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Macrame curtains: Best patterns and free DIY tutorials

Macrame curtain by Him Macrame

T​here are so many different ways to decorate with macrame! You can choose from wall hangings, plant hangers, dreamcatchers, owls, and more to decorate your home, but if you want something truly versatile you should try making macrame curtains.

They’re relatively easy, straightforward, and add a touch of boho style to any room.

Plus, macrame door curtains make an easy and beautiful way to add some privacy to your living space.

Whether you want to divide a room, decorate your windows, or create a backdrop for photos, this list has a wide variety of macrame curtain tutorials and patterns.

Most of the items on this list are aimed at beginners, but there are a few that are better suited for the experienced macrame weaver. But, if you are new to macrame and need some more guidance, here’s a list of macrame classes and workshops to get you started!

Note: The image above is a macrame curtain design by Him Macrame.

Affiliate disclosure: Articles on Tiny Workshops may contain affiliate links.

Where can I buy macrame curtains?

You might be thinking, ” why buy macrame curtains when I can just make them?” There are a couple of reasons why you might want to buy macrame curtains instead of making your own DIY macrame curtains.

​Maybe DIY isn’t your thing, you don’t have the time, or you love macrame curtains but simply don’t wish to make your own. Either way, I’ve got you covered!

Below is a list of pre-made macrame curtains hand-picked (and handmade) just for you!

Best macrame curtain patterns and tutorials

Listed below is a mixture of online macrame curtain tutorials in both article, downloadable pdf, and video formats. Or if you prefer to go by pattern, there are quite a few of those as well.

Vintage Macrame Pattern for Curtain Panels by The Patternist

Vintage Macrame curtain pattern Patternist

Love that classic vintage macrame style from the 1970s? You’ll love this pattern by The Patternist. This macrame curtain pattern is great for privacy but still allows light to come through. 

The material used in the display photo is heavy 2-ply jute rope. You can buy jute rope at any craft retail store, or substitute it for any other kind of macrame cord with a few adjustments.

This pattern comes in two sizes. The rectangle size is 50×31 inches and the larger pattern with a cute arch cutout is 54×125 inches.

As for the pattern itself, it’s a reproduction of a vintage pattern, and comes with everything you need to know to make your own version, including material conversions and more. This pattern is for intermediate to advanced macrame crafters, and the digital version runs just a few bucks.

Macrame Pattern Curtain by The Cute Pattern Shop

Macrame curtain pattern cute pattern shop

This macrame curtain pattern is not for the faint of heart. It’s also not for a beginner. 

If you are familiar with macrame knots and have used patterns before, you shouldn’t run into any issues with this pattern. But be warned, the pattern instructions with this are not as detailed as the previous patterns listed above. 

Several patterns come with this purchase, including some room dividers and other curtains. But the real star of the show is the massive macrame curtain seen above.

The size of this curtain is large enough to fit double glass doors, but the dimensions are not included in the description. It does provide a lot of privacy, but will require a lot of material (and time) to complete.

DIY Macrame Curtains by The Spruce Crafts

Spruce Crafts macrame curtain
Photo credit Mollie Johanson

Over at The Spruce Crafts, you’ll find this free DIY macrame curtains tutorial that’s very detailed and simple. It’s perfect for beginners because it uses one style of knotting for the entire curtain.

If you like a simple style with nothing too extravagant, you’re going to love this macrame curtain design! 

It’s also versatile, so you could make this any length or width you choose. Just make as many panels as you wish for a large window or archway. It’s also suitable for smaller windows and doorways with minor adjustments

The best part about this tutorial is that it can be made in just 3 hours! It’s nothing overly spectacular, but it’s an excellent project for beginners.

D​IY Macrame Curtain Tutorial by Him Macrame

Him Macrame is a Youtube channel with an abundance of beautiful macrame tutorials. This particular DIY macrame curtain tutorial requires some basic knowledge of macrame knots before starting. 

If you already know basic knots like the Larks Head Knot, Spiral Stitch, Square Knots, and the Double Half Hitch, then this tutorial will be a breeze!

The end result measures 80cm wide and 220cm long. This would make a gorgeous door curtain, and you can easily add beads if you wish to transform this into beaded macrame curtains. 

Since it’s hosted on YouTube, it’s always free and provides an easy-to-follow tutorial for more visually-oriented crafters.

Inner Sanctum Curtain by The Star Shop

Inner Sanctum macrame curtain pattern

Here’s another vintage-style macrame curtain pattern. The beautiful archway in this macrame curtain is suited perfectly for a doorway. It’s pretty, elegant, and has a healthy helping of vintage macrame style.

If you wish to use this on a window, pairing it with some bamboo or wooden blinds would make it look more bohemian.

The size of this pattern fits a standard doorway, although the width and length can be adjusted easily. You could even make this into panels for a large window as well. 

The pattern is taken from a 1970s era macrame pattern book and comes with a guide to teach you the knots to make this curtain, so it is suitable for beginners.

DIY Beaded Arch Door by Craftflaire

Macrame arch door curtain pattern Craftflaire

If you want a beautiful beaded doorway curtain, then you’re going to want this pattern by Craftflaire. It is absolutely gorgeous! 

