Best leather craft kits: Easy leather working projects for beginners of all ages

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Can you picture yourself making a leather wallet, bag, or shoes from the comfort of your craft desk? If the answer is no, I get it.

For the most part, leatherworking tends to be a pretty intimidating art form at first; it requires masterful craftsmanship, technique, and a complex toolset.

However, there are lots of fun and easy-to-do leather craft kits that will help you feel more confident in exploring the medium further, many of which are affordable and suitable for beginners of all ages!

If you’ve been on the leather-crafting fence for a while now, I encourage you to take a leap and check out our picks for the best leather craft kits for beginners!

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Best leather craft kits: Quick picks

Realeather leather craft kits

Realeather Explore Leathercraft Kit

  • Complete starter kit
  • Popular leather kit brand
  • Varied small-size projects

DIY bag leather craft kits fo

DIY Genuine Leather Bag Kit by DIYverse Bags

  • Genuine quality leather
  • A great challenge for beginners
  • Functional and wearable item

Leather shoes DIY leather craft kits

DIY Leather Moccasin Craft Project by Leather Unlimited

  • Very unique, quality leather project
  • ~$15 on Amazon
  • Wide variety of sizes

Best leather craft kits:

Dig in to discover some of the best leather craft kits to make everything from wallets and handbags to journal covers and handmade mocassins from scratch!

Realeather Explore Leathercraft Kit

Realeather Explore Leathercraft Kit

Suppose you’ve just completed an introductory course to leathercrafting and are looking for simple projects to practice what you’ve learned. In that case, the Realeather craft kit is the perfect pick for newbies aiming to hone their skills.

For ~$65 on Amazon, this beginner’s craft box includes essential, quality tools and instructions to get you making small-scale projects from start to finish: a cell phone sleeve, bookmark, laced key fob, a bag tag, and a wristband.

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This kit contains pre-cut, pre-punched leather pieces, tooling practice pieces, a mallet, stamping tools, a swive knife, jeweler’s rouge, lace, thread, and lots of designs and patterns to apply as you learn.

And while projects are straightforward, these objects are not only fun to make but practical, everyday items! On the other hand, if you’re already in touch with leatherworking, I suggest aiming for more comprehensive leather craft kits and projects, as these may seem too simple for you.

This popular beginner’s leather craft kit can be found at different prices, however, Amazon still holds the best value for this product; click below to know more!

Leather Wallet/Cardholder Kit by Challenger Leather

Leather Wallet/Cardholder Kit by Challenger Leather

This star seller Etsy wallet/card holder leather set is one of my favorite leather craft kits on our list; the ideal pick if you’re all about aesthetic, functional items.

With five hues to choose from, this funky, customizable card holder kit consists of colorful, high-quality pre-cut leather pieces (with pre-cut stitching holes), needles, thread, sandpaper, canvas, a manual, and a saddle stitching guide.

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Although the materials in this set aren’t particularly dangerous or overly complicated, I still recommend this project for adult crafters or teenagers who are somewhat familiar with these tools.

For under $25, this kit also makes a great gift and is suitable for both inexperienced and seasoned leather crafters. The only downside is that this product has limited delivery options and is only available in the UK.

If you’re searching for projects to test your leatherworking skills, similar options to consider with more delivery possibilities are this small wallet leather DIY kit, Realeather Silver Edition card wallet kit, and DIY leather coin pouch kit.

DIY Genuine Leather Bag Kit by DIYverse Bags

DIY Genuine Leather Craft Kits by DIYverse Bags

Lovers of fashion accessories, this one is for you! Enjoy making your very own leather handbag with this high-quality DIY kit!

Available in yellow and brown, this ~$100 pack is shipped worldwide from Germany and includes genuine split leather, hardware, and all the materials and tools you’ll need to complete this unique project (except scissors and super glue).

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While the task at hand may seem complex, it’s pretty beginner-friendly. That said, experienced leather crafters will likely finish the job in less time. But if you’re a leather-crafting newbie, I think this is the perfect project to challenge yourself!

Before purchasing, I advise checking bag dimensions to ensure you’re getting what you expect — Etsy is the perfect platform to reach out to sellers if you need a little reassurance beforehand.

