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There are tons of so-called beginner macrame projects; however, at times, these end up being a tad more challenging than initially expected.

But I kid you not: macrame feather and leaf projects are as easy as it gets, ideal for complete fiber art newbies. They’re small-scale, don’t require zillions of knots, and are quick to make.

These pieces also make for elegant, timeless décor without breaking the bank: whether you’re looking to put together a large macrame feather wall hanging or a single macrame leaf for a creative gift.

Need some inspiration? Here are our favorite resources for beginners and up!

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What materials will I need to make a macrame feather or leaf?

Macrame feather and leaf projects are some of the most straightforward you can come across.

Quality macrame kits will already include everything you need in a single set. On the other hand, you’ll need a few supplies before you get hands-on with a downloadable pattern or tutorial:

  • Macrame cord
  • Comb/brush
  • Craft ruler/measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Dowels, rings, etc.
  • Hairspray/fabric stiffener
  • Templates


  • For this type of project, remember to keep macrame cord on the more lightweight side. If you’re going for chunky material, your pieces will likely flop. This will also make them more challenging to showcase. Patterns and tutorials always provide cord specs per project; follow the guidelines!
  • You’ll need a sturdy comb or brush to achieve that one-of-a-kind fluffy effect on your macrame leaf or feather! You can find some of our top recommendations in our essential macrame supplies list.
  • Whether you want a sturdy metal craft ruler or flexible measuring tape is up to you. Most macrame feather projects require minimum measuring vs. large-scale items like macrame curtains or hammocks. However, accuracy is always key.
  • Speaking of accuracy, the quality of your macrame scissors can make or break your fiber art leaf/feather. Besides cutting cord, you need this tool to trim and achieve clean-cut, fray-free finishes. Electric scissors, for instance, will give you lots of control. Left-handed? Discover the best lefty scissors for crafts.
  • Dowels, rods, rings, hoops — you name it! These are easy to DIY, whether you’re out in nature or discover an old broomstick in your basement. However, you can find these accessories online for great prices.
  • Templates are something you can easily DIY; remember making heart-shaped Valentine’s cards out of cardstock? Well, it’s kind of the same idea. But if you want to find reusable, more sustainable options, you can find pre-made templates for macrame feathers/leaves like this one in craft stores and online.

Best macrame feather and leaf kits

Before working off of a downloadable macrame leaf/feather pattern or watching in-depth tutorials, we advise considering a starter kit if you’re jumping into macrame for the first time.

DIY Macrame Three Feather Kit by MoonGazing Studio

DIY Macrame Three Feather Kit by MoonGazing Studio

This Etsy Pick three-feather macrame DIY kit includes creative high-quality elements to customize your project.

Besides a beautiful piece of driftwood for showcasing, you’ll have a unique range of cord hues to cherry-pick. I particularly love the colorway offered by this seller; ideal if you’re drawn to more neutral, earthy colors vs. vibrant pops of color.

Keep in mind, you’ll be getting a piece of driftwood — not a dowel. Therefore, expect something a little more organic-looking. Kits include pre-cut materials to make three 10-inch-long macrame feathers, as well as instructions and access to a video tutorial.

This is an elegant, easy-to-follow, macrame feather/leaf project. And since you’ll have materials to make more than one item, it’s a great pick if you’re looking to enjoy a crafty moment with friends and family.

Kits are shipped from Canada and delivered worldwide.

DIY Macrame Feather Wall Hanging Kit by Daslia

DIY  Macrame Feather Wall Hanging Kit by Daslia

Next is an Etsy Bestseller DIY macrame set and one of the most budget-friendly macrame feather kits on our guide, costing only a little over $15.

I especially like this pack because it’s inspired by beautiful autumn colors and incorporates additional elements like beads. You can choose which bead variations you prefer as well as the number of leaves you want to make.

