Make a macrame necklace: DIY patterns, kits, and free tutorials

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We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend — but personally, I think macrame jewelry is also pretty darn cool!

Like macrame earrings and bracelets, macrame necklace making is the perfect small-scale project to experiment with different knotting techniques, cord types, and designs.

And the best part is that this craft is fun, cheap, and easy to learn: all you need to know is how to get started. That’s where we jump in! Here’s our guide on the best macrame necklace kits, digital patterns, and tutorials to get you knotting away!

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What materials will I need to make macrame necklaces?

If you’ve already ventured into macrame wonderland, you’ll know just how sweet and simple the craft can be and how straightforward a supply list is to whip up just about any project — including macrame necklaces.

However, if this is your first-ever macrame rodeo — welcome! As a beginner getting into macrame jewelry, it’s perfectly natural to wonder what you’ll need to get started.

That said, buying a macrame necklace kit at first can be really helpful. You’ll get all of the materials needed and carefully curated instructions in a single bundle, whether written, downloadable, or as a video tutorial (or a combination of these).

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But, while macrame necklace kits are a great stepping stone, you’ll eventually want to explore the craft further. For this purpose, digital patterns and tutorials are excellent resources; they’re also pretty cheap and super detailed.

In this scenario, you will, however, have to source project materials on your own, whether at your local craft store or online. That said, here’s an idea of the basics required to create most macrame necklaces:

Cord: This type of material will vary per project. For example, you can opt for chunky rope necklace designs that require thick macrame cord or micro macrame patterns that use finner and, sometimes, waxed thread.

A sharp pair of scissors: Besides traditional scissors, electric scissors are also helpful for cutting through chunkier cords!

Beads, crystals, and natural stones: These are usually incorporated into more boho-inspired micro macrame necklaces and pouch projects.

Measuring tape: To cut cord accurately and adjust lengths for specific necklace styles. Did you know that macrame chokers are becoming a trend?

Hardware: If you want to give your pieces a more professional look, you’ll want to add clasps and hooks to connect the ends of your necklace. Attaching a ribbon on both ends to tie into a bow is also a popular/easier alternative.

Macrame board or clipboard: This item serves as a base to pin down your cord as you knot away. It’s extremely helpful if you aim for precision and refined results.

T-pins: Used to secure and pin down cord tips on a macrame board as you knot.

Dye or fabric paint: Not an essential supply, but fun to experiment with if you want to dye plain cotton thread at home!

Best macrame necklace DIY kits

Macrame necklace kits are a convenient and accessible option for beginners getting into macrame jewelry. See a few of our favorites below!

Macrame Necklace Kit by Make & Fable Crafts

Make and Fable Macrame Necklace Kit

If you dig bold fashion statements and accessories with pops of color, this kit by Make & Fable Crafts is a great pick to get into macrame necklace making.

Perfect for beginners who are all about creating personalized, handmade items, this seller provides a variety of pastel cord colors to pick from, detailed instructions, and the option to choose between gold or silver-plated hardware.

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The clasps are excellent additions, giving your piece a professional-looking, store-bought finish. And fear not, although chunky, these macrame necklaces are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Besides this project, your seller will also include a bonus mini kit to make matching earrings — a great way to complement your look and practice your knotting skills with other types of macrame jewelry.

This set costs ~$20 on Etsy, is shipped from the UK, and is delivered worldwide.

Macramé Necklace Craft Kit by Knots and Crosses

Macrame Necklace Kit by Knots and Crosses

Next is another complete macrame necklace kit for starters, and includes materials to make two items — perfect for crafting handmade gifts or enjoying a creative activity with a friend.

With lots of beautiful cord hues to choose from (Blush, Peacock Blue, and Pine Green are my favorites!), this set by Knots & Crosses includes all the supplies needed to complete your projects, as well as step-by-step instructions

This is an excellent set if you’ve wanted to explore chunkier knots vs. micro macrame weaving. The cord measures 9mm in thickness, so you’ll have a pretty impressive piece on your hands (or should I say neck?) once your necklace is finished.

We also really like that this seller delivers these sets in eco-friendly packaging! Note that this set costs ~$30, so is slightly pricier than the previous product. However, you will be paying the equivalent of ~$15 per necklace, so pretty much worth the investment.

