Mould King review: Top themes, best sets, and more

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While all brick-building roads (tend to) lead to Lego, you might want to try something a little different at some point. And — let’s be honest — a little cheaper.

The good news is that there are a bunch of creative Lego alternatives you can look into, one of the most popular being the Chinese toy-making brand Mould King.

It features an array of high-quality building sets for children, teens, and adults alike.

If you’re wondering, “Yeah, but is Mould King legit?” keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this popular brick-building brand.

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What is Mould King?

Mould King Logo

Mould King is a China-based toy-making company founded in 2012. Up until 2019, it was a subsidiary of the parent company Lepin.

The brand focuses on developing safe, educational brick-building toys for all ages, from children (ages 5+) to adults. Although there are many Lego alternatives, Mould King is one of the best on the market, featuring quality builds for a considerably lower price.

One of Mould King’s highlights is the quality of its bricks. They’re nearly on the same level as genuine Lego pieces, minus a few differences in colors and stamped brand logos. As a result, the building experience is reliable and precise, and final structures remain intact over a long time.

Another bright spot for Mould King is the wide variety of sets the company offers. There are more than 450 sets in the company’s catalog, ranging from mini cars to enormous spaceships with more than 10,000 pieces.

Where can I buy Mould King sets?

Mould King sets aren’t often found in local toy stores, but they aren’t too hard to find online. The most convenient places are the brand’s Amazon storefront and the official Mould King website.

However, be aware that listings on Amazon are all from third-party sellers, and often carry alternative branding on the boxes.

As such, it’s generally smarter and safer to buy from the official website. Not only are prices lower without Amazon taking a cut, they also offer free shipping on all orders.

In the US, you also get free express shipping on orders over $129, so your sets should arrive in under a week. That may very well be even faster than Amazon.

Is Mould King legit?

Mould King is absolutely legit, even if it doesn’t quite match up to the quality of Lego itself. Sets are well designed and individual pieces are high-quality. You’re also very unlikely to find missing pieces, but if you do the company will replace them for free.

Additionally, the company has distanced itself from the questionable copyright practices of Lepin, which was shut down in 2019. Mould King only sells original sets in unique packaging.

That said, the company has been known to use builds from popular MOC designers without crediting them. This is the case with the massive Imperial Star Destroyer model, which was originally created by Rebrickable member Onecase.

So how do they match up against Legos? Here’s what you need to know.

Mould King vs. Lego

Mould king feature logo image
  • Generic but high-quality bricks
  • Very affordable prices
  • Many themes and nearly 500 models
  • Sometimes hard to find online
  • No licensing for some themes/official brand collaborations
  • Instructions may be harder for beginners to follow
  • One-time brick replacement service
  • No minifigures
Lego Vs Mould King
  • Premium bricks with serial numbers
  • Large Lego sets can cost $900+
  • Lots of themes, sub-categories, and niche models
  • Lego sets for adults and kids alike
  • A wide range of places for purchase (online and offline)
  • First-rate instructions and online support
  • Easy to request replacement bricks
  • Large catalog of minifigures

While there are lots of similarities between Mould King vs. Lego, it’s only fair (and honest) to give you a realistic idea of what to expect from this alternative brick-building brand.

Mould King sets compare very favorably to Lego, but considering the prices are often half what the big L would charge, you do have to temper your expectations.

Brick quality should nearly match Lego, but instructions may be more difficult to follow. The company also offers fewer themes for young builders, with no larger Duplo-like blocks available.

Mind you, I know it’s hard to beat Lego, but I ensure you’re going to be pleasantly surprised will all of the good stuff Mould King has to offer.

Mould King review: Is it worth it?

Mould King sets are definitely worth the purchase, no matter how much experience you have with alt brick brands. The company has established itself as a leading brand at this point, with more than 10 years of experience.

So what’s good about Mould King sets?

Firstly, bang for your buck! Mould King features many Lego-like themes and copycat sets for a much lower price. For example, Lego’s large AT-AT Star Wars model costs almost $900. Mould King sells a slightly smaller AT-AT set for under $300!

Indeed, you won’t get as intricate a structure or fancy packaging showcasing official Star Wars branding. Mould King sells this model (and other Star Wars-themed sets) under its “Stars” series. However, knock-off or not, it’s basically a replica of Lego’s AT-AT product.

The same occurs with other Mould King categories, such as its “Technic” line and modular sets. You can find a few examples of these further below for more affordable options.

Next, Mould King bricks are super sturdy and snap on just as tightly as Lego pieces. Colors and tones may vary between brands, but the construction experience is equally gratifying and long-lasting. If anything, Mould King parts are more challenging to dissemble because they lock in extra tightly!

