What is Craftsy? Is it worth it? Mini review and more

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Craftsy is the kind of learning platform every real-deal home crafter and hobbyist dreams of.

With 1,500+ classes covering creative hobbies from sewing and knitting to woodworking and drawing, Craftsy is the perfect learning hub for anyone who can’t get enough of classic crafts and pastimes.

To help you figure out if this is the platform for you, I’ve put together this extensive Craftsy review highlighting information on course purchases and subscription plans, platform pros and cons, best classes, and more.

Whether you’re already familiar with the platform or are hearing about it for the first time, we hope that after reading our review, you’ll love Craftsy just as much as we do!

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What is Craftsy?

What is Craftsy?

Craftsy is a US-based company and learning platform that features high-quality online classes and resources related to art, crafts, and lifestyle. 

Although perfect for newbies aiming to learn everything from needle crafting to woodworking, Craftsy is also a popular go-to for seasoned hobbyists due to its many additional resources, such as the platform’s eclectic library of patterns and recipes, and downloadable class materials.

Unlike other learning platforms like Udemy or Skillshare, Craftsy is a smaller, niche-type hub that features 1,500+ courses focused primarily on classic crafts and handmade projects: this isn’t the best fit for you if you’re after digital art or software tutorials! 

However, Craftsy is the ideal place to learn skills from scratch or hone techniques for creative hobbies such as knitting, weaving, paper crafting, jewelry-making, and more. Craftsy also has a section entirely devoted to baking and cooking!

Note: For this Craftsy review, I’ve focused on the platform’s craft, woodworking, and art themes vs. its cooking/baking-related content. 

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The platform is also very straightforward and easy to navigate: you won’t be overwhelmed by search filters or going through endless topics here— the perfect scenario if you like to keep things simple and to the point. 

Craftsy also provides different payment options. Classes can be purchased individually or through two membership plans: Premium and Gold. I will get into everything you need to know about this just a little further below — including how you can get a year of Craftsy’s Premium membership for only $2.49!

Before getting into a little Craftsy history and a rundown of how the platform works, I wanted to point out that the website is available in English and Spanish. And no, I don’t mean closed caption subtitles; there’s an entire Spanish version of the platform available (this option is located at the bottom of the landing page). 

This means that all the content you access will be in Spanish — including classes! Here are a few examples if you want to get an idea of what this looks like: Confección Conjunto Biker y Top and Ilustración de Personajes Infantiles.

Being bilingual, I know how helpful this could be and what a treat it is to have the option. Also, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language on the globe, so I’m pretty sure this will be good news for some of you reading this! In general, both versions of the platform display subtitles (CC) in English, Spanish, or both.

How Craftsy came to be

In a nutshell, Craftsy has seen a few setbacks in its lifetime.

In 2010, Colorado-based company Sympoz Inc was founded by former eBay and Yahoo executives who envisioned developing an online learning space featuring professionally produced tutorials for an online community of crafters: Craftsy.

Due to its ever-growing success, in 2017, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group settled on purchasing a majority stake in the company. A year later, Craftsy’s subscription video service, Craftsy Unlimited, was rebranded as Bluprint, although it only fully merged into the company in 2019.

The platform included ~1,300 classes covering crafts such as knitting, sewing, crocheting, and quilting, as well as lifestyle and home décor topics: much like the content we can find on the platform today.

In early 2020, Bluprint announced that it was closing. Months later, TN Marketing acquired the brand’s assets and rebranded the Craftsy name and website later that same year.

How does Craftsy work?

Overall, Craftsy is pretty straightforward. While this has to do with the fact that it features a smaller library of classes than other popular learning platforms, in my experience, I find Craftsy’s layout inviting and easy to navigate.

Class topics are categorized under five main themes, each featuring multiple sub-categories/topics: 

Fabric Crafts Yarn CraftsArtLivingFood
Quilting, Sewing, and EmbroideryKnitting, Crocheting, Weaving + SpinningDrawing, Painting, Photography, Paper Crafting, and Jewelry MakingHome Decor, Gardening, Woodworking, Writing, Fitness, Yoga, and Fun for KidsCake Decorating, Baking, and Cooking

Remember that for this Craftsy review, I’ve mostly focused on craft-centered, art, and woodworking classes. Nevertheless, I do want to point out that we highly advise discovering the platform’s Living and Food sections if these are areas you would like to explore further.

