Best electric scissors for fabric, papercrafts, gardening, and everything in-between

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Once you’ve added some electric scissors to your craft station, you’ll wonder what took you so long to do so. Electric scissors are uber helpful when crafting a broad range of projects, not to mention pretty affordable considering how efficiently they speed things up!

Whether you’re invested in sewing, dabbling in creative gardening pastimes, or looking for the best solution to slice through layers of hefty cardboard, electric scissors will give your wrist some well-deserved rest and get all the hard work done for you.

Discover our picks for the best electric scissors and all you need to know in our comprehensive guide below!

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Best electric scissors: Quick picks


MXBAOHENG WBT-2 Cordless Electric Scissors

  • Top-quality device
  • Ideal for needlecraft projects
  • Cuts through 15mm thickness
Worx electric scissors

WORX ZipSnip Cordless Electric Cutter

  • Best for heavyweight materials
  • Good value for money
  • High-quality design

Gardtech electric pruning shears

Gardtech Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

  • Cuts through 22mm branches
  • Lightweight tool
  • Dual switch for safety

Best electric scissors

Get ready for hassle-free crafting and cutting with our suggestions for the best electric cutting scissors for sewing, gardening, papercrafts, and more.

MXBAOHENG WBT-2 Cordless Electric Scissors

MXBAOHENG WBT-2 Cordless Electric Scissors

As one of the top-quality electric scissors for home crafting, the Mxbaoeng model is an excellent device, guaranteeing neat incisions, low noise levels, and up to three hours of smooth, continuous crafting.

While perfect for sewing creative hobbies and fiber arts, these scissors are also very effective for cutting thicker materials, from leather and rubber to carpet and knitted fabric (up to 15mm thickness).

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Also, this device can be plugged in or used cordless and incorporates a rechargeable battery. This has pros and cons compared to replaceable batteries, but as long as you keep it charged up you’ll be good to go.

And in case you’re wondering, don’t let the generic branding dissuade you from considering this option! While not an industrial power tool intended for massive, heavy-duty cutting, it’s a very high-quality, long-lasting tool designed for a wide range of DIY crafting and small-scale projects.

Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors

Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors

Next up is one of the most affordable options on our guide, offering effortless, cordless cutting for under $50. 

These electric scissors are a great option if you’ve just started exploring the craft world. Suitable for sewing or papercrafting, this device is also compatible with thicker, more rigid materials like leather and carpet due to its additional D blade (read more about blade types in our buyer’s guide at the end of the list).

Nevertheless, I advise using them primarily for smaller, lightweight projects requiring shorter cutting periods. Besides two blade types, this product includes a rechargeable battery and charger; these cordless scissors can work continuously for up to two hours.

This tool is also very lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store in your craft station, no matter how big or small. A highlight worth mentioning is the tool’s ergonomic design, built for comfortable maneuvering whether you’re right or left-handed.

If you’re not sold on the fact that this tool is pink, the following electric scissors are great alternatives and similar in price, power capacity, and quality: Walowalo electric scissors, VOLLTEK Electric Cordless Scissors, and JOAVANI Cordless Scissors.

FUJIWARA Electric Scissors

FUJIWARA Electric Scissors

The Fujiwara model is another low-cost, quality option worth considering if you’ve been looking into electric scissors for fabric or sewing hobbies.

Available in different colors, this ~$50 cutting device is compact and easy to use. Your package will include two separate blades (O and D) to ensure precise cutting for a selection of resources with different thicknesses. 

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However, while this tool can cut through more rigid materials, it’s most compatible with thin fabrics and paper. If you’re looking for a device primarily for heavy-duty cutting, one of the rotary cutters below will be your best bet!

As long as you’re sticking to smaller, home crafting projects, this product is definitely worth the buy; it’s cheap, convenient, and provides up to two hours of continuous crafting. Keep in mind that these electric scissors have particularly sharp blades, so be careful if you have children running around your craft station! 

If you want to look into a similar option, the Stalwart – 75-PT1022 Cordless Power Scissors is slightly cheaper but will take a bit longer to charge. 

Black & Decker 4V MAX Electric Scissors

BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX Electric Scissors

Black & Decker is one of the most popular household names in crafting and DIY building — and this is a fantastic product if you’re looking for electric scissors!

As one of the cheapest items on our list, this model goes for ~$40 and, while recommended for lightweight fabrics, it’s an especially great choice for papercraft creative hobbies such as scrapbooking, collage-making, cardmaking, mixed-medium artwork, and more.

