Best flower press kits: Add vibrant dried flowers to your art projects and décor

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Pressing flowers is a wonderful hobby and a beautiful way to incorporate nature into your artwork.

It’s also easy, relaxing, and the results are incredible, whether you enjoy admiring pressed flowers on their own or the idea of working them into other crafts like resin art, stained glass art, candle-making, soap-making, and more.

While using a bulky book has been known to do the trick, there’s something special about working with flower press kits — not to mention they’re far more effective than any other DIY alternative.

There are tons of presses of different shapes, sizes, and prices. So if you’re a beginner, looking for a gift for a young crafter, or in the mood to treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind item to kickstart your new hobby, you’ve come across our guide to the best flower presses just in time!

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Best flower press kits Quick picks

Best flower pressing kits for beginners

Flower Press Kit

  • Complete kit with fun add-ons
  • Mid-range price
  • Makes for an excellent gift

Microwave flower pressing kits

Max Microfleur Microwave Flower Press

  • Best microwave flower press to buy
  • Press and dry in minutes vs. weeks
  • Requires a microwave to use

Leaf press kit

Leaf Press Kit

  • Unique, artisan item
  • Expensive
  • Originally designed to press leaves only

How to choose the best flower press kit for you

Luckily, flower presses are among the most accessible and easy-to-use tools you’ll ever use for crafting.

They’re straightforward, appropriate for almost every age group, and are relatively affordable, considering they’re built to last.

There are, however, criteria that deserve consideration before purchase, especially if you’re a beginner.


The larger your flower press kit is, the more capacity it holds (naturally).

If you intend to work on multiple projects, you’ll benefit greatly from getting a large press and packing more flowers and plants in one go.

Pocket-sized or small wooden flower press kits are also fantastic options and do the job just as well. However, they’ll inevitably feel more restrictive, especially if you aim to press full bouquets, plants with long stems, etc.

Wooden vs microwave flower presses

Apart from size and aesthetics, the ultimate choice will be opting between a traditional press or a microwave flower press kit. Unlike standard flower press kits, microwave kits will dry your flowers within minutes vs. weeks.

However, while speed is hard to resist, you may not always get as organically pressed flowers as desired.

But, who knows, you might not consider this an obstacle! It all comes down to experimenting with different options and finding what meets your projects’ needs. You don’t need perfectly pressed flowers to incorporate them into other artwork, soaps, candles, etc.


While it’s not unusual to pay more for a large flower press, this isn’t always the case.

Price can be based on a number of factors: the quality of materials (especially for wooden presses), whether or not your kit is customizable, quality of blotting paper if included, if technology is involved, if devices are handmade, artisan creations, etc.

The only item that will eventually need renewal for this activity is blotting paper (if you purchase a traditional press), which is affordable and easy to find in most craft shops and online art suppliers.

Best flower press kits

Discover some of the best flower press kits to incorporate all kinds of vibrant flora into your craftwork.

Best wooden flower press kit for beginners: The Flower Press Kit

Best flower press kits for beginners

This beautifully packaged Etsy Pick is an incredible item that will excite every flower-pressing hobbyist, especially beginners.

This complete kit contains a set of unique features besides its 17 x 23cm (~6 x 9 in) handmade, pinewood press: a lovely herbarium folder to document and archive your findings, stickers to classify your plants/flowers, cardboard, blotting paper, scissors, and a trendy, silk printed cotton bag to hold your materials.

You’ll also get an illustrated, step-by-step handbook with instructions in English — even though this item is shipped from Madrid, Spain. This press also makes for an appealing decorative piece, definitely beating your typical DIY book-pile press!

You can purchase this item on Etsy for ~$50; a great buy considering the quality items and tools it includes. In addition, this kit is really modern and fresh, making it an excellent gift for an artsy friend looking to begin or reignite their love for the craft!

Best microwave flower press kit: Max Microfleur Kit

Best flower press kits microwave

The Max Microfleur microwave flower press kit works like a charm! And it’s so easy to use: just set your flowers on the press, seal it, and pop it into your microwave for a few minutes. And bam — vibrant, dried flowers at your service!

The 23 x 23cm (~9 x 9 in) set includes two vented platens, thick wool pads, fabric liners, clips, and an instructional booklet. Note, following instructions is critical when using this kit as there is a risk of burning your contents at first attempts.

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Also, don’t expect a pretty-looking press here; it’s all about speed and functionality with this one. Besides efficiency, another advantage is that you’ll be able to press hundreds of times (if done correctly!) without having to outsource blotting paper or other additional materials.

It’s the perfect choice if your main hobbies are jewelry-making, candle-making, resin art, or similar, and don’t want to keep your projects on hold for weeks while waiting for flowers to dry.

Mind you that Etsy only ships this item within the USA, so if you live abroad, Amazon is your best alternative. You can also find a cheaper, smaller model of the Microfleur press on Etsy and Amazon.

Best large flower press kit: XL A3 Personalized Flower Press Kit

Best XL flower press kits

While this seller offers a wide range of flower press kit sizes, this XL A3 model is a fabulous choice if your heart is set on buying a large flower press.

It’s the ideal fit if you’re looking to press many flowers at a time or want to try out projects that incorporate longer/wider pieces of foliage or blooms. But there are more reasons to check it out!

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You’ll be able to pick from multiple colors and request customized carvings to embellish and personalize your press to your liking — it’s gorgeous! You can also order an A3 glass frame to display your work once it’s ready to be assembled.

Unlike the buckle straps in the first option, this XL birch plywood press is sealed by bolts: the most efficient way to get rid of moisture effectively. The kit also includes nine pieces of cardboard, four washers, and four wing nuts.

