Make macrame earrings: Best DIY patterns, kits, and free tutorials

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You may already be a macrame crafter or just starting to master basic knots. Either way, learning how to DIY macrame earrings is a creative way for jewelry enthusiasts and fiber artists of all skill levels to explore their craft from a new angle.

However, making macrame earrings is more than just an entertaining pastime. It’s also an affordable way to create fashionable statement pieces, make one-of-a-kind gifts, or jumpstart that online jewelry business you’ve had on your mind for the past few years.

With just a few materials and some guidance, you can learn to macrame earrings in all kinds of unique designs, colors, and styles; all you need is a little nudge in the right direction.

That said, we’ve made it our mission to get you in the groove; keep reading to discover some of our favorite macrame earring patterns, kits, and free tutorials!

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What materials will I need to make macrame earrings?

Unless you’re going for a complete macrame earring kit at first (we’ve listed some below!), you’ll need to have a few materials to keep up with online tutorials and patterns.

The good news is that most macrame projects require very few resources. When purchasing a downloadable pattern or tutorial, you’ll always get a list of the materials needed to complete projects. Don’t worry about having to figure that all out on your own!

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And while items may vary depending on the design or complexity of specific projects, there are a few primary materials and tools you’re likely to need to complete most:

  • Macrame cord or cotton thread
  • Scissors (ideally a sharp pair or electric scissors to cut through thick fibers)
  • Jewelry pliers
  • A comb
  • Jewelry hardware (hoops, jump rings, fish hooks for jewelry, etc.)
  • Measuring tape
  • Clipboard (to pin down your chord as you create your knots)

As you can see, none of these tools will have you making costly investments which is one of the big perks of this craft. But of course, you may need additional items such as beads or metal studs if you incorporate more features into your designs.

It’s important to know that sometimes projects require different threads vs. pure macrame cord. Fundamentally, macrame jewelry aims to showcase macrame techniques and knots, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every tutorial will require this type of material.

For example, it’s common to see thin cotton thread or even nylon used in DIY macrame earrings. However, when using macrame cord, we advise using anything from 1.5mm to 3mm in thickness (single-twisted).

Another great accessory you can purchase for DIY macrame earrings is earring blanks. These structures serve as the earring’s main body or base from which you hang macrame cord (especially for fringed designs) and are a convenient tool to keep crafting even more straightforward.

You can purchase patterns to make these yourself or buy them in packs. Below are a few options we recommend:

Best macrame earrings DIY kits

Macrame earring kits are engaging and cost-effective, especially when starting to explore this creative hobby. In addition, you’ll benefit from purchasing all-in-one bundles to learn and complete projects from beginning to end without having to outsource a long list of materials!

DIY Macrame Earring Kit by Lark Design Make

DIY Macrame Earring Kit by Lark Design Make

This DIY macrame earring kit is available on Etsy for under $20 and includes enough materials to complete four pairs of earrings — including different styles of hardware.

You’ll also get access to an instructional video for guidance and will be able to select from different fabric themes; the color combinations on offer are really unique!

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We really appreciate how this kit provides an easy, affordable solution for macrame newbies but doesn’t compromise variety or style.

However, this set is only shipped and delivered within the UK. Keep reading to find macrame earring kits with worldwide delivery options!

Rainbow Earrings DIY Macrame Kit by FICHIhome

Rainbow Earrings DIY Macrame Kit by FICHIhome

Shipped from Italy and delivered worldwide, this adorable macrame earring rainbow kit is available on Etsy for under $20.

This is an excellent option for macrame novices, not to mention perfect if you’re looking for something more theme-oriented vs. generic macrame earring projects.

Like the previous set, you’ll have a few fabric combinations to choose from — I’m particularly fond of the unique colors provided in the Nº3 option! Besides materials, you’ll receive printed instructions to guide you step-by-step.

Although this kit includes embroidery cotton to make your creations shiny and bright, you’ll be learning basic macrame techniques, which will give you a foundation to experiment with different types of cord for future macrame earring projects.

DIY 2 x Macrame Earrings Craft Kit by Wild Knot Boutique

DIY 2 x Macrame Earrings Craft Kit by Wild Knot Boutique

Wild Knot Boutique sells this complete macrame earrings craft kit for beginners; a great pick for fashion-loving macrame jewelry enthusiasts!

