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Best crochet kits: Kickstart your crochet adventure with super creative, easy-to-do projects

There is an abundant collection of fun crochet kits and easy-to-do projects to satisfy your love for the craft, no matter your skill set.

For newbies, crochet kits are a handy alternative to comprehensive crochet classes. For crochet connoisseurs, they can be an entertaining introduction to new approaches. And boy, there is a lot you can create: blankets, amigurumi, bags, cushions, baby toys — the list goes on!

Crochet kits include everything you need, including complete toolsets and step-by-step instructions to get you from start to finish. Discover our picks for the best crochet kits below; get ready, because it will be hard to pick just one!

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Best crochet kits: Quick picks

Cushion Crochet Kit by Wool Couture Company

  • Beautiful beginner project
  • High-quality chunky yarn
  • Medium-scale project

DIY Baby Crochet Kits

DIY Baby Crochet Kit by Little Conkers

  • Unique crochet project for a baby item
  • Eco-friendly kit
  • Plastic-free stuffing

Amigurumi alien and cow crochet kits

Crochet Kit Flying Saucer Music Pull Toy by Lalylala

  • Extremely creative crochet set
  • Includes music box
  • Complex for complete beginners

How to choose the best crochet kit for you

Picking the right crochet kit can seem overwhelming with so many gorgeous options available. Even moreso, if you’re dipping your toes into the craft for the first time!

The good news is that if you stick to the following, you’ll be able to narrow down your options without breaking a sweat. 

Skill level

Start by selecting a kit that you believe you can tackle, whether it’s very basic or a challenge you feel like you can realistically take on. While complex options are very tempting, getting a cool-looking kit you can’t complete will lead to frustration and zero fun. Take things one step at a time — you can always purchase more crochet kits in the future!

Project and theme

After defining where you stand in terms of skill level, think of what items you want to make. At first you may feel a little restricted in terms of themes and projects; it’s only natural for beginners to feel like there is less variety for their skill level.

For example, amigurumi crochet sets are extra fun but recommended for more advanced crafters. Respect the process and build your way up to more complex projects!


Once you have your eye set on the items you want to create, whether scarves, baby blankets, amigurumi, bags, or others, choose a set that suits your budget. Some kits can get pricey, so be sure to research, compare products, and double-check the quality of materials to get the most bang for your buck.

What to consider as you read this guide:

  • Do some research on each seller: do they provide clear information? Can they be easily contacted if necessary? Do they have a refund policy? 
  • Many of the crochet kits listed offer the option of buying sets with or without certain tools. That said, even if you already own a few crochet hooks, remember that different hooks work with specific yarn weights. Just because you have these tools at hand, doesn’t mean they’re suitable for every project. 
  • Make sure you are aware of the differences between US and UK crochet terminology as this varies. Most of the crochet kits below provide both references in their instructions or booklets, but I advise you to double-check to ensure you breeze through your projects — especially if you’re a beginner. 
  • As you read through the article, you’ll see references to finished project measurements and dimensions. Keep in mind that this may vary depending on the tension used, and your personal technique. So, be sure to consider this aspect before potentially contacting your seller if something looks a little off!

Best crochet kits

Read on to discover the best crochet kits every crocheter will love to make, display, and gift!

DIY Crochet Kit with Crochet Hooks Yarn Set by DIY Craft Zone

DIY Crochet Kit with Crochet Hooks Yarn Set

First up is one of the most complete beginner crochet kits on our list, suitable for teens and up.

Comprising 73 pieces, including 15 skeins of yarn, 21 crochet hooks, stitch holders, row counters, and a tote bag to transport WIP, this starter pack will provide every single tool you’ll need to complete your first project. Your tote is also big enough to store any knitting kits and needles you may have!

Although materials aren’t high-end or pro-level quality, considering the wealth of items this kit includes, less than $40 is a pretty reasonable price tag.

Because this crochet set doesn’t contain a specific project, if you’re a complete beginner, I advise purchasing a couple of simple crochet patterns to experiment with — you can buy lots like this one on Etsy for great value! Free patterns are good too, but will probably be less in-depth.

