Best needle felting kits: Creative, wooly felt projects for all walks of life

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Needle felting is one of those crafts that has many guessing if it’s actually as complex as it looks. I believe the answer to that is yes —and no.

Hear me out.

Like most needlecraft creative hobbies, needle felting requires a pretty basic, straightforward toolset. On the other hand, needle felting is a somewhat slow-paced, time-consuming pastime that requires lots of practice — and patience.

I mean, turning pieces of soft wool into full-fledged 3D objects has to require some level of skill, right?

That said, needle felting kits are an excellent entryway into the craft: you’ll have all the materials you need, instructions to learn the process, and creative projects to put your know-how to the test in a single set.

To give you a taste of what’s available, we’ve gathered our favorite needle felting kits for beginners and up, featuring a range of fun themes, in our guide below!

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Best needle felting kits: Quick picks

Complete Needle Felting Craft Starter Kit for Beginners by Desert Breeze

Complete Needle Felting Craft Starter Kit for Beginners by Desert Breeze

  • Premium set
  • High-quality wool
  • Expensive

Whale Needle Felting Kit by Hawthorn Handmade

Whale Needle Felting Kit by Hawthorn Handmade

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Popular brand
  • Lots of shaping for practice

Fancy Sushi Needle Felting Kits by Make-A-Friend

Fancy Sushi Needle Felting Kits by Make-A-Friend

  • Very original theme
  • Multiple small items
  • Makes an excellent gift

Best needle felting kits

Keep reading to discover your favorite needle felting kits and themes! We’ve separated them into categories to help you find the right option for you.

Best complete starter sets for beginners

Boxed Needle Felting Starter Kit by Heidifeathers

Heidifeathers Boxed Needle Felting Starter Kit

If you still haven’t decided on a specific project or theme you’ll like to explore or simply prefer to keep your options open, the Heidifeathers needle felting kit is a great beginner-friendly option.

This kit includes colorful wool fibers, a felting brush, needles, and a felting tool. It also contains a booklet with step-by-step instructions on basic techniques and a few projects: a felt red post box, an elephant, a globe pin cushion, and more.

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We appreciate how sweet and simple this set is while not being restricted to a single project. It’s also very affordable at only a little over 25 bucks, especially considering you can expect both versatility and quality!

With this kit, you’ll be given the fundamentals to tackle any needle-felt project you want and enough materials for trial and error. This set is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide.

Complete Needle Felting Craft Starter Kit for Beginners by Desert Breeze

Complete Needle Felting Craft Starter Kit for Beginners

Just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t kickstart your needle felting ventures with something a little more high-end!

The Desert Breeze Premium Needle Felting Kit is one of the most exclusive beginner-friendly sets for hobbyists, packed with high-quality wool sourced from different corners of the world in over 15 elegant hues.

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It also contains leather finger guards, a felting cushion, and three sizes of German felting needles. You’ll also get guidelines to complete a needle-felt owl project. Once finished, you’ll have lots of top-quality resources left over to pursue a few more small-scale projects of your liking!

Mind you, this needle felting kit is a little pricey, at ~$70 on Amazon. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend it if you’re aiming for quality from the get-go: colors are unique vs. cheaper, bright-tinted wool, fibers are extra soft, and materials plentiful.

Best landscape and botanical-themed needle felting kits

California Ocean Landscape Painting by Claire Astra Studios

California Ocean Landscape Painting

Want to recreate beautiful landscapes with wooly fibers? We can’t get over this stunning California beach-inspired needle-felt project!

For $26, this Etsy Star Seller kit includes all the materials needed to complete this painting-like project, including a stick-on template of the entire design to make crafting as beginner-friendly as possible.

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This project is the perfect example of how you can achieve seemingly complex outcomes with easy techniques and shortcuts! Your final felt landscape will measure 5×10 inches (~12×25 cm) but is also available in a bigger size upon request.

Kits with an extra felt needle are also available for an additional fee. This set is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide. Another landscape-themed kit we think you’ll enjoy is this bucolic-inspired Lakeland Valley Needle Felting Kit on Etsy!

