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20+ best macrame kits: Perfect for beginners and gifts

Macrame wall hanging kit on table

Macrame is coming back in a huge way, and if you want to get started (or get a friend addicted), macrame kits are a fantastic option. They have everything you need to create your very first project: materials, instructions, and most importantly, inspiration!

You may be able to get a macrame kit from a local store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby (if you live in the US), but there are much better options available online.

Why are they better?

Well, first of all, you can usually choose the rope color to better suit your style. Second, you’re supporting creators and small businesses who put lots of love into every kit!

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I’ve put together a list of the best macrame kits you can buy, separated into groups depending on what they make. Nearly all of them are suitable for beginners, so use the links below to jump to what interests you the most!

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Why get a macrame kit?

Best macrame kits

Sure, you can go out and buy a few hundred feet of cord and get to knotting, but this will likely lead to frustration and resignation before a completed project.

Macrame kits are a much better buy, with pre-cut cord and explicit instructions on how to complete your first project. You don’t have to worry about cord widths or types, either. The finished project is guaranteed to look just like it does in the picture (as long as you follow the instructions).

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Even if you have some experience with macrame or other fiber arts from years ago, a kit is a better way to ease back into the hobby without extra expenses.

Macrame kits also make fantastic gifts for creative friends. They’re relatively inexpensive and leave them with a beautiful project that they’ll cherish for years to come!

Note that there’s a big difference between a macrame kit and macrame patterns. Patterns are essentially just the instructions without the materials, and they can be a great option if you have experience and can source your own macrame cord.

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Best macrame plant hanger kits

Macrame kits for plant hangers are one of the easiest projects for beginners, so we’ll start our list here.

Each of these kits has everything you need to create a beautiful macrame plant hanger. They all have a metal or wooden ring, pre-cut cord, and instructions. Many also have multiple color options!

Here are the best macrame plant hangers kits you can buy!

Round Mesh Plant Hanger by ReformFibers

Round Mesh macrame Plant Hanger kit by ReformFibers

ReformFibers has a strong reputation as one of the best macrame stores on Etsy, and for good reason. Based in California, owner Elsie Goodwin makes some of the best macrame kits and patterns you can buy.

This particular kit is for a modern plant holder that measures nearly 60 inches long once finished. You can get it with pink or natural color cord. You can even buy it completed if you want to hang it right away!

ReformFibers has another macrame plant hanger kit thats a bit more retro than this design. You can get that one here.

Beginner’s Macrame Plant Hanger Kit by Kalicrame

Beginner Macrame plant hanger kit by Kalicrame

Next up is another great macrame plant hanger kit, this time from UK-based Kalicrame. The design resembles the second retro-version linked above, but it’s much cheaper (especially if you’re based in the UK or EU).

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It includes natural color 3mm cord, a wooden ring, and a video with instructions that’s emailed after purchase. If you find it easier to follow video instructions, this might be a better buy.

This won’t be the last macrame kit from Kalicrame you see on this list!

Macrame Plant Hanger Kit by KnotsAndShots

Macrame plant hanger kit by KnotsAndShots

If you’re looking for something with more color, look no further than this macrame plant hanger kit from KnotsAndShots.

The kit includes everything you need: cord, ring, and instructions. What makes this one unique is that you can choose from seven different colors: white, copper, yellow, gray, blue, red, or black.

Once you complete your first project and find yourself hooked, you can save money with a refill kit that has all the materials except the instructions.

Macrame Plant Hanger Kit by KnottyCotton

Macrame plant hanger kit by KnottyCotton

Getting back to simplicity, this macrame kit from US-based KnottyCotton has a distinctly boho design.

It doesn’t come in any additional colors, but the classic natural color cord works with any color scheme. They also look great hanging on a wall or from the ceiling.

There are a few other great macrame kits in KnottyCotton’s shop that are also worth checking out.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit by WillowandRosebud

Macrame plant hanger wall hanging kit by WillowandRosebud

This is the first macrame plant hanger kit that’s significantly different than the others. It’s more of a hybrid between a wall hanging and a plant hanger, so you can display both a beautiful hand-crafted item and your favorite plants!

The kit itself includes pre-cut cord and natural driftwood, with the instructions themselves made available by digital download.

Grab this one if you can’t decide between a plant hanger or wall hanging kit, or just have a large space on the wall that you want to be decorated. The shop WillowandRosebud has several similar macrame kits, as well.

Macrame wall hanging kits

Plant hangers are great, but if you want a truly impressive showpiece, macrame wall hanging kits are the way to go.

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These are larger and have a greater variety of knots, but can be a bit more difficult for true beginners.

Here are the best macrame wall hanging kits you buy!

