Best Harry Potter Lego sets: All current sets, ranked

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If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, it’s very likely you’re a collector of Lego’s legendary Harry Potter sets.

Not the case? Well, it’s never too late to start!

Discover the best Harry Potter Lego sets in our lineup below, including classic models and 20th-anniversary editions, as well as brand-new, exclusive sets released this year!

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History of Lego Harry Potter

Celebrating highly detailed, adventure-filled models for over two decades, Lego Harry Potter announced its first set in 2001, coinciding with the release of the first-ever Harry Potter feature film: “Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.” 

Between 2001 and 2007, more sets were released as new movies came out, but came to a halt after the 2007 film “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was debuted.

Fun fact: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (4701) was the first Harry Potter Lego set ever!

In 2010 and 2011, things picked up again, but only in 2018 were new sets announced, with models primarily based on the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” movie and its sequel, “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.” 

In 2021, Lego Harry Potter celebrated its 20th-year mark (yay!), resulting in lots of new releases with even more unique features, modular possibilities, and accessories.

In addition, in 2022, Lego Harry Potter came up with a treat for brick-builders 18+ —the Icons — Collectors’ Edition sets: beautiful, display-worthy models designed to make any old-school Harry Potter fan swoon!

Over two decades later, Lego Harry Potter sets continue to excite brick enthusiasts in every corner of the globe, whether they’ve grown up with the books, watched the movies, or have passed on their love for the most cherished wizard of our time to their children. 

Don’t miss out and discover all of the best Harry Potter Lego sets in our guide!

What are Harry Potter Lego sets?

Lego Harry Potter is a Lego theme based on the timeless Harry Potter franchise, beloved for featuring detail-packed representations of iconic characters and scenes while offering a world of accessories and modular possibilities to keep playing exciting.  

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Harry Potter Lego sets are popular all around, designed mostly for young children and teens, with newer editions targeted at older brick-builders and longtime collectors. 

Here are a few things to know about Harry Potter Lego sets: 

  • Most sets are designed for children ages 7-8+.
  • Sets are focused on authentic depictions of locations, characters, and creatures of the original feature films/books.
  • The number of bricks per set varies widely, with sets ranging from ~100 to over 6,000 pieces!
  • Sets from 2021 celebrate 20 years of Lego Harry Potter and include special features.
  • Most Harry Potter Lego sets are modular (see our list to discover fun combinations!).
  • In general, sets are pretty pricey, especially the recent Icons – Collectors’ Edition sets (for 18+).
  • Newer sets give you access to the interactive Lego Building Instructions App.
  • Collectible Wizard Tiles can be found in 2021 sets. 
  • The online Lego Store features completed Harry Potter Lego sets built by fans where you can upload your masterpieces! 

Best Harry Potter Lego sets

Check out the best Harry Potter sets below, including recent releases, 20th-anniversary models, and special Icons — Collectors’ Editions!

1.  Hogwarts Icons – Collectors’ Edition

Hogwarts™ Icons – Collectors’ Edition

Set no: 76391
Pieces: 3010

Release date: 2022
Age: 18+

First on our list is the awe-inspiring, deluxe Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition set.

Adults 18+ will relish assembling over 3,000 pieces to create a one-of-a-kind display and enjoy a brick-building experience like no other: the perfect match for longtime Harry Potter fans.

This set stars an impressive structure of Hedwig the owl, along with some of Harry Potter’s most iconic themes to complete your layout: Harry’s emblematic round glasses, Hermione’s potion bottles, Tom Riddle’s diary, the Golden Snitch, an invitation to Hogwarts, three golden minifigures, and more!

Ideal for an older audience, this set makes a unique gift for any Harry Potter enthusiast and measures over 17.5 inches (44 cm) high, 19.5 inches (50 cm) wide, and 13 inches (33 cm) deep.

2. Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class

Hogwarts™ Moment: Charms Class

Set no:  76385
Pieces: 256

Release date: 2021
Age: 8+

One of the most popular Harry Potter Lego sets is the Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class edition — perfect for brick-builders ages 8+.

While on the list to retire soon, we still wanted to give this set the props it deserves while it’s still available for purchase! This 256-piece set features a creative brick-built book structure that, when opened, reveals Professor Flitwick’s Charms classroom!

