners and experienced crafters alike. Check out a few of the links below for upcoming dates.

Macrame classes in Dublin

Macrame seems to be quite popular in Dublin, but it can be difficult to find an upcoming course. Try the links below to find a macrame class near you.

Other locations around the world

Online macrame classes

Macrame classes online
Photo credit: Geneva Vanderzeil

With the current global pandemic still in full swing, the best way to learn macrame today is with online classes.

Many macrame studios and workshops listed above have private or virtual lessons you can take on Skype or Zoom, but you’ll get better value for your money with pre-recorded online classes.


Because they’re typically professionally produced, with a comprehensive lesson plan to take you from beginner to pro in no time. If you miss something important, you can rewind the video or rewatch it from the start at any time.

There are also frequently other benefits like online forums where other students share their projects, certificates of completion, downloadable guides, and more!

Check out a few of the best online macrame courses below, separated by the platform they’re hosted on.


Domestika is my absolute favorite learning platforms for creatives, with tons of professionally produced classes available online forever with no expiration date.

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There are currently seven excellent macrame courses from five textile artists, each focusing on a different type or element of the craft. They are frequently on sale for about $10 each.

The only catch is that they’re in Spanish with English subtitles. This isn’t too much of a handicap though, since learning macrame is more about watching than telling.

Sign up for a free Domestika account and check out all seven macrame classes below!

Best Domestika macrame classes

Introduction to macrame: Creation of a decorative tapestry

  • Taught by textile artist Belen Senra
  • Learn to design and create contemporary macrame wall hangings
  • 15 Lessons (2h 11m)

Domestika class Macrame knots
Macrame knots: Create a sample collection

  • Taught by textile artist Belen Senra
  • Learn basic and complex knots, and how to incorporate them into your work
  • 26 Lessons (2h 34m)

Domestika Macrame accessory design class
Macrame accessory design

  • Taught by textile artist Belen Senra
  • Learn to design and make macrame accessories: lamps, plant holders, and bags
  • 13 Lessons (2h 6m)

Domestika macrame basic and complex knots course
Macrame: Basic and complex knots

  • Taught by textile designer Mariella Motilla
  • Learn basic and complex knots using several materials and how to combine them
  • 12 Lessons (1h 15m)

Macrame using the fiber emballage technique

  • Taught by textile artist Pluumbago
  • Learn how to die, knot, and knit colorful macrame tapestries
  • 14 Lessons (2h 2m)

Domestika Macrame jewellery class
Macramé Jewelry

  • Taught by textile artist Fibra Bohemia
  • Learn how make macrame earrings, bracelets, and necklaces
  • 16 Lessons (2h 1m)

Domestika circular macrame patterns
Circular Macramé Techniques

  • Taught by textile artist Ancestral
  • Learn how to make macrame pieces with circular patterns
  • 16 Lessons (1h 42m)


Skillshare online macrame classes

Skillshare is another great platform to learn creative skills like macrame. It’s home to a massive amount of courses, including many classes on macrame.

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The main problem with Skillshare is that the courses are produced by the teachers themselves, so there isn’t any consistency to the quality or formatting of classes. They also tend to run a bit short compared to courses on other platforms.

While none of the courses on offer get too deep into how to make complex macrame knots or projects, there are still some great classes for beginners to try out and get a feel for the craft.

Unfortunately, none of the macrame classes on Skillshare are free, so you’ll have to become a premium member to try them. This usually costs $15/mo (or $99/year), but includes a ton of other courses on a wide variety of topics.

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However, Skillshare is currently offering two weeks of the service for free with this promotional link, which is more than enough time to take all five of the macrame courses I’ve recommended below. Don’t miss out on this special offer!

Best Skillshare macrame classes

Skillshare macrame for beginners class
Macrame for beginners: Make a large macrame wall hanging

  • Taught by designer and photographer Tiffany Egbert
  • Learn the basics of macrame and incorporate them into a large wall hanging
  • 8 lessons (16 minutes)

Skillshare diy macrame plant hanger class
DIY macrame plant hanger

  • Taught by designer and photographer Tiffany Egbert
  • Learn how to make a simple macrame plant hanger
  • 6 lessons (13 minutes)

Skillshare macrame wine holder class
Macrame wine bottle tote

  • Taught by Meagan Dowling from WildRose
  • Learn how to make a macrame wine tote
  • 7 lessons (26 minutes)

Skillshare macrame mandala class
Macrame mandala

  • Taught by Julia C
  • Learn how to make a small, colorful macrame mandala
  • 7 classes (34 minutes)

Skillshare macrame wall hanging
Create a macrame wall hanging using 5 easy knots

  • Taught by Peggy Dean from The Pigeon Letters
  • Learn how to make a large macrame wall hanging
  • 13 lessons (54 minutes)


Youtube Macrame classes

The final place I’m going to recommend online macrame classes should be familiar to just about everyone. YouTube is an enormous platform with just about any kind of content you can think of.

There are plenty of great YouTube video tutorials to learn macrame at your own speed, but the best part about it is that you can pick and choose projects that interest you.

Just perform a quick search and see what comes up! It’s all free!

Of course, literally anyone can upload a YouTube video, so not all tutorials will be high quality. Plus, there usually aren’t any extra materials aside from YouTube comments, which let’s be honest, aren’t the best.

I’ve gone through and picked out a few of my favorite macrame YouTube Channels and listed them below. Each one has plenty of great video tutorials, so pick one and get started!

Best YouTube macrame channels

Best books to learn macrame

Macrame books and tutorials
Photo credit: Geneva Vanderzeil

Finally, if you’re looking for something to come back to and use as a reference, you might want to forget about macrame classes and get a macrame book.

Learn more: 10 best macrame books for beginners, patterns, project ideas, and more

Macrame books are great because they have detailed descriptions and illustrations on how to make countless types of knots. Common knots will quickly become second nature, but when you want to pull out a special, more obscure knot it’s nice to have a guide handy.

Other books are less about teaching the basics of macrame and more about inspiring you to try out new and complex projects. They might have a brief how-to, but they are more for experienced crafters than beginners.

Here are a few great books to learn macrame or get inspired for your next piece.

Best macrame books

Macrame the craft of creative knotting for your home book
Macrame: The Craft of Creative Knotting for Your Home

  • Written by Fanny Zedenius
  • Great patterns for beginners
  • Beautiful photos and good instructions

Macrame pattern book
Macrame Pattern Book

  • Written by Marchen Art Studio
  • Simple, clear instructions on more than 70 knots and patterns
  • Perfect macrame reference book for beginners and experts alike

Macraweave Macrame meets weaving book
Macraweave: Macrame Meets Weaving

  • Written by Amy Mullins and Marnia Ryan-Raison
  • Unique projects blending macrame and weaving
  • Not ideal for beginners

Macrame decor book
Macrame Decor: 25 Boho-Chic Patterns and Project Ideas

  • Written by Marchen Art Studio
  • Beautiful modern macrame project tutorials
  • Difficult but accessible for beginners

Modern macrame book
Modern Macrame: 33 Stylish Projects for Your Handmade Home

  • Written by Emily Katz
  • Beautiful, unique, and inspiring projects
  • Not ideal for beginners

That’s it for this extensive guide to finding macrame classes near you or online. How will you be starting your macrame journey? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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