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Best embroidery classes: Make beautiful art with needle and thread

Embroidery classes feature image

Embroidery is a fine-tuned sewing art form that dates back centuries.

Today, it’s a coveted hobby taken up by artists of all walks of life, looking for ways to experiment with this needlecraft classic.

Don’t be fooled — embroidery is so much more than what you may be thinking. While the art form demands precision, technique, and practice, it’s also a super versatile medium to explore a range of out-of-the-box themes and unique pop culture trends. This craft has really stood the test of time!

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If you’re a needlecraft enthusiast, love mixed-medium artwork, or want to delve into some real-deal vintage pastimes, taking a few online embroidery classes is a great way to get started.

Keep reading and discover the best embroidery classes you can start taking online, on your time, at your pace.

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How to choose the best embroidery class for you

With a rise in teachers and crafters publishing content and YouTube tutorials, it can be hard to pinpoint the best embroidery classes out there. 

However, there is a rich selection of online embroidery courses available that are convenient, affordable, entertaining, and easy to access if you know where to look.

Our guide includes 15 courses you can find on some of the best learning platforms: Domestika, Skillshare, Udemy, CreativeLive, Craftsy, and Creativebug. Check out our comparison article below to learn more.

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When choosing the best embroidery classes for you, there are a few aspects to consider: 

  • What platforms provide the best deals, conditions, or language options for you? 
  • What is your skill level? Are you starting from scratch, or do you have similar/previous experience with the craft and tools? 
  • Do you want to explore handheld embroidery or machine embroidery?
  • Are you looking for a project-centered course or looking to tackle skills and drills?
  • What themes would you like to master? Botanical? Woodland creatures? Vintage? 3D embroidery? 

Keep in mind that if you are completely new to the craft, you might want to start by taking some more general 101 embroidery classes at the beginning of the list. However, all of the options on our guide are beginner-friendly, so any pick will be a great pick! 

Best embroidery classes

Peruse our guide of the best embroidery classes online and start experimenting with all the craft has to offer.

Also, don’t be shy! Let everyone know in the comments below which embroidery classes are your favorite!

Intro to Embroidery

Intro to embroidery

Teacher: Kristen Gula
Platform: Craftsy

Duration: 8 Lessons (41m)
Level: Beginner

At the top of our list is this fun beginners class taught by whimsical Craftsy teacher Kristen Gula.

Although this course is just a little under an hour, it surprisingly covers a lot of ground for crafters with zero experience.

During this time, the self-taught fiber artist will go over basic embroidery materials, teach you how to hold a thread and needle properly, and demonstrate a set of crucial stitching techniques every embroiderer needs to master. You will also work on a project — a great way to practice your newfound skills.

Overall, this course is a really convenient resource for embroidery newbies that have little time on their hands. While it might not be the most comprehensive starter course on the list, it certainly is worth it as it’s easy to follow, includes a project, and requires very little learning time.

Sign up for a membership with Craftsy to know more; a monthly membership will cost you only $7.99, or you can purchase just this course and keep it forever.

Realistic Embroidery Techniques

Realistic embroidery techniques

Teacher: Emilie Ferris
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 17 Lessons (3h 13m)
Level: Beginner

Featuring UK artist Emilie Ferris, this Domestika class will show you how to transform your embroidery projects into beautiful, hyper-realistic pieces of art, no matter your skill level.

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By learning how to sew with organic-inspired colors, apply shading techniques, and play with shapes and hues, you’ll be on your way to making delicate embroidery designs that resemble the delicacy found in paintings. By the time you complete this course, you’ll have an embroidery project of a realistic butterfly ready to showcase!

Contrary to the class above, this starter course takes a more in-depth approach and targets a specific embroidering style. That said, keep in mind that if you’re looking for a more introductory embroidery class, you might want to take this one after you’ve got the basics down.

This is an especially fun option if you love realistic art — or the opposite! If you tend to lean towards more abstract work, this is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and broaden your skillset.

