Best knitting kits: Learn to knit scarves, blankets, bags, and more

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The beauty of knitting kits is that they offer something for everyone — even if you’re already familiar with this form of needlecraft.

While undeniably helpful for newbies eager to learn and develop skills, knitting kits are also an excellent match for uninspired long-time knitters looking for new ideas.

Whether you prefer classic scarf and baby sweater patterns or whimsical multicolored bags and blankets, our picks for the best knitting kits are packed with fun, easy-to-make projects you’ll definitely get a kick out of!

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Best knitting kits: Quick picks

Beginners knitting kits blanket

Beginner Blanket Knitting Kit

  • Large-sized project for beginners
  • Requires basic stitches
  • Optional knitting needles

Arm knitting kits

Arm Knitting Blanket Kit

  • High-quality chunky yarn
  • Expensive
  • Easy-to-do project for beginners

Vegan yarn knitting kits

Sweater Knitting Kit with Vegan Yarn

  • Vegan-friendly knitting project
  • Wide range of yarn colors
  • Includes knitting manual

Best knitting kits

Learn new skills and put your know-how to the test with these entertaining knitting kits and needlecraft projects.

Classic Beanie Knitting Kit for Beginners

Beanie knitting kits for beginners

Classic knitting projects are always in style and are great starting points for beginners still getting the hang of things.

This Best Seller knitting set on Etsy is perfect for rookies looking for easy-to-follow instructions and simple materials to make a timeless knitted beanie.

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Including 100% merino worsted weight yarn, two circular needles (for different techniques), a tapestry needle, stitch markers, and a hat pattern, each set is curated according to hat size: adult, child, toddler, newborn (prices will vary).

And besides the basics, you’ll also receive a pom pom maker — it wouldn’t be the real deal without one! You’ll also have access to an online tutorial to ensure you’re guided from start to finish and a cotton project bag to store your WIP.

Know that yarn may bleed the first time you wash your beanie; rinse it with cold water to preserve ink/color. Also, this set is shipped from the US and delivered within the US and the UK only. This Pom Pom Hat Kit on Etsy is slightly more expensive but a similar alternative with international delivery options.

Boyfriend Seed Stitch Scarf Knitting Kit

  • Scarf knitting kits
  • 2Scarf Knitting Kit 1 1

Every knitter loves a good ole’ scarf-making session; scarves are easy to knit, functional, look great, and make the perfect gift. If this is something you’re after, this knitting set by Wool Couture is the perfect pick!

Wool Couture is a popular needlecraft brand that delivers worldwide from the UK and is sought-after for its high-quality materials, beautifully presented kits, and extensive catalog suited for all skill levels.

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Appealing to beginners and advanced crafters alike, this beautiful, eco-friendly scarf knitting set contains four skeins of chunky yarn (100% merino), a sewing needle, an easy-to-follow pattern, and a recyclable tote bag to store your project.

You’ll also have the option to curate your kit with or without needles, select your preferred yarn color, and whether you want a digital or printed version of your knitting manual.

Note that if you can afford a complete set, I strongly advise doing so. For example, having the proper needles for chunky yarn can really make or break your project. It’s worth the investment unless you can borrow a pair of 15mm wooden knitting needles from a crafting buddy!

Beginner Blanket Knitting Kit

Beginner blanket knitting kits

Make a beautiful, multicolored blanket with this impeccably packaged knitting kit by Wool Couture — the perfect set if you’re starting to venture into larger knitting projects.

Each kit includes top-quality materials: multiple skeins of soft, pastel-colored chunky yarn, a tapestry needle, a knitting manual, a pattern, and a recyclable tote bag. In addition, you can add 15mm knitting needles to your pack for a slightly higher price (~$15 more).

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While designed for beginners, you will be incorporating different skeins of yarn in this project. Therefore, it might take some time to get the hang of things if this is your first attempt at this method. Also, since you’ll be working with multiple skeins, having a yarn bowl will be really helpful!

Surprisingly, this project doesn’t require complex stitches or techniques, so it’s the perfect launching pad if you’ve already got the basics down. If you feel like this still needs some work, The Complete Guide to Knitting class on Udemy is a great place to boost your skills — and for only ~$20!!

Because it isn’t the cheapest kit, I recommend knitting some practice swatches before digging into your final piece. This kit also makes for a very thoughtful gift (I mean, who doesn’t love a cozy blanket?) and is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

Arm Knitting Blanket Kit

  • Arm knitting blanket kits
  • 2Arm Knitting Blanket Kit

Arm knitting is all the rage right now — and I’m totally here for it! If you’re a traditional knitter but curious about trying new techniques and approaches to the craft, you can’t go wrong with this fabulous chunky arm knitting kit on Etsy.

For ~$100, this luxurious set includes eight skeins of jumbo acrylic yarn, a pattern, guidelines on stitches, and a step-by-step tutorial (printed or digital) showing you how to knit your blanket from start to end.

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If you’re entirely new to arm knitting and want to learn a little more beyond your kit, this Throw Blanket Arm Knitting class on Creativebug is a great way to learn more as you craft!

