Best DIY macrame hammock patterns, tutorials, and more

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What exactly does it take to make a macrame hammock from scratch?

Besides the right materials, some knotting know-how, and an eager DIY mindset, macrame hammock patterns and tutorials are excellent resources that will help guide you in the right direction.

These provide easy-to-follow instructions to empower you to create all kinds of awe-inspiring macrame hammock projects from home, no matter your skill set.

Our guide lists the best online resources to craft everything from classic macrame hammocks to cat hammocks and more. We’ve also included ready-to-purchase macrame hammocks in case you prefer buying one instead!

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What materials will I need to make a macrame hammock?

Want to start experimenting with larger DIY macrame projects? A macrame hammock is a great challenge to take on!

You’ll have no trouble getting prepped for macrame hammock-making if you’re familiar with more elaborate macrame ventures such as wall hangings, dream catchers, or curtains.

On the other hand, if you plan on creating smaller, multipurpose items like a macrame toy hammock or macrame fruit hammock, the process will be very similar to making a macrame tote bag or plant hanger.

Essentially, you’ll need more material; your tools will be pretty much the same across all macrame projects. However, this may vary slightly depending on the type and style of your hammock.

Will you be crafting a traditional hammock for one? A structured macrame hammock chair? A macrame cat hammock or swing? Each pattern and tutorial will outline specific materials and tools.

Fundamental materials include macrame cord (a lot of it!), measuring tape, scissors, wooden dowels, and metal rings. I’d recommend getting three-ply macrame cord, as you’ll need the extra strength to support your weight.

You may also need a drill or woodworking tools to pierce through dowels for mounting.

Decorative items like beads or cord dye are other features you can consider to personalize your piece. You also may need to outsource cushions and a sewing kit for more advanced macrame hammock chair projects.

Below are a few comprehensive resources to find everything you need, including helpful tools, learning resources, and a complete guide to essential supplies, to start tackling your first DIY macrame hammock:

DIY macrame hammock PDF patterns and tutorials

No need to spend more time looking for your next macrame hammock project; we’ve lined up some of the best downloadable patterns and tutorials to get you started.

Boho Macrame Hanging Chair Tutorial by RelaxHammockLux

Boho Macrame Hanging Chair by RelaxHammockLux

Hanging macrame chairs are one of the most popular variations of your classic macrame hammock, and this video tutorial on Etsy will show you how you can make one yourself.

Suitable for beginners, this video tutorial features English subtitles and covers all the steps required to put your DIY macrame hammock chair together, along with handy tips: how to sew a cushion, hang your finished piece, choose the best cord, and more.

If you’re unsure what macrame materials to purchase to recreate this project, this seller suggests this macrame cord and these large hoops. You can also check out our macrame essentials guide if you want alternatives!

This macrame hanging chair will look lovely both indoors and outdoors. Our only advice is to keep the weather in mind if you’re inclined to display your piece in the garden or near the pool!

DIY Macrame Swing Pattern by Macramefulya

Macrame Swing DIY by Macramefulya

This macrame hanging chair video tutorial is a Bestseller on Etsy and perfect for advanced crafters looking for ambitious macrame projects.

Before getting into this macrame hammock pattern, we advise having some know-how of essential knots: square knot, spiral knot, wrap knot, lark’s head knot, and double half hitch knot.

That said, you might want to start with a less elaborate project if you’re still testing the macrame waters. Nevertheless, this seller includes links to free video tutorials on the knots used for this macrame hammock chair, so you’ll have access to every technique.

Also, be sure to go over the supply list for this project; this piece incorporates more detail than standard hammocks, such as beads and chains. The only downside of this tutorial is that it’s subtitled in many languages, so instructions can get a little lost in translation at times.

However, if you’re familiar with following tutorials from an observational standpoint, we’re confident you’ll have no problem completing this work!

Macrame Baby Swing Hammock DIY Tutorial by RelaxHammockLux

Macrame baby hammock Relaxhammocklux

Crafty macrame artists looking for original projects for children will absolutely love this macrame baby swing video tutorial.

While more complex than your typical rope hammock, this adorable pattern has been curated for all skill sets. But of course, if you’re just starting to explore macrame, this will be more challenging to complete.

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On the other hand, if you’re not in a rush, we say go for it! This is an excellent project for crafters looking to leap into large-scale macrame work. In addition, this tutorial includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions to support you every step of the way.

You’ll also have access to all the necessary materials and techniques to apply finishes like a pro. Remember that this macrame swing is designed to hold a baby, so take your time to test out weight and volume beforehand to ensure safety and comfort.

This makes for a stunning, thoughtful gift for any occasion, especially for new parents with an appreciation for high-quality handmade pieces!

Macrame Baby Swing DIY Pattern by Knot Calm

Macrame baby swing Knot Calm

Another similar project is this incredible macrame baby swing by Knot Calm, featured on Etsy. It’s absolutely striking!

