JMBricklayer buyer’s guide: A worthy Lego alternative?

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It feels like the world of Lego alternatives is bigger and better than ever, and one brand that encapsulates that is JMBricklayer.

The Chinese brand is a relative newcomer to the brick-building scene, but it has a lot to offer for anyone looking for cheaper builds and unique experiences. However, it’s quite difficult to find information about the brand online.

To help, I put together this extensive guide to JMBricklayer based on my personal experience and information I’ve gathered first-hand from brand representatives.

Keep reading to learn more, or start shopping at the links below. (PSST: Use the code JMBTINY15 to save 15% on the official website!)

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What is JMBricklayer?


JMBricklayer is a Chinese toy company that specializes in making Lego-like building bricks. It was founded in 2022 in Shenzhen, China.

The company primarily sells generic sets manufactured in China, providing new boxing, instructions, shipping, and aftermarket support. Essentially, this business partnership allows JMBricklayer to sell cheaper brick-building sets to overseas clients.

As a consumer, this works out great. You get quality sets for less, with customer service that nearly matches Lego itself.

However, you may find the same sets sold by Nifeliz, Mould King, and other Chinese Lego alternatives. The only difference is the packaging and aftermarket support.

More recently JMBricklayer has begun releasing exclusive sets created by in-house designers. The first was the impressive 3-in-1 Medieval Catapult/Trebuchet/Crossbow set. There aren’t many companies outside of Lego making these 3-in-1 sets, and it’s something I’d love to see more of in the future.

The company has a few more exclusive sets releasing in the latter half of 2023. I’ll update this article as they become available.

Is JMBricklayer legit?

Yes, JMBricklayer is a legitimate company with legit products. Although it partners with “off-brand” Lego manufacturers, all products sold by the company are legal, and aftermarket support is excellent.

Furthermore, the company designs and sells its own sets, which speaks to its commitment to the hobby.

If you’re worried about the Paypal-only payment methods on the official website, don’t be. Most China-based alt-brick companies do this, and you can just as easily buy the same products through the JMBricklayer Amazon storefront if you’re not comfortable.

Are JMBricklayer sets worth it?

JMBricklayer sets are significantly cheaper than brand-name Lego sets and nearly the same quality, making them well worth the price.

For reference, JMBricklayer sets average around five to seven cents per piece, while Lego is closer to 10 cents per piece on average.

Generally, builds are of great quality, with good instructions and excellent clutch. Plus, if you do run into problems you can always reach out for support or replacement pieces.

That said, since the company works with different brick manufacturers, quality may vary slightly from set to set.

In my experience, JMBricklayer’s exclusive sets are great, although there is still some room for improvement. The 3-in-1 set, for example, uses the same basic carriage design for all three sets, which somewhat limits the fun of rebuilding.

I’ll have more JMBricklayer reviews coming later this month, so stay tuned for more.

How do they compare to Lego?

JMBricklayer sets use different manufacturers, but all of them offer comparable quality to Lego brand pieces. The fit and clutch are great, and it’s rare to encounter a missing or broken piece.

And again, it’s free to request a replacement.

One area that could use a little work is the instructions. Since these builds tend to use smaller pieces, it can be difficult to follow the instructions perfectly. Expect to backtrack as you build, especially if you’re new to alternative brick building sets.

If you want to see for yourself, you can check out all JMBricklayer instructions on the company’s website. Just navigate to the set you want to preview, then hop over to the Additional Information tab for a link to a PDF.

Best JMBricklayer themes and sets

JMBricklayer The Puppet Show set

JMBricklayer covers a wide variety of themes, from cars and pirate ships to flowers and swords for display.

With that in mind, the vast majority of JMBricklayer sets are aimed at adults and older teens. While Lego has Lego Duplo, JMBricklayer has no equivalent.

As mentioned above most JMBricklayer sets can be purchased from other brands, but the company does sell a growing list of exclusive sets. Check the list below to learn more

Original JMBricklayer sets:

JMBricklayer brick sets are divided into a few loose themes:

  • Cars
  • Ships
  • Trains
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Buildings
  • Home decor

Most of these have direct equivalents in Lego, such as Lego cars, Lego Architecture, and the Lego Botanical collection. Others, like military and ships, are very underserved in the Lego catalog.

Best JMBricklayer sets

JMBricklayer has far too many sets to list here, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites.

Check the full catalog at the links below, or scroll down for a few of my favorite sets. Don’t forget to use the code JMBTINY15 to save 15% on the official website!

JMBricklayer nuclear submarine set

Nuclear Submarine set

  • 1498 pieces
  • Detailed interior design
  • Great display set
  • Ages 14+
JMBricklayer 3 in 1 medieval weapon set

3 in 1 Medieval Weapon set

  • 568 pieces
  • Builds catapult, trebuchet, or crossbow
  • Capable of firing
  • Lists ages 8+, but I would recommend 12+
JMBricklayer Succulent Flowers Botanical Collection Building Set

Succulent Flowers Botanical Collection Building Set

  • 750 pieces
  • Perfect for display
  • Includes nine plants and pots
  • Ages 14+
JMBricklayer Space Astronaut Building Set

Space Astronaut Building Set

  • 900 pieces
  • Dynamic parts and movable pieces
  • Great display piece
  • Ages 14+
JMBricklayer Royal Fleet Ship

Royal Fleet Ship

  • 3162 pieces
  • Gorgeous model
  • Great details
  • Ages 14+

Other FAQs

Are JMBricklayer sets compatible with Lego?

Yes, all JMBricklayer sets are compatible with Lego. They also tend to use more small pieces, which makes them ideal for Lego MOCs.

Where can I buy JMBricklayer sets?

The best places to buy JMBricklayer sets are the company’s Amazon storefront and official website. More sets are available on the website, but they ship from China and will take longer to arrive.

How can I get replacement pieces from JMBricklayer?

Like all reputable Lego alternatives, JMBricklayer offers free replacements for any missing pieces on its website. Fill out the form here, or email [email protected] (Amazon orders) or [email protected] (website orders).

Do JMBricklayer sets include minifigs?

No, JMBricklayer sets do not include minifigs. Unlike standard Lego pieces, Lego mini figures are protected by copyright and cannot legally be reproduced by other companies.

That’s it for our comprehensive guide to JMBricklayer! Have any more questions about the brand? Let us know in the comments below.

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