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Best latch hook kits: Make your own rug at home

If you’re one to keep up with the latest craft trends on social media, you’ve probably noticed that rug making is all the rage these days. All you have to do is check out rug tufters on TikTok to see just how popular this hobby has become!

However, purchasing a tufting gun can get pretty pricey, which may prevent you from attempting this creative pastime. But fear not, there’s a great alternative — latch hook kits!

Latch hooking involves manually tying pre-cut pieces of yarn to horizontal strands on a canvas grid to create all kinds of designs and patterns.

Getting into rug making with latch hook kits is a great way to familiarize yourself with the craft before getting into more complex ventures, not to mention more accessible and affordable than bulky tufting gun projects. 

Want to see what these are all about? Check out some of our favorite latch hook kits below for some inspiration!

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Best latch hook kits: Quick picks

Blue mandala latch hook kit

Blue Mandala Latch Hook Kit by BestArtsCrafts

  • Elaborate, multicolored design
  • 32 x 24 inches
  • Wooden handle latch hook tool

Custom latch hook kit

Customizable Latch Hook Kits by ChicDesignStyle

  • Customizable project designs
  • Wide range of project sizes available
  • Excellent option for gifts

Poodle latch hook kit for kids

Mini-Rug Poodle Kit by LatchKits

  • Fun option for children
  • Unique 3D effect
  • Perfect wall hanging project

Best latch hook kits

There’s a world of latch hook kits online including all the materials and guidance you need to get crafting with ease. Keep reading to discover some of our favorites!

Blue Mandala Latch Hook Kit by BestArtsCrafts

Blue mandala latch hook kit

This latch hook rug kit offers a stunning project filled with unique patterns and designs. This piece’s color choices will dazzle any rug art enthusiast and easily blend into any décor in your home.

In this set, you’ll find a quality latch hook tool with a wooden handle along with a mesh canvas with a pre-knitted blue line for guidance while you craft.

Your final project will measure 32 x 24 inches and can be showcased as a rug, wall tapestry, or floor mat.

While the design may seem complex, this set is appropriate for beginners and very intuitive — just follow the instructions, and you’ll have your very own DIY rug to display before you know it!

Keep in mind that this project is best for young adults and up.

Abstract Rug Making Kit by SSArtsbyLynn

Abstract latch hook rug making kit

If you like abstract, colorful patterns, this psychedelic, tie-dye-inspired kit will be right up your alley!

The spiral design measures approximately 20.47 x 15 inches once finished and will already be printed onto your canvas.

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To get the best results, carefully follow the guidelines on yarn placement and colors provided in your kit.  

These kits are shipped from China, so if you are an international buyer and want quick delivery, this may not be the best option. 

However, if you’re willing to wait (it’s worth it!), I also recommend checking out the entire shop to see more of this seller’s unique designs and latch hook kits. 

Customizable Latch Hook Kits by ChicDesignStyle

Custom latch hook kit

Looking for original latch hook kits and projects?

This custom-design kit is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make a unique gift or feel motivated to craft around a theme you love.

After sending the seller an image or photo of your choice, you’ll receive a kit containing a pre-printed canvas featuring your design! Canvas sizes range from 9 x 12 inches to 30 x 40 inches.

This is also an especially great pick for younger crafters who want to pay homage to their pets, favorite superheroes, cartoon characters, and more. Your kit will also include handpicked yarn, color cards, and a latch hook tool to complete your project.

Because it’s a quality, customizable option, this is one of the more expensive latch hook kits suggested. Also, note that you are not advised to machine wash your rug after completion.

Rabbit Rug Kit by ChicDesignStyle

Rabbit rug making kit

Next up is another latch hook kit from the previous seller, this time with an adorable design that’s sure to appeal to Peter Rabbit or Velveteen Rabbit fans.

This child-friendly DIY latch hook kit features a 20 x 15-inch rectangular rug of a rabbit holding a carrot.

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The finished product uses a polyester/acrylic wool blend thread, mesh canvas with grid lines, and skid-free silicone backing.

It also contains a complete set of materials and instructions, so you won’t need to buy anything else to get started. As with all kits, supervision is necessary to prevent injury from the needle on the latch hook tool.

If this specific design doesn’t appeal to you or your child, this shop has plenty more options and latch hook kits to choose from.

