Lego Botanical too expensive? Check out these cheap Lego flower alternatives

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The Lego Botanical Collection is one of my favorite additions to the company’s lineup in years, with gorgeous plants that won’t die when I inevitably forget to water them.

Unfortunately, money trees don’t grow real money, so if you want to fill your home with brick-based botanicals, check out these gorgeous (and cheap) Lego flower alternatives!

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Best Lego flower alternatives

Nifeliz vs Lego succulents
Photo via Nick Rowan (Tiny Workshops)

Before we get to the list, just a heads up that some of the brands listed won’t sound as familiar as the big L.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not great quality! In fact, I actually prefer some of the designs coming out of leading alt-brick companies like Mould King.

Rest assured that all of the products listed below are completely above board. There are no Lego clones or otherwise sketchy companies. I’ve only selected options that are readily available and easy to buy.

Check out our list of Lego alternatives to learn more.

Now for the list!

Mould King Eternal Butterfly Bouquet 10025

Mould King Eternal Butterfly Bouquet 10025

Pieces: 1158
Ages: 8+

Brick size: Standard
Quality: Excellent

Mould King is one of the few companies that can really give Lego a run for its money, and that’s exemplified in its Eternal Butterfly Bouquet set. It has a beautiful collection of flowers, with a super creative woven basket base.

If you’re new to the company, you should know that brick quality is excellent, although a bit worse than the leading brand. The instructions might also be a bit more challenging for beginners. The age is listed as 8+, but children that young will absolutely need help with this build.

Still, it’s a fantastic display piece that’s much cheaper than official Lego flower sets. You can buy it on Amazon below, but I’d recommend checking pricing on the official website, too. They offer free shipping on all orders, although it may take a week or so to arrive.

Nifeliz Sun Flowers Bouquet

Nifeliz Sunflower Bouquet flower set

Pieces: 975
Ages: 16+

Brick size: Standard
Quality: Good

For a more freestanding look, Nifeliz sells an excellent alternative to the Lego Flower Bouquet, this time with sunflowers! It also has more pieces, despite coming in at half the price. All you need is a nice vase!

Nifeliz is unlike Mould King in that it mostly repackages brick builds from other Chinese companies that don’t have an overseas presence. This means that the brick quality varies from set to set, although it’s mostly good. Check out our Nifeliz vs Lego article to learn more.

Details aside, the end result is that Nifeliz makes these great sets readily available on Amazon, which can’t be said for the original manufacturers. They also provide great customer service if you are unlucky enough to find missing parts.

If you’d rather have a model with a pot, the company also sells a nice Strelitzia and Narcissus set.

Mould King Birds of Paradise 10024

Mould King Birds of Paradise Lego Flower alternative

Pieces: 1608
Ages: 8+

Brick size: Standard
Quality: Excellent

Next up is another great flower set from Mould King. This one is even larger, and it has an equally excellent design. The unique flowerpot build uses bars and tubing to create a stunning texture that looks much better in person than it does in pictures.

Again, Mould King lists this for ages 8 and up, but that’s pretty optimistic. This is a tricky build, particularly the aforementioned basket-like pot.

Mould King individual flowers

Mould King brick flowers daisy

Pieces: 83-237
Ages: 8+

Brick size: Standard
Quality: Excellent

If you want to mix and match your own cheap Lego flower alternatives, Mould King has you covered there, too. The company sells 14 different individual flowers ranging from 83 to 237 pieces.

They include a tulip, camellia, narcissus, daisy, rhododendron, rose, lily, and more. They’re all around $7.50 each, making them an affordable gift for plant lovers.

These are only available on the company’s website, but again, there’s free shipping on all orders if you can wait for a few weeks.

JMBricklayer Orange Succulent Planter 20102

JMBricklayer Succulent Bonsai set

Pieces: 331
Ages: 14+

Brick size: Standard
Quality: Good

We’re now moving into succulent land, starting with this bright and colorful succulent planter from JMBricklayer. The company actually sells three similar sets, each the same size and price (~$20).

JMBricklayer is another company that mostly resells sets from other Chinese manufacturers, but you probably won’t find better pricing anywhere else. And you definitely won’t find better customer service.

Nifeliz Colorful Succulents

Nifeliz Succulents Plant Decor Building Kit

Pieces: 604
Ages: 16+

Brick size: Standard
Quality: Good

If you’re like me and you loved the Lego Succulents set, you’ll be happy to learn that there are tons of similar sets to expand your collection. Two sets are sold by Nifeliz, and after reviewing both I recommend the Colorful Succulents set.

If you want even more color, JMBricklayer sells a slight variation with more bright, colorful pieces. They’re made by the same manufacturer, so the brick quality is the same.

Nanoblock Bonsai Matsu Deluxe Edition NB_039

Bonsai nanoblock advanced hobby series

Pieces: 1130
Ages: 14+

Brick size: Micro
Quality: Great

Microblocks like Nanoblock might be much smaller than standard Lego pieces, but there are some great flower and botanical sets if you don’t mind working with tweezers.

This Nanoblock Bonsai set is a gorgeous display piece, even if there aren’t technically any flowers. The microblocks are of excellent quality, and the finished size piece is surprisingly large. Expect to set aside a good chunk of time to complete it.

If you want something a bit easier, check out the Nanoblock Bonsai Sakura set, which is just 250 pieces.

LOZ Sunny Flowers

LOZ Flower Bouquet micro set

Pieces: 547
Ages: 9+

Brick size: Micro
Quality: Good

LOZ is a cheaper brand of microblocks, and although it lacks the same quality plastic as Lego and Nanoblock, it makes up for it with the sheer variety of sets it makes. Not to mention the very accessible pricing.

This Sunny Flowers set includes two potted plants and a small display. Instructions from LOZ sets tend to be more difficult to understand for beginners, so take your time and you’ll have a great display piece for your desk in no time.

LOZ Succulent Potted Plant 1660

LOZ Succulent potted plant set

Pieces: 389
Ages: 6+

Brick size: Micro
Quality: Good

This next set is similar to the JMBricklayer above, but in miniature. It’s a medley of succulents in a tiny little pot. There’s even a miniature bee flying above the flowers!

Note that although LOZ lists the age as 6+, this is a better pick for older children and teens. Or adults, of course.

LOZ Eternal Flowers II 1672

LOZ Eternal Flowers II 1672 cheap lego flower alternatives

Pieces: 534
Ages: 6+

Brick size: Micro
Quality: Good

Our final pick is also LOZ, but this one gets back to our cheaper Lego flower alternative roots. It’s a set of five micro-sized flowers with stems. They’re perfect for display, although remember that you’ll need a much shorter vase for the best results.

This is just one of many flower sets in the company’s Eternal Flowers II lineup. There are more at the link below, but be warned that not all of them include the box. You’ll still get all of the pieces and instructions, but they will be in loose bags.

That’s it for this list of our favorite cheaper Lego flower and botanical alternatives. Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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