Looking for a creative gift? Try these hobby and craft kits for adults

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Finding a gift for a creative loved one is always tough, especially when they prefer handmade goods to store-bought gifts.

Thankfully, there’s a solution! Hobby and craft kits for adults cover the gamut of creative hobbies, and they’re a great way to get a loved one into a new pastime, providing everything they need to get started.

Here’s a small collection of some of the best creative hobby kits around. They’re all sold on Etsy, so you’re also supporting small businesses and getting unique, lovingly hand-packed sets!

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DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit by WillowandRosebud

willow and rosebud macrame planter kit

Macrame has made a huge comeback in recent years, and there are lots of gorgeous kits with a modern design flare.

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One of my favorites is this kit from WillowandRosebud. It combines two of the most popular projects around — wall hangings and plant hangers — into an attractive little package.

It includes everything you need: pre-cut natural cotton macrame cord, driftwood, and digital instructions. Kits ship from the US and should arrive in less than a week.

Macrame Dreamcatcher kit by VanirCreations

VanirCreations macrame dreamcatcher kit

One more macrame kit before we move on to another hobby. And this one from VanirCreations is truly unique.

This macrame dream catcher kit is the perfect gift for loved ones who have some past experience with macrame and want something more eye-catching. It’s available in a variety of colors and makes a perfect addition to a nursery for parents-to-be.

The kit includes a large 12-inch ring and all the cord you’ll need, plus video instructions. For an even more unique option, check out this crescent moon kit from the same seller.

However, kits ship from the UK, so those of you in the US will have to pay a premium for shipping.

Fox Punch Needle Starter Kit by Handisky

Fox punch needle kit by handinsky

This next craft kit for adults is admittedly a bit childish, but in the best possible way.

Featuring an adorable fox, dog, owl, dinosaur, or any of 10 different options, this punch needle kit is the perfect introduction to the hobby for anyone who needs a little extra cuteness in their lives.

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No matter which one you choose, they all include stenciled fabric, an adjustable hoop, a needle threader, and a punch needle tool. The shop also offers a discount if you buy multiple kits, although shipping times are a bit longer so keep that in mind if it’s a gift!

Crochet Kit Flying Saucer Music Pull Toy by lalylala

Amigurumi alien and cow crochet kits

I’m a huge fan of amigurumi, and when I saw this flying saucer music box kit I knew I had to have it. And if you have any nerdy crocheters in your life, they’ll love it too!

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The kit includes everything you need, and it’s one of the most lovingly packaged craft kits I’ve ever seen. You can also get it with or without crochet hooks. The project requires two hooks to complete: 3.5mm and 2.25mm.

This kit ships from Germany, but it’s more than worth paying the premium if you live in the US. I’d also highly recommend checking out Lalylala’s shop for even more unique crochet and amigurumi kits.

Customizable Latch Hook Kits by ChicDesignStyle

Custom latch hook kit

Just one more fiber-art hobby kit on the list, and it’s fully customizable! This latch hook kit allows you to upload any image and the seller will generate a pattern to follow (with all materials, too).

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There are several size options, starting at 9 x 12 inches and maxing out at 30 x 40 inches. They’re all a bit pricey, and honestly there isn’t much of a price difference between the smaller and larger sizes. In other words, bigger is better (value)!

The seller is quite flexible when it comes to reworking designs, so you’ll definitely get what you want. They also offer free shipping, although as a custom item it will take a few weeks to arrive.

Scandinavian Candle Co. Luxury Soy Wax Candle Making Kit

Luxury Soy Wax Candle Making Kit

Candle making is a great way to make useful items for your home, and this kit is a luxurious way to get started.

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It contains supplies to make six lavishly scented soy wax candles, with high-end boutique-like results. It’s also extremely beginner-friendly, with easy instructions for first-timers.

The kit itself is beautifully packaged, making it a great option for gifts. It also ships from the US and should arrive in under a week if you need a last-minute craft kit!

Craft Soap Kit by KUinternational


Next up is another all-natural hobby kit for adults, and once again the finished product is useful for friends and family in all walks of life!

This soap kit makes two multicolored asteroid soaps. The sharp edges look a bit like a giant gem, and they make a nice addition to any washroom. Be aware that these are not scented, but the glycerin and hyaluronic acid makeup do allow for superior moisturization.

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If you’re not into the asteroid design, the same shop also sells two more craft kits: a Toy Soap Making Kit and a Donut Soap Making Kit.

No matter which one you choose, they all contain no preservatives or man-made chemicals, so despite the spacey appearance they really are all-natural! Items ship quickly from the US — great for last-minute gifts.

Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony Kit by Life Honey

Premium japanese kintsugi kit

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese mending technique to breathe new life into broken ceramics with gold, and nowadays there are some great kits that allow anyone to get similar results from home (without the real gold).

By far the most luxurious and fully-featured kit out there is this Ceremony kit by Life Honey. The 25-piece hobby kit is all about the experience. Not only does it teach you how to fix a broken bowl (a bowl is included in the package), it also guides you through a mindfulness ceremony to celebrate the rebirth of a cherished item.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here — this kit is very expensive. It’s a great premium gift for a wedding or other major life event, but if you’re looking for something more affordable the Mora Approved kintsugi kit is a great alternative.

Terrazzo Coasters Eco Resin Kit by Auraliving


Terrazzo designs are majorly on-trend right now, and while the real deal is a bit pricey, resin kits can achieve virtually the same results at home.

This entirely eco-friendly kit from Auraliving has all the supplies needed to make two beautiful terrazzo coasters, plus an instructional video that’s great for visual learners.

Apart from what’s in the box, you’ll need a few simple supplies like a kitchen scale and a sponge. It ships from the UK, so those of you in the US will need to pay a bit of a premium for shipping.

Stitch Sampler Beginner Embroidery Kit by Littledear

Stitch sampler embroidery kits for beginners

Have a friend or loved one who has always wanted to try embroidery but never found the chance? This is the perfect craft kit for them!

This adorable little kit will teach anyone 14 basic embroidery stitches in a fun way that creates a nice little display piece once finished. The pre-printed fabric and instructions are very easy to follow, so anyone can do it, I promise!

The same shop sells a similar beginner’s kit with a slightly different design, but both are hugely popular and regularly sell out. If they happen to be out of stock and you can’t wait, check out these other great embroidery kits for more ideas.

The Flower Press Kit by Textures Factory

Best flower pressing kits for beginners

The last hobby kit for adults I’ll highlight here is perfect for anyone who loves flowers or botanical illustration.

This custom flower press kit contains a beautiful little wooden press, plus lots more supplies and instructions. My favorite addition is a silk printed “herbarium” notebook to store and label all of your pressed botanicals.

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Despite everything the kit includes, it’s still pretty affordable. It ships from Spain, but shipping cost and times are reasonable considering the size of the item.

That’s it for some of my favorite hobby and craft kits you can buy! Any more recommendations? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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