While I personally prefer the idea of supporting small businesses, you can also find this item on Amazon for roughly the same price. We understand convenience is an important factor. You can also find a very similar kit here for a slightly lower price. All in all, you can’t go wrong with any of these crochet sets!

Hanging Rainbow Decoration Crochet Kit by Suzie Jules

Hanging Rainbow Decoration Crochet Kit

If you’re looking for simple projects with impressive results, this hanging rainbow crochet kit is just the thing whether you want to bring some cheer into your home or make a fun gift for a friend or family member.

For a little over $15, this kit includes seven colors of light worsted 100% acrylic yarn, a Prym 5mm (H/8) crochet hook, a rainbow pattern, and an instructional video. You’ll also be able to choose between more bright, vibrant yarn or more subdued, pastel colors.

This is one of the most straightforward, affordable, quick-to-make projects on our list — an excellent option if you’re just starting out. With just a few supplies and an easy-to-follow pattern, you’ll be able to create a lovely decorative item with just a few basic techniques.

It certainly beats crocheting granny squares over and over (unless that’s totally your thing!). Although written guidelines are perfectly fine, I advise making the best out of the video tutorial in your kit. Somehow, observing an experienced crafter at work makes picking up skills and process a little more intuitive.

This kit ships from the UK and delivers worldwide. And whenever you’re up for another rainbow-themed challenge down the road, check out this multi-colored crochet rainbow kit to experiment with fringes!

Crochet Kit for Beginners with T-Shirt Yarn by Fabric N Stitch

Crochet Kit for Beginners with T-Shirt Yarn

Unlike most of the crochet kits listed in our guide, this starter pack invites you to experiment with t-shirt yarn!

Suitable for young needlecraft aficionados (13+), t-shirt yarn is a less common material to crochet with but works wonders for larger projects. Because it’s soft, chunky, and makes larger stitches than wool (larger stitch sizes will have you completing projects quicker) t-shirt yarn is a great alternative for beginners.

The set includes 12 colors of t-shirt yarn skeins, two wooden hooks, stitch markers, multiple bohemian-inspired patterns/designs, and a 20-page book instructing you on the projects within your kit. Who doesn’t love a craft book?You’ll also receive a drawstring bag to keep your items safe and sound!

Placemats, baskets, shoulder bags, and purses are some of the items you can make without having to source a single item outside of your kit. This pack provides newbies a top-notch first attempt at t-shirt yarn crocheting.

It’s ideal if your goal is to create wearable and/or functional items without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s important to note that this kit is aimed at beginners, so projects and materials will be too simplistic for seasoned crocheters.

Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit for Kids & Teens by 4M

Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit for Kids & Teens

Looking for crochet kits for kids and teens? Here’s a practical, affordable option worth considering.

As one of the cheapest crochet sets on our guide, this bundle has been designed for crafty children and primarily serves as a stepping stone for youngsters interested in learning crochet fundamentals.

This kit consists of two crochet hooks size 6.5mm (K/10.5), a plastic yarn needle, and seven yarn colors. A 14-page instructional booklet will also be included to guide ages 8+ as they create a coaster, handbag, placemat, or belt.

While this is a fun option for kids, remember that it’s a straightforward, budget-friendly bundle for youngsters. This is not a high-end packed-with-prime-quality-yarn kind of kit.

Instead, this set aims to introduce kids to needlecraft creative hobbies in simple steps with basic materials. There’s no doubt this makes for a pretty original hobby gift for young crocheters-in-the-making!

Crochet Wrap Kit by KCACOUKDesigns

Crochet kits wrap

One of the main things that most attract people to crochet kits is the opportunity to handmake one-of-a-kind wearable items.

If this is something you’re after, this crochet wrap kit is an excellent choice, whether you want to make something for yourself or to gift a loved one. Note that this kit ships from the UK but delivers worldwide!

Comprising high-quality materials to make a funky, airy wrap, this pack includes soft, quality yarn in different gradients of green, a bamboo hook, a pattern booklet, and a drawstring cotton bag to hold your items.

Already own a crochet hook? You can purchase this kit without one for a slightly lower price. You can also buy the pattern individually for under $6. I advise you to see the finished dimensions of the piece beforehand to ensure it’s a size you can work with or want.