Painting With Thread: Modern Embroidery For Beginners

Painting with thread embroidery classes

Teacher: Danielle Clough
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 14 Lessons (1h 29m)
Level: Beginner

In this Skillshare class, instructor Danielle Clough will show you the basics of modern embroidery art — lots of bold colors and funky forms to play with here!

Although mastering fundamental stitching techniques is crucial when learning embroidery, this course is all about putting stiff rules aside and rethinking embroidery as fun, freeform artistic expression. Once comfortable with the basics, you’ll learn how to incorporate modern gradients and textures and work towards a finished piece of your own.

A big plus of this course is its focus on selecting quality reference pictures to work from. While there is a lot to learn here, class duration is a little over an hour long, making it a convenient option for busy crafters. It’s also the perfect pick if you want to experiment with needlecraft beyond traditional themes and methods.

To take this course, you’ll need to sign up for Skillshare Premium. Or if you want to test the waters first, try out the platform’s free trial. Don’t forget, once subscribed, you’ll have access to all of Skillshare’s embroidery classes, and there are plenty more on this list!

Basic Embroidery Techniques: Stitches, Compositions, and Color Ranges

Basic embroidery techniques embroidery classes

Teacher: Señorita Lylo
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 15 Lessons (2h 39m)
Level: Beginner

This Domestika course stars embroiderer and graphic designer Loly Ghirardi (Señorita Lylo) and focuses on mixing different artistic expressions with embroidery. 

Because embroidery is so much more than replicating images with needle and thread, your instructor will prove just how versatile the craft can get when combined with other art forms: digital art, illustration, and typography

You’ll also be applying your newfound stitching skills, whether flat, raised, sand stem, or woven. If you love upcycled fashion and want to apply embroidery techniques refreshingly, this is definitely up your alley.

Additionally, this teacher offers an advanced class for intermediate sewers. If this is something you’d eventually like to sign up for too, getting on a Domestika Plus membership is a great way to enjoy course bundles at low prices.

This course is in Spanish with English subtitles. However, don’t let this dissuade you — Domestika’s sublime content and production quality are pretty hard to beat! 

Introduction to Embroidery

Introduction to embroidery classes

Teacher: Lisa Shaffer
Platform: CreativeLive

Duration: 11 Lessons (2h 9m)
Level: Beginner

Another introductory option for beginners on our best embroidery classes list is this CreativeLive course taught by Lisa Shaffer.

Unlike most of the previous embroidery classes on the guide, this course isn’t necessarily project-based. Instead, Lisa highlights the essential skills and techniques needed to pursue the craft independently. A brief history of hand embroidery, how to choose materials, make a hoop sampler, and fundamental stitches will all be covered in detail.

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A unique aspect of CreativeLive is that its format is different than most platforms. Classes are set up in an engaging lecture-type manner, giving you the feeling you’re sitting in a classroom — believe me, it’s more entertaining than school!

If looking for more technical embroidery classes, this is definitely an option to consider. It’s also a great course to take alongside more project-oriented embroidery classes to get you practicing as you learn.

Click below to sign up!

Introduction to Freehand Machine Embroidery

Freehand sewing machine embroidery classes s

Teacher: Meredith Woolnough
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 21 Lessons (1h 2m)
Level: Beginner

This is the first Udemy option on our best embroidery classes list, and you’re in luck because — it’s free!

Taught by Meredith Woolnough and unlike the rest of the embroidery classes on our guide, this introductory course tackles machine embroidering with a sewing machine versus handheld tools.

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Your teacher will guide you through stitch-making, show you how to freehand, and demonstrate the ease and benefit of using a sewing machine to create classic needlecraft designs.

Take this machine embroidery class if you want to explore new approaches to the craft or are looking for new projects to put your dusty sewing machine to use! Also, did I mention that this complete course costs $0? Just saying!

If interested in taking this class and discovering Udemy’s endless library, click below!