The set includes Harry Potter, Cho Chang, and Professor Flitwick minifigures along with beautifully designed accessories such as a blackboard, bookshelf, and fireplace.

This compact, portable set measures over 5 inches (12 cm) high, 3 inches (8 cm) wide, and 1.5 inches (4 cm) deep.

3. Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts™ Castle

Set no: 71043
Pieces: 6020

Release date: 2018
Age: 16+

Of all Harry Potter Lego sets, the Hogwarts Castle edition is one of the most elaborate, containing 6020 pieces — lots of action-filled hours of brick-building entertainment for everyone 16 years and older.

This comprehensive set is packed with detail, featuring various Harry Potter settings such as the Great Hall, Chamber of Secrets, and Whomping Willow.

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Four minifigures, 24 microfigures (Yes, Harry’s one of them!), and an array of stunning accessories from stained glass windows, house banners, tables, moving staircases, and benches can be expected.

Although one of the older sets, there are lots of buildable and dynamic items to play with, all while recreating original scenes from the movies. The entire castle structure measures over 22 inches (58cm) high, 27 inches (69cm) wide, and 16 inches (43cm) deep.

4. Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets

Hogwarts™ Chamber of Secrets

Set no: 76389
Pieces: 1176

Release date: 2021
Age: 9+

The modular Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets set is one of the most sought-after, including 11 incredible minifigures and 1176 pieces for Lego lovers ages 9+.

Besides a complete cast of characters featuring Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle, Colin Creevey, Luna Lovegood, Albus Dumbledore, and more, you’ll love the exclusive golden Voldemort minifigure — a special edition to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter Lego sets.

A dynamic Basilisk with opening jaws and a glow-in-the-dark Nearly Headless Nick minifigure also add to the fun! Also, this versatile set makes the perfect addition to other Harry Potter Lego editions such as Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter and Polyjuice Potion Mistake.

This set measures approximately 15.5 inches (40 cm) high, 15.5 inches (40 cm) wide, and 4 inches (11 cm) deep.

5. 12 Grimmauld Place

12 Grimmauld Place

Set no:  76408
Pieces: 1083

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

Released in 2022, The 12 Grimmauld Place model is one of the more recent Harry Potter Lego sets and features 1083 pieces to build an enchanted, secret building.

The main highlight of this set is its primary structure — a seemingly ordinary townhouse that transforms into the magical headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix!

Besides accessories, this edition contains nine minifigures to enjoy the adventure: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Sirius Black, and Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks, to name a few. You’ll also have access to Lego’s free Building Instructions app to view, zoom, and rotate the model as you build away.

Packed with various play possibilities, this set measures roughly 11 inches (28 cm) high, 9 inches (24 cm) wide, and 4 inches (12 cm) deep.

6. Attack on the Burrow

Attack on the Burrow

Set no:  75980
Pieces: 1047

Release date: 2020
Age: 9+

With 1047 bricks to assemble and eight minifigures to play with, the Attack on the Burrow Harry Potter Lego set features a unique upward structure packed with details.

Harry Potter fans will have a blast recreating the famous scene where the evil Death Eaters try to capture Harry by setting the Weasley family house on fire!

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Appropriate for children aged 9 and up, this set includes fun functions and accessories such as dynamic fire elements and rotating pieces.

The Lego house structure measures over 13 inches (34cm) high, 8 inches (22cm) wide, and 7 inches (18cm) deep. Currently, this particular set is only available on the Lego Store — click below to find out more!

7. Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

Hogwarts™ Astronomy Tower

Set no:  75969
Pieces: 971

Release date: 2020
Age: 9+

Next up is one of my favorite Harry Potter Lego sets — Hogwarts Astronomy Tower.

For brick-builders ages 9 and up, this 971-piece set invites you to construct a turret-filled tower full of rooms, accessories, and eight characters for extra fun.

One of the coolest parts of this model is that it connects seamlessly with other Harry Potter Lego sets, such as the Hogwarts Clock Tower. This also applies to two retired sets that can still be purchased on Amazon: Hogwarts Whomping Willow and Hogwarts Great Hall.

Making an excellent display for any child’s bedroom or office shelf, this model measures approximately 15 inches (40cm) high, 11 inches (29cm) wide, and 6 inches (17cm) deep.