Unlike the previous suggestions, this is a digital PDF tutorial vs. a video. Each file contains over 20 pages packed with detailed, step-by-step guidelines and illustrated instructions to walk you through from start to finish.

This pattern requires mastering a few essential macrame knots: square knot, spiral knot, wrap knot, Lark’s head knot, and double half hitch knot. And while you might already have these down, keep in mind that there will be lots of intertwining of different techniques, which may require some practice.

To help you out, this seller also includes free tutorials on all the knots used in this pattern. We also advise testing out how tight your knots remain with the macrame cord of your choice: the outcome of this macrame swing needs to guarantee integrity and resistance to weight.

Want a sneak peek of the process and final project? Check out this fun time-lapse video featuring the talent behind Knot Calm! Also, note that this tutorial is available in English only.

DIY Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial by Knots & Wallflowers

Macrame Cat Hammock Knotsandwallflowers

For something a little different, check out this inventive macrame cat hammock by Etsy Star Seller Knots & Wallflowers!

Perfect for anyone with a soft spot for furry friends, this downloadable PDF macrame hammock pattern for cats contains written instructions in English and detailed illustrations to guide you in completing your project.

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I love this project’s originality; what a great gift for a dear friend, family member, or your cat! In addition to the pattern, you’ll also receive an outline of all the materials required and a handy knot guide. Remember, this is a PDF file and not a video tutorial.

The overall design of this boho-inspired macrame cat hammock is elegant and subdued and will fit organically into most decor. Its oversized tassel gives it a beautiful touch! We advise confirming dimensions beforehand to ensure you have the space to accommodate the completed piece.

Cat Hammock PDF Pattern by Top Macrame Design

DIY Hammock for Cats TopMacrameDesigns

This macrame cat hammock by Top Macrame Design is another fun pattern to learn if you’re curious about experimenting with color and minimal designs.

With guidelines written in English, this PDF tutorial covers everything you need to know to complete this project, including knot guides, recommendations on supplies, and more.

This is a slightly more straightforward pattern than the previous macrame cat hammock. Therefore, it’s a great starting point for beginners to venture into more large-scale items without the pressure of intricate knotting and techniques.

Also, remember that if you like this design but want to keep colors simple, you can opt for any macrame cord color you prefer! However, we suggest sticking to 3mm cotton rope for this project; anything thicker will result in something bulkier and more challenging to sustain.

Macrame Fruit Hammock Pattern by PapuShoiPATTERNS

Macrame hammock for fruit papushoipatterns

The following two patterns in our guide are ideal if you’re still sticking to small-scale projects but looking for ideas to experiment with new items and shapes.

First up is this macrame fruit hammock by PapuShoiPATTERNS on Etsy! Upon purchase, you’ll receive a PDF file (English) with guidelines and pictures illustrating every step of the process. A knot guide will also be included.

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Note that this pattern doesn’t comprise a video tutorial. You’ll also get a complete list of materials — 4mm macrame cord is recommended for this project. While simple, this design will look great in your kitchen — I especially like the fringes!

It’s also an excellent, budget-friendly gift that not only looks great but serves a functional purpose. And although intended as a macrame fruit hammock, you can always improvise and apply this item however you see fit; it’s a great storage hack for small spaces!

Multipurpose Macrame Hammock Tutorial by MacrAmour Creaciones

Macrame Tutorial Multipurpose Hammock MacreAmourCreaciones

Much like the previous item, this multipurpose macrame hammock is another easy project to enjoy and can be used as a macrame fruit hammock, macrame toy hammock, and more. And better yet, it’s completely beginner-friendly.

Available on Etsy, this macrame pattern is approximately 35 inches long (~90cm) and makes for the perfect introductory project for first-time knot-makers. You’ll only need to apply two knotting techniques for this piece: square and wrap knots.

For this project, you’ll be using two cord types, so we recommend double-checking the supply list for tips on which materials to purchase or contacting the seller if in doubt. Keep in mind that you’ll be receiving a digital PDF file only: instructions are in English, Spanish, and French.

Pictures depict every step of the process and are easy to follow and replicate. This is a quick, straightforward project for teens, too! It makes for a great activity to enjoy with family and friends without requiring hours and hours of crafting.

Online lessons and free video tutorials

Learn how to create a macrame hammock for your home with an online class or free video tutorial. We’ve included several themes and suggestions to suit all demands!

Design and Build a Macramé Hanging Chair

Domestika_ Design and Build a Macramé Hanging Chair

Teacher: Natalia Corbi
Platform: Domestika
Level: Beginner

Duration: 17 Lessons (2h 53m)
Audio: Portuguese
Subtitles: Yes (CC)

Domestika presents this almost three-hour-long macrame hammock chair course for beginners: a fantastic place to learn if you’re all about combining design and functionality. 

Your teacher, macrame artist Natalia Corbi, will guide you through a macrame swing chair project from scratch. During this time, Natalia will cover more than just the aesthetic aspect of this project: you’ll learn the essentials of structure and how to craft a safe, large-scale piece. 

