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Best kintsugi kits: Transform imperfections into display-worthy ceramics

Kintsugi is a meditative Japanese art form that revolves around sealing broken pieces of ceramics back together with elegant brush strokes of gold. But this isn’t just an aesthetic ritual.

Much like Sashiko embroidery, Kintsugi honors the beauty in imperfections and has become a popular approach in the craft world that inspires reconstructing, repurposing, and redesigning something that once was.

If this concept resonates with you, you’ll love our best kintsugi repair kit lineup — all of these sets are easy to follow and will have you restoring cherished pieces in no time!

Looking for more guidance? We also recommend this excellent kintsugi class on Domestika.

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Best kintsugi repair kits: Quick picks

Kintsugi repair kit for starters

Kintsugi Repair Kit for Starters

  • Basic kit for beginners
  • Very affordable
  • Includes mini practice bowls

Food safe kintsugi kit

Food Safe Kintsugi Kit by Chiyu

  • Excellent food-safe kintsugi kit
  • Dishwasher-proof
  • Doesn’t ship to US

Premium japanese kintsugi kit

Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony Kit by Life Honey

  • Ultimate Kintsugi experience
  • Expensive
  • Perfect gift for special occasions

Best kintsugi repair kits

If you’ve been curious about the art of Kintsugi and looking to test the waters, here’s your chance; find the best kintsugi kit for you in our list below!

Kintsugi Repair Kit for Starters

Kintsugi Repair Kit for Starters

For under $20, this kintsugi repair kit is our first suggestion for budget-seeking crafters looking to experiment with this ancient Japanese art form for the first time.

As one of the most straightforward, easy-to-follow products on our list, this set includes everything you need to get started: gold powder, epoxy resin AB glue, gloves, mixing sticks, and brushes.

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This set also contains two ceramic dishes for breaking to ensure you get hands-on and technique down before mending items of your own.

Besides learning how to apply golden brush strokes on your ceramics, this kit will also familiarize you with epoxy resin, which may be a medium you’re interested in exploring further for future projects.

We highly recommend that you read the instructions thoroughly before using this kintsugi repair kit. For example, the resources included are for decorative purposes only — do not consume food or beverages from ceramics you restore with these materials.

DIY Kintsugi Kit by Mora Approved

DIY Kintsugi Kit by Mora Approved

Next up is this super popular Mora Approved kintsugi kit, one of our favorites if you’re looking for quality and variety at an affordable price.

I love all the detail that goes into this set’s contents and packaging: 12 non-toxic powder colors to choose from, locally produced epoxy glue, bamboo sticks, a recycled palm leaf mixing tray, and more. And, for less than $5, you can add a ceramic dish to complete your set.

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Unlike standard DIY kintsugi kits, this set includes a range of bold colors; purple, red ruby, and blue sapphire are my favorites! I also appreciate this modern take on the art form because it makes crafting more personalized while respecting traditional techniques.

This set is packed with environmentally-friendly items, so definitely worth considering if these are details that matter to you. However, these materials are appropriate for decorative purposes only — read guidelines carefully before use (available in different languages).

Mora Approved is based in the Netherlands and ships items worldwide. To discover more premium kintsugi kits by this Star Seller, check out the store on Etsy.

Kintsugi Kit and Reflection Activity For One by The Craft Society

Kintsugi Kit and Reflection Activity For One by The Craft Society

This kintsugi repair kit provides the basics to get you revamping cracked ceramics — but it doesn’t end there.

Apart from fundamentals such as epoxy glue, golden mica powder, paint brushes, mixers, and more, this beautifully packaged set includes a meditative activity to encourage you to reflect on the philosophy behind Kintsugi.

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This kintsugi kit makes for a beautiful, meaningful gift for anyone passionate about Japanese art forms and culture, not to mention the perfect present to mark a special occasion — I love this idea as a new year’s eve ritual!

You can also purchase a complete kit, including one or two heart-shaped ceramic dishes, for a slightly higher price — they’re adorable and, in my opinion, worth the extra ~$8-$13.

This package is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide; check shop policies beforehand for more information.

Kintsugi Repair Kit by Craftus

Kintsugi Repair Kit by Craftus

This Best Seller Etsy kit contains enough materials to mend up to seven small dinner plates and offers compatibility with other mediums such as glass, wood, and hard plastics.

Like the previous Japanese kintsugi kit, this seller also provides a diversity of colors to embellish cracks and chipped edges, including both bolder and traditional hues for all preferences.

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And while other packs may raise prices depending on color choice, this isn’t the case here. In fact, if you prefer traditional gold powder, you’ll be paying slightly less — the remaining hues all have a fixed price.