DIY macrame wall hanging kit by Macranova

Macranova macrame wall hanging kit

Barcelona-based Macranova is a fantastic source of macrame wall hanging kits. The kit pictured above is the most traditional, but she has dream catchers, feathers, and more, too.

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What sets this one apart (aside from the attractive design) is the wide variety of color options. There are 13 different cord colors to choose from with this macrame wall hanging kit, and some of her other kits have 30 color options!

They’re reasonably priced, but shipping might be a bit pricey for those outside of the EU or UK.

Macrame Wall Hanging Kit by ReformFibers

Macrame wall hanging kits by ReformFibers

This is another great macrame kit from California-based ReformFibers. What’s great about this listing is that you can choose one of the four designs above (they’re all separate kits).

Each kit includes pre-cut cotton rope (natural color), a brass rod, and instructions/patterns for the chosen design. You won’t get any funky color choices, but you can choose to leave out the S-hooks to save a bit of money.

These kits are a bit more expensive than some of the other options, but since they ship from the US you might save some money on shipping.

Scandi Macrame Kit Beginner Level by KNOTitYourself

Knot it yourself macrame wall hanging kit

For a more minimalist aesthetic, this macrame wall hanging kit from KNOTitYourself is a great option.

This particular kit includes cord (with six color options), a dowel, wooden beads, and instructions. Even better, the shop has tons more kits with different designs, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Items ship from Belarus, so shipping might be expensive for non-EU readers. That said, the kits are very inexpensive so it might still work out cheaper than local options!

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Kit by Kalicrame

Kalicrame macrame wall hanging kit

Next up is yet another kit from UK-based Kalicrame. This one again comes in a variety of colors, although at time of writing some of them are sold out.

This kit has everything you need to make a small macrame wall hanging. It even has both written instructions and a link to a video, so no matter what kind of learner you are you’re covered.

Kamicrame has a few other macrame kits in her shop, and all of them offer multiple color options.

Macrame Wall Hanging Feather Kit by RandomDesignT

Random Design T macrame feather wall hanging kit

My last pick is something different. It isn’t a traditional wall hanging design, but rather a composition of 8 feathers.

Like the other options, the kit has everything you need to make the pictured design (with multiple colors and sizes of feathers), plus digital instructions and a video.

This macrame kit looks great in a nursery, so it’s a fantastic gift for someone who’s expecting a baby. It ships from Turkey, and the shop has several other kits available.

Macrame dreamcatcher kits

Many of us remember making dreamcatchers as children, but they’re nothing compared to some of the macrame dreamcatcher kits available today.

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Plus, they feature more up-to-date designs that anyone would be proud to display in their homes!

There isn’t quite as much variety when it comes to macrame dreamcatcher kits, but here are a few of my favorites.

Macrame Dreamcatcher kit by VanirCreations

VanirCreations macrame dreamcatcher kit

When it comes to macrame dreamcatcher kits, there really is no better source than the Etsy store VanirCreations.

This particular design includes your choice of (2) cord colors, nylon string, a large 12″ ring, feathers, and an assortment of beads. The finished result is absolutely gorgeous, and will add a unique touch to any home decor.

Despite this, the kit itself isn’t overly difficult to assemble. It ships out of the UK, so US-based readers may have to pay a premium for shipping. You can also watch the full tutorial on YouTube for free and try to source your own materials.

Beginners Macrame Mooncatcher kit by VanirCreations

VanirCreations macrame mooncatcher kit

Next up is yet another of VanirCreations’ macrame kits, this time for an even more striking design. The “mooncatcher” uses a modified 16″ MDF hoop to create a beautiful crescent moon wall hanging.

Like before, you can choose the primary and secondary cord colors to match your taste and home decor.

This one is (understandably) a bit pricier, but you can watch the full tutorial for free on YouTube.

Pepperell Macrame Dream Catcher kit

Pepperell Crafts Macrame Dream Catcher kit

This is the only mass-market option on this list of macrame kits, and to be perfectly honest it’s a step below the other offerings in terms of design.

The main reason I picked it is because it’s just so cheap. For less than 10 bucks you get a complete kit to make a small dream catcher to hang on the wall.

If you’re looking for a macrame kit for kids, this is a great option. The instructions are so simple that any crafty youngster can finish it with ease. You can buy it from Amazon below, but sometimes it’s also stocked at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores, too.

Macrame jewelry kits

Large macrame wall hangings are great, but if you don’t have the space to display them they’ll end up gathering dust in a closet somewhere. Macrame jewelry kits, on the other hand, can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

These macrame kits typically use much thinner cord to create bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings!

Here are a few of my favorite macrame jewelry kits.

Beginner’s Macrame Necklace Kit by Nifty Stitch

Macrame necklace kit from Nifty Stitch

The great thing about macrame jewelry kits is just how little material they take for each project. This kit for a macrame necklace from Nifty Stitches includes enough rope, tubes, and beads for three complete necklaces!