8. The Ministry of Magic

The Ministry of Magic™

Set no: 76403
Pieces: 990

Release date: 2022
Age: 9+

Released in 2022, the new Lego Harry Potter Ministry of Magic set is bound to become an all-time favorite!

Containing 990 bricks, this modular set offers a truly unique, multistory Lego experience with its one-of-a-kind vertical structure and characters — lots of reconfiguring is encouraged!

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Depicting a bustling hub of famous scenes from the movies, this set also includes nine Harry Potter minifigure cast members and lots of impressively designed items such as a phone booth, newspapers, and a cat.

This display-and-play set is the first of its kind and makes for a jaw-dropping gift for any Harry Potter and Lego enthusiast. The structure measures roughly 12 inches (31 cm) high, 8.5 inches (21 cm) wide, and 8 inches (21 cm) deep.

You can also use the free Lego Building app for an immersive building experience!

9. Hogwarts Clock Tower

Clock tower Harry Potter set

Set no: 75948
Pieces: 922

Release date: 2019
Age: 9+

Next is another classic tower structure Lego Harry Potter fans aged 9 and up will love building — the Hogwarts Clock Tower set.

Featuring a clock tower with movable clock hands, a “dance” function to get eight characters moving at the Yule Ball, Dumbledore’s office, and a classroom, you’ll get plenty of entertainment out of this set!

The Hospital Wing with beds and lamps and the Prefect’s Bathroom showcasing a mermaid stained glass window are other details to incorporate into your building sesh.

The tower structure measures over 13 inches (35cm) high, 13 inches (34cm) wide, and 7 inches (18cm) deep.

10. The Shrieking Shack & Whomping Willow

The Shrieking Shack & Whomping Willow™ Harry Potter lego sets

Set no:  76407
Pieces: 777

Release date: 2022
Age: 9+

The new Shrieking Shack & Whomping Willow set offers a two-locations-in-one experience— a super fun Lego edition Harry Potter movie buffs will love.

The set includes 777 pieces for ages 9+ and comprises six iconic minifigures, a people-grabbing tree, and a glowing full-moon feature that transforms Professor Lupin into a werewolf!

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Although this set is only available on the online Lego store, Amazon sells this LED lighting kit for this model for those wanting to add an extra touch of magic and eeriness to their display.

The Shrieking Shack measures over 9.5 inches (24 cm) high, 5.5 inches (14 cm) wide, and 4 inches (10 cm) deep. The Whomping Willow measures roughly 6.5 inches (17 cm) high.

11. Hogsmeade Village Visit

Village Visit Harry Potter Lego sets

Set no: 76388
Pieces: 851

Release date: 2021
Age: 8+

Released in 2021, The Hogsmeade Village Visit Harry Potter Lego set includes 851 pieces for brick-builders ages 8+.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a Harry Potter enthusiast, this is an excellent pick as it revolves around recreating iconic settings and scenes featured in the movies.

Seven minifigures, including an exclusive golden Ron Weasly figure (to mark 20 years of Lego Harry Potter!), and two buildings are packed into this set: the Honeydukes candy store and the Three Broomsticks pub.

A street light, a bench with snow, and a 2-sided noticeboard with a “Wanted” poster for Sirius Black are great additions to compose your display. This model measures over 8.5 inches (22 cm) high, 11.5 inches (30 cm) wide, and 3.5 inches (9 cm) deep.

12. Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition

Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition

Set no:  76405
Pieces: 5129

Release date: 2022
Age: 18+

If you already happen to own or have a soft spot for the Hogwarts Express Lego set, you’ll get a kick out of this brand-new Collectors’ Edition!

Filled with authentic details, realistic movement, and lights for the real deal, this incredible model comprises an impressive 1:32 scale replica of the emblematic steam train.

A three-room passenger car packed with movie references, a cast of 20 characters, and so much more can all be found within this single deluxe set — you’ll love all the surprise features!

This edition is more elaborate and, therefore, targeted at brick-builders 18+. The model measures over 10.5 inches (26 cm) high, 46.5 inches (118 cm) long, and 8 inches (20 cm) wide.

13. Hogwarts: Dumbledore’s Office

Dumbledore's Office Harry Potter Lego sets

Set no: 76402
Pieces: 654

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

Experience building four floors of pure adventure with this 654-piece, new Lego Harry Potter Dumbledore’s Office set.