Lastly, one of Mould King’s greatest perks is the easy access and pricing of discontinued/retired sets. Obviously, compared to Lego, Mould King building kits aren’t as sought-after (although there are definitely plenty of fans worldwide).

The upside? Mould King sets are available for more extended periods and sold for their original price most of the time. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t find discontinued sets for a slightly higher value here and there, but this isn’t the norm.

Who is Mould King for?

Much like Lego, Mould King is a brick-building brand that creates innovative, modern sets for all ages.

On the other hand, the apparent complexity of specific projects doesn’t always seem to match the recommended ages. For instance, you can find large structures with thousands of pieces marketed for hobbyists ages 8+. As a matter of fact, Mould King’s most popular sets target youngsters under ten.

For instance, the Streetview Sanctorum Model with 3,000+ pieces and integrated LED strips is advised for children ages 8+. In the Lego world, similar modular sets of this complexity are advised for ages at least 12+.

Another example is this robot set, featuring multiple (and confusing) age recommendations for this product on Amazon: ages 8+, 12+, and 14+. 

In this sense, Lego is undoubtedly more strict. The brand features a variety of categories specifically curated to accommodate all ages based on skill level and theme relatability: you won’t find Creator 3 in 1 Lego sets or Duplo-like blocks on Mould King!

Considering there is some ambiguity in this regard, I advise segueing into Mould King sets after having had some experience with brick-building, whether with Lego sets for adults or other Lego alternatives like Mega.

This will help you navigate Mould King’s catalog with more ease, whether looking for models for you, a newbie friend, or your child. Again, while kid-friendly sets are on offer, I feel like the brand’s products are a better, more relatable fit for older teens and adults.

However, more recently the company has released a line of miniature car sets in its “Super Value Picks” lineup intended for younger builders and intermediate users. These can be a great gateway into larger, more complex Mould King sets.

Mould King features a (somewhat short) list of categories comprising a variety of themes. If you’re already familiar with the Lego universe, some of them may, well, ring a bell:

  • Cars
  • Construction
  • Space wars
  • Robot
  • Architect
  • Armor/weapons
  • Sailing ships
  • Flowers
  • Rails

Mould King develops sets inspired by Lego themes such as Lego Creator, Lego City, Lego Minecraft, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Technic.

Whether you want to call them Lego knock-offs or full-on imitations, the truth is that Mould King offers hobbyists look-alike themes for way more affordable prices.

However, from a user standpoint, it’s important to point out that you may take a while to understand which sets fall under each category. Why? Because the brand’s official website features category denominations different from those printed on their packaging, Amazon, and other sellers.

For example, some websites refer to a Space Wars theme. However, Mould King doesn’t hold licensing for the famous franchise. Therefore, while based on iconic Star Wars references, its “Space wars series” (as indicated on the official website) isn’t an official collaboration between the brick-building company and Lucasfilm Ltd.

The same occurs with the brand’s Technic-inspired line. You won’t see this denomination on the packaging. Instead, you’ll see a “Models” or “Power Bricks” label.

That said, the best way to search sets per theme is to visit both Amazon and the official Mould King website whenever you have time to peruse without sticking to set-in-stone criteria.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that some themes may not be the best fit for specific ages. As mentioned previously, on average, Mould King’s sets target hobbyists years 8+. However, many themes aren’t necessarily suitable for such young children (at least in my opinion).

For example, as part of the Armor theme the company sells several life-size guns. The Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun kit is listed for ages 8 and up. I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t seem appropriate for a third-grader. Unsurprisingly, these sets are not available on Amazon.

Best Mould King sets

Next are some of the brand’s best sets per theme, including motorized options, modular building kits, Mould King Star Wars MOCs, and more.

Mould King Stars sets

The Stars series features MOC sets inspired by famous Star Wars references, movie scenes, and more. Many of these models are direct replicas from Lego’s Star Wars collection.



  • Cheaper than Lego’s AT-AT
  • 6,919 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Smaller and less detailed than the Lego model
Tantive Mould King set

Tantive IV Starship

  • Modern design with stickers
  • 2,905 pieces
  • Ages 14+
  • A great addition to your Star Wars Lego collection
Empire Jedha City Mould king

The Empire over Jedha City

  • Very multi-dimensional set
  • 5,162 pieces
  • Best suited for adults
  • Released in 2021

Mould King architect building sets

Much like Lego Creator, Lego Harry Potter, and Lego Minecraft, Mould King’s architect category features detailed depictions of dynamic city settings, buildings, venues, and more.

