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Best punch needle kits: Unique punch needle art for beginners and up

Attention yarn lovers and embroidery enthusiasts: it’s time to check out best punch needle kits!

Punch needling is a great activity to branch out to if you’re familiar with some of the craft’s techniques and materials. Nevertheless, there is a sweeping array of punch needle kits out there every fiber lover will enjoy, regardless of their artistic backgrounds and interests.

While punch needling may resemble embroidering in some aspects, this retro art form requires completely different tools and techniques, resulting in a unique aesthetic that differs from the dainty, refined finishes that characterize embroidery.

From lovely cushion patterns, cute botanical characters, and brooches to sophisticated abstract motifs and holiday-inspired hangings, we’ve got you covered with the best punch needle kits! 

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How to choose the best punch needle kit for you

There is something special about punch needling: the playful colors, yarn textures, the addictive technique, its affordability — there is just so much to love about this craft!

Since our suggestions are mostly suited for beginners, you can expect to find all essential tools and materials within a single kit.

Once you have the basics down, you’ll soon be on your way to trying out more advanced punch needle kits, or speed things up by trying out rug tufting!

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Complete punch needle kits will include all fundamental tools, but here’s a quick primer on what you need to know before buying.

Oxford punch needle

This is what you will use to punch yarn into your design and exists for different yarn weights and loop forms. To insert material into this tool, you will also need a threader.

Starter punch needle kits usually offer plastic punch needles that are cheaper, although just as effective.

Monk cloth

This type of cloth is unique to punch needling and different from the fabric used for embroidery. Its characteristic loose holes allow you to push your needle through textile while remaining tight enough to secure loops in place. 


This tool is fundamental and a part of any quality kit. They are what hold your piece in place while you punch.

These should ideally be non-slip and adjustable. Some punch needle kits may include a plastic and a wooden hoop: the first for crafting and the second to showcase your final piece. 


Imagine a world of patterns. Now multiply that by — a lot!

Nowadays, finding diverse punch needle designs and themes is a simple task for crafters of all levels. While most punch needle kits deliver already stenciled fabric, some may send patterns separately and require tracing.


Last but not least, beloved yarn. While yarn is included in most punch needle kits, this isn’t always the case.

If you happen to order a kit without yarn, remember that you can easily purchase at craft stores or online for cheap. You may even consider switching things up and using different colors than the yarn suggested in your kit.

Best punch needle kits

Whether you want to enjoy a night in with friends, kick back with the fam on the weekend, or nerd out on your own, here is a list of some of the best punch needle kits available to get you making craftsy plans in the near future!

Fox Punch Needle Starter Kit by Handisky

Beginners fox punch needle kits on

This Bestseller kit on Etsy is a great pick for newbies exploring this craft for the first time. 

Featuring a cute animal design everyone is bound to love (I mean, how can you not?), this kit includes the essentials for your first attempt at punch needling: stenciled fabric, an adjustable hoop, a needle threader, and a punch needle tool. 

Our favorite is the fox design above, but there are a total of ten animal designs to choose from. And they’re all adorable!

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This kit is a savvy choice if you don’t want to make costly investments in the craft at first — although we’re confident you’ll get hooked in no time! 

Wrapped in recyclable packaging and including 100% cotton yarn, this is also an ideal option for vegans and environmentally conscientious crafters as it does not use animal by-products. 

Punch Needle Beginner Kit by PunchyStuff

Punch Needle Beginner Kit by PunchyStuff

Next up is another Etsy punch needle kit for beginners: an appealing choice for young adults and up who love bohemian-inspired aesthetics. 

Beautifully packaged, this 6-inch boho rainbow design is part of a complete kit, including two hoops: a plastic hoop for crafting and a wooden hoop to frame your final piece.

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Besides high-quality double knit yarn, a threader, and hoops, you’ll receive your rainbow pattern separately. That means you’ll have to trace it onto the monk cloth yourself. 

The creator of the PunchyStuff shop, Kelly, also provides Youtube video instructions for beginners and includes cute details like tips & tricks and personal notes in her packages. You won’t get that kind of service from big retailers like Amazon!

British Wool Sunset Punch Needle Cushion Kit by TheModernCrafter

Sunset cushion punch needle kits

This complete punch needle set offers DIYers a unique opportunity to make an elegant cushion to spruce up their homes. 

Wool, a reusable stretcher bar frame, punch needle fabric, calico backing, yarn snips, a project bag, and an already printed design are all included in the kit. You’ll also receive a beautiful Maplewood oxford punch needle and a threader. 

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The Modern Crafter is also offering this design as part of a three-month subscription where you will receive a new cushion design per month.

This option is one of the priciest on our punch needle kits list but does offer the possibility of paying in installments to lessen the load! Plus, the quality of the materials is a step above the plastic options found in cheaper kits.

If your eyes sparkle at the thought of pillow punch needle projects, you can also consider purchasing this very affordable floral pillow pattern PDF to keep the punching going after you finish the kit!

Unicorn Yarn Punch Needle Kit by RRIBOUDWAN

Unicorn beginners punch needle kits

If you just started exploring this craft and are looking for adorable patterns on the cheap, this unicorn punch needle kit might be he one for you. 

