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Best soy candle making kits: Create all-natural candles at home

Whether used to embellish romantic dinners, set the mood during your spa retreat, or come in handy when the power unexpectedly goes out, candles can be used every day for all kinds of purposes. 

If your passion for candles runs high, you might want to consider turning candle making into a newfound hobby! And why not start with the most natural of candles: soy candles!

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Luckily for you, there are many soy candle making kits on the market, varying in price, quality, and skill requirements to meet all expectations. 

Regardless of whether candle-making is new to you or an already cherished pastime of yours, check out our recommendations of some of the best soy candle making kits you can purchase today. 

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Why choose a soy candle making kit?

So why should you opt for soy candle making kits over traditional candle-making kits?

Because they originate from soybeans, soy candles are composed of all-natural materials and are considered an environment-friendly, green resource — and just as eye-catching and aromatic as your classic candle.

Many also classify these candles as vegan products since they are crafted without animal by-products, contrary to your standard candle that commonly contains substances derived from animals.

Traditional paraffin candles are usually built with petroleum wax, a non-renewable source that releases harmful chemicals when burnt. Besides paraffin candles, others such as palm and granulated wax candles have the same effect.

Granted, the amount of detrimental toxins is minute, but this is something to consider, especially if you habitually light candles.

Aside from its environmentally conscientious ingredients, soy candles also burn longer than paraffin candles and do not require chemical amplifiers to expand aromas.

If spilling wax when blowing out your candle or moving it from one place to another is something you’re prone to, soy candles are a great option as they are naturally biodegradable products. Therefore, making unexpected spills easier to clean up!

10 best soy candle making kits

After reviewing the pros of resorting to soy candles, read through our list of some of the top soy candle making kits on the market now and find the best fit for you.

While most soy candle making kits fall within an attractive budget range, there is no shortage of luxurious set-ups and more refined packaging if this is your thing! 

Scandinavian Candle Co. Luxury Soy Wax Candle Making Kit 

Luxury Soy Wax Candle Making Kit

The Luxury Soy Wax Candle Making Kit by Scandinavian Candle Co. is available on Etsy and includes a wealth of supplies to make six lavishly scented soy candles.

This kit is an excellent pick for luxury-loving crafters and contains top-quality candle tins, soy wax flakes, cotton gift bags, labels and stickers, a candle thermometer, and more. 

In addition to this, this is one of the most beautifully packaged soy candle making kits on the market, making it an irresistible purchase! Besides its main features, easy-to-follow instructions will also be provided to ease you into the art of candle-making in no time. 

London James Candle Co. Soy Candle Making Kit

London James Co soy candle making kit

Of all of the soy candle making kits listed, this is one of the most affordable and an ideal choice to enjoy an entertaining, DIY night in with friends or family. 

Besides an extensive collection of materials to create two small-sized candles, this kit offers a wide range of unique aromas to choose from, including candied apple, lavender basil, watermelon, white tea — the list goes on! 

Two 4 oz mason jars, cotton wicks, wick stickers, labels, two wooden stirring sticks, one soy wax blend, and a fragrance of your choice will be included in your kit.  

Pebble & Stem Soy Candle Making Kit


Pebble & Stem’s soy candle making kit contains everything you need to craft candles — plus a little more! These luxury candles come in various colors and scents to inspire you to create exciting new fragrance combinations. 

Unlike other soy candle making kits, this set arrives with previously measured materials, meaning you get to skip right to the fun part! 

Within your kit you’ll find a comprehensive set of essential materials along with a melting pot, thermometer, fragrances, tin stickers, color dye blocks, and gift bags.  

Apart from this, clear, step-by-step instructions to follow during your crafting will also be included. 

Cambridge Crafter Candle Co. DIY Soy Candle Making Kit

Cambridge crafters diy soy candle making kit for beginners

Cambridge Crafter Candle Co.’s beginners box with essential oils is one of the most fun and creative soy candle making kits on the market. 

This kit includes essential materials needed to create beautiful soy candles, along with unique add-ons such as 15 delicious scents and dried flowers! 

