Best paper punch tools for papercraft and stationery creative hobbies

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The truth is there isn’t a shortage of options when it comes to paper punch tools. Generally speaking, these are relatively easy to find, whether at your nearest craft store or the many online marketplaces we all know and love.

But, the thing is: pinpointing what’s actually worth the buy can get tricky. And although buying a paper punch won’t burn a hole in your pocket, I think I can speak for us all when I say no one likes to throw their hard-earned money out the window.

So, to help you figure out what may work for you, we’re sharing what works for us! In our guide, you’ll find our top picks for craft paper punches, including all-in-one tools, mini hole punches, handheld devices, tag makers, corner rounders, and more!

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Best paper punch tools and hole punches: Quick picks

We R Memory Keepers Hole Punch Crop-A-Dile

Crop-A-Dile Multi-Hole Punches by We R Memory Keepers

  • Brand specialized in papercraft tools
  • Models available with different hole punch shapes
  • High quality but affordable

Hole punch set BearBoss

5-Piece Hole Punch Set by BearBoss

  • Complete 5-piece set
  • Appropriate for adult and teen crafters
  • Overall cost amounts to ~$5 apiece

Bira Craft Border Hole Punch

Deep Edger Border Craft Punch by Bira Craft

  • Very popular paper hole punch brand
  • Specifically designed to embellish paper borders
  • Prices vary per cutout design/model

Best craft paper punch tools

Check out our lineup for the best hole punches and add some extra TLC and creativity to your papercraft and stationery projects.

Best overall: Crop-A-Dile Multi-Hole Punches by We R Memory Keepers

Crop-A-Dile Multi-Hole Punches by We R Memory Keepers

The Crop-A-Dile Multi-Hole Punch by We R Memory Keepers is one of the best, most versatile hole punches you can find — and is our top pick!

Ideal for cramped craft desks and toolkits, the all-in-one Crop-A-Dile Multi-Hole Punch features five different hole sizes capable of piercing through more than just paper: ultra-thin sheets of chipboard, fabric, leather and even plastic are all welcome.

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Since the tool features multiple options, you won’t have to worry about sourcing individual items to accommodate specific projects. Personally, the convenience of crafting anything from greeting cards to handmade leather tags with a single device does it for me!

It’s also surprisingly lightweight and intuitive. The tool incorporates a swivel mechanism that allows you to select and lock your hole size of choice for aligned, precise cutting. There are three versions of this model: the Basic Punch (featured in the image above), the Decorative Punch with shapes like stars and hearts, and the Utility Punch with a few more basic shapes.

And if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, we highly recommend the brand’s Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite hole punch. This desktop device can punch through thicker surfaces and offers a range of hole sizes and super clean cuts that make inserting grommets a piece of cake.

Best hole punch set: 5-Piece Hole Punch Set by BearBoss

5-Piece Hole Punch Set by BearBoss

If you’re looking for a set of paper punch tools vs. a single device, we advise checking out this five-piece hole punch kit by BearBoss.

The kit packs five circle paper punch sizes (from 0.3 to 2 inches) for paper 3mm thick or less. Although this item trends toward the more generic side, we really like this circle craft paper punch set because it offers solid quality and good value for money: you’ll be paying the equivalent of ~$5 per item.

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And while these tools are great for cutting out perfect hollow designs, remember that leftover cutouts make excellent accessories for all kinds of projects, such as ornamental papercraft hangings, scrapbooking, frame adorning, and more.

These are also safe, straightforward supplies, making them suitable for you as well as a fabulous addition to your children’s craft desk! We also appreciate the overall size of these tools: they aren’t huge, nor are they mini hole punches, which makes them kid-friendly, easy to grip, and store.

BearBoss also sells this heart-shaped model for only a few dollars less: a great alternative if you’re searching for something beyond circle-making! And while you’re at it, we advise checking out the brand’s colorful cardstock and glitter paper — these are great complements to your purchase!

Best for borders: Deep Edger Border Craft Punch by Bira Craft

Deep Edger Border Craft Punch by Bira Craft

Bira Craft is another paper hole punch brand definitely worth considering; the company offers an extensive collection of unique craft paper punches to accommodate all project types.