Classes are varied and fun, including everything from full-on gardening classes, memoir writing 101, and even, pizza-making

At the top of the landing page, you’ll find two search options: Browse and Resources. The Browse section features all of the categories referred to above; your class content.

The Resources section, however, offers something really unique: a complete library of downloadable patterns and recipes you can pay for individually or have open access to if you’ve opted for one of Craftsy’s membership plans.

Browse and Resources Landing page Craftsy

This is one of the platform’s highlights and part of what makes it so enticing, no matter your skill set. Whether you’re an experienced needlecrafter or just beginning, you can find all kinds of patterns for crocheting, knitting, quilting, and sewing.

Here’s an idea of some of the resources on offer: 

In this sense, Craftsy is a fantastic option for avid crafters. Besides classes and course-related content, additional bonus materials, articles, and step-by-step photo tutorials (like this!), can be also sourced.

I’ll give you an overview of more features on the platform a little further below, but first, let’s get into what matters: pricing.

How much do Craftsy courses cost?

Craftsy classes

Craftsy’s cost-effective membership plans and payment options are one of its main attention-grabbers.

Besides having an entire section devoted to free classes (more on this further below), there are three different ways you can pay/access courses on the platform.

Like Domestika and Udemy, one of the options provided by Craftsy is to pay for classes individually. So, what does this look like? Courses on the platform cost anywhere between ~$5 and ~$70, meaning there isn’t a specific value set per course.

However, the average price for most classes is roughly $39 a pop. Of course there are cheaper courses available, but to be honest, this tends to vary per topic. The good news is that you can filter classes by price to get a general idea!

That said, unless you’re planning to take courses every once in a while, things will get a little pricey. For example, taking four classes for ~$39 apiece will cost you well over $100.

Considering you can pay much less for a monthly/yearly membership and have full access to nearly the entire platform, buying multiple courses individually won’t really pay off. However, there is a perk.

The advantage of individual class purchases is that once bought, they’ll be yours to keep forever. This doesn’t apply to monthly/yearly subscribers, although there are some exceptions.

On the other hand, if you’re goal is to take many Craftsy courses, your best bet will be signing up for the platform’s Premium or Gold Membership.

What is Craftsy Premium?

Craftsy pricing

While many platforms feature subscription plans for pretty expensive price tags, Craftsy stands out for offering excellent value with its Premium Membership.

Craftsy Premium allows you to opt between paying monthly or yearly. If paying monthly, you’ll only have to dish out $8.99. This will give you full access to the platform’s classes and resources every 30 days, commitment-free.

I think we can agree this beats paying ~$39 for a single course! Paying annually costs $89.99, which is also a great option since you’ll be saving ~$17.89 vs. a monthly subscription.

While I understand that paying for a yearly subscription may seem expensive considering Craftsy’s slightly more limited library, it’s definitely worth it as you’ll also have other benefits other than classes.

These include unlimited access to patterns, downloadable course materials, admission to live-streaming virtual events, the Share your Membership program, and two classes of your choosing to keep forever.

And there’s more good news: Craftsy is currently offering a full year of Premium for only $2.49! All you have to do is sign up to start enjoying all of the benefits of the membership for 12 months.

Even if you’re ready to call it quits after a year, you’ll have lots to enjoy until then. Note that once you cancel your subscription, you won’t have access to the classes you’ve taken besides the ones you’ve used your Premium Membership credits to keep.

Also, both monthly and yearly subscriptions are auto-renewable. If you’d like to change this, you can contact the Craftsy team ([email protected]) or adjust this in your account profile.

Click below to get a year of Craftsy’s Premium membership for $2.49!

What is Craftsy Gold?

Signing up for Craftsy’s Gold Membership plan means you’ll have all the benefits of a Premium Membership plus additional perks worth $450 per year.

This is the ideal pick for demanding craft connoisseurs looking to upgrade their Premium Membership, although you’re free to sign up for the plan if you’re brand new to the platform.