Although a fairly straightforward, I feel like this project is best suited for more intermediate crafters with crochet fundamentals under their belts. Since materials are good quality, this product can get a little pricey, but is totally worth the buy, especially considering it’s made to last.

Light Snow Oversized Cardi Crochet Kit by Lion Brand

Oversized cardigan crochet kits

Searching for high-quality crochet kits to make unique, wearable pieces? This Lion Brand crochet set contains everything you need to whip up a trendy oversized cardigan from your home craft table.

For under $50, this kit is ideal for fashion lovers on the hunt for unique crochet projects. And while it looks complex, it’s pretty straightforward. On the other hand, there are more suitable picks for first-time crocheters.

One of the highlights of this kit is that it contains super bulky yarn: a dream for anyone who is a fan of cozy, comfortable apparel. Sizes S to XL are available for this cardigan. Nevertheless, remember that this is an oversized piece, so check the measurement chart provided for the best fit.

You can also choose from multiple yarn colors to customize your cardigan; there are 10+ alternatives on offer! It’s important to know that some items may be out of stock; but we encourage contacting the seller for more information on specific accessories you would like to add to your set.

Finally, besides a digital pattern, you can select additional tools to add to your kit. Note that crochet hooks are an add-on you need to purchase separately. Want to look into the best crochet hooks for bulky yarn? Check out some of our favorites here!

Rainbow Edged Baby Blanket Crochet Kit by Suzie Jules

Rainbow Edged Baby Blanket Crochet Kit 

Another crochet classic many to turn to is baby blankets — we’ve all seen a ton of these during our lifetime! This lovely kit includes everything you’ll need to crochet a precious, rainbow-inspired baby blanket.

In your package, you’ll find four skeins of white light worsted yarn (DK), six smaller skeins of colored yarn, a crochet hook, a wool needle, and a pattern. You’ll also receive access to an online tutorial curated by the seller.

Because the yarn in this kit is premium acrylic, you’ll be able to machine wash it — a super convenient aspect for busy parents! Stitches are also simple to craft and master, making it a great starter project for crafters with little to no crochet experience.

This is the perfect entryway to more complex crochet works because you’ll create a relatively small item: ~38 x 30 inches (98 x 78cm). It’s a great kit to segue into making more oversized blankets beyond your typical granny square throw! It is, however, a little pricey.

DIY Kit Beginner Baby Crochet Gift by Little Conkers

DIY Kit Beginner Baby Crochet Gift

Besides blankets, there are many crochet kits available to make cute baby toys and accessories, which also make for fantastic gifts that parents-to-be will be thrilled to receive.

Little Conkers is a favorite on Etsy and features this eco-friendly crochet “rattle” kit for a little over $20 — quite the bargain if you ask me! With various color combinations up for grabs, this set contains a pattern, organic cotton yarn, stuffing material, a blunt-tipped yarn needle, and an optional Milward bamboo crochet hook.

You can even request an upcycled gift tag if your intention is to surprise a loved one with your creation or the full kit! This is the ideal set if eco-friendly resources and natural products are something you take seriously.

To select an entirely plastic-free kit, your best option is to choose natural wool stuffing over polyester toy stuffing which will require more maintenance but is kinder to the planet.

Because this is a creative, simple, and affordable project, it’s a great way to put your crochet skills to practice, appropriate for beginners and advanced crocheters alike. It ships from the UK but will arrive anywhere in roughly a week.

DIY Crochet Kit Dishcloth Kit by Little Conkers

DIY Crochet Kit Dishcloth Kit

Next up is yet another Little Conkers crochet set that offers an affordable and fun-to-make beginner project.

Like the previous item, this crochet set is ideal if you’re looking for eco-friendly options; in this case, you’ll be receiving a complete kit to create a reusable dishcloth!

While this might not be the most exciting project that comes to mind, for under $20, this starter pack is an excellent segue into more complex projects and won’t take up much time: this dishcloth measures ~8 inches (~20cm).

It’s also a great way to learn the basics to create more aesthetic, functional, personalized crochet items for your home down the line. This kit contains a 12-page illustrated booklet and pattern, 100g of recycled, quality yarn, and a blunt-tipped yarn needle.

