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10 best macrame dream catcher tutorials, patterns, and kits

There’s truly no end to the things you can make with macrame — all you need is a little creativity.

Macrame dream catchers (or dreamcatchers) are a great example of how you can combine this technique with different materials, macrame cord being the perfect complement for the intricate hoops that distinguish the Native American craft.

You could, of course, buy a macrame dream catcher on Etsy or Amazon, but what’s the fun in that?

If looking to make your own DIY macrame dream catcher, I dug up 10 classes, kits, tutorials, and patterns from across the web to help you get started!

Some are deep-dive online macrame classes, while others are simple free tutorials that can be completed in a few hours.

Note that these are in order from most complete to least complete tutorials.

Let’s hop into it!

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What materials will I need to make a macrame dream catcher?

Macrame cord and scissors

The two essential materials are macrame cord and a large ring or hoop. At the start of each tutorial, required materials will be listed to help you prep (when kits are the case, these will be included).

I put together a full guide to choosing the best macrame cord, but anything that isn’t super thick (less than 5mm) should work.

As for hoops, you can get these on Etsy, Amazon, or at local hobby shops. I’d recommend avoiding Amazon if you can, but the convenience is sometimes just too tempting.

As mentioned above, the list below starts with the most comprehensive instruction, and finishes with the least complete instruction, which is just a YouTube video. In between, there are kits that include everything you need to finish your very own DIY macrame dream catcher!

Macrame dream catcher tutorials

1. Circular Macramé Techniques class

Domestika circular macrame patterns

For those of you looking for more than just a simple macrame dream catcher tutorial, this online class has a lot to offer.

Not only will you learn all the essential knots and techniques you need to know to design your own dream catchers, but you’ll also learn about dyeing and caring for your finished pieces!

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That said, it doesn’t include explicit instructions for just a dream catcher. If that’s what you’re looking for, hop down to the next entry.

This course is on Domestika (my favorite platform for creative classes) and typically costs about $10. The whole course runs a little under two hours, and there’s no pesky subscription to worry about after you buy it.

2. Mastering the Art of Macramé class

Mastering the art of macrame Udemy

I have just one more macrame class on the list, but it’s by far the most complete option out there. It’s on Udemy and taught by Nicole Woo.

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The first complete project is, of course, a 12″ DIY macrame dreamcatcher, but the full course also covers mandalas, wall hangings, and so much more!

This is the ideal course for beginners who want a full introduction to the art of macrame.

It’s more than 18 hours long in total, with a steep discount for newcomers often bringing the price down to less than $15. That’s less than $1 per hour of instruction!

3. VanirCreations Macrame Dreamcatcher kit

VanirCreations macrame dreamcatcher kit

If you’re looking for something more straightforward than a full-on macrame course, there’s nothing like a complete macrame kit to get hands-on.

This DIY macrame dreamcatcher kit from the Etsy store VanirCreations is one of the most beautiful options out there. You can also choose from a variety of colors for both the primary and secondary cords.

The kit includes everything you need to make the stunning 12″ dream catcher (except scissors) and ships from the UK.

US-based readers may have to pay a premium for shipping, but you can also source your own cord and watch the tutorial video on YouTube for free.

4. VanirCreations Beginners Macrame Mooncatcher kit

VanirCreations macrame mooncatcher kit

Next up is yet another kit from UK-based VanirCreations, this time containing a unique “mooncatcher” design. This is essentially a macrame crescent moon dreamcatcher with a modified 16″ MDF hoop.

Once again, you can choose the primary and secondary cord colors, giving you different options to match your home decor.

This macrame dream catcher kit is a bit more expensive, and shipping may be pricey for US-based crafters. Again though, you can watch the tutorial video on YouTube for free and source your own materials.

5. Pepperell Macrame Dream Catcher kit

Pepperell Crafts Macrame Dream Catcher kit

As for mass-market macrame dream catcher kits, this option from Pepperell is the only one I’d recommend. Most others have limited instructions or tiny rings.

That said, this is a very simple kit. It’s probably not the best choice for adult crafters, but for kids, it’s absolutely perfect. And at less than $10, it’s not a hard sell.

Grab this as a gift for any child or teenager interested in crafts and they’ll love it. The link below goes to Amazon, but you can often find this kit in Hobby Lobby and other craft stores, too.

6. KnotsbyNikaStudio Macrame Dreamcatcher pattern

Macrame dreamcatcher pattern KnotsbyNikaStudio

If you already have some experience with macrame and access to the right materials, all you’re missing is a good pattern. And the great thing about macrame patterns is that they’re very inexpensive.

This modern macrame dreamcatcher pattern from Etsy store KnotsbyNikaStudio perfectly fits the bill.

It’s not exactly a traditional dreamcatcher, though. It’s more of a macrame dream catcher wall hanging, with macrame feathers and other flourishes.

Since it’s just the pattern you’ll have to find your own materials, but the digital format means you can download it and get started right away!

7. ThreadSagelyHome Macrame Wall Hanging Dream Catcher pattern

ThreadSagelyHome macrame tree of life wall hanging

Macrame tree of life designs have been popular for decades now, and this pattern teaches you everything you need to know to make your very own.

It isn’t a traditional dream catcher, but it’s a great way to add a little boho flair to your home.

Since it’s a digital pattern, you can download it right after purchase! This seller has another pattern that uses a slightly different branch structure.

8. Made in May DIY Macrame Dreamcatcher series

Now we’re entering the realm of completely free macrame dream catcher tutorials on YouTube. These offer less instruction and little in the way of support, so they may not be ideal for absolute beginners.

However, it’s hard to argue with the low price of free!

This first tutorial is from the Korean macrame YouTube channel Made in May. It’s a fairly standard design and exclusively uses macrame cord, so you won’t need to buy additional netting material.

As you may have imagined from the title, this is #5 in a series of macrame dream catcher tutorials. Other videos teach how to make more modern designs and even a butterfly pattern instead of a standard net! Check out the full playlist here.

Watch the video above or click the button below to watch it on YouTube. The video has English subtitles to guide you, and the knots are listed as the tutorial progresses.

9. Let Be DIY Macrame Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

Next up is another tutorial from one of my favorite macrame YouTubers Let Be. Their work is always super clean, and this DIY macrame dreamcatcher wall hanging is no different.

Despite how complex (and gorgeous) the finished product looks, it only uses three different types of knots. That said, you’ll need to be pretty precise, and since the piece is so intricate, a lot of cord will be required.

Check out the video above, or click below to watch it on YouTube. I also highly recommend you check out more of their videos while you’re at it!

10. The Craft Cat Macrame Moon Dreamcatcher

The final macrame dream catcher tutorial I’m featuring is from The Craft Cat. What I love about this one is that it shows you exactly how to make a crescent moon dream catcher without pre-prepared materials.

Essentially, that means having one 16cm and one 10cm metal hoop, cutting them, and bending them to make a moon shape.

This is a bit more complicated than buying one of the kits above, but it isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. Once finished, you’ll have a super unique macrame dreamcatcher to show off in your home!

That’s it for this list of the best macrame dream catcher tutorials, patterns, and kits! Did you find your next project here? Let me know in the comments below!

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