Best Halo Mega Construx sets: All sets ranked and where to buy

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Halo fans can take their love for the iconic video game to the next level with Mega Brand’s Halo Construx brick building sets.

Mega Halo invites brick builders ages eight and up to recreate their favorite Halo scenes, vehicles, and storylines with high-quality bricks and immersive projects.

Dive right in to find the best sets, latest releases, and everything there is to know about this legendary brick-building Mega Brands theme.

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What is Mega Construx Halo?

Halo Mega Construx is a sought-after line of construction toys based on the popular video game franchise Halo.

This sub-category and theme are created by Mega Brands, one of Mattel’s most renowned subsidiaries.

Mega Halo building sets were first launched in 2009 after partnering with Microsoft around the release of Halo Wars. They’ve been going strong ever since: this was Mega Construx’s first significant success.

The catalog now covers a wide variety of Halo-themed references, from well-designed aircraft vehicles to detailed micro action figures. While primarily designed for hobbyists eight and up, the line does develop a few building kits for children 6+.

In fact, the beauty of Halo Mega Bloks is that they appeal to every generation due to the video game’s reputation as an evergrowing pop culture reference. They’re a great gift for adult collectors and longtime gamers.

Halo Infinite is the franchise’s sixth and latest entry. Despite some controversy around its delayed release, it has become popular enough to inspire some pretty cool Mega Halo Infinite sets; you’ll find quite a few below!

Best Halo Construx sets

1. Mega Construx Halo Kinsano Cyclops Raid

Mega Construx Halo Kinsano Cyclops Raid

Pieces: 232
Micro action figures: 1

Release date: 2019
Age: 8+

This 2019 Mega Construx Halo set continues to be one of the line’s most popular editions, containing just a little over 200 bricks for Halo enthusiasts ages 8 and up.

This set invites builders to assemble a fully articulated Cyclops suit with customizable features like flame cannons, detachable armor, a tactical sniper rifle, and a helmet.

In addition, your finished structure will feature an opening canopy where you can insert a Morgan Kinsano micro action figure to enhance playability — perfect for Halo Wars 2 fans. Besides this character, this set also includes three Flood Infection Forms.

Whether you’re just starting your Mega Halo collection or looking for your next purchase, this is an excellent set with the added perk of great value.

2. Mega Construx Halo UNSC Hornet Blitz

Mega Construx Halo UNSC Hornet Blitz

Pieces: 207
Micro action figures: 2

Release date: 2019
Age: 8+

Also launched in 2019, this set contains 207 bricks and guidelines to build an iconic UNSC Hornet flying vehicle.

Ideal for ages 8+, this edition includes functional launchers, rotating engine pods, under-the-wing storage, and an opening cockpit: perfect if you enjoy dynamic brick-building parts and authentic-looking features.

These sets include two highly detailed micro action figures: a UNSC Pilot and a Grunt Minor. Your characters can be customized with various accessories as well as be equipped with tiny, well-designed replicas of Halo weapons.

Remember that Mega Construx sets are compatible with classic Lego bricks and numerous Lego alternatives — and this edition is no exception. This is the perfect collector’s item for its compact size and incredible design.

3. Mega Halo Infinite Pelican Inbound

Mega Halo Infinite Pelican Inboun

Pieces: 2024
Micro action figures: 3

Release date: 2020
Age: 10+

This 2020 Halo Mega Construx edition appeals to a slightly older audience who is all in when it comes to investing time and money into the perfect Halo Mega set.

Each building kit includes over 2000 pieces to build an impressive UNSC Pelican aircraft model inspired by the franchise’s sixth mainline entry, Halo Infinite.

Better yet, this is a 2-in-1 building project, meaning you’ll have two configurations to work with. You can assemble the Pelican aircraft with dynamic wings, a cockpit hatch, landing gear, and a secret opening that reveals the aircraft’s interior.

Or, switch things up, and build a super detailed UNSC compound with an iconic Halo fortification, forklift vehicle, space rocket, and more.
You’ll also get three action micro figures, all featuring 12 articulation points: Master Chief, The Pilot, and a Hunter.

While designed for builders 10+, being a more complex brick building project (and way more expensive than standard sets), I recommend this model for older teens and adult collectors.

