Best fabric spray paint: Upcycle clothes, upholstery, and more

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Chalk spray paint gets a lot of credit when it comes to DIY projects (and rightly so!) — but how about fabric spray paint?

Fabric spray paint is one of the most practical, cost-effective resources you’ll come across for textile upcycling ventures and is super convenient for all kinds of projects.

Perfect for revamping everything from your wardrobe to outdoor patio cushions, the fun part about using fabric spray paint is that it offers versatility and lots of variation in colors, textures, and effects.

Glittery, metallic, tie-dye, neon, or opaque hues — go all out! Discover our favorite products and brands for the best fabric spray paint to start swooshing away.

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Best fabric spray paint: Quick picks

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Multicolor Pack

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Multicolor Pack

  • Top brand
  • Excellent for both full coverage and detail
  • Best suited for lightweight fabrics

Marabu Fashion Spray Shibori Kit

Marabu Fashion Spray Shibori Kit

  • Unique fabric dye spray project
  • Instructions on Shibori techniques
  • Very affordable

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Interior Upholstery Spray

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Interior Upholstery Spray

  • Compatible with natural and synthetic fabrics
  • A wide range of colors is available
  • For large-scale indoor upholstery projects

Best fabric spray paint

Apart from our quick picks, check out our complete lineup of the best spray paint for fabric to revamp clothes, outdoor upholstery, and decorative pieces you display indoors.

Best overall: Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Multicolor Pack

Tulip Multicolor Fabric Spray Paints

Tulip is undoubtedly one of the top brands when it comes to fabric spray paint and boasts an extensive catalog of products to suit a wide range of themes and projects.

That said, if you’re looking for a versatile set with excellent features, the Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color pack is the way to go. Including six colors you can blend directly onto fabric, this aerosol fabric spray paint dries very quickly and, once dry, is permanent and machine washable.

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While an excellent buy for tie-dying or stenciling t-shirts, you can pretty much apply this product to any lightweight surface, whether for detailed painting or complete coverage.

For optimal results, ensure your fabric is lightweight; this isn’t the best product to spray onto thicker surfaces. Also, if you’re aiming for an evident transformation, remember that you should always spray on material that is lighter in color than your paint.

For under $35 on Amazon, this is the perfect fabric spray paint set for anyone looking for quality products to kickstart their DIY upcycling projects. Blick also sells this product in packs of three as well as individually; click below to find out more!

Best budget-friendly: Tulip Fabric Spray Party Pack

Tulip Multi Party Pack Fabric spray paints

Next up is another fabric spray paint set by Tulip, ideal if you’re discovering the potential of garment upcycling for the first time.

Although only slightly cheaper than the previous Tulip product, this pack costs under $25 on Amazon and offers a little more variety with nine quality matte paint colors. Bottles are, however, smaller in size.

But because every beginner welcomes a budget-friendly option, this is a savvy pick to start with if you’ve never spray-painted a day in your life! Before buying, know that this product works best on white surfaces; otherwise, it won’t provide as good an outcome.

This pack is perfect for crafty get-togethers with friends or creating unique costumes for different occasions (Cosplay, anyone?). Since this is a more compact set with less paint, it’s ideal for smaller projects or to add colorful detail.

If your projects are a little more ambitious in terms of size or your goal is to do a lot of painting, I advise looking into some of the following items on our list. But if you’re looking to make small stencils on t-shirts, spray a design on a tote bag, or add a pop of color to a pair of socks, this is a great starter pack!

Best for stenciling: Pebeo 7A Fabric Spray Paint

Pebeo small items fabric spray paints

The French company Pebeo is all about innovative colors and bringing beautiful, quality inks to artists and crafters.

Available on Blick, the Pebeo 7A fabric dye spray is the perfect product to add detail and color to smaller surfaces, whether clothing or furniture. The paint is a water-based acrylic spray and comes in a wide range of vibrant colors (opaque and semi-opaque) to suit all preferences.

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Also, results are professional-looking, polished, and particularly stunning if you stencil with a good amount of layering for extra vibrancy — cushions, hats, tote bags, and shoes look especially great!

Know that once this paint has settled and dried, you will be able to throw your items into the washing machine — you won’t need to wash your painted pieces by hand. But do not dry clean them if you want them to last!

While you’re welcome to experiment with other stencils, I recommend the Pebeo 7A stencils, made specifically by the brand. There are lots of fun themes, shapes, and patterns you can pick from, all of which look amazing on furniture and clothing!