Wool Cacti Needle Felting Kit by Bergin & Bath

Wool Cacti Needle Felting Kit

If you have a passion for plants but don’t have much of a green thumb, this cacti-themed needle felting kit will be right up your alley.

With enough materials and tools to make up to two mini cacti, this set is an excellent pick for beginners: round-shaped felt projects are easier to tackle at first. You’ll also have step-by-step photographic guidelines to walk you through your projects.

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Besides quality wool and cacti designs, I love that this set includes two mini terracotta plant pots — this will give your final cacti the perfect final touch, especially if you’re crafting for a gift!

Know that each cactus is miniature, measuring ~3 inches (6 cm) tall. Also, remember to purchase this kit for adults only; like most felt kits, tools are not child-friendly. This kit is shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide!

Pumpkins Beginners Needle Felting Kit by Fudge and Mabel

Pumpkins Beginners Needle Felting Kit

Next up is a fun little needle-felting project inspired by pumpkins, perfect for seasonal celebrations and table layouts on special occasions.

Like the previous product, this pumpkin-themed kit is a great pick for newbies because it doesn’t require crafting complex angles or shapes; sticking to round objects at first is a great way to build skill with confidence.

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Shipped from the UK and delivered worldwide, this kit includes all the fundamentals, including high-quality British core wool and clear instructions. In addition, this seller provides various kit options with more or fewer materials. That said, prices will vary from ~$29 to $48.

Your kit will have enough material to make a small, medium, and big pumpkin. Besides cute ornamental gifts, these miniature items make great aroma diffusers — just add a few drops of essential oils! If you enjoy this theme, you’ll also love this brand’s Toadstools Beginner Needle Felting kit too!

Best animal-themed needle felting kits

Dachshund Needle Felting Kit by Hawthorn Handmade

Dachshund Needle Felting Kit

Hawthorn is a beloved needle-felting brand that stands out for its impressive beginner-friendly projects and adorable animal felting kits.

This kit includes everything needed to transform pieces of wool into a super cute, palm-sized Dachshund — an incredibly creative gift for any dog-loving friend or, of course, Dachshund owner!

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Delivered worldwide from the UK, this set contains British wool, felting needles, instructions, and a gift box. Note that, at times, this kit may include Merino wool, depending on availability.

You can purchase this set with or without foam for just a small ~$3 difference. Your final item will measure approximately ~5 inches (12 cm) long (tail included), making it a perfect little display for your office or bookshelf!

Sheep Needle Felting Kit by Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts

Sheep Needle Felting Kit

Needle-felt sheep are a rite of passage in the needle-felting world, a timeless, recurring theme for needle felting kits for beginners.

And although there are numerous options available, this ~5-inch (12 cm) Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts sheep is our favorite! Other than this set, the brand has an extensive catalog of fun sheep-inspired kits, including unique items like its Coraline Sheep Kit and Herdwick Sheep Kit.

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This beginner-friendly set provides detailed instructions and photographs depicting every step of the process for support. In addition, you’ll get tips on how to create and apply more complex features (such as long, furry coats!) for future animal-themed felt ventures.

Besides high-quality, British-originated wools and felting needles, this pack also includes beads and a mini sewing kit to construct the eyes. This home studio business is based in the UK and delivers worldwide. Being a small company, we advise contacting the seller directly if you have doubts regarding shipping fees and/or delivery policies.

Whale Needle Felting Kit by Hawthorn Handmade

Whale Needle Felting Kit

If you want to expand into more versatile felt sculpting techniques, this whale-themed felting kit for beginners is a great way to build skill — it’s also another great set by Hawthorn!

Slightly larger than the previous item, this felt whale measures ~6 inches (15 cm) when completed and incorporates different shapes: the head, eyes, fins, torso, and tail.

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So, while a small-sized project, you’ll be able to experiment with forms of diverse lengths and widths, which will give you lots of practice to eventually tackle more elaborate animal felting kits. Hawthorn’s Tortoise Needle Felting Kit is also a step up from more basic designs — we also love this set!

For under $25, this kit includes colored British wool, felting needles with a holder, instructions, and a gift box. Foam is optional for a small, additional fee. Delivery for this product is worldwide and shipped from the UK.