The pattern is a little on the pricier end compared to the patterns listed before, but that’s due to the fact that it’s an original pattern and not photocopied from a book. The instructions are 14 pages with step-by-step instructions with photos and tips.

This macrame pattern is good for a doorway width ranging from 30” to 36” and the length is 80”. The seller also sells these exact curtains in her shop!

Only two macrame knots are used to make this curtain so it is great for beginners! It’s also easy to adjust to put your own personal spin on it.

Make Your Own Macrame Curtain by A Beautiful Mess

Macrame door curtain A Beautiful Mess

Here’s yet another great free macrame curtain tutorial for beginners. It uses simple knotting at the top, letting the rope hang freely at the bottom. 

The width and length can also be easily adjusted with this DIY curtain by adding or taking away strands on the rod. You can also cut the length to fit any doorway. 

T​his style definitely works best in a doorway instead of a window. It’s also fairly light, which is good for keeping material costs low but won’t offer much privacy.

XL Macrame Pattern ‘Journey’ by Berry and Clove

XL Macrame pattern Berry and Clove

Technically this pattern is for a wall hanging, but it can easily be used as a valance for a window and paired with blinds. The style is layered and very feminine.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the knots on this curtain, it’s not as difficult as it looks. In fact, the seller provides a chart on how to use the four macrame knots in this pattern. It’s advertised as beginner-friendly, and the reviews back that up. 

The pattern comes with a list of materials needed as well as a step-by-step guide with photos to walk you through the process. 

This curtain is 46” in width, and if you want to double it for an extra-wide window, it can be 92” long. That said, it’s more of a decorative piece and doesn’t provide much privacy.

Macrame Curtain 70s Macrame Pattern by Knitting Nostalgia

70s macrame curtain pattern knitting nostalgia

This pattern is a bit different from the rest of the list because it lists dishcloth or knitting cotton instead of a traditional macrame cord in the materials list. Of course, macrame cord will work every bit as well.

Like most macrame styles, this is also reminiscent of the 1970s decor style. It uses two rods on the top and bottom and fits a window that’s 39×37 inches, but can be adapted to virtually any size.

Due to the fact that this pattern doesn’t use a traditional macrame cord, this pattern is more for established or intermediate macrame weavers. So if you already know the basic macrame knots, you can make this curtain.

It is, however, very inexpensive.

Elegant Macrame Curtain Tutorial by Him Macrame

Next up is yet another amazing macrame curtain tutorial by Him Macrame. There are plenty other great macrame channels on YouTube, but this one seems to have lots of great options for macrame curtains.

The width of this curtain is about 43 inches and the length is adjustable making this perfect for windows or doorways. 

This macrame curtain tutorial is great for beginners because of how easily the steps are broken down. But having some knowledge of the basic knots like alternating half hitch knots and square knots is a plus.

The style is a simple bohemian diamond pattern across the top of the curtain. Remember, you can easily adapt this, or any of the curtains on this list, to fit your style by using different color cords or adding in beads.

It’s also worth noting that this YouTuber has an Etsy shop where they sell lots of pre-made macrame curtains in a variety of styles and sizes. Definitely check them out if you need a quick curtain for a wedding backdrop!

DIY Macrame Beaded Curtains (With a Built-in Planter) by HGTV Handmade

To say this tutorial is beginners would be an understatement. You don’t need to know anything about macrame in order to complete this beaded macrame curtain. 

Andrew and Dennis from HGTV Handmade break down each step so it’s easy to follow along. The only knots you need to know are the Lark’s Head and the Square Knot so it’s really easy!

This is a simple yet beautiful curtain with some added functionality. It also has a built-in plant hanger! 

They make this macrame curtain right on a tension rod so you can move it around where you want, which makes this perfect for the fickle crafter! 

You can also make this curtain any width or length you want. All you have to do is pick out the size of rod you’d like to use and make sure you use an even number of ropes across. 

What materials will I need to make a macrame curtain?

Macrame classes near me

To make your own macrame curtains, you can start with a macrame kit, or buy individual materials as you need them. One thing you’ll need for sure is a lot of macrame cord. 

Not sure which cord to buy or where to buy it? Check out our full guide on how to choose the perfect macrame cord.

In addition to the macrame cord, you will need some sort of curtain rod. This can be a traditional curtain rod, a tension rod, a wooden dowel, or even something as simple as a stick. Just make sure it fits the area where you want to hang your curtain. 

If you’re going for a more natural boho look, wooden rods or sticks are recommended. For a more clean, modern look, smooth wooden dowels are the way to go.

Y​ou will also need masking tape and a pair of scissors. The masking tape helps keep the ends from fraying and keeps your cord organized while you knot!

If any additional materials are required, they’ll be listed in the tutorials below.

Remember, you can personalize any of these tutorials and macrame curtain patterns to fit your personal style by swapping out the colors or adding some beads.

And if you need to adjust the length of any of the curtains on this list, simply measure from the curtain rod to where you want your curtain to stop and multiply that number by 2.

That’s it for the best macrame curtain patterns and tutorials! Hopefully you’re now equipped to create your very own macrame door or window curtains.

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