4. Mega Halo Infinite Skiff Intercept

Mega Construx Halo Skiff Intercept

Pieces: 452
Micro action figures: 4

Release date: 2020
Age: 8+

If you’re looking for medium-sized Halo Mega Bloks sets, this 2020 2-in-1 set offers a very reasonable price tag and lots of entertainment for brick builders ages 8 and up.

Like the previous set, you’ll be invited to experiment with different configurations, this time with only 452 pieces. Not enough bricks? You’ll be surprised.

On the one hand, you can build a Banished Skiff with a rear cockpit, missile launcher, and a 360º spinning turret. On the other, a tall fortification wall with a turret. And better yet, you can build a third model, a four-legged walker with two fang-like features and weapons.

To bring playability to the table, your set will contain four collectible micro action figures packed with authentic detail: Spartan MK VII, two Brute Warriors, and a Grunt Conscript.

Lastly, you’ll have more than enough replaceable accessories and miniature weapons to keep customizing your structures. This is an excellent pick for both play and display!

5. Mega Halo Infinite UNSC Razorback Blitz

MEGA HALO InfiniteUnsc Razorback Blitz

Pieces: 303
Micro action figures: 4

Release date: 2021
Age: 8+

Looking for smaller, more affordable sets to add to your Halo Infinite collection? This 2021 model comprises 303 bricks and four intricately designed micro action figures.

Build a chunky UNSC Razorback tactical vehicle featuring two front seats and dynamic treaded rubber tires, or transform bricks into a defense camp with a fortified wall and raised turret.

Both settings can be brought to life with authentic replicas of the ultra-fast Spartan Kelly-087, a UNSC Marine, a Brute Warrior, and a Grunt Mule. In addition, you’ll have lots of fun, interchangeable combat accessories to keep playtime exciting and versatile.

Because this is a more cost-effective set, we highly suggest it as a gift for any Halo-loving friend or family member.

6. Mega Construx Halo Hijacked Ghost

Mega Construx Halo Hijacked Ghost

Pieces: 123
Micro action figures: 4

Release date: 2020
Age: 8+

Another budget-friendly, 2-in-1 Mega Construx Halo set is this 2020 edition, consisting of slightly over 100 bricks. This is one of the smallest models on our list; however, it’s pretty great!

I especially like this model because it’s so compact, making it perfect if you’re looking to showcase completed projects on your desk or bookshelf in your home or office. It’s also great for children who enjoy playing as much as displaying their brick-building accomplishments!

You can create two different set-ups with this building kit. One option is a Banished Ghost vehicle with a cockpit and two plasma cannons. The other is a Banished turret with a defense wall.

While smaller, you’ll be happy to know that this edition comes with four micro action figures, including Spartan Anubis, a Brute Warrior, a Grunt Imperial, and a Grunt — all boasting authentic detail and multiple points of articulation.

7. Mega Halo Infinite UNSC Wasp Onslaught

MEGA Halo Infinite UNSC Wasp Onslaught

Pieces: 409
Micro action figures: 4

Release date: 2021
Age: 8+

Next up is another 2-in-1 brick-building Halo Infinite brick project for builders ages eight and up — one more option to consider if you’re looking for compact, display-worthy models.

This building kit includes clear instructions to put together two different layouts: the deadly UNSC Wasp aircraft or two rival light aircraft with UNSC and Covenant themes.

This pack also contains four collectible micro action figures: Master Chief, a UNSC Marine, a Hunter, and a Grunt Conscript. Features worth highlighting include authentic-looking cockpits, dual spinning engines, and a 360º spinning Shade Turret with energy shields.

8. Mega Construx Halo Building Box

Mega Construx Halo Building Box

Pieces: 450
Micro action figures: 2

Release date: 2020
Age: 6+

Choose this 2020 Halo building kit and project if you’re on the lookout for special pieces and a unique brick-building experience; it’s one of the top picks from Halo Infinite’s first wave of sets.

Unlike the previous editions, this 450-brick project can be enjoyed by young children (6+) and, while a little more straightforward, contains quite a few special features.

The primary purpose of this set is to encourage you to create your own designs, although you’ll be given three ideas to get started: the Pelican, Mongoose, and a tower. Mind you, being more basic in design, you won’t find tons of intricate lines vs. larger sets under this theme.

