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There are many great reasons to make a macrame belt, but if there’s one perk that shouldn’t go unnoticed, it’s this — they’re uber-easy to craft. For realsies.

All in all, if you’ve ever done any macrame project, whether a wall hangingnecklace, or decorative owl, you’ve pretty much got this in the bag. 

To help you learn and source ideas without spending a penny, we’ve compiled some of the top macrame belt patterns and tutorials you can find online.

Want to see what other fellow fiber art crafters are making and selling? Check out our picks for the best macrame belts for purchase further below!

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What materials will I need to make a macrame belt?

Macrame belts are one of the quickest, most simple macrame projects you can learn to make.

You won’t need a massive list of materials, nor will you need to invest in long hours of crafting to master technique. In fact, once you’re feeling confident with basic knots, you’ll be ready to take on all kinds of patterns and develop your own signature creations.

For most projects, you’ll only need the bare macrame essentials: cord, scissors, measuring tape, and accessories you want for embellishing, such as hoops, buckles, beads, or stones.

To help you focus on the creative process and keep you from going down the internet rabbit hole searching for information, I’ve made a list of handy, straightforward resources to make your macrame belt ventures easier to navigate.

Also, one of the advantages of taking up creative hobbies is that they inspire us to consider different approaches to a medium. That said, we encourage you to brainstorm other ways you can apply macrame belt patterns; there’s a lot of great stuff you can make!

Need a few ideas? Here are some of my favorite alternative macrame belt projects:

  • Macrame purse and bag straps
  • Guitar straps
  • Yoga mat straps
  • Camera straps
  • Plant hangers
  • Hat hangers
  • Boho hatbands
  • Fanny pack straps

These are all fun, out-of-the-box items that make for excellent gifts on a budget. And best of all, they’ll come from the heart!

Online tutorials and DIY macrame belt patterns

Have you ever searched “how to make a macrame belt” and found extremely dated patterns even your grandmother would be ashamed to wear? If so, we’re here to help!

We’ve listed some of our favorite online tutorials and macrame patterns to inspire you to give macrame belt-making a go!

Further below, you’ll also find our picks for some of the best macrame belts you can purchase online in different styles, sizes, and colors.

DIY Macramé Boho Belt 

Mai Dekor is a YouTube channel that features different types of macrame projects, including this 27-minute macrame belt tutorial on making a boho-inspired belt.

This is a straightforward, easy-to-learn project for complete beginners since it doesn’t require a bunch of complicated knots or techniques. Also, you’ll be crafting a belt without a buckle, allowing you to practice the basics before taking on more elaborate macrame belts.

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You’ll apply three knots: Lark’s head knot, square knot, and a double half hitch knot. While simple, the outcome looks extremely impressive! Besides knotting, I really like how this macrame tutorial covers final touches and tweaks to give your belt a store-bought finish.

Only a few materials will be required for this project: scissors, masking tape, measuring tape, and macrame cord. Remember that the tutorial’s timecode is not an accurate reference for how long it will take to make this macrame belt; some parts are sped up to avoid having you sit through lots of repetitive knotting.

Also, this video is not narrated and features subtitles and music instead. And while this isn’t everyone’s preference, it does provide the convenience of being able to pause the video to reread guidelines you’ve missed or want to review.

Simple Macrame Buckle Belt Tutorial 

Unlike the previous suggestion, this ~25-minute macrame tutorial featured on YouTube channel Sasha MACRAMESSAGE is ideal if you consider incorporating hardware into your macrame belts. 

You’ll learn how to add simple, aesthetic items like a side-release buckle to give your projects a unique finish. These accessories make pieces much more versatile; great for yoga mat straps! Better yet, they’re easy to find and very affordable — see for yourself here.

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While standard macrame cord is used throughout the tutorial, remember you can always use any color cord you want! Also, we advise sticking to sturdy but somewhat flexible macrame cord — macrame belts have to be functional and sit comfortably on your body. Check out the resources at the top of our guide for tips on the best materials and prices.

Making this macrame belt requires more technique than the previous one, but is just as budget-friendly and easy to learn, even if it takes a little longer to get the hang of things. I really like the contrast between the earthy macrame material and the hipster buckle!

This tutorial features background music and subtitles vs. voiceover instructions. I admit the music on this one can get a little aggravating after a while, but you can always mute it to enjoy the sound of silence or your favorite tunes instead.

Macrame| DIY Macrame belt tutorial #26

YouTube channel sheweave macrame has an extensive tutorial catalog of adorable macrame projects you can make from home.

