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Best resin kits: Discover crafting with epoxy resin

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Exploring the world of resin through arts and crafts is a pastime curious non-artists and DIYers have especially come to love. 

Resin art comes to life by combining liquid resin and a hardener (or curing agent) with colored powders, glitter, terrazzo chips, gold flakes — you name it — which are then poured into a mold. Once poured, the liquid blend will begin to cure and harden, ultimately transforming into a beautiful, solid piece of art!

The magic of crafting with resin is how it allows you to create stunning items with just a few supplies, many of which are pretty affordable and easy to use.

The best way to take your first strides with this medium is by looking into resin kits: they provide everything you need to get started, including detailed instructions and lots of fun projects! 

Don’t know where to start? Here’s our lineup of the best resin kits for beginners! 

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Best resin kits: Quick picks

CraftTreeNJ resin starter kit

Resin Starter Kit

  • Comprehensive kit for great value
  • Includes UV flashlight for fast curing
  • Materials for a variety of projects


Kintsugi Bio Repair Kit

  • Wins points for originality
  • Eco-friendly packaging and supplies
  • Combines aesthetic and functionality

Resin Starter Epoxy Serving Tray

Resin Starter Kit — Epoxy Resin Serving Tray

  • Easy-to-do project with professional outcome
  • Bundle includes gold frame for showcasing
  • Reusable mold

How to choose the best resin kit for you

If you’re new to resin art, it’s only natural to feel a little lost when it comes down to choosing the best resin kits to explore this medium.

Although this craft can incorporate different resin types such as polyurethane, silicone, polyester, and epoxy, know that each product suits a specific medium and outcome. In other words, there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

However, as a beginner, you’ll want to keep an eye out for epoxy whenever perusing resin kits. Epoxy is, by far, the least toxic, most durable, and most flexible option of the bunch, making it the ideal pick for every resin artist in the making.

There are two main types of epoxy resin: doming and casting. Doming resin consists of a thick blend and is commonly applied to coat large, sideless surfaces such as tabletops. Casting resin maintains a thinner, liquid-like consistency and is used to create small-scale projects with the help of molds — this is the one to keep an eye out for!

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When choosing your resin kits, pick a bundle that includes resin and a hardener (or curing agent) to make life easier! The good news here is that most resin kits for beginners do provide both and offer the added perk of an easy 1:1 mix ratio requirement. This simplified measuring process will prevent potential rookie mixing mistakes!

You may also come across UV resin at some point. Know that UV resin is less resistant to heat than traditional epoxy resin, requires UV light/sunlight to cure, and will stay intact for less than a year on average.

Curing time is also a factor to consider as a beginner. Because you’re likely to work at a slower pace at first, confirm how long it will take before your resin mix begins to cure once poured so that you can craft freely without feeling pressed for time.

Lastly, choose a kit that offers a project you want to create: jewelry, wall art, coasters, decorative items — there is a wide range of fun molds, unique colors, and accessories to explore!

Best resin kits 

Looking for new resin projects to try out? Here’s our roundup of the best resin kits!

Diamer UK Epoxy Resin Kit for Beginners

Diamer UK Epoxy Resin Kit for Beginners

Ideal for newbies looking to experiment with the basics, this resin kit is not only comprehensive but very affordable, considering its contents. 

Including everything needed for your first attempt at resin art, this bundle includes a bottle of resin, hardener, cups, stirring sticks, glitter, gloves, and molds to create a mix of fun items from bracelets to cute, glittery teddy bear figurines!

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The main highlights presented in this kit are its bubble-free results, easy-to-follow 1:1 mixing ratio (resin and hardener), and curing time: 24 hours. You will also have approximately 40 minutes to work before the resin starts to settle — an advantage for first-time crafters.

Besides affordability, this set provides an eclectic crafting experience. Whether you want to create jewelry or small, 3D structures, this is the perfect starter pack to sample different approaches to resin art before diving into more specific projects.

Note that it ships from the UK, and for now isn’t available in the US. If you’re in the States check out the next item on the list!

Resin Starter Kit

CraftTreeNJ resin starter kit

As far as starter resin kits go, this extensive beginner set is a fantastic option if seeking a full-on crafting experience. 

Well under $50, this resin bundle has it all: 7 different mold shapes for pendants and charms, 48 glitter options, a three-piece stirring set, 6 mica powders, and more! 

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The star items of this bundle include 50 grams of UV resin with quick curing properties (1-2 minutes) and a UV flashlight to help speed up the process — batteries included!

This kit is the right purchase for you if looking for a variety of options to work with from the get-go versus a kit focused on a single theme or project. Keep in mind that UV resin is not the most durable. However, considering the affordability of this kit, it’s definitely a good pick if looking to test the waters on a budget.

Funky Craft Epoxy Resin Kit

Funky Craft Epoxy

As one of the cheapest resin kits on the list, this set is perfect if looking for an easy-peasy resin-making experience that offers the very basics.

This kit includes a non-toxic 1:1 mix ratio (good news for crafters who prefer to skip complicated measuring guidelines), gloves, mixing sticks, measuring cups, and instructions. And of course, the fun part: 12 necklace designs, silicone molds, glitter, and three mica powders.

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Although this kit is not specifically for jewelry-making, it tends to be sought-after for this purpose. Keep in mind that this may not be the most comprehensive of resin kits out there, especially in terms of colored powders, but it does offer the bare essentials to jumpstart your resin experience for just a little over $10!

ALEXES Epoxy Resin Kit

ALEXES-Epoxy-Resin Kits

If you want to try out jewelry-making with resin, there is a wide selection of resin kits that will do the job — and this is one of our favorites! 

Including epoxy resin and a hardener, this beginner bundle comprises a rich collection of pigments, glitter, tools, and embellishments to get you creating your very first resin jewelry line. 