One of our favorites is the Bira Craft model for border paper punching. This tool boasts excellent performance and transforms plain paper stock edges into intricate designs within just a few seconds. In addition, its guideline grid and non-slip base make hole-punching accurate, easy, and hassle-free.

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Besides the lotus pattern (featured above), you can purchase this tool with other stencil options, from elegant floral themes to adorable owl, heart, and cupcake cutouts. And speaking of cupcakes, this craft paper punch is also perfect if baking is one of your creative hobbies!

It’s a great tool to adorn paper doilies for cakes and muffin liners and decorate place cards for get-togethers. It’s also a very resourceful device to make beautiful, budget-friendly greeting cards and invitations for special occasions —which, as we all know, can cost a small fortune if bought in large quantities.

You can find this craft paper punch on Amazon and Etsy for roughly the same price, no matter what design you have your eye on! Note that Etsy’s delivery options for this product are more limited; click below to know more.

Best corner punches: 3-in-1 Corner Rounder by ANNIKEEY

3-in-1 Corner Rounder by ANNIKEEY

Corner rounders are great little tools to give pointy paper edges a more smooth, curved shape or patterned design.

Since they’re practical, inexpensive tools stationery aficionados love to use, finding a corner rounder isn’t necessarily challenging. However, if you want to skip the search and get straight to buying, we recommend this 3-in-1 corner cutter by ANNIKEEY!

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Compact, durable, and uber-affordable, these corner rounders are available in two versions: each offers a different combination of three cutout designs. Because they’re roughly the size of the palm of a hand, transporting and storing these tools is easy-peasy.

Apart from the obvious scrapbooking and stationery scenario, these little craft punch tools allow you to customize other items, such as photographs, business cards, folding tags, art journals, and more. It’s pretty cool to see how such a simple hole punch can switch up the overall outcome of your projects!

A similar product we also really like is the KW-trio corner rounder on Etsy. The brand offers four different models, each featuring three distinct cutout forms. So what’s the catch? They’re more expensive than the ANNIKEEY model — especially considering the extra shipping fees. That said, it won’t hurt to look into both options to see what feels right for you.

Best handheld: Handheld Punch by Fiskars

Handheld Punch by Fiskars

Sometimes all you want is a good ole’ traditional tool to get the job done. That said, here’s our suggestion for the best handheld paper punch!

Fiskars offers a line of handheld hole punches featuring colorful, cushioned, ergonomic handles. Each tool features a single cutout shape and size, so you’ll have to buy different models if you want more options: note that prices vary per item.

For example, the one featured in the image above cuts circles (roughly 1mm) and goes for ~$11 on Amazon. These are fantastic, quality options if you’re looking for a sturdy tool to punch through surfaces besides paper, such as thin pieces of leather, metal foil, and felt.

However, because it’s more limited, we think this is a better pick if your goal is functionality vs. large creative projects. It also has a handy mechanism that stores confetti as you make holes, which will help keep messes to a minimum.

You can find these tools on Amazon, Etsy, and Blick. If you like this brand and want to check out more design possibilities, Fiskars also sells these large handheld hole punches on Amazon: cloud squeeze punch, scalloped squeeze punch, and butterfly squeeze punch.

Best mini hole punch set: Mini Scrapbook Paper Hole Punch by SCS Direct

Mini Scrapbook Paper Hole Punch by SCS Direct

Unless you’re looking for something very concrete, mini hole punch sets are a great way to go if you’re looking for variety in themes and designs.

Comprising 40 unique hole punch patterns representing every occasion you can think of, this complete paper punch kit on Amazon costs under $30 and is packed in a solid case that’s easy to store and carry.

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Suitable for adults and teens, this makes for an original gift for anyone who loves stationery and papercraft activities, whether scrapbooking, card making, art journaling, and more. They’re perfect for after-school activities with friends (give digital devices a rest!) or making holiday greeting cards for family.

Since these pieces are tiny (roughly the size of a dime), we don’t recommend them for younger children unless supervised. On the other hand, teens who are into nail art will get a kick out of these hole punches. Designs and cutouts are the perfect size for this pastime and will punch through sticker paper well.

While there are many mini hole punch sets available, some including an even more significant number of items, it’s rare to find a comprehensive kit that includes every holiday theme plus miscellaneous patterns in a single pack. This is this product’s most attractive selling point in our book!

