Best sewing kits: All-in-one sets with materials, tools, and fun projects

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Know this: no matter who or where you are, having a sewing kit will always come in handy.

Whether you’re on an out-of-town business trip, have active children who frequently rip their clothes, or have a passion for creative needlework projects, sewing kits are fantastic little life savers every household should own.

While all sewing kits share some features, they vary in design, capacity, and dimension; there’s a world of sewing sets to satisfy every need and preference.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect sewing kit, check out our favorites for beginners, travelers, and children for inspiration!

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Best sewing kits: Quick picks

Vellostar complete sewing kit

VelloStar Sewing Kit

  • Comprehensive starter kit
  • Very affordable
  • 24 thread spools

Magnetic sewing kit travel set

Magnetic Sewing Kit Travel Set

  • Modern, portable kit
  • Unique magnetic mechanism to secure needles
  • Perfect size for travel

Dinosaur sewing kits

Dinosaur Sewing DIY Craft Kit

  • Creative project for children
  • Can be bought in packs
  • A little pricey

Best sewing kits

Keep reading to discover our picks for the best sewing kits for beginners, kids, crafty sewers, and more. Let us know in the comments section below what your favorites are!

Best sewing kits for beginners

There’s nothing like getting into sewing with a complete kit; check out the best options for beginners below!

VelloStar Sewing Kit

Vellostart sewing kits

If you’re looking for complete sewing kits to jumpstart a needlework project or simply as a backup for the occasional rip and tear, the Vellostar pack is an excellent choice.

Packed with 24 colored thread spools, thimbles, 30 needles, scissors, measuring tape, and more, this all-in-one set costs just under $20 and comes in a soft, zippered case.

It also includes features beyond your typical sewing notions, such as a fabric pencil and an assortment of plastic/metal buttons. These extras will come in handy whether you’re mending a ripped blouse, sewing a skirt from scratch, or stitching up your toddler’s favorite teddy bear!

This kit is ideal if you’re searching for comprehensive sewing kits containing all you need vs. purchasing items individually for a higher price. If balancing budget, quality, and convenience is your goal, this is definitely your best buy.

Looking for larger sewing kits similar to this one? This XL sewing kit is another great kit to consider and is just slightly more expensive.

SINGER 07281 Vintage Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories 

Singer sewing basket

This beginner’s sewing kit by SINGER includes everything you need to start setting up your craft station and projects.

Apart from its enticing variety of sewing notions, from needles, dressmaker pins, and scissors, to 10 thread spools, a pin cushion, and more, the true highlight of this kit is its adorable, vintage-inspired design and compact size.

This spacious sewing basket is ideal for storing all your materials and any additional items you purchase as you evolve in the craft. Not to mention it’s also a great place to hold any WIP you have going on, whether knitting, embroidery, or crochet projects.

While this kit is not as comprehensive as the previous one in terms of supplies, for under $25, it offers the bare essentials to get started and gets extra points for design — it will make the perfect gift and/or look great in any corner of your home.

When purchasing this item, you’ll be able to choose from various designs. SINGER also sells this really cute polka dot sewing kit if you’re looking for more modern patterns instead!

Wooden Sewing Box with Sewing Kit Accessories

Wooden sewing kits for starters

Next up is this beautiful wooden sewing kit — ideal if you appreciate woodwork and love to add special items to your craft table.

Including an assortment of essential sewing notions, this kit offers sturdy compartments to store all your items, along with 24 thread spools, needles, buttons, thimbles, and scissors.

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There are two versions of this kit on offer, each engraved with different designs on the lid. My favorite is the Dandelion model because it has a super convenient and unique mechanism to hold your scissors (see photo above). I just love this feature!

And speaking of scissors, this happens to be the star tool of this kit for its quality cutting and funky dragon-embossed design. Left-handed? You can find some of the best left-handed scissors here. There are also lots of affordable cutting mats for sewing to complement your set!

If you’re looking for more personalized, artsy sewing kits, this is an excellent pick. It also makes for the perfect gift for any avid sewist and woodwork-loving crafter.

Best portable sewing kits

The following sewing kits are for you if you’re constantly on the go or traveling!

Magnetic Sewing Kit Travel Set

Magnetic travel sewing kits

This small modern set is the first portable sewing kit on our list and measures a convenient 12.3 x 11 x 3.3cm (~5 x 4 x 1.2 inches), easily fitting into most handbags and luggage.

Available in blue, green, pink, and white, the main feature of this product is that it’s magnetic, meaning that you won’t have needles flying everywhere as you transport your kit!