Like other Harry Potter Lego sets listed, this model is interchangeable and perfect for completing other editions, such as the popular Hogwarts Castle set.

For ages 8+, this multi-level structure features authentic details from the movies and includes six minifigures: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Argus Filch, and Madam Pince.

This versatile model measures approximately 15.5 inches (39 cm) high, 7.5 inches (19 cm) wide, and 3.5 inches (9 cm) deep.

14. 4 Privet Drive

Privet Drive Harry Potter Lego sets

Set no: 75968
Pieces: 797

Release date: 2020
Age: 8+

The Harry Potter 4 Privet Drive set offers endless play possibilities and is the ideal gift for children 8+ to develop skills and explore creativity.

This model includes six minifigures, along with Hedwig the owl, Dobby, and the Weasley’s flying car!

Not to mention many fun accessories like Harry’s cupboard beneath the stairs and a fireplace pouring mail!

This set comprises 797 pieces and is a portable, compact model that measures over 6 inches (17cm) high, ~6 inches (16cm) wide, and 4 inches (12cm) deep. In addition, the car is roughly 4 inches (12cm) long.

15. Hogwarts Magical Trunk

Magical trunk Harry Potter Lego sets

Set no:  76399
Pieces: 603

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

One of the more affordable Harry Potter Lego sets listed, the Hogwarts Magical Trunk model is a favorite, presenting a unique setup and Lego experience.

Containing 603 pieces, this fun theme includes a customizable trunk, parts to reconfigure and create your own minifigures, and adaptable furniture accessories to bring your display to life.

Accessories include a cauldron, a potion-making book, goblets, cookies, a chessboard, an owl, and more. In addition, you’ll have everything you need to recreate three classic movie scenes: the Sorting Ceremony, a Great Hall feast, and the Common Room.

Perfect for transporting and easy to store, this lockable toy trunk measures approximately 2.5 inches (6 cm) high, 6.5 inches (17 cm) wide, and 2.5 inches (7 cm) deep.

16. Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess

Wizard chess Harry Potter Lego sets

Set no: 76392
Pieces: 876

Release date: 2021
Age: 10+

If you’re looking for out-of-the-box Harry Potter sets for a gift, the 2021 Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess model is an excellent pick.

Available on the online Lego store, this 876-piece model includes four minifigures and a brick-built, playable chessboard to recreate iconic scenes from the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie.

A golden Severus Snape minifigure to celebrate 20 years of Lego Harry Potter will also be found. And besides building and role-playing adventures, you’ll have the perfect excuse to challenge friends and family to a round of chess!

This edition measures over 3 inches (8 cm) high, 10.5 inches (27 cm) wide, and 10.5 inches (27 cm) deep.

17. Hogwarts Courtyard: Sirius’s Rescue

Hogwarts™ Courtyard: Sirius’s Rescue

Set no: 76401
Pieces: 345

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

Another compact yet impressive Harry Potter Lego set is the 345-piece Hogwarts Courtyard: Sirius’s Rescue.

Like others, this model is part of a series of modular playsets that invite Lego-lovers to mix-match and combine sets to create a complete Hogwarts Castle.

The set features lovable minifigures of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Sirius Black. A Buckbeak the Hippogriff figure with movable wings is another item included and one of my favorites!

This versatile set offers a creative building experience and measures 12.5 inches (31 cm) high, 8.5 inches (22 cm) wide, and 4 inches (10 cm) deep.

18. Hogwarts Hospital Wing

Hogwarts™ Hospital Wing

Set no:  76398
Pieces: 510

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

Next is another modular set to create a complete Hogwarts Castle — the 510-piece Hogwarts Hospital Wing for ages 8+.

This Wizarding World edition features an impressively detailed Hospital Wing and clock tower, numerous authentic accessories, and of course, everyone’s favorite characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Madam Pomfrey.

Suppose you’re all about adding to your Lego Harry Potter sets. In that case, this model is ideal if you already own or have your eye on the following editions: Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets, Hogwarts Fluffy Encounter, and Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake.

Perfect for showcasing, this reconfigurable set measures roughly 10 inches (26 cm) high, 7.5 inches (20 cm) wide, and 4 inches (10 cm) deep.