Best tag maker hole punch: Any Size Elegant Tag Maker Punch by Punch Bunch

Any Size Elegant Tag Maker Punch by Punch Bunch

A popular reason many look out for paper punch tools is to make tags! And although you can wing it with a handheld hole punch or a corner rounder, we suggest going for something more specific — like this tag maker!

For ~$16 on Etsy, this hole punch is an excellent pick because it provides different cutout designs and works just as well whether you’re punching vertically or horizontally — perfect if you’re looking for versatility and convenience in a single device.

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This tag maker features a non-slip base and a sturdy button, making hole-making accurate and precise. Although you can use this tool for other hole-punching ventures, we recommend using it for this purpose only. Keep in mind it doesn’t offer the variety avid scrapbooking or card makers are looking for.

Love making handmade gifts? Tags are a great way to adorn gift bags and present wrappings, but have you ever thought of creating a personalized set of tags as the gift itself? I love the idea of watercoloring plain tags with splashes of color, adding some string, and putting together a set to treat a stationery-loving pal!

And, of course, let’s not forget those homemade jars of jam we all love — adding a personalized tag gives it the perfect touch for a thoughtful, budget-friendly gift. This item is shipped from the USA and delivered worldwide. Be sure to confirm extra shipping fees before purchase.

Best for paper frames: Magnetic Frame Paper Punch by Bira Craft

Paper Frame Hole Punch by Bira Craft

As much as I love papercrafting and stationery creative hobbies, I’m terrible at using scissors to cut out squiggly lines or rounded shapes. Guil-ty. That said, if you’re anything like me, the Bira Craft frame paper punch is one for you!

Besides a bracket design (featured in the image above), Bira Craft offers three variations of this magnetic frame paper punch tool to meet all your needs: circle, oval, and square designs.

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The device’s unique magnetic mechanism helps provide accuracy no matter where you place it on your paper when cutting. As a result, this is the ideal tool for scrapbooking, making larger-sized greeting cards, collage projects, and creating perfectly trimmed paper frames for photographs!

Keep in mind that using lightweight paper is crucial for better outcomes, but this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with paper featuring different patterns and textures. Glitter paper frames, anyone?

Also: we strongly advise checking the cutout size of each of these products before purchasing. While larger than most hole punches, they may not match exactly what you’re looking for. That said, confirm product details beforehand to avoid unmet expectations! Note that Etsy provides fewer delivery options for this item; click below to see if delivery is available in your location.

What to know before buying a craft paper punch

While easy to find and simple to use, hole punch tools may vary in features, and therefore, considering a few things before purchasing will be helpful.

First, define what projects you want a hole punch for. For example, if you’re scrapbooking incessantly, we suggest going for something sturdy and, ideally, that provides a broader range of design options.

Whether you want an all-in-one tool or a multi-hole punch set is up to personal preference. However, remember, you may get bored if you keep your options on the limited side.

On the other hand, keep it simple if you’re planning on sporadic hole-punching or searching for tools to fulfill functional purposes. Handheld hole punch tools are great options if this is your goal!

If you’re looking for hole punches for children, make sure they’re kid-friendly — mini hole punch sets are super fun but best for older crafters because of how small these items are.

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Also, think of your materials. Are you aiming to punch through different material types or sticking to paper and cardstock? We strongly recommend reading tool guidelines and, more importantly, believing them!

For instance, if a product outlines that it only supports lightweight paper, we advise not pushing your luck. Remember, these tools are primarily designed for hobbyists and won’t sustain heavy-duty surfaces unless explicitly indicated.

Another piece of advice is to recycle as much paper as possible as you craft! Try to reuse all of the scraps you can to punch out your designs; there’s no need to waste blank sheets of paper every time you start a new project.

Lastly, consider the possibility of having to double-punch! While we’d all love for tools to be 100% flawless, this may not always be the case. Nor does it necessarily mean that they’re poor in quality.

Depending on your paper’s consistency, texture, or thickness, you may need to punch more than once. However, don’t let this dissuade you from your hole punch if it happens every now and then; it’s perfectly normal.

Remember, these aren’t industrial devices but for home crafters and hobbyists. That said, put all your energy into creating and embrace the prospect of the occasional double punch!

That’s it for our guide to the best paper punch tools and hole punches! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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