Best embroidery kits: Learn and practice embroidering with a modern twist

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If you were turned off by embroidery because you think it’s all about repetitive techniques and cliché designs, you’re in for a treat with these modern embroidery kits!

Nowadays, there is a world of embroidery kits for beginners featuring many different styles and themes, with budget-friendly price tags and quality materials to create all kinds of striking, gift-worthy pieces.

Want to know more? Here are our picks for the best and most unique embroidery kits and projects you can make your own with just a few clicks!

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Best embroidery kits: Quick picks

Stitch sampler embroidery kits for beginners

Stitch Sampler Beginner Embroidery Kit 

  • Very original kit for starters
  • The pattern can be bought separately
  • Can be used as a reference for future projects
Paris rooftoops embroidery kit

Rooftops of Paris Embroidery Kit

  • Perfect for urban sketchers and map illustrators
  • More advanced project
  • Beautiful for showcasing
Hand embroidery kits for children

Kids Craft Starter Embroidery Kit

  • Affordable, comprehensive kit
  • Includes a fun tote bag embroidering project
  • Includes guidebook for 10 projects

Best embroidery kits

Looking for unique and modern embroidery kits for beginners? You’ll have fun with any of the sets below!

Stitch Sampler Beginner Embroidery Kit 

Stitch Sampler Beginner Embroidery Kits

This is the perfect pick if you’re looking for unique embroidery kits or a gift for someone interested in creative needlecraft projects.

Available for ~$30, this product provides a fun segue into the world of stitches. The set contains an 8-inch (~20cm) piece of cloth stamped with 14 small designs to produce an embroidery stitch sampler of your own.

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A wooden hoop, nine DMC thread skeins, an embroidery needle, and an instruction sheet will also be included to complete your project from beginning to end. And the good news is that no transferring will be required!

If you’re looking for a way to practice and familiarize yourself with technique, this is a super original way to develop a visual reference for future projects. Also, because designs are dainty and aesthetic, they will be more than worthy of display!

All materials and packaging for this product are eco-friendly, including the ink used for printing. If you’re interested in purchasing this pattern seperately, you can find it here for ~$15. This floral-inspired stamped design is another excellent option to look into by this seller!

Note that this is a very popular item and occassionally runs out of stock. Be patient or contact the seller to find out when they’ll be available again!

Custom Name Embroidery Kit

Custom Name Embroidery Kits

One of the best parts about crafting is the opportunity to create handmade projects that reflect your personality and spirit. That said, if you’ve been looking for customizable embroidery kits, here’s one to look out for!

As you purchase this kit, you’ll send your seller the word/name request you’d like to have printed onto your cloth and choose your preferred thread colors from four options. And that’s pretty much it!

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Your package will contain your pre-printed design on white cotton calico fabric, thread, a 6-inch (~15cm) wooden embroidery hoop, and an embroidery needle. You’ll also get a detailed stitch and color guide to ensure you have the instruction needed to complete your project.

Shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide, this makes for an excellent gift, whether as a set or as a final embroidered piece — it has the potential for the perfect gag gift with a sophisticated twist!

And as if this weren’t enough, you can also expect a small surprise item in your package — complements of your seller! Also, consider that thread colors may vary slightly from what you see at purchase; however, this shouldn’t be a big enough issue to dissuade you from considering this set.

Heroes Mini Embroidery Kits

Heroes Mini Embroidery Kits

Looking for creative ways to express girl power? If so, this mini embroidery kit is right up your alley!

This embroidery kit features 18 historical personalities to choose from to craft inspiring creations of the women you admire. Your package will contain the pre-printed design of your choice, thread, an embroidery needle, hoop, and access to an online tutorial for guidance.

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Unlike most embroidery kits for beginners, these fabric templates are slightly smaller, making it the perfect starter set to practice your skills. Stitching techniques are also less complex; you won’t be covering your entire fabric with thread but rather embellishing around your pre-printed designs.

If you’re looking for a meaningful craft-making experience, whether your goal is to empower a friend or simply find inspiration, this is a great budget-friendly idea packed with originality! Note that these kits are shipped from France and sold worldwide.

For more unique embroidery kits under this theme, check out the seller’s UK Heroes Kit and French Heroes Kits for more options. And if you want to try out more mini embroidery projects, this city-themed mini set is also a great pick!

Yoga Embroidery Kit 

Yoga Embroidery Kit 

Embroidery is one of those needlecraft creative hobbies that are meditative and relaxing. If this is a theme you want to take a step further, this yoga-inspired embroidery kit is quite the gem.

Perfect if you prefer embroidering designs that depict the human figure rather than abstract imagery or landscapes, this kit includes the basics to complete this minimalistic project.