It makes for a beautiful gift, whether as a final project or a complete set. It also looks lovely on a shelf, blending effortlessly into the aesthetic of any craft station or living area.

This item is shipped from Latvia and delivered worldwide.

Best miniature flower press kit: Perfect Pocket Flower Press Kit

Best mini flower press kit

Next up is one of my favorite flower press kits because it’s practical, easy to carry, and cheap!

Although it’s the most straightforward option in our guide, this Etsy Star Seller is a fun pick if you love to wander through the countryside, spontaneously pick up fallen leaves from the sidewalk, or steal a flower or two from your neighbor’s garden.

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Measuring 12 x 8cm (~5 x 3 in), this pocket-sized press has elastic bands and includes five sheets of corrugated card, eight sugar paper sheets, and a little info card with instructions. This model also comes in three different handmade screen-printed patterns to choose from!

It’s a convenient option if you’re on a budget and love pressing flowers for small-scale projects like making bookmarks, jewelry, or resin items. And of course, it’s a really original and affordable gift for nature-lovers, travelers and journalers!

This kit ships worldwide from the UK.

Most unique flower press kit: Leaf Press Kit

Leaf and flower press kits

This stunning item is the most artisan of all the flower press kits on our guide, and is specifically designed for pressing leaves!

The unique device is impressively handmade with high-quality cherry and maple wood and has a thick wooden bolt that runs through its center to clamp sheets together.

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The kit contains 50 sheets of blotting paper and 10 plexiglass display frames — a great way to give someone a meaningful gift or set-up a nature-themed gallery in your home.

Besides its structure and being primarily for leaves, the main difference between this item and other flower press kits is that pressing time is far more reduced: you’re likely to be crafting a week after you’ve pressed.

This press is somewhat of a special edition, and while the most expensive item on the list, it is one to own if you’re a seasoned crafter seeking memorable collector-like pieces to add to your craft station.

Note that this product is shipped and delivered within the USA only.

Best flower press kit gift: Custom Botanical Flower Press Kit

Custom botanical and flower press kits

Personally, I still think creative gifts are the best, and this flower press kit is an incredibly original option if you’re on the lookout for something unique!

This customizable kit can come in four different combinations: you can pick whether or not you want to include a gift box and/or frame, and the option to select from a variety of press sizes. You’ll also be able to choose color (over 20 hues available!), monogram style, and request personalized messages for engraving.

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Besides a 6mm birch plywood press, if requesting a complete set, your package will include a frame, six sheets of corrugated cardboard, eight blotting sheets, wing nuts, and bolts. Apart from the quality in design and packaging, I love this kit because of the wide range of press sizes and customizable alternatives on offer.

While I appreciate all kinds of compositions, I have a soft spot for framing smaller dry flower projects because I feel like they really showcase beautiful details that go unnoticed in nature. This is the perfect kit to get if you feel the same way or know someone who does!

This kit is sold on Etsy and is shipped from Ukraine.

Best flower press kit for children: Green Creativity Pressed Flower Art Kit

Best for children flower press kits

Last but not least, this 4M flower press art kit is by far the most popular set for children, and rightly so.

This complete kit is ideal for crafters ages five and up and is a wonderful way to get children in touch with nature and their creative side. If you already enjoy flower pressing projects, getting this kit for your child or younger family members is a fantastic segue to exploring the activity together.

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The kit includes a 10 x 10cm (~4 x 4 in) press, corrugated cardboard, blotting paper, plastic screws/wing nuts, trinket boxes, greeting cards, envelopes, bookmarks, and every supply you’ll need to assemble all of the projects it contains.

This is the cheapest item on our list because it’s made of basic materials and is pretty small and, therefore, a better match for simple projects. However, it’s an excellent kit to keep children entertained while stimulating their imagination — and on a budget.

How to use a flower press kit

As mentioned previously, using a flower press might just be the easiest thing you’ll ever do in arts and crafts. 

Want proof? Read below to get a glimpse of how both standard and microwave flower presses are used.

Wooden flower press:

These items contain layers of paper held between two sturdy wooden boards, commonly held together by bolts and wing nuts, cord, or elastic straps. 

  1.  Select your flowers, unscrew the wing nuts from the bolts, and remove the top board until you just have your blotting paper (or parchment paper) facing up. 
  2.  Place your flowers onto the paper and add another layer of paper over your layout — just think flower/paper sandwich!
  3.  Put the top board back on and screw the wing nuts back on tightly (essential for removing as much moisture as possible). 
  4.  Let your press sit for 3-4 weeks. You can open your press once in a while and substitute paper sheets to ensure your flowers don’t brown during this time. 
  5.  Once flowers are dry, they’re ready to be used and applied to any project you desire! 

Microwave flower press:

Although there are several microwave-safe flower presses, such as the Aboofx Microwave Flower Press, Microfleur is the top microwave flower press brand on the market and has served as a reference for the steps below.  

  1. Select your flowers, and place them face down on the fabric that lines the plastic base platen.
  2. Cover the flowers with the second piece of fabric — again, think flower sandwich (this time with fabric instead of paper).
  3. Top this off with the top platen and apply the clamps around the press accordingly and tightly.
  4. Place the sealed press in the microwave for an initial short burst (follow directions to the T with this kind of kit!)
  5. Remove from the microwave and check if your flowers are moisture-free and flattened. If not, return the press to the microwave for another short burst.
  6. Keep checking your flowers, and once they’re dry enough, peel them off the cloth and craft away! 

That’s it for our guide of the best flower press kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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