The best part? No matter your choice, you’ll never pay more than $20. In addition, your set will include a dowel to ensure you can proudly display your work once completed! Dowels will measure roughly 12 inches (~30cm) long.

Keep in mind that colors may seem a little different vs. what is published online. Apart from this kit, we encourage you to check out more macrame projects by this small business!

This seller features very affordable macrame patterns as well as macrame keychains that are worth looking into. Note that products by this seller are shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

DIY Large Macrame Leaf and Feather Craft Kit by Sadgirl Rainbows

DIY Large Macrame Leaf and Feather Craft Kit by Sadgirl Rainbows

This is one of my favorite macrame leaf and feather kits due to its very original design, color options, and appealing price tag.

For under $20, this set includes everything you need to make and display a stunning large-sized macrame leaf/feather. There are four cord colors to choose from, although my top pick is the rusty, mustard-yellow hue featured above.

When purchasing your kit, you’ll be given the option to pick 3mm or 5mm macrame cord. Know that this will impact the outcome of your project. I like the sleeker of the thinner cord look here, but if you want something extra fluffy, go with the 5mm cord.

Other items included in this set are a wooden ring, instructions, and an online knot guide. You’ll have to source scissors and a brush separately — the latter is crucial for any macrame feather pattern you work through!

For the time being, these sets are shipped from the US and delivered in-country only.

Feather Dream Catcher Wall Hanging Kit by Aesthetic Creative

Feather Dream Catcher Wall Hanging Kit by Aesthetic Creative

The last kit we want to recommend is this macrame feather dream catcher-inspired project on Amazon, perfect for teens and adults who enjoy boho décor and entertaining craft sessions.

This easy-to-follow DIY kit includes written instructions and video tutorial access, as well as 4mm single-strand macrame cord, a metal hoop, and a comb. Each project incorporates two cord colors.

You can choose from four different color combinations: Agave and Sundial are my favorite themes. Know that kit prices are the same regardless of color combination.

I really like this subdued macrame dream catcher theme and the fact that it comes with a metal vs. a wooden hoop. It’s a fun way to try out something a little different!

This piece is also easy to fit into most décor. For example, it will look great in a baby nursery, not to mention, it’s a pretty cool alternative to your typical baby mobile! This is an accessible kit if you’re looking for quality and creativity on a budget.

More macrame leaf and feather kits:

DIY macrame feather and leaf patterns and PDF tutorials

Macrame patterns and tutorials are excellent options for confident beginners and macrame masters in the making. Check out our favorite projects below!

Bohemian Feather and Flower Macrame Tutorial by Pelote & Compagnie

Bohemian Feather and Flower  Macrame Tutorial by Pelote & Compagnie

Besides a macrame leaf pattern, for under $10, this tutorial by Pelote & Compagnie includes a unique macrame flower project, as well as instructions in English and French.

(PS: this shop makes a gorgeous macrame backpack pattern!)

This four-page digital file features detailed guidelines for both patterns, a knot guide, and lots of handy tips and tricks for beginners. The recommended material for these projects is 2mm macrame cord.

Before getting started, check the dimensions of these patterns to manage expectations: feathers measure ~8 inches (21cm) tall and ~6 inches (17cm) wide. Flowers are slightly smaller, roughly 2-4 inches (~7-11cm) big.

Apart from the feather/leaf pattern, I really like the flower project because of it’s crochet-like aesthetic. While slightly intricate, it’s a suitable pattern for beginners — as long as you’re willing to put in the time!

Digital Mini Macrame Leaf/Feather Wall Hanging Pattern by masuca

Digital Mini Macrame Leaf/Feather Wall Hanging Pattern by masuca

This leaf pattern is very similar to the one above; however, it’s a little more intricate and featured on a wooden hoop vs. a mini rod. This digital pattern is also cheaper, since it includes one vs. two designs.

I really like this seller’s macrame projects; they always have a unique twist or approach, like this macrame bag pattern or macrame pacifier clip design.