Kits are shipped worldwide from the UK and do not require extra shipping fees.

DIY Kit Macrame Pendant with Stone by Aisha Macrame

DIY Kit Macrame Pendant with Stone by Aisha Macrame

Our last suggestion for kits is this unique micro macrame pendant project by Aisha Macrame, available on Etsy.

For less than $25, this complete set is the perfect fit if you have a soft spot for macrame crystal necklaces or love to incorporate natural stones into your jewelry.

Including a 15-page digital tutorial, brass beads, and waxed thread, this kit also contains a natural stone of your choice: Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Amazonite, and Moonstone are just a few — the latter is my top pick!

Unlike the sets listed above, this project is all about micro macrame techniques: you’ll create tiny knots with thin thread vs. chunky cord. Also, because this thread is waxed, it’s very resistant to water: good news if you’re too lazy to remove your jewelry before going for a swim or getting into the shower (guilty).

Every kit is wrapped in sustainable materials, and a little gift card can be added too upon request! This seller is based in Spain and delivers worldwide. Shipping costs will be applied, so confirm these details before purchase.

DIY macrame necklace patterns and PDF tutorials

Once you’re more familiar with macrame knots and techniques or have leftover materials lying around your craft station, consider looking into digital macrame necklace patterns and tutorials. They’re cheap, packed with instructions, and a great source of inspiration to make memorable gifts on a budget!

Macrame Necklace DIY Macrame Pattern and Tutorial by Curious Craft Studio

Macrame Necklace DIY Macrame Pattern and Tutorial by Curious Craft Studio

Curious Craft Studio offers some of my favorite macrame jewelry patterns, and this macrame necklace tutorial is no exception!

Perfect if you resonate with a minimal, modern aesthetic, this downloadable macrame necklace pattern is available on Etsy for ~$5. You’ll have access to comprehensive step-by-step instructions (English), a detailed knot guide, a supply list, and a video tutorial.

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I really love this project’s dainty design and the combination of its tiny, elegant knots with the shiny hardware. However, remember that you’ll only be getting guidelines with your purchase and that all materials need to be sourced separately.

This project is excellent for beginners and intermediate crafters and makes an exceptional gift for anyone who loves quality handmade jewelry!

Tutorial Macrame Interchangeable Pouch Necklace by Macrame d’Amare

Tutorial Macrame Interchangeable Pouch Necklace by Macrame d'Amare

If you’re looking for something truly original, this macrame crystal necklace pouch is one of my favorites; I love the concept and just how easy it is to make.

This downloadable best-seller tutorial by Macramedamare is under $4 on Etsy and will teach you how to make a one-of-a-kind piece with just a few simple macrame knots.

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Instructions are available in English and Italian and are supported by detailed pictures to guide you through every step. And, of course, you’ll also receive a complete list of materials. I appreciate the versatility of this piece, not to mention how beginner-friendly this project is!

Being an interchangeable pouch, you can switch things up as you see fit and use your macrame necklace to accommodate all kinds of stones or crystals. My favorite combo is the traditional beige cord and the rose quartz stone!

DIY Micro Macrame Necklace Pattern by UniqueForYouByVanya

DIY Micro Macrame Necklace Pattern by UniqueForYouByVanya

Recommended for more experienced crafters, this hippie chic macrame necklace pattern by UniqueForYouByVanya boasts a singular design packed with intricate micro knotting details.

This pattern costs ~$7 and offers a digital file with over 100 photos to create your necklace from start to finish — that’s what I call comprehensive!

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Nevertheless, this is a much more advanced project than our previous suggestions, so if you’re a beginner, we suggest starting with a complete kit or one of the chunkier macrame necklace tutorials above.

If you are a fan of micro macrame, we highly advise checking out this seller’s store; there are endless patterns and tutorials for all kinds of boho-inspired macrame jewelry projects that are definitely with looking into!

Macrame Pattern for Susie Necklace by Curious Craft Studio

Macrame Pattern for Susie Necklace by Curious Craft Studio

To top off our picks for some of the best macrame necklace patterns is another project by Curious Craft Studio.

