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Best weaving loom kits for beginners, kids, and fiber art fans

Hobbyists who are all about taking up creative hobbies inspired by ancient crafts will definitely get a kick out of weaving. And what better way to learn than getting your hands on a loom kit?

Of course, taking an in-person workshop or an online weaving class is ideal, but if you want to cut straight to the chase, there are many weaving kits for beginners that provide the fundamentals and easy-to-follow instructions to get you started.

Not to mention, you’ll get everything you need in a single set: how’s that for convenience? Below you’ll find our favorite loom weaving kits for beginners, kids, and fiber art fans!

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Best loom weaving kits: Quick picks

Weaver Starter Pack Etsy

Weaving Starter Pack by Port Gardner Crafts

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Different colorways on offer
  • High-quality starter kit

Loopdeloom Weaving Loom Kit

 Weaving Loom Kit by Loopdeloom

  • Unique device for starters
  • Can be connected to multiple looms to weave larger projects
  • Simplifies and quickens the weaving process

Craft Kids Weaving Loom Kit

Weaving Loom Craft Kit by Kids Crafts

  • ~$25 on Amazon and Etsy
  • Fun weaving set for children with educational value
  • It makes a great, affordable gift

Best loom weaving kits

Next up is our list of the best loom kits you can find online; keep reading to find your soon-to-be weaving loom. We’ve included our favorites for adults, teens, and kids!

Best loom for beginners: Weaving Starter Pack by Port Gardner Crafts

Weaving Starter Loom Kit by Port Gardner Crafts

While all of the loom kits we’ve picked are suitable for complete beginners, this is our favorite set for newbie weavers and is available on Etsy for ~$60.

Port Gardner Crafts is a Star Seller on the platform that delivers worldwide from the US and features a range of high-quality fiber art kits and supplies, including this complete starter pack.

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Each set contains everything you need to put together your very first wall hanging (7×14 inches): a small wooden loom, wooden weaving comb, blunt tapestry needle, dowl, wooden shuttle, and worsted weight yarn (colors may vary slightly to what is shown on the site).

This seller also provides multiple colorways, so be sure to select your favorite at purchase! Also, the roving in this kit is extra delicate, so best to use your fingers vs. scissors to separate yarns. In addition, it’s important to stress that this is a very simple project, so best suited for first-time weavers.

And, of course, you’ll get thorough instructions in your kit to guide you from start to finish as you work through your project. While sold as a wall hanging, your seller will also include tips on creating this item for other purposes — a little inspiration never hurts!

Best money for value: Weaving Loom Kit by Wool Couture Company

Weaving Loom Kit by Wool Couture Company

Wool Couture is another popular fiber art and needlecraft venture on Etsy that sells affordable, quality supplies and kits for crafters.

This weaving loom kit for beginners offers excellent money for value; there are three types of sets to choose from, all containing first-rate materials. You can pick your preferred kit based on category and contents: Basic, Starter, and Quintessential — the latter is the most complete, curated set available.

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Note that prices will vary depending on your select set, ranging between ~$38-$60. Like the previous kit, these products are a little more costly than your average craft kit, but this is justified considering the overall quality of what you’ll get.

If taking your first steps into weaving, I do suggest paying a little more for the Quintessential Kit. While the priciest option, it’s definitely worth the buy because it includes everything you need: a 28x39cm weaving loom, guidelines, a mounting bar, weaving needles, 20g cotton ball of warp, 30g roving, and 100g of chunky merino yarn.

Yarn colors and quality are exquisite; you get to pick from 10 combinations! The original project in this set is to create a wall tapestry, but you’re encouraged to adapt your work however you see fit! This seller ships from the UK and delivers worldwide. Note that shipping fees may be applied: click below for details.

Best for teens: Weaving Loom Kit by Loopdeloom

Weaving Loom Kit by Loopdeloom

Teens looking for loom kits will have a blast making just about anything with the one-of-a-kind Loopdeloom Weaving Loom Kit.

Unlike traditional weaving looms, this plastic-built device features a unique upright design with spinning pegs vs. your standard flat artisanal wooden loom. The advantage? It makes weaving a piece of cake, not to mention it speeds up the process.

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If you know anything about knitting machines, this particular setup may look familiar, considering it shares a similar mechanism. And better yet, there’s so much you can make here apart from your typical wall hanging: apparel, stuffed animals, phone cases, pillowcases, and purses, just to name a few.