Unlike Premium, the Gold Membership doesn’t offer a monthly subscription and has a single yearly payment option, which costs $159.

A Gold Membership will give you the same perks as a Premium Membership with a few more advantages. For example, instead of two classes to keep forever, you’ll be able to choose eight to keep in your account for life.

You’ll also get to choose 10 patterns, guides, or recipes to download to your devices. Access to special live-streaming events and, most importantly, 20% off select class purchases are also included in this deal.

While anyone can subscribe to this plan, we think it’s best suited for avid crafters who will invest time into the platform and take full advantage of all of its benefits. If you like the idea of a subscription but mainly to take classes, a Premium Membership will do more than the trick.

Get a full year of Premium for only $2.49, here!

Membership Sharing

Membership Craftsy Family and Friends

Craftsy Premium and Gold subscribers can also take advantage of the platform’s Membership Sharing program.

The program allows paying members to share access to the platform plus all of the perks included in a Premium subscription, with up to three family members or close friends.

Chosen members are notified by email, where they’ll be given all of the details needed to set up their personal accounts. No extra fees are required for the subscription organizer or for membership guests to have this service activated.

Therefore, if you’re invited to Craftsy through the Membership Sharing program, you’re in luck! You’ll have free access to 1,500+ classes, live events, member discounts, and more.

If, as a guest, there are specific classes you want to purchase to keep forever, you’re free to do so; this does not interfere with the conditions provided by the Membership Sharing plan. Just keep in mind that extra purchases will be on your own dime!

Who teaches Craftsy classes?

Much like Domestika, to teach on Craftsy, you’re required to have a demonstrable level of expertise in any of the topics featured on the platform. Although the information is slim on how to become a Craftsy instructor, one thing is sure: this isn’t an “upload-your-own-videos” type of scenario.

Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare make this process easier since course building and publishing are basically in the hands of anyone interested in sharing their content. As a result, this makes these platforms a little more difficult to navigate since top quality isn’t always guaranteed.

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With Craftsy, you’re required to complete a form and go through an interview-like process with the in-house team to get your proposal approved. And in return, get your content published on the platform. To contact Craftsy for instructor-related queries, you can contact: [email protected].

Overall, Craftsy focuses on recruiting industry experts to provide learners with well-curated courses and substantial, reliable content. Although the platform has fewer classes than most, it guarantees you’ll learn from some of the best every time: a great reminder of how sometimes less is more.

It’s also worth noting that many Craftsy courses are leased from other platforms. For example, Brit + Co’s library (which costs $10 a month on its own) and several others are included.

How to try Craftsy courses for free

Free Craftsy Classes

Craftsy is home to over 60 free classes!

That said, if you want to test the waters before committing to a subscription or spending on an individual course to see what the platform is all about, you can get a taste for the dreamy price of $0.

While you won’t have an overwhelming amount of free classes for sewing and knitting (most of the options are for cooking or baking), there’s more than enough on there to get a general idea — and enjoy learning without spending a cent!

One thing I’d point out to manage expectations is that some of the free classes may seem outdated in terms of overall production since lots of this content is a few years old. However, remember that Craftsy teachers are some of the best in their fields; therefore, we’re sure you’re bound to learn a thing or two.

Also, you’re not able to keep these classes, although you will be able to access downloadable class materials.

Here are a few of our top picks for free classes on Craftsy:

Ultimately, whether or not Craftsy becomes your learning platform of choice boils down to personal preferences on teaching styles and course layouts.

If you find yourself excited about the platform and are willing to pay just a little more than “free”, Craftsy is offering one year of its Premium membership for just $2.49. You can sign up here!

Craftsy review

Craftsy review_logo

As much as we love Craftsy and highly recommend it to anyone who loves cozy craft sessions and trying out new quilt patterns like there’s no tomorrow, like everything, it has its pros and cons.

Below are some of my impressions based on my time using the platform.

Pro: Suitable for beginners and seasoned hobbyists

One of the things that makes Craftsy such a unique platform is that it appeals to crafters of all backgrounds and experience levels.

So, whether you’re looking for 101 knitting classes, advanced woodworking techniques, or sewing patterns for a new project, you’ll likely find it on the platform.