If ~$100 seems a bit over the top for your first leather handbag kit, this DIY crossbody shoulder bag set on Etsy is a great, slightly cheaper alternative. Want something even more inexpensive out of fear of compromising high-quality materials? Amazon sells this shoulder bag leather kit for only ~$25!

DIY Leather Jewelry Making Kit by Pop Shop America

Jewelry Leather craft kits

Whether you craft simple designs or apply more elaborate techniques, leather has a way of looking great when incorporated into jewelry-making; see for yourself with this beginner’s leatherworking kit on Etsy.

For under ~$40, this complete set contains enough materials to have you assemble everything from cuff links and bracelets to necklaces and earrings. And you won’t have to outsource any hardware; earring hooks, post blanks, pinbacks, and more, are all included.

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Your set will also include detailed instructions for project completion, which can be found on the Pop Shop America website too. This kit is a fun choice for newbie crafters passionate about leather or jewelry; however, you might feel that materials and accessories are limited if you’re more experienced.

If you’re just starting out, besides jewelry leather craft kits, taking a few leather jewelry classes is a great way to learn more — this online Creativebug course on leather bracelets is one of our favorites!

This kit is shipped from the US and delivered worldwide, which requires an additional fee. If you have any doubts, reach out to your seller via Etsy to get more information: international orders get a surprise gift to compensate for the inconvenience!

DIY Small Journal Cover Leather Kit by Buckleguy

Small journal leather craft kits

Next up is another of my favorite leather craft kits on our list, a complete set packed with top-quality materials to create a beautiful leather cover for your journals and notebooks.

Including pre-cut, pre-punched leather pieces, this Etsy set offers four leather types and thread colors to choose from and a small set of tools to assemble your project from beginning to end. I especially appreciate the beeswax for burnishing to a glossy finish!

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Besides tools, your seller will also include a lined journal to insert into your leather sleeve once completed — perfect if you’re purchasing this kit as a gift. Remember that this product sells internationally from the US, so shipping fees may apply depending on your location.

This isn’t, however, the cheapest of leather DIY kits, costing slightly under ~$60 (the price is the same despite your choice of leather). If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, I advise looking into this Realeather travel journal kit on Amazon.

To learn more about stitching and sewing leather for notebooks and journals, I highly recommend this DIY Traveler’s Journal class on Creativebug — psst; you can enjoy a 60-day free trial here!

DIY Leather Moccasin Craft Project by Leather Unlimited

Moccasin leather craft kits DIY

I get it: who on Earth even thinks about DIYing a pair of shoes? Apparently, it’s more than possible with this Leather Moccasin craft project by Leather Unlimited!

Although for only ~$15 on Amazon, this DIY leather moccasin-making set has been designed with quality and comfort in mind and comprises durable, natural pre-cut leather to provide an easy-to-make experience for beginners.

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What I appreciate about this kit is how simple it is; you’ll be able to complete this entirely handmade project with just a few materials — and no tools at all! Instructions will also be included to guide you step-by-step.

However, some of the leather holes may not be fully punched and might require a quick tweak with a standard household tool — an easy peasy workaround.

While suitable for beginners, know that this kit may take a little longer if it’s your first project. Nevertheless, if you’re like me, you’ll welcome the challenge. I also love the idea of buying these leather working kits in bulk: they’re affordable and make for a memorable, cozy crafting sesh with family and friends!

Winston Watch Strap Leather Kit by Tandy Leather

Winston Watch Strap Leather Kit by Tandy Leather

Tandy Leather is a popular leather crafting brand featuring many unique leather working kits, one of them being this creative watch strap leather set.

Designed primarily for Apple Watches, this is an excellent purchase if using traditional materials for a modern aesthetic is up your alley. It’s also a pretty appealing deal, at only ~$13 (shipping fees not included).

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Suitable for beginners, this original watch strap set includes pre-cut, pre-punched veg-tan leather pieces, a nickel plate 20mm buckle, nickel plate rivets (five), a pattern, and instructions.

To complete your project, there are tools you will need to access outside of your kit though. Be sure to thoroughly read the item list before purchasing. Also, if you don’t have an Apple Watch and want to adapt this to another watch face, I recommend double-checking the dimensions beforehand.