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Final touches and decorative elements like intricate knots and tassels will also be taught. While suitable for beginners, familiarity with basic knots and techniques will be a big advantage — especially when putting your piece together from your home or studio.

If you want to learn the fundamentals before jumping into this course, Introduction to Macramé Tapestry is also taught by Natalia and available on Domestika. Classes on the platform can be purchased individually or through its monthly/yearly subscription plan: Domestika Plus

How to Make a Hammock — Step-by-Step Instructions

What I love about YouTube tutorials is that when they’re good, they’ll provide everything you need to know for $0 — and this is an excellent example of a comprehensive, quality tutorial that won’t cost you a penny.

While not the most current YouTube tutorial, this DIY On The House video walks you through roughly 30 minutes of macrame hammock making, from supply prep to project completion. The best part? You’ll learn from a real-life crafter who made it her mission to share clear instructions on how to build one!

The entire tutorial is narrated from start to finish, supported by written guidelines as you watch. This is a great way to get a feel for realistic challenges you’re likely to come across and learn handy workarounds to achieve desired outcomes.

I really appreciate this tutorial’s pace and easy-to-follow spirit; it’s perfect for beginners ready to take on larger macrame projects. Besides macrame, this family-run YouTube channel features lots of great information for various crafts, from tufting and leatherworking to crochet and laser engraving!

Macrame Hammock Tutorial | Vintage Style

This vintage macrame hammock tutorial on the Megan Bell YouTube channel is a great option if you’re searching for something a little shorter.

Although you will obviously take longer to craft your macrame hammock than the length of this tutorial (under 12 minutes), it does give you an insider perspective of what you can expect in a nutshell.

That said, since it doesn’t go as in-depth as the previous suggestions, it’s best for more experienced crafters vs. macrame newbies. You will, however, see the potential of using just a few essential knots to complete a stunning vintage macrame hammock!

The design is lovely and relatively easy to make once you get the basics down. This tutorial is also narrated, however, it is a little quick — but then again, that’s what pause buttons are for!

One of the only downsides I’d point out is that the sound quality is a little inconsistent, which may become distracting at some point. Wearing a pair of headphones as you watch should improve your viewing experience.

Easy macrame hammock

Last up is a very unique approach to a macrame hammock tutorial.
Sustainable Saartje is still a somewhat niche YouTube channel filled with “a day in the life of”-like tutorials and presents this intimate take on macrame hammock crafting.

Unlike the recommendations above, you won’t learn much about technique or process here: this is more of a relatable, inspirational video for crafters. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t learn a thing!

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This is an extremely short tutorial (under five minutes long) but surprisingly covers several helpful tips and tricks. The macrame hammock design is simple and straightforward and invites beginners to take the leap — you’ll only need to know a knot or two.

I love this tutorial’s relaxing, meditative vibe; it’s a great reminder of the pleasure and joy we all look for in crafting! The central concept of this YouTube channel is to inspire sustainability, whether in everyday life or in our creative hobbies.

Check out more of the channel’s content if this message resonates with you!

Best handmade macrame hammocks you can buy online

Just because you want to learn how to make a macrame hammock doesn’t mean you can’t buy one, also! Check out our favorite designs and pieces on Etsy and Amazon.

Handmade Macrame Hammock Chair Elclasicooversea

Handmade Macrame Hammock Chair

  • Classic, hanging macrame hammock chair
  • 100% cotton macrame cord
  • Can be purchased with/without cushion (price varies)
  • International shipping
Xuanmuque Double Sized Boho Macrame Cream Hammock

Double Sized Boho Macrame Cream Hammock 

  • Large boho macrame hammock for two adults
  • Available in two colors
  • Includes storage bag
  • Features macrame tassels and fishtail knitting
Large Handmade Brazilian Hammock macramebaygifts

Large Handmade Brazilian Hammock 

  • Two-person handmade macrame hammock
  • Vintage-inspired design
  • Suitable for indoors/outdoors
  • US shipping and delivery
Boho macrame baby swing SNhandicrafts

Boho Macrame Baby Swing 

  • One-of-a-kind macrame baby swing
  • Expensive
  • One size only
  • International shipping
Macrame Fruit Hammock The MacraMade

Macrame Fruit Hammock

  • Trendy macrame fruit hammock
  • 5+ colors available
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • International shipping
Macrame Toy Hammock with Fringe

Macrame Toy Hammock with Fringe

  • Minimalistic macrame toy hammock
  • Available in various sizes and colors (prices vary)
  • Etsy Bestseller item
  • International shipping
Macrame Rainbow Wall Hammock VuCrafts

Macrame Rainbow Toy Hammock

  • Unique colorful macrame toy hammock
  • Different sizes are available
  • Can be purchased in solid colors
  • Limited shipping locations

That’s it for this list of the best macrame hammock patterns, tutorials, and more. Did you find your next project here? Let us know in the comments below!

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