While we would especially recommend these for younger crafters, this beginner weaving kit is also suitable for adults getting into this creative hobby. Besides the loom, each set includes 120 yds of yarn.

It’s important to know that a single loom can make pieces up to 7 inches wide. On the other hand, one of the coolest features of this product is that you can connect multiple Loopdelooms together to weave projects of all sizes! Note that this model is available on Blick, but Amazon also sells similar editions.

Best for young children: Weaving Loom Craft Kit by Kids Crafts

Weaving Loom Craft Kit by Kids Crafts

Speaking of young crafters, if you’ve been on the lookout for a kids loom, you’re in luck because they’re all the rage and can be found on a number of online marketplaces.

However, my top pick goes to this Amelia Earhart-inspired kids loom kit by Kids Crafts. If you’re familiar with our guides, you’ll know we have a sweet spot for this brand for its original themes that both entertain and educate children through crafting.

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This pack features a loom, weaving needle, colored yarn, pom poms, and string/rod for displaying. At the heart of this project is a puffy, cloud-filled sky motif paying homage to the historical aviation trailblazer.

Remember that this loom set is designed for children, so we don’t recommend it for older teens or adult beginners. It makes for a fantastic gift for any occasion and a great entry point for kids that show an interest in handmade crafts and activities.

You can find this product on Etsy and Amazon for the same price. Know that delivery options on Etsy are more restrictive, so we advise confirming both alternatives before placing your final purchase.

Best portable loom: The Original Lap Loom Kit by Harrisville Designs

LapLoom Kits by Harrisville Designs

Although most hobby looms are compact enough to transport, the Harrisville Lap Loom Kit is one of the best authentic hardwood looms you can find if you’re aiming for durability and portability. 

This set includes everything you need to master basic weaving techniques while providing a loom that adapts to different positions, whether you want to work from your lap, floor, or table as you tackle the craft for the first time. 

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Every loom kit comprises a 12×16 inch loom featuring slanted nylon pegs, cotton warp string, skeins of 100% pure virgin wool weft yarn (multiple colors), a tapestry needle, wooden shed sticks, a wooden shuttle, and illustrated instructions. 

Guidelines come in a 16-page booklet packed with information on the history of weaving and fundamental techniques to complete a project: a bag or placemat. The beauty of this set is that it’s a great kids loom for crafters ages 7+ while just as suitable for adults. 

This item is available on Amazon and Blick, and while not the cheapest, it’s priced pretty reasonably, considering the cost of most weaving loom kits. In addition, Blick offers other related products, such as the brand’s Tapestry Loom Starter Kit and Yarn Packs

Best mini loom: Tiny Loom Weaving Kit by The Creativity Patch

Tiny Loom Weaving Kit by The Creativity Patch

In case you’re wondering why you’d want such a small loom, there are many good reasons to consider this teeny tiny loom kit by The Creativity Patch.

Sold for under $30 on Etsy, this set gives you the chance to challenge yourself to a different approach — even if you’re a beginner. The technique is the same, but weaving on a smaller scale makes it a unique experience. It’s perfect for making fiber brooches and jewelry with fiber elements!

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It’s also fun for miniature creative hobbyists. For example, imagine all the mini blankets and carpets you can decorate your putz and dollhouses with! And, of course, it has lots of potential as a gift: anyone who loves the craft would love this unconventional loom.

This pocket-sized loom is also ideal if you have to sit through long commutes daily. It’s entertaining and undoubtedly more convenient than carrying your knitting needles and supplies on public transportation! The laser-cut loom measures 3.5×2.5 inches and boasts high-quality birch plywood finished with natural oils and wax.

Every kit includes a mini loom, tapestry needles, a selection of cotton and rayon chenille yarns, a canvas tote bag, and access to instructional video tutorials. At the time being, this product is only delivered within the US and is shipped from Arizona.

Best loom kit for all fiber artists: Weave a Wall Hanging Kit by wildwoven

WildWoven Loom Kit

Next is a weaving loom kit that’s more on the unusual side and suitable whether you’ve just begun weaving or are an experienced fiber artist.

Star Seller Etsy store wildwoven features this one-of-a-kind wall hanging set inspired by the changing of the seasons. This concept is represented through beautiful fiber trees categorized under different themes: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. I’m all about the Spring Blossom set!

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You’ll be building your piece directly onto the loom, which will then serve as a frame for showcasing your work. Kits include a gorgeous, handmade rustic loom, warp and weaving yarns, a weaving needle, a 12-page illustrated instructional booklet, and a cotton tote bag.

