Lego and alternative brick guides

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Many of us grew up playing with Lego and other brick-building toys, then dropped out of the hobby somewhere on the way to adulthood.

And that’s a real shame!

Ready to hop back on the brick-building wagon? Here’s everything you need to know about Lego, MOCs, and alternative brick companies for adult brick-builders!

Does Lego make sets for adults?

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Yes! There are tons of great Lego sets for adults. These run the gamut of genres and subject matters, but here’s a short list of Lego collections that are primarily aimed at older builders:

Note that these sets come in all sizes. Some of the biggest Lego sets are over five feet high!

What about alternative brick building brands?

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There are some truly spectacular Lego sets, but many of them are simply too expensive for most builders. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheaper brands that make sets that are (almost) just as good!

Plus, the patent on Lego bricks expired in the 70s, so most of them are functionally Lego-compatible!

Note that some brands sell Lego clones, which are illegal and likely to get shut down. This is what happened with the Chinese brand Lepin.

As for legitimate companies, we have a full list of the best Lego alternatives, but here’s the short version:

Click on the links above to learn more about each brand! We also have specific guides about some brand’s major offerings, such as Nanoblock Pokemon sets or Halo Mega Construx sets.

We also have guides for types of sets, like Lego flower alternatives, to help you find what you’re looking for!

How do alt brick brands compare to Lego?

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As a general rule, no brands can match Lego when it comes to pure quality. The big L has incredibly high standards, which largely justifies the high prices it charges.

However, alternative brick brands have increased tremendously in quality over the past decade, and many companies offer great building experiences for half the price of Lego.

Others, such as Nanoblock, offer completely unique experiences using tiny microblocks!

Check out our in-depth comparisons to learn more:

What about Lego MOC?

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Photo via Sachi Serrano (Tiny Workshops)

Lego MOC, or My Own Creation, is something all of us did as children. It’s essentially setting the instruction booklet aside and letting your imagination take control!

Of course, there are some incredible MOC designers, some of which end up creating official Lego sets via the Lego Ideas program. Others partner with alt brick companies to produce their sets for less.

If you want to design your own MOCs, you can use real bricks or free software like BrickLink Studio.

Where can I get some brick-building inspiration?

One of the best places for MOCs is Rebrickable, where designers share and sell their original designs and alt builds.

For a more intimate look at some of our favorite brick builders, check our some of our Tiny Workshops interviews below!

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