Suppose you’re looking for something a little more high-end. In that case, Etsy sells this DIY Leather Watch Strap Kit for ~$70, which includes a round watch face. Currently, stock is low for this item, so be sure to grab it while you can if you’re interested!

Leather Phone Satchel Crossbody Bag DIY Kit by vk DIY Planet

Phone case leather craft kits

This crossbody phone satchel on Etsy makes a great gift that’s both aesthetic and functional, perfect for younger crafters who can’t get enough of adorable animal-themed items.

With five animal patterns to choose from, this set includes square-shaped pre-cut leather pieces, accessories, and hardware to assemble a raccoon, dog, sheep, rabbit, or bear-designed case.

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Comprising genuine, quality leather, your final product will measure approximately 6.2 inches (~16 cm) and provide the sturdiness and durability needed to protect your contents. That said, use your creativity — this small case can carry any small items you like!

You’ll also have access to an online tutorial to see how to assemble your project. If you’re anything like me and enjoy coming up with creative gift ideas for children and teens, this is a great option that’s age appropriate and useful.

This item is shipped from China and delivered worldwide. If you want to join in on the fun, this seller also sells this whimsical DIY Leather Bow Tie Should Bag Craft Kit and cat-themed Leather Crossbody Bag Craft Kit.

Leather Piggy Handbag Purse Kit by FunSpace

Leather Piggy Handbag Purse Kit by FunSpace

Ideal for children or adults working on building up their crafting confidence, this piggy-themed leather handbag kit is the perfect entryway into leather sewing projects.

Providing everything you need to complete a small-sized handbag, this seemingly complex design will be completed with just a few items: Microfiber PU leather, pre-punched leather pieces, round needles, thread, and scissors — you won’t need to outsource a thing!

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This kit also makes for a fun and inexpensive gift: less than $25 on Amazon. That said, it isn’t necessarily in the same league as some of the previous kits; leather is synthetic, and materials are basic as this is a more child-friendly, test-the-waters kind of project.

However, it certainly is a convenient pick if you’re dipping your toes into leather working and sewing for the first time or looking for budget-friendly projects to enjoy with your child. Another similar and affordable option is the AMLESO Leather DIY kit, costing less than $12!

On the other hand, if you love this theme and are up for a splurge, Etsy sells this more high-end Flying Pig Backpack DIY Kit for adult crafters.

Make A Leather Bag Kids Craft Kit by 4M Store

Make A Leather Bag Kids Craft Kit by 4M Store

The 4M store is one of my favorites when looking for out-of-the-box gift ideas for kids, and this leather bag craft kit is an excellent choice if this is what you’re after!

This faux leather DIY kit will delight children ages five and up and provide them with an entertaining hands-on leather craft project that will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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The kit includes basic tools such as a plastic needle, floss, faux leather patterns, instructions, and fun items for children to personalize their bag: gem stickers and embroidery stitches at your service!

Although this is a child-friendly set, I still advise supervision if your child is very young. And, of course, this kit is a great way to enjoy art activities and quality time as a family.

This set is available on Amazon for under $18. For a slightly higher price, the 4M store also makes this spectacular DIY Unicorn Faux Leather pouch kit worth checking out if your child starts hinting they’re really into leather crafting!

How to choose the best leather craft kit for you

With lots of fun projects to choose from and budgets to consider, there are a few things to look out for when looking into leather craft kits.

Here are a few things to know about our suggestions:

Beginners and inexperienced crafters are the focus of our recommendations. If these projects seem too simple try aiming for more elaborate projects.

Most kits are project-based and contain essential tools curated specifically for these projects vs. a comprehensive toolset.

Be sure to review leather quality and type provided in each kit to manage expectations. For example, children’s kits will likely use faux leather vs. high-quality genuine leather.

When purchasing leather craft kits on Etsy, remember that some sellers offer the option to buy items as a kit or as a completed product. Be sure to double-check what you’re ordering and paying for!

Besides our lineup of leather working kits, we’ve also provided several alternatives throughout our article to ensure you have additional options that might better suit your preferences or budget.

If leather working is something you want to learn further, take some classes before tackling your leather craft kit. Don’t know where to look? Here are our top picks for the best online leather working classes!

When buying a leather working kit for a child, evaluate age and skills; some tools may not be advisable for younger children and may require supervision.

That’s it for our guide to the best leather craft kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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