Each set includes high-quality macrame cord, hoops and hooks, and detailed downloadable instructions.

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One of the perks of this particular kit is that it allows you to customize your order according to how many pairs of earrings you want to make and your preferred thread colors — there are 18 in total!

Note that prices will vary depending on which kit you buy (~$15-$55). I love the dainty, subdued size of these macrame earrings, making them easy to wear with all kinds of outfits for all kinds of occasions. And, of course, what a great gift!

Shipped from the UK, this product has limited delivery options; confirm if there’s availability in your location.

DIY-Kit: Macrame Earrings by Creacando

DIY-Kit: Macrame Earrings by Creacando

Last up for our suggestions of complete kits is this Etsy Star Seller DIY macrame earring project for beginners by Creacando.

You’ll love these boho macrame earrings if you’re a hoop fanatic like me! Kits contain natural, white cord, a pair of gold-plated earring hoops (25mm), a clipboard, and printed instructions.

I really like this set because it includes gold-plated hoops vs. your typical silver hardware. As someone who enjoys mixing things up and combining silver and gold jewelry, I love how these look.

The contrast of the shiny hoop against the cord gives this item a really cool but sophisticated edge! This item is shipped from Germany and delivered within Europe; check if your country is listed beforehand.

DIY macrame earring patterns and PDF tutorials

Macrame earring patterns and digital tutorials are excellent resources to inspire new ideas and projects once you’ve got the basics mastered. They’re also uber-cheap, and best of all, you’ll get to keep them forever!

Boho Macrame Earrings Pattern and DIY instructions by Knot Calm

Boho Macrame Earrings Pattern and DIY instructions by Knot Calm

First up is a downloadable beginner-friendly macrame earring pattern with a video tutorial to walk you through making a pair of macrame tassel earrings.

I love the colors you can play with for this project and how intricate these earrings look by applying just a few simple knots.

In addition, the free video tutorial is a great bonus feature to support you as you learn techniques and a great way to observe knot-making in action instead of just following instructions from an illustrated PDf file.

For under $3, you’ll have access to all of these files immediately after purchase — this is a price that’s hard to beat!

Materials you’ll need to complete this project include cotton macrame cord, earring hooks, a tape measure, and scissors. Be sure to refer to the specifications outlined in the tutorial.

Macrame Diamond Earrings Pattern and Tutorial by Curious Craft Studio

Macrame Diamond Earrings Pattern and Tutorial by Curious Craft Studio

Next up is one of my favorite DIY macrame earrings; the pattern is easy to do, and the outcome is simple but very cool!

For a little over $5, you’ll receive a detailed pattern and knot guide as well as a video tutorial giving you step-by-step instructions to complete a pair of trendy, diamond-shaped macrame earrings.

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Although this isn’t an overly complex project, we recommend it for intermediate-level crafters or beginners who already know a little more than the basics.

If you like this aesthetic, this seller sells more macrame jewelry patterns you might enjoy. We also recommend checking out Curious Craft Studio’s YouTube channel; it’s packed with tons of DIY macrame fun and ideas!

Macrame Hoop Earrings Tutorial by David & Charles

Macrame Hoop Earrings Tutorial by David & Charles

Perfect if you love statement pieces and unique gift ideas, this macrame earrings tutorial is a great place for beginners to venture into macrame jewelry making through an easy project.

The advantage of this pattern is that it’s straightforward to follow while also providing versatility — you can easily create multiple versions of these macrame hoops with different colored cord.

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This DIY macrame earrings design is available for ~$4 on Etsy and is actually a snippet from a complete digital macrame book!

If you’re interested in looking into the full book, Etsy sells a digital copy here for ~$15. It features 12 different projects for various themes (not just jewelry) and is suitable for all skill sets.

PDF Tutorial of Leaves for Macrame Earrings by Marta Jewelry

PDF Tutorial of Leaves for Macrame Earrings by Marta Jewelry

If you’re experimenting with macrame techniques through jewelry, this leaf-themed DIY macrame earring project features a very thorough tutorial to consider.

It is, however, best suited for more experienced crafters. While the focus is to apply macrame knots, this project incorporates nylon cord.