It’s perfect if you’ve been looking for macrame belt patterns that incorporate wooden hoops for buckles — a classic accessory every macrame artist must own! If you’re looking for the best online stores and prices for wooden hoops, our guide on essential macrame supplies has a few handy tips!

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The entire tutorial runs for over 20 minutes and features soothing background music and Chinese subtitles. That said, this will be an entirely observational learning experience unless you speak the language. On the other hand, it’s very well-paced for beginners, with steps shot from clear, easy-to-follow angles.

When selecting your cord for this macrame belt project, be sure to stick to 3mm macrame cord. Otherwise, the outcome will look a little wonky. And while I love this belt’s dreamy pastel colors, keep in mind that you can always mix things up to reflect your personal style!

Besides this tutorial, sheweave macrame features another similar belt project. It’s a little more basic than this one but is a great alternative if you’re searching for fuss-free DIY macrame patterns — both make for beautiful, thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

DIY MACRAME PATTERN TUTORIAL NO. 42 | A Strappy Pattern with Semi-Circles

Last up is this DIY macrame pattern featured on YouTube channel Knot Serious Studio: A Strappy Pattern with Semi-Circles. 

What I like about this macrame tutorial is that it teaches you how to create unique circular knot designs for macrame straps. That said, you can apply this macrame pattern to any item requiring a strap, whether a belt, handbag, or ukelele!

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This five-minute tutorial demonstrates how to make various stitch knots, including a customized technique used by the Knot Serious Studio crafter — the goal here is to inspire you to come up with your own signature knots too! That said, this tutorial may be more challenging for beginners.

Still, it is a short, to-the-point reference video that’s easy to rewatch until you get the gist of things. Before getting started, evaluate how sturdy your macrame cord should be: will it be a wearable macrame belt? Or intended to support heavier items, like a plant pot or a camera? All of these make for unique, creative gifts!

And since they’re small-scale pieces, they won’t take too long to make either — perfect if you’re short on time. This tutorial isn’t narrated, and features subtitled guidelines and background music. However, it’s incredibly well-shot, making it perfect for intermediate and newbie macrame artists alike.  

Best handmade macrame belts you can buy online

A great way to find inspiration for your macrame belt projects is to see what other crafters are up to!

Below is a lineup of our top picks for handmade macrame belts. We encourage you to take a look, whether you’re looking to purchase a macrame belt for yourself or a loved one or want to get a taste of how creatives are marketing and selling their work online.

HAYDEN BELT Handmade Macrame Boho Belt by Dezzys Cords

HAYDEN BELT Handmade Macrame Boho Belt by Dezzys Cords

  • Classic, boho-style macrame belt
  • 100% natural cotton cord
  • 3 sizes available (prices vary)
  • US shipping and delivery
Vintage Beaded Macrame Belt by MyMemoriesUA

Vintage Beaded Macrame Belt by MyMemoriesUA

  • Unique, bead and stone macrame belt
  • Vegan
  • One-size only — Length: ~37 in. (92cm) / Width: ~2.5 in. (6cm)
  • International shipping
Handmade Macrame Festival Belt Skirt by MacrameForest

Handmade Macrame Festival Belt Skirt by MacrameForest

  • Creative, artsy fashion accessory
  • Very expensive
  • Contact the seller for sizes
  • US shipping and delivery
Boho Macrame Belt by FeelingLeafy

Boho Macrame Belt by FeelingLeafy

  • Boho macrame belt available in 10+ colors
  • 4mm soft, recycled macrame cotton cord
  • Four sizes available (prices vary)
  • US shipping and delivery
Macrame Flower Belt by sTEADY decor

Macrame Flower Belt by sTEADY decor

  • Ready-to-wear flower macrame belt for all occasions
  • 3 colors per belt
  • Macrame pattern available here
  • International shipping
Macrame Belt by White Acres Macrame

Macrame Belt by White Acres Macrame

  • Thin, white macrame belt
  • Length: 54 inches
  • Etsy Star Seller
  • US shipping and delivery
Ivory Macrame Small Belt Bag by Designfts

Ivory Macrame Small Belt Bag by Designfts

  • Very unique macrame belt/bag design
  • Perfect handmade, quality gift
  • Two sizes and 10+ colors on offer
  • International shipping
Boho Macrame Braided Corset Belt by YKproducts

Boho Macrame Braided Corset Belt by YKproducts

  • Elegant macrame corset/belt
  • Custom orders can be placed
  • XXS-XXL sizes available
  • International shipping

That’s it for this list of the best macrame belt patterns, online tutorials, and more. Did you find your next project or purchase here? Let us know in the comments below!

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