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Besides DMC thread, a needle, and pre-printed fabric, your set will also include an illustrated, detailed guide and color code to ensure you’re supported every step of the way — a plus for complete newbies.

You’ll also receive a slightly larger than average hoop and fabric size, making this a particularly ideal project for display. Also, I really appreciate the intricate details of this design; it’s a great way to challenge yourself to practice more challenging stitching styles and techniques.

If you’ve wanted to support small, female-led businesses, purchasing this kit is a great way to do so! This set is delivered worldwide from the UK.

Modern Crewel Embroidery Kit with Pattern

Modern Crewel Embroidery Kit with Pattern

Crewel embroidery doesn’t get the same rep as traditional embroidery, but it’s definitely worth trying out — these crewel embroidery kits are a great way to test the waters!

For under $20, you can select from nine different landscape-inspired patterns and receive a complete kit with lovely wool thread, linen, an embroidery needle, and instructions. And good news: these crewel embroidery kits are sold worldwide.

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You’ll also have the option to select from various hoops whether you want one for crafting or display, all measuring 8 inches (~20cm). I really appreciate how large these designs are and the generous amount of patterns you can pick from.

Because some patterns are more intricate than others, you’ll have the chance to select one that best matches your skillset without missing out on making these beautiful designs.

While some embroidery kits are more about the process, these designs are really soothing and aesthetic, which will certainly motivate you to showcase or gift your work once you’ve completed your crafting. And best of all, they’re all easy to make!

Vintage Flowers Embroidery Kit

Vintage Flowers Embroidery Kit

It’s impossible to speak about embroidery without referring to one of this craft’s most popular themes: flowers.

Perfect for vintage-aesthetic-loving hobbyists and more classic artists, this beautiful embroidery kit revolves around darling floral and botanical motifs. However, this kit is only delivered to Canada, the UK, and the USA.

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At purchase, you’ll have the option to choose from five different flower/botanical-inspired patterns. Besides your pre-printed cloth, you’ll also receive two embroidery needles, a complete set of threads, and an optional embroidery hoop.

Another item you will get in your package is an illustrated stitch guide to give you direction as you work through your project. That makes this is an excellent pick if you’re looking for embroidery kits for beginners!

Also, because these designs are timeless, they’ll be perfect additions to any room in your home or beautiful gifts for any occasion. Note that some patterns may be sold out temporarily, but I highly recommend contacting the seller directly if you want to know more.

Cushion Cover Embroidery Kit

Embroidery pillow case kits

Speaking of classic embroidery trends, next up is another product you’ll love if you’ve been looking for embroidery cushion cover projects.

Choose your favorite floral-inspired pattern and start crafting a beautiful linen pillowcase to add a special touch to your home. For ~$25, this complete kit includes a ~17-inch (45cm) pre-printed linen cushion, plastic hoop, two embroidery needles, a set of cotton threads, and an instruction sheet.

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While this project may seem intimidating initially, rest assured that it’s beginner-friendly; also, what’s the rush? This is a great way to take your starter skills to the next level and apply your technique to something a little more challenging.

This seller also provides bulk purchases if you’re interested in buying more than one cushion and pattern — a great option to consider if you want to make matching sets for your living room or bedroom. You’ll also be able to choose thread colors, allowing you to see what will match your décor best!

This seller ships from Australia and delivers worldwide. Therefore, some deliveries may take slightly longer depending on where you’re based.

Sashiko Japanese Embroidery Kit

Sashiko embroidery kits

Although Sashiko is commonly associated with visible mending and sewing projects, this technique’s beauty and minimal aesthetic definitely deserve to be showcased as décor.

I especially enjoy this kit because it goes beyond traditional Sashiko designs and offers several patterns to choose from, such as circles, stars, or hearts. You can also select from classic Sashiko thread colors, whether you prefer blue, red, or mustard yellow.

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For slightly over $25, this Etsy kit is perfect for beginners trying this Japanese needlecraft style for the first time. However, this product is shipped from the UK but does not ship worldwide, so I advise checking this information or contacting the seller if in doubt.

This kit will include a pre-printed Sashiko pattern (organic calico fabric), a 7-inch (~17cm) work hoop, thread, embroidery needle, and threader. And, of course, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

If you’re already familiar with this sewing style through garment-making or pillowcase needlecraft projects, this is a great way to enjoy and approach the art form from another angle. Framing your embroidered Sashiko cloth will look great, for example!

Rooftops of Paris Embroidery Kit

Rooftops of Paris Embroidery Kit

If you’ve been looking for modern embroidery kits, this Paris-inspired cityscape project is a great way to practice intricate lines and stitching techniques.

Just a little over $30, this Etsy Star Seller kit will include a pre-printed design on fabric, an online instructional video, DMC embroidery floss, needle, and felt backing for a complete finish.