Besides two micro action figures, Spartan Gungnir and Spartan EVA, you’ll also receive a pretty good amount of weapons and accessories to keep customizing your characters.

For more ideas, you can check out the Mega Construx Unboxed app to keep building and testing your skills with various configurations. And guess what? This box features a resealable flap, which is good news if you’re a sucker for tidy storage like me!

9. Mega Construx Halo Warthog Run

Mega Construx Halo Warthog Run

Pieces: 318
Micro action figures: 4

Release date: 2019
Age: 8+

This 2019 set is highly sought-after as it marks the 10th anniversary of the collaboration between the franchise and the brick-building brand. As the name implies, it allows you to recreate the intense driving sections at the end of Halo CE and Halo 3.

Your pack will include four characters — Master Chief, Arbiter, and two Hunters — and invites you to assemble a buildable Warthog utility vehicle with full suspension, treated rubber tires, and a pivoting turret.

Accessories include interchangeable armor and rifles, including a one-of-a-kind gold Flamethrower weapon. Much like Lego special editions, Mega Construx also develops golden elements to celebrate unique occasions and milestones.

Note: this is a pretty expensive product, priced a little under $200 on Amazon. That said, I recommend this primarily for die-hard Mega-Halo fans and longtime adult Halo collectors.

10. Halo Mega Construx Halo Energy Sword

Mega Construx Halo Energy Sword

Pieces: 567
Micro action figures: 0

Release date: 2020
Age: 8+

Next up is something a little different: a 567-piece Halo Energy Sword building kit. Talk about the perfect gift for Halo fans!

This 2020 set allows you to replicate a 25.12-inch long sword consisting of one-of-a-kind transparent blue bricks. The item’s curved hilt and blade give it a dynamic feel, and the set’s display stand makes showcasing easy peasy.

This is the perfect collector’s item and one of the most display-worthy products by this line. There’s no doubt it will be a conversation starter!

Also, considering its size and originality, it goes for a pretty reasonable price, especially compared to sets featuring roughly the same amount of bricks. Keep in mind that this edition doesn’t include micro action figures.

11. Mega Halo UNSC Gungoose Gambit

Mega Halo UNSC Gungoose Gambit

Pieces: 135
Micro action figures: 4

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

Released in 2022, this Halo Mega set features a UNSC Gungoose all-terrain vehicle and four micro action figures.

This is a 2-in-1 edition and costs under $20: a good deal considering its multiple configurations. Hobbyists ages 8+ can build the Gungoose vehicle with two seats and a swiveling rear wheel axel or a UNSC turret outpost with a fortified wall.

Micro action figures feature a UNSC Marine, Brute Captain, Brute Warrior, and Jackal Sniper, all with 12 points of articulation and customizable combat accessories.

Mind you, this is one of the smallest projects under the Mega Halo line, containing only 135 bricks. It’s also one of the more affordable, making it a perfect collection starter if you’re on a budget.

12. Mega Halo Arbiter’s Quest

Mega Halo Arbiter's Quest

Pieces: 241
Micro action figures: 3

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

I absolutely love this 2022 Covenant Banshee aircraft building set for ages 8+!

You’ll build a unique replica of the aircraft and assemble additional pieces to create your color combinations in purple or gold. This set contains a total of 241 bricks.

Features include a figure cockpit and closing hatch door as well as three collectible micro action figures: Covenant Arbiter, Heretic Leader Sesa’ Refumee, and Heretic Elite.

This is a small display, but this item’s unique colors and transformative nature is oh-so-worth it. While fun for children and teens, this set will likely appeal more to adults and longtime Halo fans.

Better yet, it goes for a great price if you purchase it on Amazon.

13. Mega Halo UNSC Hornet Recon 

MEGA Halo Unsc Hornet Recon

Pieces: 291
Micro action figures: 2

Release date:  2022
Age: 8+

This UNSC Hornet Recon set contains 291 bricks to assemble a stunning aircraft with a dynamic cockpit and landing skids to give your finished piece an authentic touch.

One of the highlights of this set is the aircraft’s two turbojets. These pieces pivot with the turn of a mini switch: this is the perfect handheld Halo model to simulate a flying aircraft.

In addition, you’ll receive two figures, Sgt. Stacker and an ODST to add a little more action. The set’s unique camo, army-inspired brick colors are spot on and slightly different from other editions.