This makes it a specialized hub for more than just classes and a solid go-to where crafters can find a community of like-minded hobbyists and resources, despite their skill level.

Con: Can’t filter classes by skill level

Considering Craftsy is a great starting point for beginners as well as a handy resource for more experienced crafters, as an online learner, I think the platform would benefit from distinguishing skill levels more clearly.

The fact that it doesn’t really feature filters specifying classes or resources for different skill levels makes searches a little more challenging. Not to mention, a potential turn-off if you have to keep jumping from trailer to trailer to get an idea of what to expect.

Although you can find a “Beginners” filter for each sub-category under the Browse tab (for example, knitting, sewing, quilting, etc.), it’s mixed in with others relating to themes, membership types, projects, and so on.

This makes it a little more difficult to get down to the nitty gritty if you want to search by skill level right off the bat — especially if you’re a beginner aiming to work your up to more complex content step by step.

Pro: Very niche content and platform

Having a Craftsy membership is like having access to a private club of craft-loving wizards. Because it’s super niche vs. platforms brimming with an infinity of courses on different subject matters, Craftsy somehow feels more community-driven and personalized.

If, as a crafter, you tend to feel overwhelmed or a little lost when it comes to navigating through learning platforms with a broader range of topics, like Udemy or Skillshare, Craftsy is the perfect alternative.

It has a much smaller volume of content, but, in return, features carefully curated courses, reputable professionals, and overall high quality, unlike most of the user-uploaded content found on other learning platforms.

Con: Limited library

On the other hand, while the fact that the platform is particularly niche is attractive for many, it risks coming off as too restrictive for others. Craftsy has a relatively small course library compared to other popular platforms: 1,500+ classes.

That said, if you take into account that there are just a little over 200 classes for quilting and roughly 170 for sewing (for example), it won’t be long before you feel like you’ve run out of content to explore — although this will depend on how frequently you’ll use the platform.

Also, granted, you won’t want to take every single class you come across, either because they cover skills you’ve already mastered, are too basic, or simply don’t interest you, sooner or later, you may feel like you’ve reached a dead end.

Craftsy does, however, thrive on its additional resources, which will keep you coming back for more. But class options may start to feel restrictive after using the platform for some time.

Verdict: Is Craftsy worth it?

There’s no doubt that Craftsy is worth it, especially if needle crafting and fabric arts are what bring you joy! Although it features a smaller course catalog than other platforms, there’s definitely a lot to explore.

To make the best of your hard-earned money, I suggest signing up for the Premium Membership: you’ll pay $8.99 a month normally, or take advantage of a special offer below to sign up for a yearly Premium subscription for a single payment of $2.49 — you won’t have to pay a cent more for an entire year!

You can also take advantage of the Membership Sharing program and share the love with family and friends without any additional costs.

All in all, this is a fun, affordable platform packed with entertaining projects and downloadable resources to enjoy, with the added bonus of featuring engaging, craft experts as your teachers!

Best Craftsy classes

Best Craftsy Classes

Ultimately, the “best” anything is once again about personal preference.

However, we feel that the classes below are worthy of a special shout-out!

Keep in mind that our Craftsy review focuses primarily on the platform’s Fabric Crafts, Yarn Crafts, Woodworking, and Art themes.

Click the images below to get a preview of what each class has to offer!

Sewing essentials Craftsy

Sewing Essentials

  • Taught by National Sewing Circle Instructor Ashley Hough
  • Learn the essentials to sew with confidence
  • 9 lessons (2h 18m)
Startup library crochet crochet classes

Startup Library: Crochet

  • Taught by the American Crochet Association founder and author Salena Baca
  • Learn beginner-level crochet fundamentals
  • 13 lessons (4h 37m)
101 Quilting Craftsy

Quilting 101

  • Taught by textile artist and designer Libs Elliott
  • Learn how to learn to cut, stitch and make a modern handmade quilt
  • 13 lessons (1h 19m)
Startup Library: Painting With Watercolors

