Best diamond painting kits: Top 10 kits for all skill sets and budgets

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Who could have imagined nostalgia-ridden paint-by-numbers art and cross-stitching would come together and make way for a trendy new craft?

Also known as crystal art, diamond painting originated in China over a decade ago and has become a highly in-demand creative hobby for crafters of every age.

Diamond painting involves applying tiny resin “diamonds” (or drills) to an adhesive canvas according to specific color-coded numbers, resulting in shimmery compositions and designs.

To learn more about this uber-affordable and fun craft, check out our lineup to find some of the best diamond painting kits and projects to get started!

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Best diamond painting kits 

This is our list of the best diamond painting kits you can find online: all of them include all of the essential diamond painting tools needed to get started on your creations!

Full Drill Custom Diamond Painting Kit by Paint with Diamonds

Custom diamond painting kit

If picking the right diamond painting theme is causing you indecision, our advice is to customize your own project!

This diamond painting kit is an excellent choice if you want to personalize your art with images that are near and dear to you, whether of a family member, friends, your pet, or beautiful photos you took on a memorable getaway.

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When submitting your image, you’ll be given the option to select the size of your canvas. Mind you, ordering a big canvas allows for better results and definition (at least 60 cm). Guidelines on which canvas sizes best suit diamond painters of all skill levels will also be provided. 

We appreciate how well-curated these canvases are prepped and curated to provide you with the best quality in design, color balance, shadow and highlight enhancement cropping, and framing.

Each kit includes a personalized canvas, diamonds, a pen, tweezers, a wide-tip tool, and wax. Everything you need to complete your first unique diamond art masterpiece!

DIY Crystal Art Card Kit by Greeting Card by Craft Buddy

DIY Crystal Art Craft Kit

Every year we give family and friends greeting cards on a number of occasions. That said, here’s a fun way to make card making extra special!

This is one of the best diamond painting kits out there for beginners because of its small-scale, partial drill surface — it’s a great way to get started in the craft on a budget. If you’d like to watch an instructional video to see it in action, click here

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Suitable for all ages, Craft Buddy Crystal Art offers all kinds of designs to choose from. To find your favorite themes, we highly recommend checking out the store’s complete collection of greeting cards.

Kits include a themed card (18×18), an envelope, drills, a pen, a tray, and instructions. Each pack costs ~$10, is shipped from the UK, and only delivers in-country. However, our list contains more options that ship worldwide, so keep reading!

Diamond Painting Coasters Kit by Billbotk

Coaster diamond painting kit

Next up is a really fun diamond painting set if you want to put your skills to the test with something a little different. 

Available on Amazon for ~$15, this mandala-inspired diamond art coaster kit will not only have you making one-of-a-kind pieces that are pretty to look at but will give you the perk of creating something beautiful you can use! 

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These diamond art kits include eight diamond painting coasters featuring diverse mandala designs, cork bases, a complete set of colorful diamonds, wax, and a diamond pen. 

This is a great project to craft personalized, easy-to-make gifts for loved ones or enjoy diamond painting sessions with a couple of pals. That’s the beauty of having sets containing multiple small-scale projects! 

Cactus Succulent Diamond Painting Art Kit

Cactus Succulent Diamonds Kits

Who doesn’t like a little touch of nature in their home? I love this succulent plant-themed diamond painting kit on Etsy!

For ~$20, this set includes a cute design that features three different plants and, better yet, a frame for display.

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This makes an adorable gift for your green thumb bestie or family member. Yep, we all have a plant lover in our lives!

Kits include a canvas, a pen (comfort grip), a tray, a frame, drills, and instructions. If you’re working on this project with children, be sure they are age-appropriate due to the small items.

Shipped from the US and delivered worldwide, we highly suggest checking out more of this seller’s fantastic diamond art kits for more quirky designs.

Dreamcatcher Diamond painting Charm Kit by Wizardi

Dreamcatcher Diamond Painting Kit

Dreamcatcher projects aren’t only for macrame weavers, and this miniature dreamcatcher-themed diamond painting set is proof!

This DIY diamond art kit on Etsy costs only a little over ~$6 and provides five colorful themes and patterns to choose from: the half-moon design is my favorite!

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Each set contains a plywood base, a bag of diamonds, a diamond painting pen, string, and instructions. This is a small-scale project, so keep this in mind when purchasing: dimensions are roughly 3.9×4.3 inches.

I really like how detailed these pieces are; they make for unique, adorable gifts but are also the perfect little project to give any nook of your bedroom a touch of color.

It’s a little more basic than most diamond art kits, but it’s price, quality, and originality definitely make it worth the buy! Note that this Etsy item is only delivered to the US and Canada.

Tiny Green Treescape by Diamond Art Club

Tiny tree diamond art kits

Next up is another option for tree-loving newbie diamond painters and one of our favorite diamond painting kits on our list.

Perfect for starters of all ages, this teeny-tiny treescape kit contains 360 round diamonds, a tray, an applicator, wax, and canvas (6.7×6.7 inch or 17x17cm).

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The fact that this is a mini canvas is what makes it so original and a great way to test the waters if you don’t have a lot of time to spare!

On the other hand, if you’ve already evolved into more complex works, this project may seem too basic and restrictive.

And don’t worry, Diamond Art Club offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the product. But realistically, we know you’re going to love it!

Make Your Own Heart Keychains Diamond Painting Kit by Brass Tacks

Diamond painting keychain kit

We see and use keychains daily, so why not make them a little more special? You know just as well as I do that it’s time to retire that souvenir keychain you bought years ago on vacation!