Available on Etsy for roughly $5, this funky yet sophisticated three-tiered macrame necklace is ideal for beginners and intermediate crafters (more seasoned knot lovers may find this project a little too straightforward).

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Your digital file will include complete instructions, a video tutorial (English), and a complete knot guide to walk you through the process. And like every macrame necklace pattern, you can use whatever thread hues, types of hardware, etc., you want.

However, if this is your first attempt, we advise sticking to the project supplies specifically outlined until getting the hang of things. Remember, the great thing about digital patterns is that once bought, they’ll be yours forever; therefore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment!

Other macrame necklace patterns and PDF tutorials

Online lessons and free video tutorials

Another practical and affordable way to learn how to make all kinds of macrame necklaces is by taking online courses or checking out free video tutorials. Here are a few suggestions to get you into the groove!

Rope Jewelry for Beginners: Make Your Own Necklaces

Rope Jewelry for Beginners: Make Your Own Necklaces

Teacher: Beth Pegler
Platform: Domestika
Level: Beginner

Duration: 13 Lessons (2h 1m)
Audio: English
Subtitles: Yes

Domestika is a fantastic online space to discover and learn a variety of creative hobbies, including this comprehensive rope jewelry course for beginners!

For two hours, your teacher and textile jewelry designer Beth Pegler will teach you the ins and outs of creating eye-catching macrame necklaces by applying two basic macrame knots — it doesn’t get simpler than this.

You’ll create three of Beth’s signature macrame necklaces for your class project while learning how to select the best materials, apply techniques, and use easy tips and tricks to have you knotting like a pro.

Another Domestika course that covers macrame necklace making is Macrame Jewelry by Carla Marin: you’ll learn how to create a complete line of macrame jewelry, including earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet.

If you’re interested in taking more than one macrame class on the platform, Domestika Plus offers discounts on course bundles and more!

How to Make an Easy Macrame Necklace in a Geometric Shape

We’ve listed some of our favorite macrame necklace tutorials on YouTube to complete our guide! First up is the perfect option if you’re a fan of micro macrame necklaces and geometric designs.

While not overly complex, this tutorial is slightly lengthier than most macrame jewelry-making lessons (approximately 25 minutes) and will be easier to follow if you already have some basic know-how under your belt.

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On the other hand, the beauty of having a pause button allows you to learn pressure-free and at your own pace! That said, if you’re a beginner and have time to spare, we say go for it!

Know that this macrame necklace tutorial isn’t narrated; it features background music and written guidelines to support you as you watch. If you’re looking for chunky macrame cord creations, keep scrolling!

 Rope Knot Necklace

I really like this macrame necklace tutorial because it’s super easy to follow and will teach you how to create a fashionable rope necklace with just a few simple knots.

Just four minutes long, this is the perfect stop if you’re into fashion and are looking for an affordable, quick project to make gifts for friends and family. And the outcome is pretty cool, perfect for newbie macrame hobbyists looking for their first challenge!

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Unlike most YouTube craft-oriented tutorials, Penelopel primarily focuses on fashion accessories. And while not overflowing with countless tutorials, I really appreciate the overall quality of her content and get a kick out of the retro vibe in her videos.

Like the previous macrame necklace tutorial, this video doesn’t feature an instructional voice-over but does incorporate background music and written guidelines. However, considering how straightforward this project is, you won’t need overly detailed guidance!

DIY Macrame Rope Necklaces with Four Different Patterns

Last up is a chunky macrame necklace tutorial by my Total Handmade. This channel is great for exploring a bunch of macrame-related projects besides jewelry, too!

While not the most aesthetically curated, this is one of the best rope necklace-making videos on YouTube and goes over four knots and patterns to make multiple choker-style macrame necklaces.

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This video doesn’t have a voiceover or music, but each step is shown very clearly, making it easy to follow, no matter your skill level. I also love seeing how different cord colors look on finished projects; you’ll see more than your typical beige cord in this video!

Like the previous option, this is a pretty short video (roughly seven minutes long). Still, it packs in a variety of creative, easy-to-do ideas to make flawless, pro-looking macrame necklaces with very few resources.

That’s it for this list of the best kits, tutorials, and patterns for macrame necklaces. Did you find your next project here? Let us know in the comments below!

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