Startup Library: Painting With Watercolors

  • Taught by expert watercolorist Kateri Ewing
  • Learn fundamental watercolor supplies and techniques
  • 14 lessons (6h 02m)
Craftsy class Perspective for Sketchers

Perspective for Sketchers

  • Taught by architectural illustrator Stephanie Bower
  • Learn three simple steps to sketch with accurate perspective, proportion, and color
  • 7 lessons (2h 11m)

Woodworking Essentials: Bending & Shaping

  • Taught by professional woodworker Bill Thomas
  • Learn basic and advanced techniques to bend and shape wood
  • 7 lessons (2h 51m)
Modern pointed pen calligraphy class Craftsy

Modern Pointed-Pen Calligraphy with Laura Lavender

  • Taught by calligrapher and designer Laura Lavender
  • Learn the basics of modern calligraphy and hand lettering
  • 4 lessons (2h 05m)
Fabricating Dimensional Metal Jewelry making classes Craftsy

Fabricating Dimensional Metal Jewelry

  • Taught by jewelry artist and metalsmith Lisa Colby
  • Learn six advanced soldering and forming techniques
  • 7 lessons (2h 08m)

Craftsy Live streaming events

Live tutorials

Live streaming events is another feature you can enjoy on Craftsy. While most content is for subscribers, you can watch some streaming sessions for free.

Here’s a quick review of what you can find in Craftsy’s live-streaming section:

Free Live Tutorials: These are free to anyone who wants to take a peek into live tutorials. You’ll be able to watch instructors work through projects and learn lots of tips and tricks along the way. You can find live tutorials covering everything, from crocheting, knitting, quilting, baking, and more.

Craftsy Chats: These are monthly Q&A sessions with teachers; a great way to get answers to your burning craft questions! The Makers Exchange series is one of the most popular and worth checking out if you’re into fabric crafts.

Premium Live Events: This is Premium member-only streaming content featuring all kinds of live events to educate, connect, and inspire. You can access these by paying just $2.49 for an entire year of Craftsy Premium!

Virtual Events: This is a mix of workshops, instructional chats, and technique-honing sessions that usually last for more than a day. You need to sign up and pay to attend.

When looking into streaming content, be sure to use the filter feature to distinguish older and newer content, especially to see if there’s an upcoming session you don’t want to miss out on.

Also, once you’ve signed up for Craftsy, you can expect to get an influx of emails notifying you about streaming events as well as other platform-related content such as patterns for purchase.

While this is excellent news for some, it can become a bit of a hassle if you’re not one to keep up with newsletters and constant updates. Know that you can unsubscribe from this service and be removed from the platform’s user email list if you’d rather be spam-free!

Craftsy alternatives

If you’ve been in the online learning game for a while now, you’ll know there are a ton of platforms to consider.

On the other hand, only a few really stand out in the bunch, especially if you’re aiming to hone skills for craft-centered creative hobbies; graphic design and stop motion courses tend to be a lot easier to come across!

Here’s a quick rundown of Craftsy alternatives we recommend that offer a little of everything.

Craftsy vs Domestika

Craftsy vs Domestika logo

There’s no doubt that Domestika is a superstar in the online learning universe, offering entertaining, professionally produced, high-quality content for creatives from all walks of life.

Whether you’re looking for classes on Adobe Illustrator and Procreate or a starter course to learn Amigurumi crocheting or watercoloring, this platform has it all.

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Although featuring a broader range of topics than Craftsy, Domestika is also a more niche hub focused primarily on creative skills, ranging from artsy software courses to classic handmade crafts.

The only setback worth mentioning for this otherwise sublime platform is that many classes are in Spanish with English subtitles, which may be inconvenient for some. However, there are many English-speaking Domestika courses available!

Domestika’s classes cost an average of ~$10 a pop if bought individually. Nevertheless, the platform also features Domestika Plus: a subscription plan which can be paid monthly or yearly, as per your preference. Click below to learn more!

Craftsy vs Creativebug

Craftsy vs Creativebug logo

If Craftsy had a sibling, it would be the arts and crafts platform Creativebug. It’s the most similar alternative in the sense that it targets hobbyists who relish handmade crafts and DIY content.