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Unlike many resin kits for this type of project, this one stood out for me because it includes unique features beyond your standard jewelry-making set, such as crystal-like pendant molds, bags of sparkling confetti, and additional hardware to assemble your items from start to finish. 

This kit offers a complete experience for amateur jewelry-makers looking for a balance between price and quality to make everything from bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings!  

Complete Starter Jewelry Making Resin Kit for Beginners 

Resin Kit by Craft it Up _resin kits

Contrary to its name, this kit is not focused solely on jewelry-making. 

In fact, it includes multiple molds to create items of all kinds like pen holders, coasters, keychains, and bracelets, to name a few. In other words, don’t shy away from this kit if jewelry projects aren’t your goal — there’s a lot to explore here! 

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Like the suggestion above, it also presents unique features difficult to find in most resin kits, such as glow-in-the-dark mica powders, dried flowers, and decorative craft wood. If you’re looking to make more out-of-the-box epoxy items, this kit is brimming with creative supplies and features you’ll be sure to enjoy.

The only downside I see to this product versus other epoxy resin kits is that items may take longer to cure (up to 48 hours). So you’ll need a little more patience!

Coaster Starter Kit — Epoxy Resin

Coaster Starter Kit Epoxy Resin kits

Resin kits for coaster-making, you ask? We’ve got you covered! 

This kit includes premium epoxy resin and hardener (enough to make six coasters), four jagged-edged molds, a choice of three mica powders, different colored foil flakes, a beginners guide, and more. 

This set includes fast-curing, non-toxic, bubble-free resin with scratch resistance — top materials for long-lasting finishes! The hardener is crystal clear (no yellowing) and guarantees an elegant, glossy effect.

Priced at slightly over $60, this kit offers high-quality materials and is the perfect project to gift a friend who loves sophisticated, house décor items. Your coasters will look sleek and chic, and the best part is how easy they are to make! 

This kit is best for adults who want to create durable, everyday items for functional and aesthetic purposes. However, it only ships within the UK and EU.

Terrazzo Coasters Eco Resin Kit

Terrazzo-Coasters-Workshop-resin Kits

If you like to consider sustainability whenever creating art, this is one of the trendiest eco-friendly resin kits out there for coaster-making. 

This kit offers all the materials needed to make stunning terrazzo coasters. While it may not be the cheapest item on our resin kits list, it is worthwhile considering its high-quality supplies and exquisite packaging. 

Particularly ideal for DIY enthusiasts and fans of home décor, this kit also makes for an original gift for loved ones who love sprucing up their homes with crafty art pieces.

The bundle also includes access to an easy-to-follow instructional video to guide you while you create — a plus for visual learners! 

While the outcome is beautiful, this kit can be considered a little pricey since it only has enough material to make a pair of coasters. The kit also includes a single, round-shaped mold, which may feel restrictive if you’re more about switching things up.

To complete this project, you will need to access the following supplies on your end: a sponge, cloth/rag, a large bowl, and a kitchen scale. 

Resin Starter Kit — Epoxy Resin Serving Tray

Resin Starter Epoxy Serving Tray

Love sprinkling your home with beautiful, hand-crafted art? 

Explore resin at a larger scale with this epoxy resin serving tray project! 

Including all the materials needed to create an agate-inspired resin serving tray, this kit includes premium epoxy and hardener, goldish pigment powders, a sturdy mold, and a beautiful gold frame to showcase your work. 

Because you can reuse the mold, you can make multiple trays of this sort outside of the kit with other resin mixes and colors. And if you want more pieces like this for your home or to gift, you can always place an order to buy the gold frame separately! 

If you love DIY creations and want to skip cliché pieces of home décor, this kit is definitely worth purchasing. Do consider that this is a larger surface to work with and ultimately more freeform when compared to most small-scaled projects.

You can also find tutorials and lots of inspiration on the company’s YouTube channel to complete your work of art!

Kintsugi Bio Repair Kit

Kintsugi Bio Repair Kit

If you love ancient art forms, ceramics, Japanese culture, and DIY projects, this is the kit for you!

While not the most obvious of all the resin kits on the list, this Kintsugi-inspired bundle is undoubtedly one of my favorites!

Kintsugi is a centuries-old Japanese art form focused on beautifying broken pottery or ceramics by sealing cracks and scars with elegant brushstrokes of golden paint. 

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Although this method doesn’t always require resin, this kit includes epoxy resin for sealing — a great way to experience this medium differently.

This product is bio-based and perfectly wrapped, making it a beautiful gift for any pottery-loving pal. It also includes premium mica powders, bamboo mixing sticks, compostable mixing lids, a wooden cutting tool, biodegradable gloves, a linen gift bag, and more. 

The kit provides enough materials to repair 8-10 medium-sized objects on objects ranging from ceramics, marble, concrete, wood, and glass! However, it ships from Belgium and isn’t available in the US.

Resin Art Starter Kit: The Original Beachcomber from Resin8

Resin Art Starter Kit: The Original Beachcomber from Resin8

If all about beachscapes or have an ocean-loving friend you want to make something special for, this kit is a great way to explore beautiful natural sceneries through resin art. 

Although this project may seem more complex than other resin kits on the list, rest assured — it is perfectly suitable for beginners.

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It includes three different-sized birch plywood boards to design everything from frothy shorelines and dynamic waves while experimenting with colors and textures to replicate dreamy beach vibes — all with resin! 

A perk of purchasing this kit is that you will learn how to apply heat to your work to create movement and explore techniques when working with this medium.

Be aware that this set only provides the essentials for this project, so additional crafting accessories such as gloves, masks, or aprons will be on you.

That’s it for our guide of the best resin kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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