This mini macrame leaf pattern includes instructions on creating a single item and a complete feather wall hanging. A thorough supply list will also be provided. The dimensions of individual macrame pieces will measure ~7x 11 inches (~18x28cm).

Instructions are in English only. For under $5, this is a great, budget-friendly project to enjoy on a leisurely weekend afternoon with friends and family. Not to mention, a lovely gift to put together for an impromptu occasion!

If you want to purchase an even more affordable pattern, So Knot Crazy sells a very similar, macrame leaf video tutorial on Etsy for under $3.

How to Macrame Leaf Pattern by Wires & Knots

How to Macrame Leaf Pattern by Wires & Knots

Wires & Knots is one of my favorite spots to find macrame kits and patterns; designs are modern but timeless, and guidelines are extra detailed to cater to all skill sets — beginners included. 

Besides a digital pattern, this tutorial includes a knot guide, contact info, and, better yet, a 25% lifetime coupon you can apply to other products! The store also features free patterns on its website — check out this downloadable macrame wall hanging for $0! 

I love the overall aesthetic of these pieces, but what I’m especially fond of are the unique color combinations suggested. Macrame patterns are not only great to learn or master technique, but also excellent sources of inspiration and new ideas.

Another design we really like by Wires & Knots is this macrame leaf project. While it’s more of your classic boho kind of design, it features a really nice mix of knotting styles.

If you would rather purchase kits for these projects, you can find them here: How to Macrame Leaf Pattern Kit and Easy Macrame Feather Kit. Know that sets contain recycled yarn and zero-waste cotton cord — perfect if you’re an advocate for more sustainable crafting.

DIY Tutorial for Macrame Feather Wall Hanging by Land of Macrame

DIY Tutorial for Macrame Feather Wall Hanging by Land of Macrame

Have you been interested in making a full-on macrame feather wall hanging? I’m absolutely obsessed with this macrame pattern! It’s the perfect piece to add a special touch to a little nook in your home or to gift a macrame-loving friend.

For under $7 on Etsy, this pattern by Land of Macrame has been curated to measure approximately 28 inches (70cm) wide and 31 inches (80cm) tall. The recommended material for this project is 4mm braided macrame cord.

Remember that the outcome of your wall hanging will depend significantly on the type of material you choose. If you want to stick to something more subdued and dainty, stick to the recommended cord type.

Also, this wall hanging will look fantastic next to some macrame curtains! Because this is a larger, more technical project, it’s best suited for advanced crafters. Prefer to purchase this completed piece instead? You’re in luck. You can find it on the seller’s Etsy store here.

But, remember, while this will save you time, it won’t help you save on cash! The pattern costs under $10, and the completed piece over $100.

PDF Pattern Macrame Wall Hanging with Colorful Leaves/Feathers by Boholina Macrame

PDF Pattern Macrame Wall Hanging with Colourful Leaves by Boholina Macrame

Last up is another macrame feather wall hanging pattern by Etsy Star seller Boholina. If you’ve researched macrame wall hanging patterns or macrame plant hanger tutorials before, this seller might ring a bell!

Since this is a large-scale project, this is a better pick if you already know your way around the craft: although a comprehensive knot guide will be provided. Nevertheless, this piece isn’t made up of zillions of detailed knots, making it a good stepping stone if you want to slowly take things up a notch.

Note that measurements are provided in both inches and centimeters. Being someone who grew up primarily with the metric system, trust me: as silly as it may sound, this makes life so much easier when you want to focus on the fun part vs. figuring out technicalities!

Note that you’ll also need a dowel to hang your project — be sure to confirm the overall dimension of this piece beforehand. While I love this pattern, personally, I’m not crazy about these specific colors. However, remember that the beauty of macrame patterns is that you can always customize them!

More leaf and feather tutorials and patterns

Online lessons and free video tutorials

YouTube has pretty much become a free, global classroom for anyone wanting to hone DIY skills or learn a craft from scratch.