One of the things I love the most about this set is the selection of colors you can choose from, including lots of unique, brand-new options like Kiwi, Soft Coral, Ruby, and Lemonade. Your completed blanket will measure ~36 x 55 inches (~90 x 140cm), the perfect size to cozy up any nook in your home.

Although this kit is pricier than others, remember that the quality of your yarn means everything, especially chunky yarn. Because it’s primarily used to knit larger, functional items, factors like yarn weight, comfort, and durability are important to consider.

Cable Cushion Knitting Kit

Cable cushion knitting kits

Home decorators and hobbyists will absolutely love this cable cushion knitting kit.

Luxurious looking and soft, this 16-inch (40cm) square cushion will take just a few materials to put together: four 100g chunky yarn balls, four coconut shell buttons, a sewing needle, and a pattern.

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You’ll also get a cute tote bag to store and transport your project! Wooden knitting needles and a cushion insert are optional items you can choose to add to your pack for a slightly higher value.

This pattern is perfectly suitable for beginners, focusing on learning how to purl and knit a cable. You’ll receive complete instructions in your kit for guidance. When placing your order, check out all of the amazing color options available — Hyacinth, Forest Green, and Cinnamon are my favorites!

If you enjoy this knitting style and want to apply this technique to other project types, this Cable Knit Hat & Headband class on Craftsy is a great way to find inspiration. This set is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

Bomber Cardigan Knitting Kit

Bomber cardigan knitting kits

Next up is another deluxe Wool Couture Star Seller kit, this time comprising all you need to knit a trendy, oversized bomber cardigan from start to finish.

If you’re a novice knitter, you’ll be surprised to know that this kit is perfectly suitable for beginners and designed to have you making an impressive, wearable piece with very little know-how.

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Every kit includes an eco-friendly tote bag to store materials, a cardigan pattern, a sewing needle, and soft chunky yarn — the color is up to you! The number of skeins you receive in your knitting set and price will vary according to the sweater size you purchase: sizes XS to XL are available.

Remember that this pattern is specifically designed for an oversized look. Therefore, select a size that reflects what this would look like for you — going for snug here will make your sweater lose its appeal. That said if you want something a little more fitted, we recommend checking out the other sweater knitting kits listed.

Knitting needles are optional and can be included in your set for an additional fee. This luxurious set is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide. Being a pricier option, you’ll be happy to know that this seller accepts payments in installments to provide greater convenience for all budgets.

Pompom Reversible Sweater Beginners Knitting Kit

  • 2Pompom Knitting Sweater Kit
  • Pompom Sweater Reversible Knitting Kit

Sweater knitting kits are great choices if you love fashion and are looking for ways to personalize your wardrobe. One of my favorites is this whimsical reversible pompom sweater knitting set by Lauren Aston Designs. Swipe the image above to see the finished result.

Surprisingly, this seemingly complex project is doable for beginners and comes in various sizes and colors (25 to pick from!) to suit all preferences. And let’s not leave out the fact that it’s reversible, meaning you can adjust it to have a “V” neck on the front or back — an awesome detail if you love to switch things up.

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This kit is shipped from the UK and sold worldwide and includes super chunky yarn in the color of your choice, thread for pompoms, a knitting pattern, and a 35mm pompom maker. A tapestry needle and 12mm knitting needles are optional items you can add (price will vary accordingly).

The sweater pattern combines basic knit and purl stitches which is ideal if you know the basics. Nevertheless, you’ll have a complete manual to refer to if you come across any doubts.

When choosing the size of your sweater, think about what fit you’re going for, whether oversized or more snug. To make sure you make an informed decision, I highly recommend contacting the seller to ensure you get what you intend.

Sweater Knitting Kit with Vegan Yarn

Vegan knitting sweater kits

Next up is an excellent solution for needlecrafters looking for vegan knitting sweater kits; you’ll love this circular knitted sweater project on Etsy!

Your vegan knitting sweater kit will contain a pattern, super chunky vegan acrylic yarn of your choice, two sets of bamboo circular knitting needles (40cm/80cm), a tapestry needle, instructions, and a cotton drawstring bag to store your items. 

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Although I recommend having a little know-how on basic knitting techniques, this kit is beginner-friendly and makes life easy with its top-down pattern: you’ll be knitting in circular movements without stitching parts together. 

Suppose you’re unfamiliar with this method or feel like you need a little more guidance beyond an instructional manual. In that case, I highly suggest this circular knitting class on Domestika to learn beforehand: Introduction to Knitting with Circular Needles

Shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide, this knitting set provides a range of sweater sizes and beautiful colors. For information on adequately washing your piece or finding the best size for you, reach out to your seller for support.

Baby Sweater Knitting Kit

  • Baby sweater knitting kit
  • 2Baby Sweater Knitting Kit

Knitted baby sweaters are one of the most popular projects among knitters. To encourage you to make one yourself, we highly recommend this adorable baby sweater kit for beginners — yet again by Wool Couture!

