Best left handed scissors for your favorite creative hobbies, and more

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The truth is that if you’re left handed, even the most straightforward tools may need a little adjusting, staring with an ordinary pair of scissors. Talk about taking things for granted!

That said, if you’ve come across our guide because you’re on the hunt for affordable left handed scissors to tackle some of your favorite creative hobbies or make household fixer-uppers easier, we’ve got you covered.

Dive in to find our picks for some of the best, high-quality left handed scissors for all pastimes, ages, and needs — we’re sure you’ll find the one for you!

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Best left handed scissors

Here is our lineup of the best left handed scissors for all ages and crafts, including everything from left handed scissors for kids and adults to papercraft shears and left handed fabric scissors!

Best premium scissors: Lefty’s Left Handed Premium Scissors

Lefty’s Left Handed Premium Scissors

Lefty’s is a San Francisco-based company that deserves a big shout-out for being the very first brand in the US to specialize and sell products for left-handed people. That said, Lefty’s Left Handed Premium Scissors is first up on our list!

These general-purpose left handed scissors for adults boast soft grip ergonomic handles, premium Japanese stainless steel, and rainbow-hued blades to die for. I love how the company has turned an ordinary, everyday tool into such an exciting piece!

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Don’t forget that many companies market their scissors for right- and left-handed users, which aren’t always the most efficient. However, these Lefty’s scissors have been curated specifically for left handed people and provide superior comfort and precise cutting.

Ideal for mixed-medium crafts, this tool cuts through various material types, from cardboard and poster paper to thick fabrics: these are particularly handy for needlecrafters. Because of their heavy-duty capacity, know that these scissors are extremely sharp and best suited for adults.

If you love this brand and want to find options for kids, grab this two-pack of Lefty’s Blunt tipped scissors. They’re easily the most premium true left-handed scissors for kids you can buy.

Best money for value: Fiskars Left-hand Scissors

Fiskars Left-hand Scissors

Next up is an option you can’t go wrong with — the multi-purpose left handed scissors by reputable Finnish supply brand Fiskars.

Inspired by the company’s iconic 1967 orange handle scissors (the first of its kind!), this high-grade tool features long-lasting stainless steel blades that can cut through everything from thin paper and card stock to heavy-duty textiles.

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This model has been created explicitly for left-handed users only and is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for versatile, high-quality scissors for an excellent price.

These 8-inch-long (~20cm), lightweight left handed scissors for adults feature a bent handle to enable flexible cutting on flat surfaces and a comfortable grip for maximum control: perfect for fiber artists and needlecrafters.

You can find this tool on Amazon and Blick; it is sold individually vs. as a set. Each item will cost ~$8-$10 apiece, depending on where you purchase it (Blick is slightly cheaper at the moment). However, there really isn’t a major price difference between both, so our advice is to go with the option offering the best shipping conditions.

Best multi-pack: iBayam Bulk Ultra Sharp Scissors

iBayam Bulk Ultra Sharp Scissors

Who doesn’t like a good deal? I know I sure do! That said, if you’re looking to purchase more than one pair of scissors, a great way to get the most out of your money is to invest in a quality multi-pack.

Available on Amazon for only ~$9, this set contains three multi-purpose left handed scissors suited to accommodate creative hobbies as well as everyday household needs. Each tool measures 8 inches (~$20cm) and is compatible with different materials, from paper to thin fabric.

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While not pro-grade, this item has top-quality 2.5mm-thick, high-density steel blades, ensuring smooth performance across a wide range of surface types. Nevertheless, we advise opting for more heavy-duty left handed scissors if you intend on cutting coarser or thicker items like chunky yarn, macrame cord, or leather.

The brand also sells sets of 24 and 36 pairs of scissors: very budget-friendly picks for classroom activities or group art projects: these are appropriate for teens and young adults. Also, know that Amazon provides different color combinations to choose from.