19. Hungarian Horntail Dragon

Horntail Harry Potter Lego sets

Set no: 76406
Pieces: 671

Release date: 2022 
Age: 10+

If your passion for Harry Potter stems from its magical creatures, you’ll have lots of fun with this Hungarian Horntail Dragon set.

For ages 10+, this set includes over 600 bricks to assemble the frightening Hungarian Horntail dragon. While making for a fantastic display, this model also challenges builders to a unique building experience with its impressive detail and jointed wings for movement.

This set also includes an adorable minifigure of Harry Potter on his flying Firebolt broom, a golden egg from the Triwizard Tournament, and fabric to embellish the dragon’s wings. When completed, this stunning model measures roughly 15 inches (40 cm) wide (wings) and 18 inches (48 cm) long.

If you’re purchasing through Amazon, be aware that this item may not be available in your location. If you want to check out an older version of this model, click the Amazon button below!

20. Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix

Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix Harry Potter Lego sets

Set no:  76394
Pieces: 597

Release date: 2021
Age: 10+

Like the previous set, the Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix model is the perfect pick for fantasy creature-loving Harry Potter fans.

Have fun getting through 597 bricks to put together a remarkable display of Fawkes standing on a sturdy base. To accompany the majestic bird is an Albus Dumbledore minifigure, the perfect touch to complete your presentation!

Fun features like fiery-red feathers, flappable wings, detailed beak and claws will make your building experience even more gratifying. This model is suitable for brick builders 10+ and is over 14 inches (35cm) in wingspan and measures 9.5 inches (24 cm) from beak to tail.

You can purchase this item individually on the online Lego store or as an exclusive two-model pack on Amazon (includes this model plus the Hedwig set) — click below to learn more!

21. Hedwig

Hedwig Harry Potter Lego Sets

Set no: 75979
Pieces: 630

Release date: 2020
Age: 10+

The Hedwig model was released in 2020 and has since been one of the most sought-after Lego Harry Potter sets.

With 630 to work through, this model presents a slightly more challenging building experience, ideal for children 10+ to unlock their creativity and hone problem-solving skills.

The set includes a big-sized model of Hedwig featuring a mechanism to make wings flap up and down and comes with a sturdy base for display. In addition, this set also contains a minifigure Harry Potter and a miniature version of Hedwig.

Measuring over 13 inches (34 cm) from wing to wing, this model measures around 7 inches (20 cm) from beak to tail and makes for a fantastic piece of geeky décor!

22. Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter

Hogwarts™: Fluffy Encounter

Set no: 76387
Pieces: 397

Release date: 2021
Age: 8+

Another in-demand set is the Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter model, one of Lego Harry Potter’s 20th-anniversary releases.

This 397-piece set includes four minifigures, Hogwarts rooms, and Fluffy, the oversized, 3-headed dog. Like other sets marking the collab’s 20th anniversary, the set also features a golden minifigure, this time of Hermione Granger.

Built and designed to be configured with other sets, this is the perfect model to add to Lego’s Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake and Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets sets.

When completed, this set measures over 12 inches (30 cm) high, 7.5 inches (19 cm) wide, and 2.5 inches (7 cm) deep.

23. Hogwarts Moment: Potions Class

Hogwarts™ Moment: Potions Class

Set no: 76383
Pieces: 271

Release date: 2021
Age: 8+

One of the more affordable Lego Harry Potter sets, the adorable Hogwarts Moment: Potions Class model features 271 pieces for ages 8+.

The set is presented in the form of a brick-built playbook that, when opened, reveals the dungeon Potions classroom seen in the popular movies.

Items include cute accessories such as a blackboard, armchair, pot, purple potion, spoon, secret chamber, and three minifigures: Draco Malfoy, Seamus Finnigan, and Professor Snape.

Compact in size and easy to carry, this cute set is the perfect addition to other models to create a unique 360-degree play space. The completed set measures approximately 5 inches (12 cm) high, 3 inches (8 cm) wide, and 1.5 inches (4 cm) deep.

24. Hogwarts: First Flying Lesson

First flying lesson Harry Potter Lego sets

Set no: 76395
Pieces: 264

Release date: 2021
Age: 7+

The small yet action-packed Hogwarts First Flying Lesson Harry Potter set is the perfect gift for 7+ Lego lovers.