Art gallery

 Art Gallery

  • One-of-a-kind concept
  • 3,536 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Lighting included to illuminate the display
The bar

The Bar

  • Makes for a very creative gift
  • 3,992 pieces
  • Adult theme/beginner level
  • Highly detailed model with lighting
Botanical garden

Botanical Garden

  • Adorable for brick-building plant lovers
  • 2,147 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Pieces with LED lights

Mould King floral and botanical sets

While this category isn’t packed with endless editions, it sure offers an affordable, high-quality alternative to Lego’s Botanical Collection sets.

Mould King botanical orchid

Eternal Butterfly Orchid

  • Fun parent-child project
  • 1,158 pieces
  • Adult theme/beginner level
  • Slightly cheaper than Lego’s Orchid
Birds of Paradise Mould King

Birds of Paradise

Fairly Lily

Fairy Lily

  • Very beginner-friendly
  • 1,513 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • No Lego version of this model

Mould King Engineering sets

These are fantastic alternatives to official Lego Technic sets featuring motorized, STEM-inspired, remote-controlled models.

Forklift Mould King

Forklift Truck

  • Remote control lift
  • 1,719 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • USB charging
Robot Dog MK

Robot Dog

  • It contains a motor and battery
  • 936 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Perfect for engineering newbies
MK Crane Mould King

GMK Crane

Great Ball Contraption MK

The Great Ball Contraption

  • Very creative brick-building project
  • 2,438 pieces
  • Hyperspeed motor
  • Marbles fall into deposit

Mould King ship sets

Mould King ship models are perfect for ambitious brick builders looking for hours of entertainment to assemble stunning seafaring-inspired displays.

Flying Dutchman set

The Flying Dutchman

  • Large-scale display
  • 3,653 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Static model
BP sailboat Mould KIng

The Black Pearl Sailboat 

  • Doesn’t include motorized functions
  • 2,868 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Best for older teens/adults
QA Revenge Mould King Ship

Queen Anna’s Revenge Pirate Ship

  • Very detailed model
  • 3,139 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Released in 2022

Mould King car sets

Lovers of cars and vintage vehicles will appreciate the superb designs of these classic car models. Some unique to Mould King only!

Police car Mould King

Mini Barricade Police Car

  • Includes display box
  • 394 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Rotatable steering wheel
Vintage Car Mould King

Vintage Car

  • Perfect gift for nostalgia lovers
  • 868 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Incredible design
Sports Car Mould King

Sports Car Model

  • Very similar to Technic cars
  • 306 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Comes with a display box

Mould King track sets

Perfect for youngsters and a worthy alternative to more expensive Lego train sets. They’re also remote-controlled for extra fun!

German Express Mould KIng

German Express Train

  • Electric motors and rail
  • 2,348 pieces 
  • Ages 8+
  • Simulation spray system
Mallard Train Mould King

Mallard Train

  • Three-carriage segmented design
  • 2,139 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • Remote controlled
World Railway Mould King

World Railway

  • Minimal design
  • 1,211 pieces
  • Ages 8+
  • App remote control + remote controlled


Is Mould King expensive?

Mould King sets are relatively inexpensive and much more affordable than official Legos. Although some products may share similar costs with specific Lego models, you’ll rarely (or never) come across sets that exceed Lego’s prices.

How can I get replacement Mould King pieces?

If your Mould King set is missing a piece, you can request a replacement via a form on the official website. This works regardless of where you bought the set, but you will need to provide the SKU, barcode number, and an identification code from the instruction manual.

Are there Mould King Star Wars sets?

Mould King is home to a Star Wars-inspired category called “Space wars” or the “Space series.” It features excellent imitations of Lego Star Wars creations but isn’t the result of an official or licensed collaboration with the franchise.

What are Mould King Mechanical sets?

These sets are equivalent to Lego’s Technic category. The main focus of these models is to encourage youngsters and up to experiment with technology, motorized models, and engineering skills through the entertainment of brick-building.

How are Mould King mechanical sets powered?

Some of the brand’s motorized sets include remote controls and other machinery.

However, this isn’t always the case. Therefore, check if these features come in your set before buying. If you’re required to purchase these tools separately, you can do so through the brand’s line of accessories.

You can download the Mould King app for Android on Google Play. You can find it for iOS here. Your order will include a QR code to scan once you have downloaded the app.

When was Mould King founded, and where is it based?

The Mould King company was founded in 2012 and is based in Chenghai, China.

Fun fact: The district of Chenghai is located in the city of Shantou (Guangdong Province), known as the “City of Toys and Gifts.”

That’s it for this comprehensive buyer’s guide for Mould King! If you have any other questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below, and we’ll address them as soon as possible.

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