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Despite its small size, it surprisingly includes quite a few materials: thread, mini scissors, buttons, a thimble, a threader tool, a seam ripper, and needles.

Its compact design makes it especially great for backpackers who travel light and busy professionals who may need to quickly mend a button before a business meeting.

Before purchase, it’s important to remember that this is somewhat of a backup emergency kit, so tools won’t be the sturdiest vs. a full-on sewing kit.

This kit is shipped from China and is available worldwide. 

Embroidex Sewing Kit

Embroidex sewing kits

As one of the cheapest sewing kits listed, this Embroidex set is totally worth it, and only under $6 — now that’s what I call a great deal!

This mini sewing kit contains all of the essential tools you’ll need to get any quick mending done, whether around the house or whenever you’re out and about. You’ll find 14 thread spools, needles, buttons, a seam ripper, and a thimble inside each set.

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Lightweight and easy to carry, the case is zippered and made of quality leather, and although discrete in design, it has been made to last.

This is also a practical option if you’re in the performing arts or do cosplay and often come across situations where clothes may rip on the spot. It’s also a cheap beginner kit to support your first projects if you’ve just started to take a few online sewing classes.

Although I prefer a soft case to transport sewing materials, if you prefer a hard case, another travel-friendly option within the same budget is this 27-piece SINGER kit.

Sewing Kit Travel Set

Travel sewing kits

Next up is another fun option if you’re searching for a small sewing kit, available in three different designs to provide something for everyone.

Cases measure 20 x 13.5 x 2.5 cm (~7 x 5 x 1 inches) and include all the sewing notions you’ll need for quick repairs: needles, thread, scissors, buttons, and a seam ripper.

Although it’s a practical small sewing kit, do keep in mind that it’s not the tiniest. It is, however, pretty flat, so it will easily slip into most handbags and suitcases fuss-free!

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A feature I love about this portable sewing kit is that items are secured by elastic bands to keep everything neat and organized when you’re moving from one place to another — perfect if you’re required to do a lot of traveling for work.

A little more expensive than the previous portable sewing kits, this set contains quality supplies, making it a long-lasting gift for teenagers and adults to put to good use.

This Etsy item is also shipped from China and sold worldwide.

Best project sewing kits

If you’re looking for creative needlecraft hobbies and crafty, easy-to-do projects to enjoy from home, the following sewing kits will be right up your alley, no matter your skill level.

Sew a Scrunchie Kit

Scrunchie sewing kits

Making dresses and stitching t-shirts is fun, but this scrunchie-making mini sewing kit is pretty original and creative!

When purchasing this product, you’ll be able to choose from different colors and patterns. In addition, in your kit, you’ll receive enough fabric for two large scrunchies, thread, pins, needles, elastic, and safety pins.

A bundle option is also available for a slightly higher price if you’re interested in having the materials to make up to four scrunchies instead. Do know that this kit is only shipped and available within the UK, though.

Although I would recommend at least some familiarity with the craft, this kit is for beginners and includes instructions to help you every step of the way. You can also choose if you want to sew your project manually or with a sewing machine — handheld sewing machines are a great compromise!

This makes a fun gift for all ages, whether as a kit or a completed item. Check out this shop to find other sewing kits to make different projects, such as drawstring bags, fabric baskets, aprons, etc.

Sew Your Own Zip Purses

Zip purses sewing kit

Zip purses are one of the most popular and satisfying sewing projects to try, no matter your skill level, because they’re easy to do and make great budget-friendly gifts.

This sewing kit is an excellent pick if you want to take your first steps toward making zip purses and includes fun fabrics, needles, thread, pins, and an instructional booklet for guidance.

It’s a great set if you’re interested in learning how to make leather bags or macrame purses! This is an affordable, quality kit that will allow you to improve your skills with a small-scale project.

However, having a sewing machine is highly advised for this project, so ensure you have access to this device. We recommend checking out a cheaper handheld sewing machine if you’re not ready to invest in the real deal just yet!

This shop also sells other fun sewing kits worth checking out; pencil cases, cushion covers, and key ring pouches are just a few. If you’re looking for other scrunchie sewing kits like the previous product on our list, this company makes this one for a similar price!

All kits are shipped from the UK and are sold worldwide.


Dressmaking sewing kit

When speaking of sewing kits, we have to mention dressmaking. This fabulous set is one of the stars on our list and will get you measuring and sewing a dress of your own.

Being one of the more elaborate sewing kits listed, it’s also one of the more expensive options, but worth every penny due to its impeccable packaging and quality materials.