You’re also given the choice of including a 4mm Pony hook and a hanging loop in your set. Various yarn colors will also be on offer to pick your favorite at purchase! Keep in mind that there may be a slight learning curve if you have absolutely no knowledge of basic crochet stitches.

However, this project is not overly demanding, making it a great opportunity to put an end to procrastination and jumpstart your crochet ventures slowly but surely!

Creating Clusters Dishcloth Crochet Kit by Knit Picks

Knit Picks Dishcloth crochet kits

Do you like the dishcloth crochet idea but want something even more affordable than the previous item? This three-in-one set includes a variety of cheerful, bright dishcloth designs and materials for beginners.

For under $10 (shipping not included), these crochet kits contain three balls of multi-colored Dishie yarn (worsted weight 100% cotton yarn) and three printed patterns and themes: Jazz Age, Peach Margot, and Custard Pie.

There are very few colorways to work with here: only two yarn colors are included. On the other hand, it’s a great way for starters to experiment with the basics and understand that you can still achieve versatility by creating different textures and crochet patterns.

This is a fun option if you’re looking for a functional, affordable gift, whether as a finished piece or a complete kit. One thing is for sure: a crochet dishcloth will always come in handy!

Note that there is a slight discrepancy in the printed instructions for the Peach Margot pattern vs. the digital version: refer to the latter for the correct guidelines. However, since this is such a cheap kit, it’s still worth the buy despite this minor glitch!

DIY Crochet Bag Kit by Yarn-a

DIY crochet bag kits

This is the perfect pick if you love to make handmade wearable fashion accessories with simple, handheld tools. Like the previously listed Crochet Kit for Beginners with T-Shirt Yarn, this set also includes t-shirt yarn. 

Nevertheless, here you’ll find more high-quality materials and sophisticated patterns to work with to create a trendy, long-lasting purse. Your pack will contain a skein of yarn, basic crochet tools, metal locks, chain straps and rings, and a printed pattern. 

You can select from a wide range of beautiful colors too, — I absolutely love the vibrant hues on offer! You can also pick between silver or gold hardware, making this a great project to express your sense of style and individuality.

That said, this kit is best suited for somewhat experienced crafters because you will have to assemble pieces besides crocheting. Be sure to check the size of this purse to ensure you’re getting what you expect! You can also find another option by this seller with slightly different dimensions if you prefer a different look. 

Since kit materials are premium, this isn’t the cheapest item. However, considering how much you’d pay for an average-quality purse, it’s at a pretty reasonable price. This is the perfect project if you’re into fashion design! It’s also a new approach to explore if you’re more familiar with macrame bags or leather handbag ventures.

These kits ship from South Korea (which is probably why they’re so stylish), but should arrive anywhere in the world in a week. You can also purchase digital versions of other fun bag patterns individually from the same seller at a low cost if you want to source your own materials!

The Truitt Tote Crochet Kit by Lion Brand

Crochet tote bag crochet kits

Love a good macrame tote bag? This crochet kit will teach you how to create a similar aesthetic with crochet hooks and yarn instead!

The Truitt Tote Crochet Kit by Lion Brand includes super bulky yarn and a beautiful design developed by avid crafter and creator of online business Meghan Makes Do — curated with beginners in mind.

However, while not overly complex, it’s best for seasoned hobbyists who are a little more familiar with managing crochet materials. The crochet bag is a one-size-only project. It’s great for all occasions, whether at the farmer’s market, the beach or to carry around the city while running errands!

The design features the herringbone single crochet stitch and sturdy handles to support a good amount of weight. And while this tote looks timeless in lighter tones, you can pick from a varied color catalog featuring beautiful hues and textures.

You’ll customize your kit by adding the accessories suggested for this project, from yarn colors, bamboo crochet hooks, a stitch marker, and more. These items are sold separately; therefore, final prices will vary per crafter. Click below to get an idea of how you can personalize your order.

Cushion Crochet Kit by Wool Couture Company

Cushion crochet kits

A wonderful crochet project to brighten up your living space can be found in this cushion kit — you’ll love the soft, chunky yarn it includes and the stunning outcome of your work!

