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Tiny Workshops is a site dedicated to showcasing the work and workspaces of designers, tinkerers, artisans, craftsmen/women, and creators from around the world.

Thinking of starting a new creative hobby or building out your own tiny workshop? We also publish guides, advice, and inspiration to help you get started with your next artistic endeavor!

Our mission

We love creative hobbies here at Tiny Workshops, and our main goal is to help everyone find and start the best creative hobby (or hobbies) for them.

Whether that’s via inspiration from artist interviews or expert advice on tools, kits, or courses, everything we do has that goal in mind.

We are a small team but we take great pride in the quality of our guides and tutorials. All of our recommendations are based on personal experience and independent research, and we do not publish articles written by generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

And because we value your privacy, we do not feature any advertising anywhere on the site. Let’s work together to make the internet a better place!

The Tiny Workshops team

We are a team of creatives with lots of experience in a variety of crafts and hobbies. We draw on this experience and advice from other experts to provide the best possible recommendations for budding creatives!

Nick Rowan

Nick Rowan profile picture
Photo via Nick Rowan (Tiny Workshops)

Although I’ve had to give up my workshop in recent years, I’m a former professional woodworker and lifelong craft enthusiast.

I love making things with my hands, and have tried out just about every creative hobby I’ve come across. To share my love of crafts (and hopefully inspire others to try them out), I started Tiny Workshops in 2020.

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Stephanie Bento

Stephanie Bento editor at Tiny Workshops
Photo via Stephanie Bento (Tiny Workshops)

I come from a background in journalism and audiovisual communications, but I love everything from illustration and digital art to candle and jewelry making — love my earrings!

Apart from that, I’m a lifelong lover of all things trees, and I love to make music.

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Sachi Serrano

Sachi Serrano profile picture
Photo via Sachi Serrano (Tiny Workshops)

My children gave me the chance to rediscover LEGO and other building blocks as an adult a few years ago, and ever since we’ve not only had hours of invaluable fun together but we’ve also made pretty amazing models.

In addition to writing for Tiny Workshops, I also run Latericius: Made of Bricks, an online brick-building shop in Europe stocking the best alt-brick brands.

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