Best fantasy and quirky-themed needle felting kits

Fancy Sushi Needle Felting Kits by Make-A-Friend

Fancy Sushi Needle Felting Kits

Where’s the fun in crafty pastimes if you can’t make out-of-the-box works that tickle your creativity? This sushi-themed needle felting kit for beginners is for you if you’re looking to break away from more traditional motifs!

Containing an instructional booklet, Australian Merino wool, felting needles, finger guards, a recyclable felting mat, and accessories, this set includes patterns to create up to nine varieties of quirky sushi critters.

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Because this pack includes multiple mini projects rather than a single item, it’s a great pick to enjoy group activities with friends and family. And what a great gift for your favorite sushi-loving pal, whether as a completed project or complete kit! Amazon also sells a similar option for roughly the same price.

If you want to purchase this set with a gift box, you’ll have to pay an extra ~$10. This kit is shipped from Hong Kong and delivered worldwide. Remember that shipping fees will be applied depending on where you are on the globe.

Baby Unicorn Beginners Needle Felting Kit by Fudge and Mabel

Baby Unicorn Beginners Needle Felting Kit 

I understand; they’re everywhere. And for many, to the point of overkill. But if you’re anything like me, there is no such thing as too many unicorns — or unicorn-themed needle felting kits!

Available on Etsy, this darling baby unicorn starter set is one of this seller’s most sought-after products (see more Fudge and Mabel kits above) and includes all the fundamentals to get you creating from start to finish.

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Apart from the basics, special features such as glitter wool, a guide with tips and tricks on handling tools and materials, a pretty craft box, and an inspiration card will also be included. This seller will also add tons of extra wool to make sure you keep up the crafting!

I particularly like how freely you can play with color when making your unicorn’s hair; it’s pretty customizable in this sense. It’s important to stress that although this theme is child-friendly, this kit is suitable for beginners aged ten and up. This kit is sold from the UK and delivered worldwide.

Puffy Pastries | Needle Felting Kits by Make-A-Friend

Puffy Pastries | Needle Felting Kits

Last up on our guide is a truly scrumptious needle felting kit every pastry-loving crafter will have fun exploring — another product made by Make-a-Friend!

At first glance, these felt pastries look hyper-realistic, and while they seem complex to make, this set has been curated for complete beginners. Each kit contains seven mini projects, including a baguette, doughnut, croissant, and more.

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Like the previous sushi needle felting kit, there are multiple projects in this set, and therefore, is a great option to enjoy needle felting sessions as a group! It is, however, pricer in comparison to most of the sets listed at nearly $37.

This is also an excellent pick for stop-motion enthusiasts and photographers who love to capture miniature art! Because this product is shipped from Hong Kong and delivered worldwide, extra shipping fees will be applied. As always, we suggest contacting your seller if you have any doubts!

What to know before buying a needle felting kit

So you’ve discovered a few needle felting kits that have sparked your interest, but you’re still unsure what to expect.

Let us put your mind at ease!

First and foremost, needle felting kits are fun! They offer an intuitive entryway to the craft and, for the most part, are beginner-friendly. Don’t be intimidated by what may seem like a complicated project — there are many pro-looking options out there for starters!

Be sure to consider age. Although wool is danger-free, felt needles are incredibly sharp and inappropriate for children. If you do want to buy something for a teen, be sure your kit of choice is suitable for this age group. However, we want to stress that supervision is always best in these cases.

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Depending on the quality of your items, felting kits will vary in price. Nevertheless, rarely will you pay an insurmountable cost. For kits containing a single project, anything in the $25-$30 range is considered a pretty good kit!

Using core wool as a base is a great hack to make your craft more budget-friendly. If possible, try only to apply more delicate, high-quality colored wool for embellishments vs. for shaping your pieces.

Even if you buy a kit, check if they come with various needles. These will ultimately break, so having backups will always come in handy and prevent you from having to put your projects on standby until you get a replacement.

And lastly, if instruction booklets aren’t doing the trick to make you feel confident in your crafting, we suggest checking out video tutorials or taking some needle felting classes; there are lots of affordable options online!

That’s it for our guide to the best needle felting kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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