Best for tie-dye: S.E.I. Classic Tie-Dye Fabric Spray Kit Colors

SEI tie dye kit fabric spray kits

If you love everything about bright colors and psychedelia-inspired garments, the S.E.I Classic Tie-Dye Kit is the perfect pack to add some grooviness to your wardrobe.

As one of the most affordable suggestions on our list, this set includes eight colors of ready-to-spray, non-toxic paint for up to 20 shirt tie-dye projects! I really love this brand because its products are fun, easy to use, affordable, and varied.

Besides tie-dying shirts, this is a suitable set for stenciling, offering long-lasting colors that will withstand lots of washes before they begin to wear out. Remember: spray on a dry surface when stenciling vs. wetting your shirt if you are color blending.

This fabric dye paint also allows you to heat-set the dye with an iron or in the dryer (30 minutes) according to your convenience. Do know, however, that these spray paints are primarily for t-shirt painting. So, if you’re considering working with other textiles, I advise looking into other options on our list.

Another tie-dye paint set we recommend is the Marabu Fashion Spray Tie Dye Kit. Although it offers fewer color options, it’s a great quality product and is sold on Blick for under $20!

Best for Shibori tie-dye: Marabu Fashion Spray Shibori Kit

Shibori fabric spray kits

The Marabu Shibori kit is one of my favorites and will be yours, too, if, like me, you’re a sucker for traditional Japanese crafts.

In short, Shibori (“to squeeze”) is the Japanese version of tie dying, distinguished for its use of deep blue pigments and patterns formed by lines of thread. If you’re familiar with kintsugi and/or sashiko, this is somewhat the fabric-dying version of these art forms!

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This Shibori fabric spray paint kit works best on light-colored fabrics (white is ideal!) and comprises high-quality water-based paint, which is odorless and soft to the touch once dry.

Each set includes three bottles of 100ml shades of blue and a tube of fashion liner in silver to achieve authentic-looking results. Your kit will also include instructions for Shibori techniques to ensure your projects look stunning!

We suggest the Shibori Tie Dye Kit by S.E.I on Amazon for another Shibori-inspired option. It includes three colors to complete 6-12 projects and is under $10!

Best neon: Tulip Fabric Spray Sets Multi Mini Neon Pack

Neon Tulip fabric spray kits

This compact, multi-colored fabric dye paint set by Tulip comprises seven neon colors to spray one-of-a-kind details onto your favorite outfits — and to make them better!

Best suited for teens and more simple home crafting projects, this spray paint for clothes offers quality and convenience thanks to its small, portable bottles. I advise getting this kit if you’re focused on developing small designs with stencils.

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Besides t-shirts, these work like a charm on canvas sneakers and tote bags! Also, keep in mind that neon paint tends to have more visual impact when used for detail — sometimes less is more!

Before purchasing, know that these non-toxic paints are not matte and instead give off a glossy finish, which works particularly well for special touches. These also look best when applied to light-colored fabrics.

Tulip also sells a similar set for metallic effects you might like: Tulip Fabric Spray Sets Multi Mini Metallic Pack. The Tulip Sparkling Star Fabric Spray and Tulip Glittering Diamond Fabric Spray are other fantastic buys to add a little pizzazz!

Best for indoor upholstery: Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Interior Upholstery Spray

Inddor upholstery Tulip color shot

When speaking of DIY transformations, upholstery projects are a must! And for this purpose, our suggestion is another Tulip product — the Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Interior Upholstery Spray.

Available in various colors, this upholstery spray paint works like magic on natural and synthetic fabrics and provides a soft-to-the-touch outcome. And don’t worry, paint won’t rub off onto your clothes once dried!

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This product is excellent for achieving even coverage on furniture too, and is compatible with all kinds of interior textiles, from cushions and tablecloths to curtains and placemats. I love how easily you can switch up the entire vibe of your home by transforming just a few objects so effortlessly!

Remember that while a single spray can go for ~$12, larger projects will demand more paint and, therefore, more of an investment. That said, if you’re up for it, I advise buying a few extra items to ensure you’re not left hanging mid-project.

Looking for upholstery spray paint to give your car seats a much-needed facelift? Check out this Rust-Oleum spray paint: Rust-Oleum Automotive Enamel Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint.

Best for outdoor upholstery: Krylon COLORmaxx Fabric Spray Paint and Primer

Krylon Color Maxx Gabric Spray Paint

Last up is the Krylon COLORmaxx spray paint for outdoor upholstery for under $10 on Amazon! This renowned brand offers a diverse selection of easy-to-use outdoor spray paint and primer — perfect for cutting down on time and extra work.