Having three pairs of scissors will allow you to distribute your tools as you please, whether in your office, home craft station, or your kid’s backpack! Sets are also convenient if you like to have backups; I’m pretty sure most of us can relate to the classic where-the-heck-did-I-put-the-scissors(?) scenario!

Best for papercrafting: Maped Expert Left Handed Scissors

Maped Expert Left Handed Scissors

Left-handed papercrafters and stationery hobbyists looking for an affordable, high-quality pair of scissors should definitely consider this product by French brand Maped.

These left handed scissors are perfect for a range of projects from scrapbooking, cardmaking, and paper modeling to bookbinding, collage art, and paper quilling — especially if you’re cutting paper strips yourself!

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Although they’re compatible with thin textiles, we think this tool performs best with paper. Besides crafting, these scissors are also handy for daily tasks around the house and office. Note that, unlike your average scissors, this pair measures over 8 inches (21cm), so keep hand size in mind.

Also, its handle is bent and ergonomic, which helps materials stay flat as you cut. And if you’re not the most disciplined when it comes to preserving your tools (we’ve all been there!), rest assured: ongoing maintenance will be a thing of the past thanks to the tool’s anti-rust blades.

Sold on Amazon and Blick, both options present pretty low prices— although Blick takes the win at ~$5 (shipping fees not applied).

Best for sewing: LIVINGO Professional Sewing and Fabric Scissors

LIVINGO Professional Sewing and Fabric Scissors

Needlecrafting requires a lot of snipping and cutting, so if you’re searching for a solution to make sewing life as fuss-free as possible, these left handed fabric scissors by LIVINGO are one to keep your eye on.

Contrary to other models listed, these scissors incorporate a unique functionality to specifically accommodate needlecrafters: a spring action mechanism that enables blades to automatically open after each cut.

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This effectively lessens hand strain and pressure on your wrist, which is a game-changer if you’re a frequent crafter and/or have arthritis. They’re also easy to store due to their unique safety lock feature, which keeps blades pressed together when not in use.

While this may not seem relevant to some, it is important to consider if you have small kids around the house. On that note, because these are professional-grade scissors, they are extremely sharp and, therefore, best suited for adults and experienced hobbyists.

These super cost-effective, long-lasting left handed fabric scissors are sold on Amazon for ~$12 and available in two colors. And while marketed for left- and right-handed users, know that this model has been specifically developed to ensure the same level of workflow quality.

Best for heavy duty: Westcott Lefty Carbo-Titanium Bonded Scissors

Westcott Lefty Carbo-Titanium Bonded Scissors

There are tons of heavy-duty scissors available for all kinds of pastimes and purposes. But if you’re a hobbyist looking for a sturdy tool that will work like a charm, this 8-inch pair of scissors is a reliable pick.

The Westcott Lefty scissors are one of the most sought-after models for everything heavy duty, from thick cardboard boxes and plastic to layers of thick textiles like denim. For example, this is a great option if you’re a cosplay fan and build chunky props and large-sized costumes from scratch!

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Its main highlight is its carbo titanium blades, which are superior to your average untreated stainless steel: this ensures blades stay sharp over time. If durability and unwavering performance are your top priorities, this is your stop.

On the other hand, if you craft with lightweight materials, there’s really no need to invest in this product; you’ll be more than good to go with some of the other, more accessible left-handed craft scissors we’ve lined up in our guide — although this tool will definitely still get the job done!

These scissors are for left-handed users only. Besides creative hobbies, they’re also very convenient to have around the house, whether in your kitchen cabinet or for trimming your plants. Note that you can find more variations of this model on Blick; click below to learn more.

Best adaptive loop scissors: Loop Scissors with Right and Lefty Support

Loop Scissors with Right and Lefty Support

Have you ever heard of loop scissors? Loop scissors are an alternative to standard scissors and are recommended for adults and children with weaker hand control, arthritis, or low coordination hand strength.