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This is a great pick if you’re passionate about urban art and map illustration and who knows, this concept might even inspire you to create your own embroidery designs. Learning to transfer images onto fabric is a great way to evolve in the craft!

You’ll also have the option to select between different hoop types at purchase, including a 6-inch (~15cm) hoop for display. While this set is designed for all levels, I think it can be slightly more challenging for beginners and more suitable for intermediate-level crafters looking to improve their skills.

Love this theme? Check out other unique embroidery kits inspired by cities by this seller: NYC Top of the Rock, Big Ben, and Amsterdam Gingerbread Houses. All of these sets are shipped from the USA and delivered worldwide.

Space Universe Embroidery Kit

Space Universe Embroidery Kit

Next up is one of the most unique embroidery kits on our guide, and I have to say, my favorite — who doesn’t love a space-themed needlecraft project?

This embroidery set is sold by the same seller as the Custom Name Embroidery Kit on our guide and stands out for its fun pattern featuring iconic space-related imagery from stars and planets to rocket ships and constellations!

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For ~$30, you’ll get a complete kit with a pre-printed pattern (white cotton calico fabric), embroidery needles, a 6-inch (~15cm) wooden hoop, and thread. An illustrated guidebook will also be included, as well as a surprise item gifted by the seller! Items are shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

In addition, you’ll be given the option to select between blue or purple thread at purchase. However, if you’re feeling creative and want to mix things up, adding your personal twist with different colored floss could really make this pattern pop.

Since all the designs are pretty small, this is a great way to practice technique and get into more detailed embroidery. I also really love this kit as a gift, mainly because it’s suitable for adults just as much for children; it’s a lovely pattern to decorate a sci-fi movie buff’s office or a toddler’s bedroom!

Get Started in Embroidery Bundle

Get Started in Embroidery Bundle

Next up is this Hobbycraft embroidery kit for beginners, packed with everything you need to start learning the craft from scratch.

This kit includes all the basics: Milward Nº5 embroidery needles, three colors of DMC mouliné cotton skeins (eight meters long), a 6-inch (~15cm) embroidery hoop, and a four-pack of fabric for stitching.

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The best part of this bundle is that it includes a comprehensive embroidery guidebook for starters containing all you need to know, from stitching styles and techniques to terminology and step-by-step instructions to complete nine projects.

While not the cheapest of embroidery kits for starters, it’s an excellent option if you’re one to collect instructional craft books —a handy item to add to your craft station for future reference or to pass down to a loved one inspired by your newfound hobby!

Hand Embroidery: Timeless techniques for beginners and beyond is another great recommendation if you’re looking for introductory books on the craft.

Kids Craft Starter Embroidery Kit

Kids Craft Starter Embroidery Kit

Children love creative hobbies just as much as we do, and embroidery is a fun DYI option to introduce to youngsters who can’t get enough of craftsy pastimes.

While there are many embroidery kits for children, I really like this CraftLab embroidery set for ages 7-13. Including 10 pre-printed designs, two hoops, cloth, 12 colors of thread, and needles, this kit will be more than enough to get children enthusiastic about the craft.

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Each set will also include an especially unique project: a tote bag to embroider! And don’t worry about figuring out the process on your own; you’ll also receive a comprehensive instructional booklet teaching you how to approach every project in your kit.

More of my favorite embroidery kits for children for roughly the same price are Embroidery Patterns for Beginners, 4M Embroidery Stitches Kit, and Embroidery Jewelry Making Kit for Kids.

How to choose the best embroidery kit for you

Looking into embroidery kits won’t require much brainstorming, but there are a few things you might want to consider before making your pick(s).

Take a moment to evaluate what your goal is. Are you purchasing a kit for a gift? Looking to challenge your skillset? Tackling embroidery for the very first time? An experienced embroiderer looking for unique projects?
Reviewing your objectives is a great way to help you pinpoint which option is best for you.

Also, take price and quality into account. While most embroidery kits for beginners tend to range between ~$20-$30, it’s best to pay a little more for quality resources rather than investing in a cheaper set where materials are simply not going to give you the results expected.

Most kits in our guide include pre-printed designs, but this is not always the case. For newbies, this is the easiest way to get started. However, if you’re an advanced hobbyist, you might want to experiment with transferring for a more challenging experience.

Another great way to explore embroidery kits is by taking some lessons to put your skills to the test. Many of the kits listed include instructional booklets or video guides, but learning from a teacher will undoubtedly get you learning quicker.

Check out our picks for the best online embroidery classes if this is something you’re interested in; there are lots of affordable courses definitely worth looking into.

Lastly, keep an open mind! Having fun is crucial when exploring creative hobbies of any kind, and embroidery is no different! So look for kits that spark joy and relatable themes, and get crafting!

That’s it for our guide of the best embroidery kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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