On top of that, you can choose from 12 different colors in any combination. They’re also very easy to make, so they’re suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Grab this macrame kit if you want a small project or a gift for a creative friend. Kits ship from the UK.

How To Tie A Sailor Knot Bracelet by MysticKnotwork

Mystic Sailor Knot bracelet by MysticKnotwork

While it isn’t technically macrame, this bracelet kit from MysticKnotwork is close enough to quality for this list.

It contains everything you need to make five sailor knot bracelets in three different colors. One of those colors is white, but the other two can be selected from a wide variety of options.

Again, this one makes a great gift or gives you the skills and supplies you need to make many more gifts for your friends and family.

Chunky woven macrame necklace kit by Stitchingmesoftly

Chunky woven necklace kit by Stitchingmesoftly

This macrame jewelry kit is once again for a necklace, but I’m including it because of the great color options available. Plus, you can pay a small amount more for magnetic cord ends to fancy your necklaces up a bit further.

It has enough materials for two necklaces, and you can choose two different colors from 12 options.

Kits ship from the UK, and the Stitchingmesoftly shop has many more macrame and crochet beginner kits available.

Macrame Earring kit by KETmercantile

Macrame earring kit by KETmercantile

Next up is a funky macrame earring set from KETmercantile. They’re perfect to create unique earrings for yourself, gifts, or even to sell at vintage markets.

There are five different styles to choose from, and you can further choose from four different materials. However, there is no cord included, so you’ll have to source that on your own.

The good news is that most cord sizes will work, and you have a lot of freedom when it comes to design. Just be aware that you will need to have some existing knowledge of knots (or do a bit of research) to complete them.

Macrame Bracelet Kit by NostalgieArt

Macrame bracelet kit by NostalgieArt

The last macrame jewelry kit I’ll feature here is another bracelet, but this time much more intricate.

It uses very thin waxed thread for small, detailed knots that hold their shape once finished. Beginners may struggle to complete this kit, so keep that in mind before buying this for a friend or family member.

NostalgieArt has a few more macrame jewelry kits in her shop, as well as lots of waxed thread supplies to make more pieces once you’ve mastered the steps.

Other macrame kits

If none of the macrame kits listed above catch your fancy, there are a few more interesting designs that might do the trick.

Here are four more great kits, and again you can rest assured that by buying them you’re supporting small businesses on Etsy!

Rainbow macrame kit by FiberMile

Rainbow macrame kit by FiberMile

Rainbows are a popular modern macrame design, and this macrame kit allows you to build just that.

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It has five colors of hard (with multiple options available), metal wire to shape the rainbow, and written step-by-step instructions.

The finished project is roughly 15x15cm and makes a great display piece. Kits ship from the UK, but the kit is small and inexpensive so shipping shouldn’t be too unreasonable.

DIY macrame coaster kit by Larkandfeather

Macrame coaster kit by larkandfeather

Coasters are another great macrame project for beginners and a perfect candidate for macrame kits. They don’t take much cord or requirement many knots, and you can never have too many coasters around the house!

This macrame coaster kit includes the materials you need to make two coasters, with many color combinations available. However, the rop isn’t pre-cut so you will need some scissors and a measuring tape.

Instructions and a tutorial video are delivered digitally, but the physical goods ship from Canada.

Macrame owl kit by MacrameIsLove

Macrame owl kit by MacrameIsLove

Macrame owls are one of those retro designs that’s aged really well into the modern age. The cute wall hanging is a great intermediate level project, but is still doable for determined beginners.

This kit includes two dowels, two lengths of cord, two rings and two beads for the eyes, and written instructions.

Shipping from Russia, this is a fantastic project to push your skills and have an adorable owl buddy for display!

DIY Macrame Feather Kit by MylittlewishShop

Macrame feather kit by MylittewishShop

I linked a macrame feather wall hanging kit above, but this kit is just for the feathers. Even better, it includes a comb that you need to finish the project!

You can select three colors for your feathers, and the kit includes everything else you need to finish your feathers. There’s even a small drawstring bag to keep your new macrame tools in when you’re done!

This kit ships from the UK, and MylittlewishShop has many more macrame kits to choose from, too.

DIY Macrame Christmas Tree kit by Cottondreamer

Macrame tree kit by cottondreamer

Christmas is a time of year when most people decorate their homes, and the final macrame kit on this list lets you get festive with handmade goods.

There are two types of kits available: one with a single tree and one with a set of three. Both options let you choose from a variety of colors and include step-by-step instructions.

This one ships from Australia, which can be costly (and slow) for North Americans but still won’t break the bank.

That’s it for this list of the best macrame kits you can buy! Hopefully you’ve found the right kit for you or a great gift for a creative loved one.

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