Hand Embroidery 101: Foundational Stitches & Techniques

Hand embroidery classes 101

Teacher: Heidi Sternberg
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 33 Lessons (4h 11m)
Level: Beginner

This Skillshare course is by far the most comprehensive of all the embroidery classes on our list and faithfully honors the “101” part of its title!

This over four-hour-long class taught by Heidi Sternberg dives into every step and detail involved in floral embroidering. You’ll learn all of the essential hand embroidery techniques to master any project that comes your way.

Although pretty technical and meticulous, you’ll also be working on a floral-inspired embroidery piece as you learn — this is a really engaging course!

Like the previous CreativeLive class on the list, this is more of a skill-building course, ideal for aspiring embroiderers who love a challenge or experienced crafters looking to brush up on forgotten skills.

Sign up for a Skillshare Premium membership to access this course. Or, try out the platform’s month-long free trial and enjoy all of its embroidery classes and content for a month!

Stitching Woodland Creatures 101: Exploring Texture in Hand Embroidery

Stitching woodland creatures

Teacher: Floor Giebels
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 17 Lessons (1h 41m)
Level: All levels

Next up, is the first of several niche embroidery classes on our guide!

During this course, embroidery expert Floor Giebels will show you how to stitch adorable woodland creatures!

You’ll learn how to create textures, play with colors, and add “furry” effects to bring your embroidered animals to life.

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Besides going over materials and techniques, your teacher will also provide PDF files for you to practice your newfound skills on cute hedgehog, squirrel, and fawn designs.

Because this course invites crafters of all skill levels, it’s been set up in easy-to-follow chunks, and suitable whether you’ve just started embroidering or are an experienced hobbyist seeking new subject matters. This is also the perfect class if looking to improve depth and texture in your work.

Keep in mind that this course focuses on detailed, realistic embroidering techniques which may not be your cup of tea if you tend to pursue more abstract, freeform art ventures.

Introduction to Botanical Embroidery

Introduction to botanical embroidery classes

Teacher: Layla Ortiz/Coricrafts
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 15 Lessons (1h 20m)
Level: Beginner

Taught by Layla Ortiz, creator of Coricrafts, this beginners class covers the plant world through colorful, stitched designs and texturing techniques.

Like most Domestika courses, you’ll be creating a project of your own during this time: a botanical-inspired decorative piece.

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Although the course revolves around botanical motifs, it does go through the fundamentals of the craft, giving you the tools to tackle just about any subject matter with this medium.

It’s an especially great recommendation if you already dabble in plant art, whether through watercolors, illustration, or hands-on floral design.

This course is taught in Spanish and has English subtitles. Domestika courses can be purchased individually or in bundles — check out Domestika Plus to know more about juicy discounts and perks!

Thread Painting: Embroider Evergreen Trees

Thread painting everygreen trees embroidery classes

Teacher: Anna Hultin
Platform: Creativebug

Duration: 6 Lessons (1h)
Level: Intermediate

Another nature-inspired option on our embroidery classes guide is this unique Creativebug lesson!

For an hour, tree-loving artist Anna Hultin will guide you through the ins and outs of translating the beauty of trees onto your embroidery cloth. During this time, you’ll create three beautiful evergreen tree embroidery designs that you’ll be able to showcase or gift once you’ve completed the course.

Before signing up, know that this is not a standard embroidery class: your teacher will focus on non-traditional stitching techniques through the style of thread painting. You can also take this Skillshare course for more thread painting fun!

If you love nature themes but want to begin your embroidering journey with something more straightforward, I recommend taking the above class before needling your way into this one.

Embroidered Portraits in Watercolor

Embroidered portraits

Teacher: Mariah Escossia
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 12 Lessons (2h 12m)
Level: Beginner

This is one of my favorite Domestika embroidery classes because of its original, experimental approach to mixed-medium artwork!

Your teacher Mariah Escossia will invite you to think outside the box and play with watercolors, needlework, digital art, and illustration to create stunning embroidered portraits.

Inspired by vintage photography and tattoo art, your teacher will demonstrate how to seamlessly combine color palettes, watercoloring techniques, and stitching patterns.