Known for its top quality, this Krylon spray paint delivers excellent coverage and superior color adhesion and, although compatible with plastic, glass, and plaster, is also a perfect match for fabric.

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Besides outdoor projects, this fabric dye spray works on several indoor items. Also, drying time may be more or less lengthy depending on fabric type and dimension, so be patient!

Finally, and most importantly, since this is destined for more heavy-duty materials and will require more spraying, we advise wearing a craft mask while at work.

For around the same value, you can also check out the Rust-Oleum Outdoor Fabric Spray Paint — there are many colors to choose from! Tulip sells this complete outdoor upholstery set if you’re looking to buy in bulk.

What to know before you use fabric spray paint

So, you’ve realized that it’s about time you turn your worn-out t-shirts into tie-dye masterpieces or give your living room macrame curtains a much-needed fixer-upper.

While there are many creative ways to revamp outdated textiles, such as visible mending projects or screen printing, fabric spray paints offer an easy-peasy, quick solution to transforming dull into “wow!” again.

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And there’s no doubt that knowing a few things about fabric spray paints beforehand can help save time (and a mess!) whether you’re looking to use this resource for the first time or are the victim of several failed attempts!

That said, here are some of our tips to guide you in the right direction:

  • Consider the fabric you’ll spray on: thickness, color, material type, and dimension. Only use fabric spray paints that are compatible with your surface of choice — don’t use heavy-duty upholstery spray paint on a lightweight t-shirt, for example.
  • Apply fabric spray paints that contrast with the color of your textiles. You won’t get the desired effect if the tones are similar in hue or shade.
  • While many products will instruct you to wash fabrics before spraying, we want to reinforce that it’s important to do so without adding fabric softeners/dryer sheets; keep it simple!
  • We also suggest doing a few spray tests before shooting paint directly onto your fabrics. Doing so will help you understand the color intensity of your paint. It will also give you an idea of the most effective spraying angles and the distance you should spray from to achieve the best results.
  • If you’re using fabric spray paint to tie dye or stencil a design, creating a little sample beforehand will help you understand the results of your project — avoid disappointment by testing this out in advance!
  • We advise inserting a barrier between the fabric you use to avoid bleeding. For example, adding a piece of rigid cardboard or sturdy plastic inside your t-shirt will allow your paint to dry without bleeding through the other side.
  • Some products may be more toxic than others. That said, be sure to read instructions thoroughly and wear a craft mask to play it safe!
  • Lastly, we want to stress how important it is to respect each product’s dry/heat-set time. According to brand, project type, and materials, your paint may need more or less time to settle. Keep this in mind, especially if you’re working with different fabric spray paints for different projects.


What can I paint with fabric spray paint?

So many things! T-shirts, sweaters (cotton/polyester blends), canvas footwear, socks, upholstery, curtains, outdoor patio furniture/cushions, tablecloths, and car interiors, just to name a few!

Can I apply fabric dye spray on denim?

Yes! But you should purchase fabric spray paint specifically for this type of material so that it adheres successfully and lasts. We recommend the Marabu Fashion Spray – Cool Denim Set if you want to test the waters; this is a great brand and is available on Blick!

How long will it take for paint to dry?

On average, this shouldn’t take more than four hours. However, this will vary depending on the product/brand you select, material type, project size, etc. And, of course, you often need to heat-set paint with an iron or machine dryer. Also, consider that aspects like humidity may impact how long this process takes.

How should I preserve my fabric spray paints?

Like many other art supplies, you should store fabric paint bottles in a cool, dark place. Also, we recommend cleaning your materials after each crafting session. For example, if spray paint bottle nozzles are removable, rinse them thoroughly to eliminate excess paint that may potentially block the outlet when dried.

Can I use chalk paint instead of upholstery spray paint?

You can, in the sense that it will stick; however, we don’t recommend it for fabrics. Also, this paint on lightweight materials will harden and eventually begin to crack — not to mention you will get a chalky, matte finish every time. Chalk spray paint is best for rugged, heavy-duty surfaces.

Does my fabric need to be wet or dry for spraying?

This depends on your technique, material, and project. For example, your material should be dry if you’re stenciling a t-shirt. On the other hand, tie-dye projects require wetting your materials beforehand. Dampening your materials is usually recommended before applying paint for upholstery DIY ventures.

That’s it for our guide to fabric spray paint! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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