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At one point or another, you’ve probably wished you could have kept a special flower arrangement forever or have felt guilty coming home after a long weekend to find your plants, well, not alive.

The Lego Botanical Collection has developed the perfect solution for anyone still figuring out the green thumb superpower: Lego botanical-themed sets packed with innovative colors, repurposed pieces, and stunning outcomes.

Not familiar with Lego building? Not a problem! The Lego Botanical Collection is all about creating impressive sets that anyone looking for some everlasting floral fun can enjoy.

If that includes you, keep reading to learn more about the best Lego Botanical sets, or check out our list of cheaper Lego flower alternatives!

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What is the Lego Botanical Collection?

Botanical succulents Lego box square
Photo via Sachi Serrano (Tiny Workshops)

The Lego Botanical Collection is a sub-category of the famous Lego Creator Expert series (also known as Lego Expert). 

This series specializes in creating exclusive, intricate sets to challenge Lego creators and fans alike, with unique themes and complex building techniques. 

Like other sub-categories of the Creator Expert series, the Lego Botanical Collection is ideal for adolescents and adults, whether or not they have previous Lego-building experience. In fact, the Lego Botanical Collection is all about attracting a new audience — one that has never considered the hobby before.

These advanced botanical Lego sets have really grasped the attention of nature lovers who relish the thought of decorating their homes and office desks with plants and flowers and have become a massive success across different generations of Lego builders.

The botanical-inspired collection mimics real-life potted plants from every leaf to pebble and currently comprises eight sets. And the truth is, you can’t go wrong with any of them! 

Here are a few features that distinguish the Lego Botanical Collection: 

  • Targets a broad audience (18+ years), including Lego first-timers
  • Repurposes different Lego pieces in an innovative, creative way
  • Sets are inspired by and mimic realistic depictions of each flower/plant
  • The collection introduces new colors into the Lego universe
  • Each set comes with information about each flower/plant
  • Many pieces are made of a plant-based plastic using sustainably sourced sugarcane

Best Lego Botanical Collection sets

1. Wildflower Bouquet

Wildflower Bouquet Lego Botanical Sets

Set no: 10313
Pieces: 939

Release date: 2023
Age: 18+

Perfect if you can’t get enough of beautiful pops of color and textures, Lego’s Wildflower Bouquet is one of its newest editions and is the ideal piece to decorate your home or gift a brick-building, flower-loving friend.

Packed with eight species of wildflowers, you’ll have fun assembling stunning blooms on adjustable stems to customize your arrangement. Each set contains 939 pieces to build cornflowers, lavender, Welsh poppies, gerbera daisies, lupins, cow parsley, leather-leaf ferns, and larkspur.

One of the advantages of this set is that it can be combined with Lego’s Flower Bouquet set (see below), whether you want to create a single piece or mix flowers to make separate layouts.

Regarding overall dimensions, it’s hard to define this set’s specific height and length since it can be built in multiple configurations. However, for reference, the larkspur and stem measure approximately 18 inches (47cm) tall.

2. Dried Flower Centerpiece

Dried Flower Centerpiece Lego Botanical Sets

Set no: 10314
Pieces: 812

Release date: 2023
Age: 18+

Creativity is at the heart of this freshly released Dried Flower Centerpiece Lego botanical set!

Including 812 pieces, this is the perfect botanical Lego edition to adorn your dinner table on special occasions — it can be built in different configurations to keep displays versatile and unique every time.

Like all of the Lego Botanical Collection items, this set is suitable for adults and can be worked on separately due to its split design; the perfect project to enjoy with a friend or family member! Also, while inspired by Autumn, it’s worthy of showcasing all year round.

Sets are highlighted by a gerbera and a rose, accompanied by decorative floral and leaf motifs. Your final layout will measure roughly 3 inches (7cm) high, 16 inches (40cm) wide, and 5 inches (13cm) deep.

3. Daffodils

Daffodils Lego Botanical Sets

Set no: 40646
Pieces: 216

Release date: 2023
Age: 18+

Also released in 2023, this Lego botanical Daffodils set contains 216 pieces to build four stemmed flowers and can be combined with three other Lego flower editions: Roses, Tulips, or Sunflowers.

At a little over $10, this makes for a fantastic, affordable gift for anyone starting to explore Lego. As a smaller set, this is a more straightforward option and, therefore, a great first step into the world of floral brick building.

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Another advantage of these simple designs is that they are easier to mix with other Lego flowers to create all kinds of stunning variations.

They are also quicker to build, and while advised for hobbyists 18+ years, younger adults can put these together without great difficulty. Every daffodil stem in this set measures over 11 inches (30cm) tall.