This keychain diamond painting kit is sold on Etsy and costs ~$15: which is an excellent price considering its quality packaging and contents. Each set contains five unfinished keychains, over 1000 diamonds, and a complete toolkit.

These heart-shaped keychains have lovely color combinations to experiment with and various designs that match different personalities, from funkier to classic patterns.

Much like the diamond painting coaster kit on our guide, this is also a great way to combine functionality and creativity — not to mention a budget-friendly, thoughtful gift for a craft-loving buddy.

All of these diamond art kits are shipped from the US and delivered worldwide.

Van Gogh Starry Night DIY Kit by Paint by OWAY

Van Gogh Starry Night Diamond Painting Kit

If you’re anything like me, you never get tired of Van Gogh’s Starry Night masterpiece (is that even possible?). So what better way to honor this iconic work than displaying it in your home with some diamond painting magic?

While there are several diamond art kits featuring this theme, this diamond painting kit on Amazon offers a great price and a complete set to have you crafting a more advanced full-drill canvas. This is perfect if you’re looking for a challenge!

Drills are round for this project, and the rhinestones included feature a beautiful mix of shades and tones that will give your work an elegant finish, resulting in a beautiful piece to showcase anywhere in your home or office.

Before purchasing, we strongly recommend checking this project’s canvas dimensions to confirm it’s what you’re looking for — make sure it’s the right fit for your wall!

All You Need is Love Diamond Art Kit by Paint with Diamonds

Beatles diamond art kits

If there’s a music lover in your life you’d like to surprise, this is one of the best diamond painting kits you’ll find.

This kit contains an exclusive, full-drill canvas featuring an image of The Beatles — a unique way to add a special touch to your home décor and pay homage to your musical heroes (they certainly are mine!).

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When purchasing this kit, seven canvas sizes to choose from will be provided, as well as the option to choose between round or square drills.

Smaller canvases will take beginners approximately 10-15 hours to complete, while larger-sized canvases for advanced diamond painters can require up to 30-50 hours to finish.

A flat adhesive canvas, a set of eco-friendly resin diamonds, a tray, wax, a wide-tip tool, tweezers, and a pen will be included in your kit. 

Poured Glue Collection Kits by Paint with Diamonds

Poured glue diamond art kits

These best-selling poured glue kits are a little different from the rest of the diamond art kits on our list. 

Poured glue kits feature a more long-lasting adhesive effect, which aims to ensure diamonds are secured for years. In addition to this, these soft canvases are wrapped in see-through film, keeping patterns unveiled at all times. 

Because of their top adhesive qualities, these are some of the best diamond painting kits available and ideal for experienced crafters or beginners looking for a long-lasting outcome.

In each kit, you’ll find a self-flattening canvas, round or square eco-friendly diamonds, a pen, tweezers, a wide tip, wax, and a tray.

Do note that this collection is only available in the US. It should arrive in roughly a week, so it’s great for last-minute gifts! Shop the full collection below.

How to choose the best diamond painting kits

Diamond painting is a relatively new pastime compared to crafty classics such as knitting, soap making, candle making, and macrame.

But don’t be mistaken; it sure has a lot to offer — especially if you’re seeking easy-to-learn, meditative creative hobbies.

That said, before diving into our favorite diamond art kits, here are a few things we think you should know:

Diamonds: Round drills vs square drills 

Drills are essential items in all diamond art kits. Otherwise referred to as diamonds, drills are the tiny resin pieces used to adorn your color-coded canvas.

Round drills can be more challenging to place onto canvases accurately and commonly require using a pair of tweezers for precision.

On the other hand, square drills have a snap feature that locks drills in place quickly; the thing is, there’s really no going back once these have been laid down. However, square drills tend to give your work a more cohesive, gap-free finish.

As you get into more specific projects, you’ll also likely come across AB (“Aurora Borealis”) diamonds. These gems are especially bright and iridescent and will add a nice sparkle to your work!

Adhesive: Double-sided tape vs poured glue 

Both of these canvas types work just fine, but they are different.

Double-sided tape canvases are usually covered by white, opaque paper, limiting your view of your pattern as you place your diamonds one by one.

Poured glue canvases are wrapped in a sheet of transparent film, allowing you to get a complete view of your design and progress from beginning to end. 

The latter is also more durable as it isn’t affected by humidity or heat —your drills will be locked in for life! With time, double-sided tape canvases become more prone to air bubbles, wrinkles, and gradual diamond loss.

That said, both options are effective and provide beautiful results! 

Multiple diamond art types and themes

The fun thing about diamond art kits is that you can explore so many themes and projects through the craft: here are just a few!


  • Canvas
  • Wall pendants
  • Accessories
  • Multi-drawings
  • Greeting cards
  • Magnets
  • Keychains 


  • Custom photographs
  • Mandalas
  • Holiday-related
  • Landscapes
  • Animals
  • Abstract
  • Mythology

But really, there are diamond art kits out there for just about any interest you might have!

Canvas: Full drill vs partial drill 

Full drill canvases require full diamond coverage on a surface, while partial drill canvases only require diamond placing in specific areas.

Full drill canvases are obviously more demanding and call for more technique, and consequentially, best for more experienced diamond painters. But of course, full drill canvases are the way to go once you’ve built up enough skill!

That’s it for our picks for the best diamond painting kits you can buy! Which one will you be buying for yourself or a loved one today? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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