There’s no doubt that beginners could tackle this project, but keep in mind that it will take longer to complete than one of the other options listed. It’s slightly more complex and requires more attention to technique and detail, making it a great challenge for all skill sets.

The only downside is that this is a pretty expensive kit. However, you can pay in installments (click below to learn more). This loom kit is shipped from the UK and only delivers locally and to the US; it’s a great buy if you’re all about supporting small artisan businesses!

Best for jewelry making: Weaving Loom Pendant Kit by Becka Rahn

Weaving Loom Pendant Kit by Becka Rahn

Jewelry makers searching for inspiration through different creative processes and approaches will enjoy experimenting with this pendant loom kit.

Available on Etsy, this small but comprehensive set contains a vertical and a horizontal warp design to create two pendants. The unique part of this project is that you’ll use the loom not only for weaving but also as the blank for your final pendant.

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Therefore, these mini wooden looms aren’t reusable, as you’ll be wearing them instead! Each set includes two laser-cut bamboo loom blanks, waxed cotton cord, a hand-dyed skein, a tapestry needle, assorted glass beads, and illustrated step-by-step instructions.

You can combine beads and thread however you like and choose the yarn color of your preference: there are six hues on offer. This is a great little kit to practice basic weaving skills and a fun way to source ideas for potential jewelry ventures. And for only $10 — that’s quite the bargain.

Since supplies are tiny, we advise keeping materials away from small children. Like any jewelry-centered project, having a quality pair of scissors is key (this item isn’t included). Want suggestions? Check out our guides: Best left-handed scissors, best electric scissors, and essential macrame supplies.

Best gift: Bookmark Weaving Loom Kit by Moonkissed Studio

Bookmark Weaving Loom Kit by Moonkissed Studio

Are you running out of ideas for gifts? To complete our guide, we’ve chosen this creative bookmark-weaving loom kit — the perfect treat for anyone who appreciates a good reading sesh and thoughtful handmade presents.

Sold on Etsy, this bookmark project is small-scale and very straightforward, making it a great segue into more complex weaving creations. And since the loom is reusable, you’ll be able to create as many fiber bookmarks as you want once you get the gist of things!

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Apart from bookmarks, you can make other tiny items such as mini wall hangings and fiber jewelry. Every kit contains an 8×2.7-inch wooden loom, tapestry needle, comb, and yarn. You’ll have four color combinations to choose from at purchase.

However, know that the yarn provided is enough to craft one bookmark; you’ll need to outsource supplies afterward. This weaving set for beginners includes access to an in-depth video tutorial to get you from start to finish.

Whether you want to gift a completed bookmark or the kit itself, this is an affordable original option for under $20 — perfect for secret Santa present swaps and gag gifts! These sets are shipped from the US and delivered worldwide.

What to know before buying a loom kit

Are you looking into loom kits but unsure what to buy or where? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind during your search!

Don’t be surprised by the price tags; loom kits are slightly pricier than most fiber crafts. However, if you invest in a good set, besides learning the basics, you’ll have a quality, reusable loom you can use for future projects.

Know that the weaving kits listed don’t include huge, wall-covering tapestry looms. Instead, we’ve focused on providing the best options for complete beginners and, therefore, smaller looms with specific projects to help you master technique step-by-step.

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That said, as a complete beginner, stick to basic projects. Although they may seem a little duller than patterns packed with color and designs, these will help you master skills and transition into more elaborate works confidently.

And who knows, if you’re into woodworking, you may even want to build your own loom at some point and take weaving to the next level!

Before “adding to cart,” be sure to be completely clear on the contents of your set. For example, while some kits offer supplies for multiple projects, others only provide materials to weave a single item. Also, knowing exactly what you’ll be making and choosing a project you relate to will make learning way more pleasurable — that’s the point, right?

It’s important to distinguish between adult, and teen/kids loom kits. Selecting an age-appropriate set will make this experience more or less engaging. For instance, kids will want something fun and relatable to craft, so if you plan on gifting a loom set for a special youngster in your life, make it entertaining!

Besides the options in our guide, other kids loom sets we recommend are:

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to learn terminology related to your craft of choice! In this case, identifying terms like “warp,” “weft,” and “shuttle” will help you in the long run, whether you eventually follow weaving tutorials on YouTube or purchase a book on weaving techniques and projects.

That’s it for our picks for the best weaving loom kits you can buy! Which one will you be buying for yourself or a loved one today?

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