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Although the brand sells other electric scissors, such as the Black & Decker Cordless Power Scissors and Decker Home Power Scissors, I find this model to be the ideal compact option for reduced storage spaces and small-scale textile and papercraft projects. And pretty budget-friendly!

The set includes two blades to accommodate different material thicknesses and cuts incredibly well on an angle. In addition, these electric scissors are charged via USB and have a battery life of approximately 40 minutes.

While this is slightly less time than that offered by most household electric scissors, it’s a suitable fit if you’re looking to use this tool for sporadic crafting sessions vs. large, lengthy projects. If branding is something that matters to you, these SINGER electric scissors are another convenient option!

Dr. Snipper – Cordless Electric Scissors

Dr Snipper electric scissors

Dr. Snipper offers straightforward, budget-friendly electric scissors in a selection of vibrant colors for under $40.

This tool incorporates a rechargeable battery and a fixed, single blade, offering a potent cutting capacity (8.4 volts of output) that slices through various material types, whether fabric, paper, or foamboard — great news if you’re into miniature model building.

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One of the main highlights of this brand is that it offers different color options, which is surprisingly difficult to come across for this type of tool. And while this may not be a crucial factor for many, having an aesthetically appealing toolset undoubtedly inspires more pleasurable crafting.

If you want to explore other sellers and purchase options, this single-blade cordless electric scissors on Etsy is a great alternative, although slightly more expensive.

WORX ZipSnip Cordless Electric Cutter

WORX ZipSnip Cordless Electric Cutter

If you’re looking for electric scissors to cut through sturdy, hefty materials, the Worx ZipSnip is an excellent pick.

Unlike other electric scissors, this rotary cutter incorporates a circular, self-sharpening blade, making cutting through thicker resources such as leather, rubber, cardboard, macrame cord, and carpet material a breeze.

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That said, this product is not the best option if you primarily craft with thinner, delicate materials. Because it’s designed to cut through bulky, hard surfaces, lines won’t be as precise as those accomplished with electric scissors for sewing.

For only ~$40, this cordless device also features unique characteristics like a lockout switch for control and a battery indicator so that you know where you stand as you craft. It also operates on an internal battery and includes a charger.

These heavy-duty electric scissors also make a fantastic gift for crafters looking for solutions to simplify and lessen the load while working through more industrial-like projects. If you want to go all out, add this electric scissors case to store your tool like a pro!

Electric Cloth Rotary Cutter

Electric Cloth Rotary Cutter

Featuring a high-speed blade, this pro-level electric rotary cutter is a fantastic alternative to standard electric scissors and is the perfect match when crafting with heavyweight fabrics.

The package contains a sturdy, 10-inch-tall electric rotary cutter, a cutting wheel, brushes, blade wrench, power chord, and a complete manual in English — this item ships from Germany and is delivered worldwide.

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This device boasts 110V and cuts through ~24.5mm materials like butter! One of its star features is its self-sharpening mechanism, meaning you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye out for dull blades over time. As a result, it’s ideal if you engage in more heavy-duty industrial crafts.

Portable and compact, this electric rotary cutter is suitably sized for even the smallest of craft tables and includes a robust safety guard to cover the blade when unused (particularly beneficial if you have children around the house!).

While this is a more expensive item, keep in mind that it will provide effortless, precise cutting through thicker textiles such as leather and denim, which is commonly hard to accomplish successfully with standard electric scissors. If crafting with leather is something that interests you, check out our picks for the best online leather working classes!

Gardtech Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

Gardtech Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

Because plant-related projects like gardening and floral arranging are also popular creative hobbies, we didn’t want to leave out the best electric trimming scissors off our list in case this is your jam!

The Gardtech cordless electric scissors for gardening offer an enticing combination of price, quality, and convenience. For under $70, this lightweight tool will provide easy cutting through 22mm branches and an average of 6-8 hours of continuous working time.

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Apart from a cordless pruner, you’ll also receive a charger in your package — this product includes a rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery. Other star features are its ergonomic design and safe dual switch to ensure you safely activate/turn off the tool.

This is an excellent option for anyone looking for electric bud trimming scissors or a heavy-duty option for tree shaping, small-sized topiary projects, and more. It’s also one of the highest quality items for the best value for this purpose.

Anbull Electric Pruning Shears

Anbull Electric Pruning Shears

Lastly on our guide is the premium Anbull electric gardening scissors, a superb option if you’re an experienced gardener looking to up your plant-pruning game!

At a little over $100, this powerful cordless tool boasts high carbon steel blades and a brushless, pure copper motor for effortless cutting. These electric scissors cut through branches up to 32mm thick and can operate continuously for up to ~7 hours.