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That said, it’s likely to be more difficult for complete beginners. But if you’re up for the challenge, we say give it a shot; it’s a beautiful project worth trying, especially if you love nature motifs!

This pattern is also slightly more expensive than other options, at almost $10. On the other hand, it includes a tutorial to make DIY macrame earrings and a pendant.

Macrame Earrings DIY Pattern and Tutorial by NoTailCat Jewellery

Macrame Earrings DIY Pattern and Tutorial by NoTailCat Jewellery

Lastly, this stunning, ~$7 macrame earrings tutorial by NoTailCat Jewelry comprises a detailed PDF file with over 100 illustrated pages to instruct you from start to finish.

And while these unique boho-inspired DIY macrame earrings look pretty intricate, rest assured — you’ll get all the guidance you need (and then some!) for this beginner-friendly tutorial.

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Of course, you’ll have lots of knotting techniques to practice here, but the outcome is oh-so-worth it! This is a great purchase if you’re searching for something focused on design.

On the other hand, if you want to work with chunkier macrame cord, you might prefer other project types. For more DIY macrame earrings by this seller, check out our list of quick picks below!

Other macrame earring patterns and PDF tutorials

Online lessons and free video tutorials

There’s no doubt the internet is a great place to learn the art of macrame; check out our favorite online macrame jewelry class and free macrame earrings tutorials below!

Macramé Jewelry

Macramé Jewelry

Teacher: Carla Marin
Platform: Domestika
Level: Beginner

Duration: 16 Lessons (2h 1m)
Audio: Spanish
Subtitles: Yes

If you want to learn how to macrame earrings and master basic knots and techniques, this Domestika course covers the fundamentals of macrame jewelry making!

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During this two-hour course, textile artist and macrame expert Carla Marin will guide you through creating a macrame jewelry collection of your own.

Besides learning how to macrame earrings, you will also make a matching necklace and bracelet to put together a complete set.

This is a great class to pick up on ideas and inspiration for future business ventures, expand your fiber arts know-how, or learn how to make extraordinary gifts for all occasions!

DIY Macrame Earrings | Easy Boho Chic Hoop Design

To Always Celebrate is a YouTube channel focused on various crafts, including macrame projects.

And while not overflowing with dozens of tutorials, we really enjoy the videos featured on this profile because they are well-shot, have clear instructions, and projects are very beginner-friendly.

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This short tutorial is just a little over 10 minutes long and goes over the process of creating a pair of boho chic hoop macrame earrings!

It’s ideal if you’re diving into your first macrame jewelry venture because it’s narrated in detail, guiding you through every step, and provides precise material specifications and tips.

The channel also features a DIY Macrame Earrings & Outfit Ideas tutorial that goes over how to macrame earrings from a more fashion-oriented angle. It’s a great one to inspire fashion design ideas and macrame creations for specific looks!

Macrame Feather Earrings | Beginner Tutorial | DIY

Rachel Colton hosts this YouTube channel packed with all kinds of macrame projects, including macrame jewelry and DIY macrame earrings.

There are several macrame earrings tutorials on her channel, but this one is our favorite! It shows you how to macrame earrings with a feather design with just a few essential knots.

Although intricate, this project is curated for beginners and is a great way to inspire you to craft beyond standard patterns.

Another thing we appreciate is that, like the previous tutorial, this video is narrated from beginning to end. Therefore, you’ll get all the instruction you need as you put your project together.

Besides this tutorial, we also recommend checking out Rachel’s short videos on macrame knots like this one; these will be helpful references as you craft!

Macrame Earring Tutorial| DIY Easy Macrame Earring

Love_the_Knots With Aisha features a wide selection of macrame tutorials, including this DIY macrame earring lesson. 

Unlike our previous suggestions, this video doesn’t have an instructional voiceover and is primarily demonstrative, with music in the background instead.

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On the other hand, you can always mute the video’s audio and put on your favorite crafting music (“Music for Installations” by Brian Eno always helps me focus — what’s your crafting jam?)!

This tutorial is also more comprehensive and runs for over 20 minutes. What we particularly like about this project is that you’ll see the potential of using colored macrame cord vs. standard white fibers.

The video also is very well-paced, perfect for beginners tackling their first projects!

That’s it for this list of the best kits, tutorials, and patterns for macrame earrings. Did you find your next project here? Let us know in the comments below!

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