And although there’s some pretty “meh” stuff out there, remember there’s a lot of great information to take advantage of — like the video tutorials below.

We’ve also included a macrame class from one of our favorite online learning platforms for creatives: Domestika!

Macramé Leaves for Decorative Wall Hangings

Macramé Leaves for Decorative Wall Hangings Domestika

Teacher: Fernanda Campelo
Platform: Domestika
Level: Beginner

Duration: 15 Lessons (2h 22m)
Audio: Portuguese
Subtitles: Yes (CC)

If you’re searching for high-quality production value, top content, on-hand drills, and expert instructors, the online learning platform Domestika is the best place to look. 

This beginner’s class is taught by Brazilian macrame artist Fernanda Campelo and covers simple macrame techniques and methods to handmake beautiful, decorative macrame leaves from scratch. 

Besides basic knots, creative workarounds, and tips, your instructor will go over macrame essentials and variations to inspire you to create all kinds of macrame leaf embellishments.

You’ll learn how to craft with natural cord, make templates to shape your leaves/feathers, review proportions, and ultimately, assemble an impactful wall hanging

If you’re already subscribed to Domestika Plus, you’re in luck: this course is included in your membership for free as of writing! On the other hand, if you want to purchase this class individually, you can find it at an excellent price at the button below. 

DIY MACRAME FEATHER — Macrame for Beginners

This five-minute video tutorial featured on YouTube channel, ReTwisst, is an excellent pick for newbies looking for simple macrame feather projects. 

Although short, this tutorial is slow-paced and detailed, all while giving you a realistic expectation of how straightforward these projects really are. The camera is angled perfectly too, allowing you to clearly observe every step!

I also really love the idea of mounting this project on a keychain hook with tape: sometimes, coming up with a DIY solution to mount small-scale macrame projects can be a pain, so I really like this suggestion. 

While you can eyeball trimming combed-out cord (as demonstrated in this video), if you’re a complete beginner, we highly advise using a template at first. Otherwise, you may overdo it and be left with a funny-looking, disproportional leaf/feather.

Note that this tutorial isn’t narrated and features background music and subtitles instead.

How To Make Macrame Feathers (3 Ways!) | Macrame Leaf Tutorial

This is the perfect tutorial if you’re one of those crafters with a ton of leftover macrame cord looking for creative ways to put them to good use! 

YouTube channel Marching North features this 10-minute video focused on designs, techniques, and tips to create three different macrame feathers. This is a narrated video which is a plus if you’d rather have someone walk you through every step. 

On the other hand, compared to the previous tutorial, this one is quicker in pace. One of the highlights of this video is that it shows you how to DIY simple templates and incorporate elements like hairspray/stiffening spray and a hairdryer for better results! 

You’ll also learn how to create a macrame feather or leaf without wooden rings, hoops, or dowels. These look great on Christmas trees, handbags, keychains, and more.

DIY Macrame Leafs Wall Hanging Step-by-Step Tutorial

Last up is an easy-to-follow tutorial on creating a macrame leaf wall hanging. Rox Shana is a crafty boho-inspired YouTube channel featuring macrame videos subtitled in both English and Spanish.

This video’s timecode is organized by topic. This means you won’t have to spend extra time searching for specific steps you might want to review! Before starting this project, know that this tutorial uses centimeters to reference measurements — this may or may not be convenient for you.

On the other hand, this project is pretty straightforward, with little variety in cord dimensions to work around. I particularly appreciate all the tips covered in this ~13-minute tutorial, including ways to create DIY templates and solid backings to support your macrame feathers.

Better yet, doing this only requires a few simple household items like paper, craft glue, and fabric stiffener. For something more in-depth, the Domestika course at the top of the section really goes into the ins and outs of creating a longlasting macrame feather wall hanging. 

That’s it for this list of the best macrame feather and leaf tutorials, patterns, and kits. Did you find your next project here? Let us know in the comments below!

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