4. Flower Bouquet

Lego flower bouquet

Set no: 10280
Pieces: 756

Release date: 2020
Age: 18+

One of the collection’s most striking sets is the Flower Bouquet, a dream come true for anyone who loves to spruce up a dinner table or reading nook with a touch of color and elegance.

The Lego flower bouquet set includes a mix of roses, daisies, snapdragons, asters, and various leaves and petal shapes made from repurposed Lego pieces. It also features 15 adjustable stems — the most extensive, measuring over 14 inches (36cm) high.

However, unlike most of the other sets it does not include a Lego vase, so you’ll have to either use a normal vase or make your own. Get creative! This is one of the most complex of all the Lego botanical sets in terms of construction, and the outcome is both impressive and gratifying.

Whether you want these to brighten up your living area or to mix in with real flowers, this is a beautiful and entertaining set that can be purchased from the Lego Store or Amazon.

5. Bonsai Tree

Lego Bonsai tree

Set no: 10281
Pieces: 878

Release date: 2020
Age: 18+

Suppose you’re looking to bring some Zen and harmony to your home or office. In that case, the Lego Bonsai tree will do the trick and will last a lifetime; it’s a fantastic botanical Lego item and an excellent conversation starter!

This Lego Botanical Collection set contains sustainably produced materials, featuring a black Bonsai pot, a wood-like stand, green leaves, and cherry blossom shrubs composed of repurposed pink lego frogs.

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This one has creativity written all over it! You can mix the leaves and branches as you see fit, making it a unique, customizable project.

The finished model measures over 7 inches (18cm) high, 8.5 inches (21cm) long, and is 7.5 inches (20cm) wide. The Lego Bonsai Tree makes for a stunning gift and decorative item for any tree lover.

6. Succulents

Lego succulents

Set no: 10309
Pieces: 771

Release date: 2022
Age: 18+

This is one of the most original sets belonging to the Lego Botanical Collection and comprises nine different succulents inspired by real-life flora.

Each succulent comes in a small container that you can arrange and display to your liking, whether together or individually. It’s also one of the most creative Lego botanical sets because it includes many hidden, repurposed elements and a rich variety of colors.

Best for adults 18+ years of age, once completed, the buildable model measures over 15 inches (13cm) high, 6.5 inches (17cm) wide, and 6.5 inches (17cm) deep.

Since the set is more compact than the others, it will fit almost anywhere, whether on your bedside or garden table!

7. Orchid

Lego orchid

Set no: 10311
Pieces: 608

Release date: 2022
Age: 18+

This model pays homage to one of the most objectively beautiful flowers in the world — the orchid! And this set won’t disappoint with its hyper-realistic details and customizable display.

With over 600 pieces, this Lego botanical set features a vase, blooms, stems, and roots. Besides full flowers, it also includes flower buds and semi-grown blooms to make the structure look as authentic as possible.

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The buildable model measures over 15 inches (39cm) high, 11.5 inches (30cm) wide, and 9.5 inches (24cm) deep.

Apart from being customizable for showcasing, one of the best parts about this set is the amount of really creative repurposed elements it has, like mini-figure shields and dinosaur tails for leaves.

8. Bird of Paradise

Lego Bird of paradise

Set no: 10289
Pieces: 1173

Release date: 2021
Age: 18+

Last but not least of the Lego Botanical Collection sets is the Bird of Paradise, launched in 2021. It’s an eye-catching piece every Lego fan whether experienced or amateur will appreciate — and no watering required!

This Lego flower set includes a stylish black vase, blooms, stems, leaves, and soil studs, offering Lego builders an enjoyable and gratifying construction experience.

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It also integrates quirky repurposed elements like Lego swords for stamens. Display this set on your window sill or garden and watch it sway organically in the wind like a genuine flower!

The highest leaf limb measures over 18 inches (46cm) high, and the flowerpot measures over 5 inches (13cm) in diameter. The Bird of Paradise is
the most expensive Lego Botanical Collection set at ~$100, but with nearly 50% more pieces than other sets it’s easy to understand why.

Other Lego flower and plant sets

Aside from the Lego Botanical Collection sets, you can find a few more botanical/botanical-inspired lego items and accessories on the Lego Store and Amazon.

While these are more straightforward and primarily designed for younger Lego builders, with a smaller number of pieces and shorter construction time, they’re also great picks worth checking out.

For example, items like the Lego Tulips, Roses, and Sunflowers below are fun additions to several of the sets at the top of our list!

Here are a few:

That’s it for this comprehensive guide to the best Lego Botanical Collection sets available! Do you have a favorite set, past or present? Let me know in the comments below!

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