Featuring levers to operate transparent levels to elevate minifigures on broomsticks, the model can be divided into five rearrangeable modules.

Besides minifigures of Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, and Madam Hooch, a golden minifigure of Professor Quirrell is another treat Harry Potter Lego fans can expect!

Easy to connect with other sets, the finished model measure over 6 inches (15 cm) high, 8 inches (20 cm) wide, and 2.5 inches (6 cm) deep.

25. Hogwarts Moment: Defense Class

Harry Potter lego sets defense class

Set no: 76397
Pieces: 257

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

The 2022 Hogwarts Defense Class Harry Potter Lego set is another compact edition, filled with unique details any demanding fan will appreciate— perfect for ages 8 and up.

Ideal for displaying, this 257-brick model consists of three minifigures (Mad-Eye Moody, Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom) and detachable accessories from potion bottles to a blackboard, desks, and chairs.

This set is compatible with other models (the previous item is a great example!) and makes an excellent gift for kids, whether they want to carry their playset to school or display it proudly in their bedrooms.

Once completed, the layout will measure over 5 inches (12 cm) high, 3.5 inches (9 cm) wide, and 1.5 inches (4 cm) deep.

26. Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class

Hogwarts™ Moment: Divination Class

Set no: 76396
Pieces: 297

Release date: 2022
Age: 8+

Like the previous sets, the Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class model is a fun add-on to other Lego Harry Potter sets.

Compact and easy to carry, this set is presented as a brick-built book containing a complete layout of Professor Trelawney’s Divination classroom: suitable for for ages 8+.

Minifigures of Professor Trelawney, Harry Potter, and Parvati Patil, along with detachable accessories such as a crystal ball, teacups, and a cupboard, make this set ideal for Harry Potter Lego newbies starting their collection.

Whether to display on a shelf or to enjoy with friends, this is a convenient portable set for kids and is over 5 inches (12 cm) high, 3.5 inches (9 cm) wide, and 1.5 inches (4 cm) deep.

27. Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals

Hogwarts™ Carriage and Thestrals

Set no: 76400
Pieces: 121

Release date: 2022
Age: 7+

The 121-piece Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals set is a suitable starter option for Harry Potter Lego fans in the making.

Because it contains fewer bricks than most Lego Harry Potter sets, children 7+ will have no problem building the model from start to finish and get excited about developing their Lego-building skills.

The set includes minifigures of beloved Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood and a baby and adult Thestral; a buildable carriage attaches to the latter.

Perfect for kids who want to recreate their favorite scenes from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, this small-sized set measures roughly 3.5 inches (9 cm) high, 6.5 inches (17 cm) long, and 2.5 inches (6 cm) wide once completed.

28. Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake

Hogwarts™: Polyjuice Potion Mistake

Set no: 76386
Pieces: 217

Release date: 2021
Age: 7+

Last up is another fun collectible Lego Harry Potter set: Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake.

Featuring beloved minifigures of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, the set invites movie fans to use their imagination to recreate iconic scenes in this famous Hogwarts location.

Besides reconfiguring authentic accessories, transforming minifigures and finding a secret passageway are all part of this building experience; ideal for Lego architects 7 years old and up.

As mentioned throughout our article, this particular set is also sought-after as a fun add-on to other models, such as the Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets set. This completed model measures approximately 3 inches (8 cm) high, 5 inches (12 cm) wide, and 2.5 inches (6 cm) deep.

Where to find retired Harry Potter Lego sets

As a Lego enthusiast, you’re bound to find yourself scavenging the internet at one point or another in the hopes of finding discontinued sets you feel you simply can’t live without!

While this isn’t always simple, there are still many Harry Potter Lego sets you can purchase if you look in the right places.

Unfortunately, many of the current sets are scheduled to retire still this year (December 2022), although specific dates haven’t been established for many.

That said, be sure to grab them while you can!

If you’re looking into sets that have already been officially discontinued, Amazon is probably the best place to search.

And while the official online Lego store may display many of their retired sets in their catalog, they won’t be available for purchase.

Below are some of the more recent Lego Harry Potter sets you can find on Amazon:

That’s it for this comprehensive guide to the best Harry Potter Lego sets available! Do you have a favorite set, past or present? Let us know in the comments below!

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