Each set comprises four balls of merino wool, a sewing needle, and a pattern. You’ll also be given the option to add a 12mm wooden crochet hook and/or cushion stuffing as you see fit. This seller also includes an eco-friendly tote bag in every order — who doesn’t appreciate a little extra TLC?

While intended for beginners, this kit invites you to explore beyond cliché crochet creations and is especially appealing if you’re a sucker for top-quality materials: merino wool is regarded as the finest, softest, and warmest of yarns.

If you want to learn more about other yarn types to incorporate in similar projects, read our chunky yarn guide for ideas! Be aware that cushions are relatively small: this is not a pouf.

I really appreciate the variety of unique colors you can choose from, allowing you to adapt your project to your décor. Other cushion crochet kits I love by this seller are this Pride Cushion Kit and the slightly cheaper Queen of Heart Cushion Kit. All of these kits are shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

Miffy Crochet Kit by The Woobles

Miffy crochet kits

Are you familiar with Miffy? I used to absolutely love this adorable character as a child; I had a whole bunch of books! That said, it’s no surprise I’ve included this darling 4-inch (10 cm) tall amigurumi crochet kit in our guide.

The Woobles are excellent at developing creative amigurumi crochet kits for beginners: projects are engaging and unique, and materials and instructions are simple to follow. For example, this kit for ages 12+ includes the brand’s Easy Peasey yarn, an easy-to-use custom-made yarn developed explicitly for newbies.

This kit includes access to step-by-step video tutorials, a tapestry needle, a stitch marker, plastic eyes, stuffing, and a downloadable PDF pattern. Know that your project will already have the magic circle completed, which can be a sticking point for beginners.

The set doesn’t contain a crochet hook, but you can purchase a 4mm one separately: it will only cost you $5 more. For more options, check out some of our favorite crochet hooks.

I really want to highlight that this kit is suitable for both righties and lefties! If you’re a lefty, you’ll know how challenging it is to come across simple, everyday accessories, such as left-handed notebooks or left-handed pens. That said, rest assured, crafty lefties, we’ve got you covered!

Amigurumi Vampire Crochet Kit by Snacksies Handicraft

Amigurumi vampire crochet kits

I think I speak for most of us when I say that this amigurumi crochet kit is simply awesome! For a little over $20, this vampire textile toy will put you in touch with the popular Japanese crochet (or knitting) techniques and style.

Your kit will include a pattern, a needle felting guide to work on details, a pack of acrylic yarn, cotton embroidering thread, polyester stuffing, merino wool, a yarn needle, and stitch markers.

Safety eyes will also be added! Several buying options are given with this kit, allowing you to include a crochet hook or a more comprehensive booklet if preferred (prices will vary).

While typically associated with children, like most amigurumi toys, this is not a super simple project, nor is it appropriate for younger crafters.

There is a lot of detail required in these small creations and sharp tools that demand some level of mastery. That said, previous knowledge of stitches and supplies is highly recommended. This kit ships around the world from Singapore.

Crochet Kit Flying Saucer Music Pull Toy by Lalylala

Crochet Kit Flying Saucer Music Pull Toy

Next up is a crochet kit that takes amigurumi to a whole other level — or galaxy! As one of the most original, inventive options on our list, this space-themed music pull crochet toy set is a dream come true for every quirky crocheter!

The goal is to build an alien-piloted-saucer-cow-abducting amigurumi (did you catch that?) with an incorporated music box that plays the X-Files theme at the pull of a cord. L-O-V-E!

This uber-creative crochet kit includes a project pattern (sent digitally by email) as well as yarn, a small plastic dome structure, beads, sequins, nylon thread, stitch markers, a darning needle, and stuffing.

The music box is surprisingly easy to incorporate and will make your creation look extra profesh! Much like the previous kit, this is a more time-consuming, detailed crochet project to tackle, but if you’re up for it, instructions are easy to follow and available in multiple languages.

Your kit will include a pull cord that is pretty long so if you’re making a gift for a child, be sure to shorten it. I’d also recommend leaving off the sequins if it’s for a crib, just to be safe.

This crochet kit ships from Germany, and the seller has tons more super unique kits to check out.