It also offers resources like a pattern library and covers most of the same themes as Craftsy: art & design, sewing, quilting, papercrafts, knitting, crochet, jewelry, lifestyle, and more.

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One of the differences between these platforms is that Creativebug only works on a subscription plan: you cannot purchase classes individually. The good news is that the standard “Unlimited” membership only costs $7.95/month. An “Unlimited Plus” plan is also available for $9.95.

You can also opt for an annual plan for $71.40, meaning $5.95 a month. That said, there’s a nice selection of payment options on the platform at excellent value. Better yet? Creativebug is offering a free 60-day trial; click below to start learning for free!

Craftsy vs Udemy

Craftsy vs  Udemy logo

Udemy is one of the oldest and most well-known online learning platforms, standing as an “oldie but goodie” in its own right. Its biggest selling point? A massive catalog of courses for every subject you can think of!

Unlike Craftsy, Udemy boasts 180,000+ courses for everything from business and IT topics to handicrafts and art. Also, Udemy classes are created and uploaded by users, whether they’re professionals or amateur connoisseurs.

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That said, content and course layouts vary quite a bit since there isn’t an in-house team curating courses or recruiting teachers. Udemy is also known for its extremely low prices, frequently reduced by as much as 90%. Keep in mind this isn’t always the case, though.

If you’re looking to purchase courses individually for great value, Udemy is a solid place to look. The platform also features 500+ free classes; check some out to get a feel of what’s on offer!

Craftsy vs Skillshare

Craftsy vs Skillshare logo

Last up for our platform comparisons is the very popular platform, Skillshare. Although we feel the platform was at its best a few years ago, it’s still worth considering if you’re willing to splash the cash: Skillshare currently runs on a yearly subscription for $165. 

While this may turn some away, if you’re looking to connect with creatives in different fields, Skillshare has a vast community that’s worth checking out. Not to mention, thousands of courses on a myriad of topics in the form of shorter, tutorial-like videos. 

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Like Udemy, Skillshare teachers are users with a knack for a specific skill or professionals who proactively build and publish their classes on the platform. Once again, this means that quality does vary. However, since most instructors are creatives, courses tend to be curated with a certain flair. 

Skillshare’s library covers everything from music and 3D animation to drawing, painting, knitting, and sewing. So, if you’re willing to pay for the Skillshare Premium membership, you’ll have open access to the platform for an entire year! Or you can enjoy a free, one-month trial by clicking below! 

Other FAQs

What can I learn on Craftsy? 

Craftsy is home to 1,500+ classes on fabric crafts, yarn crafts, woodworking, arts, lifestyle, and food. Industry experts teach courses over a compilation of video lessons supported by downloadable bonus materials. 

Where is Craftsy located?

Crafty’s located in Denver, Colorado (USA).

Is the Premium Membership paid monthly or annually? 

You can choose between paying for your subscription monthly or yearly. Monthly payments are $8.99, and annual fees are $89.99. Note that there is auto-renewal on payments. You can change this by contacting the team.  

However, don’t forget that you can sign up for a year of Craftsy Premium for only $2.49!

Can I cancel my membership? 

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

Is there a refund policy for memberships?

If you cancel within the first 30 days of your annual membership, Craftsy will refund you entirely. If you cancel after this time, you’ll receive a percentage of the total amount. 

Do I have to pay for Membership Sharing? 

If you’re the receiver of a Membership Sharing invitation, then no; you’ll have all of the benefits of a Premium Membership totally free of charge! If you are the account organizer (paying member), you won’t have to pay any extra fees either as this service is included in this subscription. 

Will I have lifetime access to the classes I take? 

Unless you’re paying for classes individually, no. However, Premium and Gold members will get a specific number of credits to select courses they want to keep forever. Each year, Premium members can use credits to keep two classes, and Gold members, eight. 

Is there a Craftsy mobile app? 

Yes! You can find it in Apple’s App Store (for iOS devices) and in Google’s Play Store (for Android devices). The app is free of charge.

Can I stream Craftsy on my TV? 

Yes! You can check out the guidelines on how you can connect Craftsy to your TV here.

That’s it for this extensive Craftsy review! How has your experience been with the platform? Would you recommend it? Let me know in the comments below!

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