Remember that Mega Construx Halo projects are compatible with Lego bricks and a few Lego alternatives.

14. Mega Halo ODST Wombat Overwatch 

Mega Halo ODST Wombat Overwatch

Pieces: 129
Micro action figures: 2

Release date: 2023
Age: 8+

Last up on our list is one of Halo Mega Construx’s most recent releases, launched in 2023, and includes 129 bricks and two highly detailed micro action figures.

You’ll be constructing an impressive UNSC F-99 Wombat drone fighter aircraft. While a pretty small set, along with your micro action figures, ODST Edward Buck and Brute Bodyguard, you’ll also receive a selection of accessories for customization.

This is a very straightforward building kit. However, it makes the perfect addition to your ongoing collection, an excellent display for your office, and of course, quite the treat for fans of this emblematic video game.

Also, because it contains only a little over 100 pieces, this edition makes for a very suitable entryway Halo set for younger children who have just started to explore this creative hobby.

Mega Halo micro action figure sets

Most Mega Construx Halo fans can attest that one of the reasons they keep going back for more is the line’s micro action figures.

And you don’t necessarily have to be “team Mega Brands” to feel this way; many Lego loyalists share the same enthusiasm for the brand’s unique figures.

And Mega Construx Halo has some of the best figures in the Mega Bloks world, available in sets and bundles. To ensure you don’t miss out, we’ve compiled our top picks for the best Halo micro action figures below.

But first, here is a quick breakdown of a few aspects where Mega Construx figures differ from those made by Lego, no matter theme or sub-category.

Mega Construx micro action figures vs Lego minifigures

_Mega Construx Halo Micro Action Figures
Mega Construx Halo UNSC Marine Platoon Set
  • Designs are more adult-oriented
  • Molds and shapes are unique per character
  • More detailed, complex structures
  • Figure dimensions tend to vary quite a bit
  • Figures don’t feature stickers
  • More building required
  • Lots of accessories and interchangeable items for customization
  • Extremely articulated (~12 points/articulation per figure)
  • Plastic is high in quality but not as sturdy as Lego
  • Figures vary a lot from one another, which makes it hard to detect the brand’s signature aesthetic
  • Difficult to find retired sets and sources to compare market prices for figures
Lego minifigures
Lego DC Super Heroes Combo Pack
  • Designs are appealing to children and adults alike
  • Figure sizes are more consistent compared to Mega Construx action figures
  • Lego minifigures tend to feature an effective but more minimal design
  • Some figures still use stickers and add-ons
  • Some customization and accessories
  • Very little articulation
  • High-quality, durable plastic
  • Figures all have a consistent, recognizable Lego aesthetic
  • There are many places to find discontinued editions and online resources referencing market value for items

Top picks for the best Halo Mega micro action figures

Here’s a short list of our favorite Halo Mega action figures we highly recommend, whether you’re already a collector or just getting started.

Where to find retired Mega Construx Halo sets

Finding discontinued Mega Halo sets and micro action figures can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. 

Generally speaking, Mega Brands has a different level of follow-up by fans, and the community, less visibility and online presence than its main competitor, Lego. 

While the Mega Construx website can be a little tricky to navigate, it has an excellent directory-style feature for fans. It lists all the sets ever made since 2009, so it’s a great resource to find just about anything under this theme.

Halopedia is also an excellent open resource to discover all sets launched since 2009 if you’re looking for more information.

However, to actually purchase products, your best bet is Amazon. It’s not only convenient but is where you’ll have more options on offer. Even more than what you’ll come across on Mega Brand’s official website.

The best way to do this is by accessing the Mega Store on the platform and filtering per category to see all of the Halo sets available

Sure, you may find past editions in physical stores such as Target and Walmart in the US, but this isn’t the norm (although Walmart has a pretty good variety of Halo sets overall).

If you’re willing to take the time to find the best bargains and shipping/delivery scenarios, websites such as shopgoodwill.comeBay, and AliExpress provide quite a few options. Big Bad Toy Store is another helpful place to look into, although it’s more about new releases.

Remember that shipping and prices will vary according to your location. 

That’s it for this comprehensive guide to the best Mega Construx Halo sets available! Do you have a favorite set, past or present? Let us know in the comments below!

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