If this is something you’re after, we suggest this three-scissor pack on Amazon. This scissor’s handle automatically opens when pressure is released, making crafting more effort-free no matter what angle you cut in. This is also an excellent pick for toddlers slowly building up the skill to control a pair of scissors!

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Blades are also more elongated and feature a safety guard when not in use. Each pack costs ~$13, meaning you’ll pay ~$4 per item, which is pretty cheap. While primarily marketed for children, these tools measure 8 inches long (including the handle), so we advise considering hand size before purchasing.

Scissors come in different colors and are compatible with basic craft supplies like cardstock and paper. These are great for cutting out small designs and will make cutting geometric shapes way less challenging!

While this is our pick for the top adaptive left handed scissors you can find online, there are other options on marketplaces like Amazon. However, we highly advise staying away from more generic look-alikes.

Best for children: LIVINGO Safety Blunt Stainless Steel Blade Scissors 

LIVINGO Safety Blunt Stainless Steel Blade Scissors 

Before we end our list, we have to mention our favorite left handed scissors for kids!

This multi-purpose scissors pack by LIVINGO includes three items featuring blunt ends and protective blade guards. In addition, there are two sets to choose from, each containing different handle color combinations — both kits cost ~$10.

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Children needing a safe pair of introductory left-handed scissors will make the best out of this tool, whether for school art projects or home crafting. And because these tools feature sturdy plastic guards, you won’t have to worry about having your child transport and store them in their backpacks and cubbies.

Handles are cushioned and nonslip, and blades are anti-rust — ideal for kids who like to craft outdoors; humidity won’t affect the performance or precision of cuts (at least not for a very long time!). Unlike most of the items listed in our guide, these LIVINGO scissors measure ~5 inches vs. 8 inches to fit small hands.

Note that these scissors comfortable to hold for lefties, but the blade orientation is still right-handed. For true left-handed scissors for kids, we recommend the premium Lefty’s Blunt Tipped scissors mentioned above, or this more affordable pair from Blick.

Also, remember that although these are very efficient scissors, they’re destined for simple, child-friendly crafting projects with paper and cardstock. In other words, not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Kids will love adding these to their craft stations and making lots of fun artwork for you to showcase on your fridge!

Left handed scissors vs right handed scissors

So, left handed scissors vs right handed scissors, what’s the deal?

While it may seem irrelevant to know the difference between both, the question is: would you be able to distinguish one type of scissors from the other?

Many say it has to do with the ergonomics and design of the handle. Others assume it’s about how you hold and position the tool as you cut. But — nope and nope.

The feature that differentiates these tools from one another comes down to their blades and their blades only. You see, when opening a pair of standard scissors, the blade on the right side goes up, and the blade on the left side goes down.

No matter which hand you hold them in, the blades’ position will always move in the same direction. Just give it a try to see what we mean; it’s something most of us have never stopped to notice!

On the other hand (no pun intended), when you open a pair of left handed scissors, the opposite occurs: the left blade rises, and the right blade lowers. These are typically called true left handed scissors to differentiate them from their ambidextrious peers.

So how does this affect your work?

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If you use standard scissors with your left hand, besides the handle being somewhat uncomfortable, you won’t be able to see how or what you’re cutting because the blades will obstruct your view. Inaccurate cutting is a big possibility and, depending on your project, can make things frustrating or look totally off.

For example, imagine having to cut along a dotted line on a large piece of cardstock if you can’t see what you’re doing. Or through delicate, thin fabric for a sewing project. Not to mention the potential frustration of cutting out small paper shapes for card making!

Remember, if using the “wrong” scissors is challenging for adults, think about how this will affect kids who just want to enjoy their creative hobbies! Keep in mind that purchasing the right pair of scissors will ensure crafting stays fun and carefree, just as it should.

When searching for options, always review product details to check if scissors are specially designed for left handed users or if your product of choice clearly states that it can accommodate both holding positions.

However, our advice is to stick to tools that have been specifically curated for left handed users whenever possible!

That’s all for our guide to the best left handed scissors! Which will you be getting? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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