Some of the aromas you can choose from are bacon, sugar cookie, cola, gingerbread, and bay rum! For your dried flowers, you can opt between eucalyptus, lemon peel, rosemary, or lavender for added whimsy — all heavenly options.  

In addition to this, you can also select what kind of jars you prefer and customize your kit.

Wickpy’s Upcycled Soy Candle Making Kit with Essential Oils

Wickys upcycled soy candle making kit with essential oils

The Upcycled Kit available on Etsy is a beautifully crafted kit packaged with recycled materials and items. 

As one of the most affordable options on our list, this adorable DIY handmade kit is delivered in a customized box with soy wax, essential oils, cotton wicks, acid-free tissue paper, and fragrances. 

Some of the scents on offer are lavender, juniper, lime, patchouli, and a very original recycled card aroma! 

To stay consistent with its environmental-friendly message, the instructions for this soy candle making kit can be found online. 

Although this brand does sell other candle-making kits, this choice is definitely the most bang for your buck — a great way to take on this hobby or gift something creative to a loved one. 

PMCDS2G Soy Wax Colorful Candle Making Kit


This soy candle making kit offers a range of vibrant shades that will give every corner of your home a beautiful pop of color!

The set comprises enough supplies to make up to 12 candles, boasting great value for its comprehensive, top-quality set of materials — a practical choice if you love to light up candles daily. 

Warning labels, cotton wicks, wax dye, a melting pot, various candle tins, and more can all be found. 

If you want to make candles with children or as a group activity with friends, this kit is perfect for these occasions. 

Hipfree Soy Candle Making Kits for Adult Beginners


This soy candle making kit for beginners includes all the materials you need to handcraft candles into funky tin containers. 

Due to its offer of whimsical tin designs and selection of scents, this kit is a good choice if you want to make personalized gifts. 

Including a total of six classic aromas such as vanilla, lavender, and sage, your candle-making set will also include glue stickers to secure the wick to the base of the tin, bags of color to tint the wax, wooden sticks for stirring, and caution stickers.

With this soy candle making kit, experimenting with colors and fragrances can be enjoyed, transforming each of your creations into unique items!

Chandler Tool Deluxe Candle Making Kit with Wax Melter Hot Plate for DIY Candle Making

Chandler Tool Deluxe Candle Making Kit with Wax Melter Hot Plate for DIY Candle Making

The Deluxe Candle Making Kit kicks it up a notch by providing an electric hot plate to melt your soy wax. Using a hot plate is more straightforward and safer than using your stove, making it an excellent option for crafting with kids.

With enough materials to make 50 items, this soy candle making kit contains five pounds of organic soy wax along with an electric hot plate, candle wicks, a stainless steel pouring pot, a spoon, and a centering device. 

It also provides an online video tutorial with instructions to simplify your learning process.

Softowl Soy Candle Making Kit

Softowl soy candle making kit

Softowl claims this is the ideal soy candle making kit for beginners who want to pursue this activity as a hobby. 

The provided glass jars are simple but attractive, making your candles look store-bought. 

Your kit will contain numerous materials, among which you can expect to find seven different aromas, 16 dye blocks, containers, packs of soy wax, stirring spoons, and more. Quirky extras like dried flowers can also be expected in your kit to beautify your candles. 

Although this kit is a little more pricey, its design, labels, and fragrances make it an enticing package to consider. 

Soy Candle Making Kit by Craft It Up!

Soy candle making kit by craft it up

This candle-making kit by Craft it Up! is a fitting choice for kids, teens, or adults who want natural and yummy-smelling candles in their homes. 

Currently sold on Amazon, this DIY kit is extremely budget-friendly if you consider its wealth of supplies. It holds materials to create ten candles in five colors and four different fragrances: vanilla, cinnamon, floral, and citrus. 

The Craft It Up! kit also includes a mixing pot, wax, wicks, popsicles, gift boxes, labels, a thermometer, and a few fun-shaped molds: star and heart-shaped candles coming right up!

This soy candle making kit is the perfect starters kit and offers something for everyone. 

That’s it for our picks for the best soy candle making kits you can buy! Which one will you be buying for yourself or a loved one today?

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