With sizes ranging from 0-24 months, this sweet set is the perfect entryway into sweater knitting: it’s small-scale, fun to make, and will take less time to knit vs. an adult sweater. Each kit includes yarn, a pattern, a tapestry needle, extra yarn for the cross stitch, and adorable buttons to embellish your final piece.

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The yarn in each kit depends on the sweater size you select. That said, remember that babies aren’t all the same! You may need to purchase a larger/smaller size sweater kit despite the established measurements. In this case, I suggest asking the seller for advice to ensure you get what you’re after.

Stitches required to knit this pattern are knit, purl, increasing, and decreasing: be sure to be familiar with these terms and techniques before getting started. On the other hand, they’re some of the first you’ll learn as a knitter, so it’s very likely you have this down if you’re reading this!

I love that this beginner kit offers quality materials and beautiful outcomes; a truly gratifying project that keeps toddlers warm and looking cute — and parents happy! This set is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

Rainbow Market Bag Knitting Kit

  • Rainbow market bag knitting kit
  • 2Rainbow Market Bag Knitting Kit

Besides aesthetics, knitting projects are a fun, affordable way to create functional items for everyday use. This rainbow market bag knit kit is a great example!

This easy-to-make beginner knitting project is perfect if you’ve been looking to craft beyond scarves and beanies and will give you an opportunity to incorporate different yarn colors into a single piece.

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Each kit contains instructions, mini skeins, and a rainbow pattern to make a seamless market bag. Knitting needles and a tapestry needle are only included upon request/extra fee.

Even though a manual can be expected, knowing the basics, such as knit and purl stitches, will help speed things up. But if you’re not quite there yet, this is a great project to work through and learn at your own pace!

Whether for shopping, toy storage, or picnics on the beach, this sturdy, trendy bag costs under $20 on Etsy and makes a fantastic gift. This item is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

4M Easy-to-do Knitting Art Kit

Knitting kit for children

If you’ve already come across our articles, you probably won’t be surprised to see this item on our list. The 4M store is a super fun craft brand for young crafters, and this knitting beginners kit is another reason to check it out!

For under $15 on Amazon, this easy-to-do kit makes for an entertaining and educational gift for knit-loving children ages 8 and up and includes plastic needles, a manual, yarn, and accessories.

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And, of course, you’ll get instructions on how to make several items: a mini handbag, pillow, and an iPod/phone case. Once supplies are up, kids will have learned the basics and will feel confident to start creating more independently.

Besides this knitting kit, the 4M store has lots of options for needlecraft lovers in the making. Need some ideas for follow-up gifts? Here are a few of our favorites: Easy-to-Do Crochet Kit, Easy-to-Do Cross Stitch Kit, Embroidery Stitches Kit, and French Knit Fox Doll.

Scrappy Socks Knitting Kit

  • Socks knitting kits
  • 2Scrappy Socks Knitting Kit

Is there anything more inviting than a pair of warm knitted socks on cold winter days? Enjoy making some for you, your family, and your friends with this super original sock knitting kit on Etsy!

Containing a variety of colors to play with, this knitting set includes 20 skeins of sock yarn, a pattern, double-ended needles (82.5mm), and a stitch marker — the perfect option for experienced knitters looking to whip up the perfect gift.

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That said, even though this kit includes instructions and access to an online tutorial, I would only recommend this option to intermediate/advanced knitters — newbies are better off with less complex projects at first.

When placing your order, know that you may get different colored yarn vs. what is shown on the sellers’ website. In my view, this makes these kits even more exciting; I enjoy the unpredictability of getting something a little unexpected!

Shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide, this ~$30 set is a fantastic option for winter holiday gifts or group activities — much like this super fun and unique Slipper Knitting Kit, also on Etsy!

How to choose the best knitting kit for you

At the end of the day, choosing the best knitting kit for you comes down to picking a project that will feel gratifying, soothing, and, most of all, keep you excited about pursuing the craft further. Or else, what’s the point?

However, we have some tips that can help you narrow down your options — especially if you’re searching for your very first knitting kit!

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Firstly, define where you stand in terms of technique and know-how. Even if you’re looking for beginner knitting kits, you may find that some projects require a few foundational skills.

And while most starter sets do include guidelines to help you as you craft, watching a few online tutorials or taking a few online knitting classes is a convenient and affordable way to feel more confident before diving in.

When searching for knitting kits, it’s important to understand why some cost more than others. Besides the number of materials and tools in each kit, the quality of your yarn is crucial if you want your project to be long-lasting, aesthetic, and easy to preserve.

That said, a more significant investment may guarantee more successful outcomes in the long run, especially if you’re going for projects that have a functional purpose, such as a sweater or bag.

As you look through knitting sets, be sure to realize what exactly comes with your kit. For example, many include knitting needles as an optional accessory. If you opt out of paying a few extra bucks for these tools, ensure you have a compatible alternative — not all knitting needles are suited for all yarn types.

Also, you may receive a manual with different knitting terminology depending on where your kit is shipped from. There are lots of great websites that help translate this information, so don’t sweat it! We advise having a cheat sheet with you as you plan your project to ensure you get it right!

That’s it for our guide to the best knitting kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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