This set is suitable for beginners and includes fabric, lightweight interfacing, buttons, and thread. However, a needle is not guaranteed, so be sure to have a backup plan — I advise checking with your seller at purchase. I love this set for fashion illustrators wanting to bring their designs to life!

I mostly appreciate this sewing kit because it gives you the option to choose between different types and colors of denim or linen textiles; no matter which one you choose, they all look great!

This seller also provides lots of information for this project here, including a handy size chart. Note that instructions come in English only. This kit is shipped from the UK and is available worldwide.

Best sewing kits for kids

And because there’s nothing like learning a new craft from a young age, here are our favorite sewing kits for kids.

My First Sewing Kit

My first sewing kit

This complete sewing kit is a great way to introduce children to the art of sewing and is jammed with entertaining projects to enthuse young crafters.

Ideal for kids ages 7+, expect to find a world of fun items within this set: a tomato pin cushion, patterns to make a pouch, pre-cut felt animal shapes, embroidery thread, supplies to sew a notebook cover, a pencil holder, and more.

It’s the perfect pick if you’re looking for portable sewing kits that include different activities and themes in a single set. The packaging and box are adorable too, making it the ideal gift for any occasion. And the good news is that it’s available for under $20!

If you’re looking for a more theme-specific set, this sewing kit for children offers six felt animal shapes for crafting for roughly the same price.

Sock Unicorn Craft Kit | Sewing kit

Unicorn sewing kit

Who knew a sock could be at the heart of such a fun sewing project?

This creative kit contains all the supplies and tools needed to put together a colorful unicorn stuffed animal — this theme is my favorite! Suitable for ages 8+, this is a super unique project to enjoy with your child.

You’ll find socks within your kit (color and patterns are chosen at purchase), stuffing, felt, a needle, thread, templates, and instructions. While this kit is suitable for children, this project can be a little more complex and might benefit from some adult guidance.

Also, know that the end product is mainly for showcasing, so although it’s not the best for play, it’s a great way to have your child create something to decorate their bedroom or handmake for a special friend.

Besides unicorns, this shop offers more animal sock sewing kits worth checking out! These kits are shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

Dinosaur Sewing DIY Craft Kit

Dinosaur sewing kit

Last up is this super fun dinosaur-inspired sewing kit. And while I’m an adult, I have to say it’s one of my favorites! Any Jurassic Park fans out there?

Available for under $35, this felt dinosaur sewing kit includes two T-Rex cut-outs, sticky black eyes, toy stuffing, a plastic needle, and thick embroidery thread. Be sure to have scissors, though; this tool isn’t included in the set.

There are lots of affordable electric scissors for sewing and fabric-based projects to make life easy; you can check out some of the best here.

Appropriate for ages 4+, you can purchase this kit individually or in packs containing multiple dinosaur cut-outs. Bulk orders are ideal for school teachers looking for fun activities to liven up their classroom or for parents throwing a dinosaur-themed party for their child!

While it’s always advisable to supervise your child as they craft and use these materials, it’s a pretty safe and easy-to-do project they will likely be able to enjoy independently.

This kit is sold worldwide and shipped from the UK.

How to choose the best sewing kit for you

Finding a suitable sewing kit isn’t necessarily a complicated process; the challenge is picking one from so many convenient and budget-friendly options! 

If you’re feeling unsure as to what to look for, here’s a quick list of tips to keep in mind: 

  • Are you an experienced crafter looking for sewing kits for a specific purpose or looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one beginner kit?
  • Will you be using your sewing kit to mend daily rips and tears or aiming to work on creative projects such as cosplay costumes, toys, or garments?
  • Do you want a kit to complement work done on a traditional/handheld sewing machine, or will you do all your sewing manually?
  • Is the sewing set a gift for a child or an adult? What is their experience level? 
  • Are you searching for mini sewing sets for travel or complete kits for your craft station
  • Do you prefer sturdy cases or soft covers for your kit? Does design matter?
  • Do the project-based sewing kits motivate you enough to complete them from start to finish?

Besides these factors, along with cost and shipping options, it’s also important to manage expectations.

For example, if you’re looking for small portable sewing kits, remember that these are best for convenience and occasional fixes. In these cases, you might not find an abundance of premium tools and materials, although they’ll certainly do the trick. 

However, suppose you’re searching for something for daily use or larger projects. In that case, I advise looking into complete project kits that provide more materials for regular sewing. 

That’s it for our guide to the best sewing kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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