Tiny Coffee Cup Kit by The Woobles

Tiny coffee mug crochet sets

Who doesn’t like a hot cup of joe? Pay homage to everyone’s favorite morning potion with this adorable tiny coffee cup amigurumi by The Woobles!

While this item is made to accessorize crochet creatures like this crochet owl, if you’re looking for a cheap, teeny-weeny handmade project or gift for a coffee-crazy pal, this is a very original, complete set to consider.

Sets include video tutorials, tan and brown acrylic yarn, and a PDF pattern. Remember that this is a very small-scale project, so it will be quick to make! Considering how inexpensive it is, if you’re into miniature crochet ventures, I also recommend these themes by the brand: Tulip, Chinese Lantern, Ice Cream, and Book.

You will not get a crochet hook in your set, so be sure to purchase one separately — or check out this beginner bundle with more materials. This mini coffee project is also an excellent pick if you’re looking for immediate satisfaction; you’ll get a lot done in a short amount of time — perfect for last-minute gifts!

If you want extra tips, you can check out amigurumi crochet techniques in these online crochet classes!

Sheep Tea Cozy Crochet Kit by Woolly Chic Designs

Sheep tea cozy crochet kits

This sheep tea cozy crochet kit is the perfect combo of functionality and cuteness — an amazing gift for anyone who loves their morning tea or is all about bringing some joy to the office.

In terms of skills and difficulty, this Etsy Pick set sits somewhere between amigurumi and more basic crochet projects, making it a good choice for recent crocheters looking for an intermediate challenge.

Bundles will include a pattern, easy-to-follow instructions on how to master a loop stitch, 100g of British wool, a 3mm crochet hook, accessories for facial features, and stuffing.

While sweet and simple, the results are great and will also give you the chance to practice and experiment with different stitch sizes in a single, small-scale project.

If you’re looking for a creative gift, this is definitely an item to consider — especially if you have a friend who just made her first ceramic mug! Kits ship globally from the UK.

Cactus DIY Crochet Amigurumi Crochet Kit by Darn Good Yarn

DIY Cactus Amigurumi Crochet Kit

I love a good craft project inspired by botanical themes. Whether it’s botanical illustration, Lego flowers and succulents, or actual floral design, it’s one of the motifs I most resonate with as a creative. This Cactus DIY crochet kit by Darn Good Yarn is perfect if you feel the same!

This amigurumi crochet kit includes a pattern, stuffing, yarn, multiple 3mm double-point knitting needles, a 3mm crochet hook, and a darning needle. In addition, you’ll get instructions and access to video tutorials.

Sets include enough materials to craft three adorable cacti packed with different shades of green and little pops of bright colors. This makes for a fun and affordable gift, too: this set costs under $20. 

This prickly plush project is best for somewhat intermediate crocheters with some know-how of the basics. These cacti are small-scale items and make great little elements to accent corners or nooks of your home. I love the idea of displaying them among real-life plants!

Darn Good Yarn features more amigurumi creations worth checking out. Some of our favorites are the amigurumi PeacockWatermelonGingerbread Man, and Unicorn crochet sets. The good news? They’re all available for under $20 on Amazon, too.

Crocheted Tulip Flowerpot by Lilys Lyric

Tulips crochet sets

To end our lineup with some cheer is this charming crochet tulip flowerpot kit— who doesn’t love beautiful, delicate tulips that will last forever?

This starter pack is ideal for hobbyists 13+ and is the perfect way to tackle amigurumi from a more simplistic, easier angle at first.

Besides instructions, these crochet flower sets will include five yarn skeins (different weights), crochet hooks, two needles, four markers, wire, 10 branches, stuffing, and hot melt glue!

The fun thing about this particular kit is that each flower is made separately, which widens the horizons when it comes to ideas. You can place them in a decorative vase, make faux bouquets for a dinner party, switch up traditional boutonnieres, or hand them out to your favorite teacher or friend!

They’re pretty much like Lego flowers; you won’t have to worry about watering them or keeping them alive! This seller also makes more floral crochet kits, including red roses, sunflowers, cacti, and variations of tulips. Kits are shipped and delivered within the US only.

That’s it for our guide to the best crochet kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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