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Providing super powerful, sharp cutting, the Anbull electric pruning shears are an excellent investment if you struggle with wrist fatigue and are looking for more efficient ways to keep up with gardening or your plant-related pastimes.

This item also incorporates a safe lock design to ensure you’re crafting safely at all times as well as a mechanism that doesn’t allow the handle to overheat. So if you’ve been looking for long-lasting, lightweight, quality electric scissors for cutting trees or anything smaller, this is the one for you!

How do electric scissors work and how to use them?

Besides convenience and speed, the best part about electric scissors is that they aren’t challenging to operate, and while you may need to get used to them, they don’t require any learning time, really.

Although you can still find a few electric battery scissors powered by AA batteries (commonly lesser quality), most quality electric scissors have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

This means that all you have to do is charge your tool (all of the products above come with a charger), and you’re ready to go!

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Then, to cut, you unlock the safety feature incorporated in most handles, activate your tool, and guide it effortlessly across your material. Fun fact: electric scissors are approximately five times quicker than conventional scissors!

For successful cutting, purchasing electric scissors that are compatible with the resources you want to use is crucial— pinpoint which alternative is best for you beforehand.

Also, because automatic scissors vary in power capacities (volts), some may run faster than others. That said, it’s all about experimenting with your device until you get the hang of things!

Electric scissors vs. electric rotary cutters

Electric scissors and rotary cutters have a lot in common, but they also have features worth distinguishing — especially if you’re wondering which type of device you should add to your craft station.

Electric scissors:

  • Best for lightweight materials such as fabric and paper
  • Commonly come with two blades (O and D) for different thicknesses
  • Clean, sharp cuts for linear and curved cuts
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Comfortable design for right and left-handed crafters
  • Commonly cheaper
  • Larger variety to pick from

Electric rotary cutters:

  • Not as effective with lightweight resources such as thin textiles, jersey cloth, cotton, etc.
  • Best for industrial uses and heavyweight materials
  • Cut very well through leather and denim
  • Ideal for multi-layer cutting
  • Tends to fray/unprecise cutting of delicate textiles
  • Some rotary cutters aren’t as intuitive for left-handed crafters
  • Self-sharpening mechanism

Electric scissors will be the most versatile, affordable option if you’re a home crafter and focused on sewing, visible mending, and stationery ventures. In addition, because they often include two blade types, this will provide enough flexibility for DIY projects, especially for newbie crafters.

If you’re an industrial hobbyist and need to cut through stiff, hard bulks of material, an electric rotary cutter will likely get the job done quicker and with less effort.

O blades vs. D blades

Although there are devices that incorporate a single blade, most electric scissors include two blade types in a single set: O and D blades.

O blades are designed for crafting with lightweight materials such as thin, delicate textiles, paper, stretchy fabric, etc.

On the other hand, D blades are more resistant and designed to create clean cuts through tougher resources such as leather, denim, stiff cardboard, coat wool, and sometimes even metal.

While both blades are set up and function the same way, keep in mind that they have different purposes and will impact the quality and outcome of your cutting sesh!

How to choose the best electric scissors and what to know

If you’re still reading, odds are you’re still asking: how do I choose the best electric scissors for me?

Here are a few thoughts based on experience:

Just because you aren’t familiar with a particular craft brand doesn’t mean there aren’t high-quality, generic labeled products worth considering.

In fact, it’s common for famous companies to find competitiveness with certain products because lesser-known manufacturers are making equivalently good items for more agreeable price tags. Keep an open mind!

Also, define your recurring project sizes and which materials you’ll be crafting with. Buying electric scissors that are compatible with your materials, with the appropriate power capacity and cutting ability to successfully get the job done, is crucial.

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Even if you have to make a more significant investment to suit your needs, it’s always best to make a single purchase than go through the hassle of buying different devices and unnecessary spending until something finally sticks.

Consider options that will allow you to craft continuously for a more extended period if you’re into industrial hobbies and require more crafting time. Of course, small-scale DIYers may not find this necessary, but the longer you can keep your tool powered, the more you can get out of crafting time.

As for gardening electric scissors: use these for this purpose only! While these tools may seem versatile, they are much sharper and have a higher power capacity that will not benefit crafting.

Lastly, be sure to test your device before making final cuts! Since electric scissors could be strange to control at first, experiment with different fabrics, try cutting lines and curves, and observe the process!

That’s all for our guide to the best electric scissors! Which will you be getting? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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