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Portrait painters and mixed-medium artists will get a kick out of this class because it plays into the idea of more freeform art rather than sticking to the rules. And yes, it’s totally beginner-friendly!

This course is taught in Portuguese (Brazilian) and has English subtitles. Click below to find out more!

Introduction to Raised Embroidery

Raised embroidery classes

Teacher: Adriana Torres
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 25 Lessons (3h 37m)
Level: Beginner

As one of the most comprehensive embroidery classes on the list, this Domestika course covers everything you need to know about raised embroidery techniques!

Your teacher, Adriana Torres, will go over 25 different stitching styles to have you mastering the fascinating effect of raised embroidery by the end of this class.

This method will allow you to enhance texture, volume, and depth in any future projects, regardless of subject matter or skill level. This course is extremely well-rounded, detailed, and provides loads of examples and practice drills.

As a more technical course, this is a suitable choice if looking to switch up your stitching game. While the techniques covered may present some challenges for complete beginners, the class is easy to follow. Plus, Domestika makes life simple by curating content that you can enjoy at your own pace!

Illustrators and other visual artists will also benefit from learning raised embroidery as a gateway to incorporating new perspectives on volume and texture into their work.

Introduction to Blackwork Embroidery

Blackwork embroidery classes

Teacher: Gimena Romero
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 18 Lessons (2h 40m)
Level: Beginner

Textile artist Gimena Romero will guide you through her artistic journey during this incredible Domestika class and teach you the art of blackwork embroidery!

Blackwork is a traditional English form of embroidery that creates geometric patterns in an illustrative style, historically for garments. Contrary to the name, this embroidery style also incorporates blue, green, and metallic colored threads.

The beauty of this course is that it brings this historic, visually impactful art form to the 21st century. Gimena is a master in her craft and will show you how to add edge, create modern patterns, contrasts, gradients, and integrate digital art into your work.

I love Gimena’s calm, cool, and collected teaching style, and I’m sure you’ll find her just as inspiring. If you’re looking for captivating embroidery classes that spark enthusiasm, this is a great starting point.

Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy experimenting with minimal color options versus rainbow-like palettes.

Japanese Sashiko: A Daily Decorative Stitching Practice

Japanese sashiko classes

Teacher: Lisa Solomon
Platform: Creativebug

Duration: 31 Lessons (2h)
Level: Beginner

On the note of historic embroidery styles, this Creativebug course is all about sashiko — a centuries-old Japanese stitching technique.

This course is taught by Lisa Solomon, who will cover a staggering total of 30 techniques for sewing Japanese sashiko patterns, spanning from crosses to flowers. Each format is geometric, offering a new take on embroidery based on repetition and wholeness.

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This two-hour-long class offers a unique connection with 17th-century Japanese art, making it the perfect entryway to the craft if you love learning more about the evolution of age-old art forms. I can tell you one thing, sashiko is making a comeback with the visual mending boom!

Creativebug offers free trials, allowing anyone to enjoy this class expense-free before committing to a membership!

Stumpwork Embroidery: Create 3D Ornaments

Stumpwork embroidery classes

Teacher: Shan Xu
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 18 Lessons (3h 47m)
Level: Beginner

This unique embroidery class on Domestika is taught by needlecraft wiz Shan Xu and marks the end of our guide!

If you have no clue what stumpwork embroidery is, you’re in for a treat.

In short, stumpwork embroidery is a form of raised embroidery that gives your work a dramatic, 3D, pop-up-like effect, achieved by applying a series of stitching techniques.

Shan Xu will teach you how to approach this art form through traditional Chinese techniques as well as wiring, preparing your hoop, and assembling.

By the end of this class, you’ll have embroidered and transformed an intricate, double-sided flower piece into a wearable accessory!

This is an engaging, one-of-a-kind class and an especially enticing choice if you’re a fan of fashion illustration, floral design, and jewelry making.

That’s it for our list of the best embroidery classes online! Do you have any more recommendations? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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