Alongside four other designs of cute animals, this is a fun option to feed your Peter Pan complex or gift to a unicorn-loving friend or family member. 

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This kit consists of bright, silky milk fiber yarn, a plastic hoop, and all of the necessary tools required to bring this sweet design to life.

Although there are more refined punch needle kits out there, this is a fun option to spark creativity in children and instill healthy, DIY activities in a world brimming with technology!

Starry Night Punch Needle Kit by Needle Hobby 

Van gogh punch needle kits

Discover your artist within with the help of Van Gogh — well, kind of. 

This Starry Night punch needle kit is suited for admirers of timeless masterpieces looking to have some fun at replicating these works through different mediums. 

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Perfect for beginners, this kit includes everything you’ll need to recreate this iconic painting: an adjustable punch needle pen and threader, hoops, printed monks cloth (28x28cm), and yarn. 

Punch needling this design is also a great way to experiment with geometric shapes and lines and practice techniques before moving on to more difficult works.

If you want to avoid Amazon and support local businesses, you can also purchase a similar option on Etsy, but for a slightly higher price. 

Punch Needle Craft Making bymylifehandmade

Abstract punch needle kits

Boasting beautiful packaging and a sophisticated, abstract design, this gorgeous punch needle kit on Etsy is a fitting choice for those with a taste for the luxurious.

The intricate packaging alone will be well-worth your purchase, including items such as high-quality wool, a hessian base, and an elegant tote bag to store your items.

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Suitable for beginners, this lavish kit isn’t too pricey at a little under $50, making it an elegant pick to kickstart your punch needle adventure. 

Whether you want to add a special touch to your home or create something beautiful for a loved one, this kit is ideal if you are looking to work with the essentials while relishing a top-quality experience. 

Rosa Parks Punch Needle Kits by KidsCraftsLLC

Rosa parks punch needle kits KidsCraftsLLC

This incredibly unique kit is part of a crafts collection by KidsCraftsLLC that pays homage to influential women in history. 

It includes a small a punch needle project around the figure of Rosa Parks, providing an educational and entertaining experience for young minds. 

As the most inspiring of our listed punch needle kits, you’ll be delighted to find a beautifully stenciled canvas, yarn, felt stickers, pom-pom fringes, non-toxic fabric glue, and tools for display within this carefully curated kit. 

Other items belonging to this collection offer diverse craft experiences with important messages to honor inspiring Women such as Maya Angelou, RGB, Frida Kahlo, and Greta Thunberg. 

Botanical Punch Needle Kit by reygudesign 

Fun botanical punch needle kits

This item made our punch needle kits list because, I mean, it’s just too darling not to!

Featuring sweet, botanical cartoon characters, this set is perfect for beginners of all ages looking for complete punch needle kits with multiple designs. 

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Along with standard punch needle tools, this kit offers the option to choose between three punch needle types for different weight yarn, includes three printed patterns, and a wooden hoop to showcase your accomplishments.

In this case, you will have to trace your designs onto your fabric — a great opportunity for newbies to put their skills to the test! You’ll also have access to a Youtube tutorial to guide you through your project.

If you prefer working with more realistic botanical motifs, you can check out options like this PDF punch needle pattern on Etsy! 

Anchor Dee Hardwicke Flower Freestyle Kit 

Flower punch needle project

If you like to create wearable fashion items, this retro punch needle flower kit is an affordable option to consider.

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As the cheapest recommendation on our punch needle kits guide, this pack offers a small flower design for a brooch — a practical way to work on smaller surfaces and perfect technique. 

Because of its affordable price, this is a convenient pick for crafters who want to create quick, personalized gifts.

Christmas Decoration Punch Needle Kit by Whole Punching

Christmas ornaments punch needle kits

‘Tis the season to get a punch needle kit! 

Beautiful and suited for all levels of punch needlers, this holiday kit is a fun pick if you love catching up with friends over hot cocoa while assembling crafty DIY projects. 

These bauble decorations are not only lovely and easy to make but a resourceful way to create timeless, reusable items that will last a lifetime.

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This kit is wrapped in recyclable packaging and comprises sustainably sourced yarn, design templates, a hoop, a punch needle, linen fabric, and felt backing fabric. 

Enjoy this environment-friendly kit and check out more Whole Punching items such as the brand’s DIY bundlesintermediate punch needle kits, and stunning punch needle kits for beginners

You can also find sweet holiday-inspired PDF patterns on Etsy at a very affordable value. 

Coaster Making Kit by Julia Davey

Coasters punch needle kits

Want to make some boho-chic, fancy-schmancy textile coasters? 

Offering exquisite rug yarn to make impressive, durable pieces, this high-end kit gives beginners all they need to create stunning punch needle items able to inspire the start of new business ventures and personal projects.

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When ordering this kit, you’ll be sent patterns to trace: stenciling onto your monk cloth and hoop work will be on you! 

But fear not, you’ll be given clear instructions to guide you in the process. 

If you want to meet the creator of this kit, watch this Youtube tutorial to get a sneak peek of the process behind making these coasters! 

That’s it for our picks for the best punch needle kits you can buy! Which one will you be buying for yourself or a loved one today?

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