Noah’s Ark Latch Hook Kit by HeiWongShop

Noahs Ark round latch hook kit

This ~20-inch circular Noah’s Ark-inspired latch hook kit is perfect for a child’s room or nursery.

The set consists of polyamide fiber/nylon embroidery threads, a mesh canvas, a color card, a crochet hook, and colorful drawing accessories.

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To make life easier, the canvas is color coded with a finished backing to make this rug project a breeze no matter your skill set.

Like most latch-hook kits, you must wash your final item by hand because it probably will not survive the washer.

This shop is based in Hong Kong, and has many more cute designs worth checking out!

Mini-Rug Poodle Kit by LatchKits

Poodle latch hook kit for kids

Young dog fans will love this 3D poodle rug making kit!

In this kit, you’ll find one fabric-lined canvas that outlines the shape and color of a poodle. The color coded canvas makes it easy to pick up where you left off after taking a break, so it doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting. 

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This latch hook rug kit includes five yarn bundles, two sizes, a latch hook tool, and an instruction guide with illustrations to walk you through each step.

So, what makes it 3D? The yarn sizes come in medium and extra long to make the fluffy image pop out! The finished product will measure 12 x 11 inches, which is perfect for a mini rug or home wall decor.

Because the kit includes a (somewhat) sharp latch hook tool, it’s recommended for children ages 6 and up.

Snuggly Pets Latch Rug Making Kit by Myriad Choices

Latch hook kits dog rug

With this next kit, you can choose between two designs: snuggling puppies or kittens. Both finished rugs measure 19.7 x 18 inches with an acrylic mesh base cloth. 

They’re also quite soft, as the pre-cut yarn has been treated with softeners during the production process. This makes it extremely easy to hook in comparison to other kits, and you can rest assured that everything is odorless and non-toxic.

However, there is no printed image on the canvas, so you’ll have to rely on the included image and red grid lines printed on the canvas to guide you. This can be tedious, but it does provide an added level of difficulty and concentration that makes this project exciting!

This project is suitable for children ages six and up. That said, it’s probably best that children have some adult help and supervision.

Unicorn Latch Hook Kit by B Me

Unicorn DIY latch hook kit

Does your child love unicorns? If so, this is the perfect latch hook kit to buy!

The kit includes 15 bundles of colorful yarn, a canvas with a pre-printed colorful shape of a unicorn, a latch tool, and suction cups for mounting.

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Your set will also contain a selection of colored yarn in six different hues, all pre-cut to size for easy crafting.

This rug-hooking kit fosters good eye-hand coordination, problem-solving skills, and motivates your child to concentrate on something besides a screen, making it a great gift for young crafters.

Cats Latch Hook Kit by MeetBSelf

Cats latch hook kit for adults

The last of the latch hook kits on our guide features an adorable design cat lovers will love to display in any area of their home.

It’s larger than average at roughly 20 x 15 inches and has a skid-free back, so you won’t have to worry about slipping.

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The pattern is printed on the canvas to show you exactly where to hook the colored yarn. There’s also a color guide to help you pick the correct pre-cut yarn from the set.

Besides its cute design and complete set of tools, this is also one of the most budget-friendly latch hook kits and makes a creative gift for crafters ages four and up.

What to know before buying a latch hook kit

There are all kinds of latch hook kits on the market, but how do you know which one is best for you?

First, think about what you want to make and where your piece will go. For example, will you be making a cozy rug for your bedroom? A cute wall hanging for your child’s playroom? Or maybe you’re looking to make a personalized gift for a friend.

No matter your goal, keep in mind that projects will take some time to complete and may require a little patience before you fully get the hang of things — especially if you’re a beginner.

The benefit of latch hook kits is that besides instructions, they include all the basics to get started in a single set, allowing you to pursue any project with everything you need, at your own pace.

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Also, it’s important to know that latch hook tools may vary from kit to kit, whether in size (5.7 inches to 6.5 inches), material (wood or plastic), or shape (bent or straight).

Some sellers offer the option to purchase kits without this tool for a lower price. That said, if you already own a latch hook, ensure its features are compatible with your soon-to-be project before buying.

What about the canvas? Here you’ll find mesh, cotton, or polyester backings. Mesh tends to be easier to work with but less soft when finished, while cotton and polyester provide a nicer finish at the cost of workability.

That’s it for my picks for the best latch hook kits you can buy! Which one will you be buying for yourself or a loved one today?


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