Epoxy glue, non-toxic powders, a paintbrush, mixing sticks, gloves, and illustrated instructions will all be found in this set: ideal if long, wordy manuals turn you off! This set is shipped from Poland and delivered worldwide.

Mind you that the materials in this kintsugi kit are food safe. However, only for cold foods or snacks. Do not use them as recipients for heated meals or beverages. I would also advise you not to put these into the dishwasher as they are likely to fall apart.

Kintsugi Kit by The Wildest One

Kintsugi Kit by The Wildest One

The Wildest One is another Etsy featured brand offering a selection of kintsugi repair sets — this one is our favorite!

This beginner-friendly kit takes things up a notch with a more upscale set of items. You’ll have various options to choose from to personalize your contents, such as powder colors and recipients: four different bowl styles are available.

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You can, however, purchase this set without the bowls for a cheaper value if you’re just after the fundamentals. Also, these kintsugi resources are for aesthetic applications only — do not serve food or put your pieces in the dishwasher.

Be aware that this product is shipped from the UK but does not deliver worldwide. Therefore, check if your country is listed before looking into purchase options further.

Besides this product, this brand sells other Japanese-inspired craft kits, such as this Sashiko embroidery kit and a unique kintsugi repair kit with vintage plates!

Food Safe Kintsugi Kit by Chiyu

Food Safe Kintsugi Kit by Chiyu

Finding a food-safe kintsugi repair kit is not as easy as it seems, but fear not — this Chiyu kintsugi pack is everything you’ve been looking for and more!

Besides being food safe, this bio set is also dishwasher-proof and developed with non-toxic resources to provide a wider application range, especially for food consumption. For example, the resin in this kit is created from cashew nut shells, ensuring safe usage when heated.

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The set contains enough materials to conclude up to 10 repairs and includes a high-quality selection of items: mica gold powder, sandpaper, epoxy paste, a handy instructional video, and more.

These tools can also be applied to other mediums such as glass, concrete, wood, and marble, giving you a broader scope to work with — I love to see this technique applied to flower vases and mugs!

Although slightly more expensive than most products on our list, this kit provides a complete kintsugi experience for all purposes. The only downside I would point out is that delivery options are more limited, as this product ships from Belgium but is not available worldwide.

Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony Kit by Life Honey

Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony Kit by Life Honey

If you’re looking for the ultimate kintsugi experience, our last suggestion will be right up your alley.

This premium Japanese kintsugi kit is all about marking special moments and occasions with a ceremonial ritual, an authentic way to dive deeper into the philosophy behind this artistic expression.

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As the most comprehensive and curated kit listed, this kintsugi kit is priced at slightly under $200 and, besides fundamentals, includes a course video, handmade ceramic bowl, ceremonial journal, gems, and guided meditations to accompany you as you craft.

While the price and experience may be over the top for the everyday crafter, this makes an extraordinarily generous and meaningful gift for anyone who cherishes celebrating the big (and small) moments in life, such as a wedding day or graduation.

This product is developed by a small business and is currently available on both Amazon and Etsy for the same price. That said if you’ve been focused on supporting small companies, good news, as this product is delivered worldwide!

How to choose the best kintsugi repair kit for you

Finding a suitable kintsugi repair kit may not always be a breeze, especially depending on your purpose. 

For example, food-friendly kits aren’t easy to come across, and as popular as this art form is becoming in craft culture, discovering high-quality or comprehensive sets can get challenging. 

Our list comprises some of the best kintsugi kits you’ll find, but here are some additional tips to guide you in the right direction!

  • Define what you want to mend before purchase. Is your intention to embellish tableware, a decorative piece, or a vase in the garden? Be aware that most kits do not contain food-safe resources, so be especially careful with this factor. 
  • If your goal is to apply this technique to other mediums beyond ceramics, check if your materials are compatible. While this is not the traditional approach to the art form, there are crafters experimenting with different surfaces such as concrete, wood, and hard plastic.
  • Read instructions carefully. For instance, if your kit is not dishwasher-friendly — don’t even try it! Etsy is a great platform to contact sellers directly if you’re not sure; I advise taking advantage of this feature to avoid unmet expectations and ask any questions you may have before purchasing. 
  • If you intend to break ceramics intentionally for a decorative kintsugi project, know there is a right and wrong way to do this. You want to achieve natural-looking cracks, not break your item into a zillion little pieces! I recommend checking out video tutorials or asking your seller for advice beforehand. 
  • While kits will all contain the basics, some vary in color range, may include extra practice ceramics, more or fewer tools, etc. However, the most important thing to focus on is the quality of your powders and epoxy resin — this will either make or break your project (no pun intended!).

That’s it for our guide of the best kintsugi repair kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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