Best hand casting kits: Mold gestures that will stand the test of time

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If you’re a nostalgic soul like me, registering special moments and occasions you’ve experienced with loved ones is something that matters.

So, besides photographs and video recordings, what better way than trying out a hand casting kit to preserve your most cherished memories?

Especially popular among couples, first-time parents, and sentimental BFFs, crafting with a hand mold kit will provide a super fun and creative bonding activity with results that will last a lifetime.

Here are our recommendations for the best hand mold kits to get you planning your upcoming DIY hand casting sesh!

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Best hand casting kits: Quick picks

Luna bean hand casting kit

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

  • Top-quality brand
  • XL bucket available
  • Excellent results for a very affordable value

Hand Casting Kit Couples – Plaster Hand Mold Casting Kit

  • Complete mold casting experience
  • Extra features included
  • The perfect option for gifts
Luna Bean Baby Hand casting kit

Luna Bean Deluxe Baby Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

  • Deluxe baby casting kit
  • Includes different paint options
  • Creates up to 7 castings

Best hand casting kits

Find our favorite hand casting kits based on price, quality, and versatility — let us know what projects you make in our comment section!

Discovering DIY Hand Casting Kit

Discovering DIY hand casting kit

The Discovery DIY Hand Casting kit is our suggestion for hesitant crafters curious about this medium but not up for the occasional splurge.

While almost twice as expensive on Etsy, Amazon sells this comprehensive hand mold kit for under $25 and offers everything you need to tackle your first project (except for a bit of water for mixing!).

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Besides standard materials such as casting/molding powders, gloves, shaping tools, sandpaper, and more, this kit also contains sample powders to get a taste of what outcomes look like before diving in for the real deal.

And don’t be fooled by this set’s affordability: materials are skin-safe, and the results are fantastic! However, I suggest using this kit solely with teens and adults. But if you’re looking for baby casting kits, check out our picks further below!

Similar sets for adults at roughly the same price are the Zenacolor hand casting kit and the Godora hand casting kit.

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Luna bean hand casting kit

The popular Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit is the ultimate couples hand casting kit.

For under $35 on Amazon, this kit stands out for its larger-than-average bucket size, allowing for more casting options — you’ll have more room and gesture possibilities to play with! 

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Ideal for couples or two adults and a child, this kit includes casting stone, molding powder, sandpaper, a demolding stick, easy-to-follow video instructions, and more.

The set’s premium alginate molding material is top of the line. It guarantees durable casting results packed with detail while providing easy-to-detect color-changing properties to simplify the cast removal process.

Mind you that this product is more expensive on Etsy. If you’re going with a more ambitious project, this popular brand also sells this XL hand casting kit to cast up to six hands!

Hand Casting Kit Couples – Plaster Hand Mold Casting Kit

Hand Casting Kit Couples - Plaster Hand Mold Casting Kit

Another sought-after mold kit is by Dylan & Rylie, esteemed for its fun features and appealing price tag — a great option if you’re looking for a gift!

Although perfect as a couples hand casting kit, this pack’s materials are skin-safe, non-toxic, and, therefore, appropriate for children. A casting bucket, gloves, sandpaper, molding powder, and demolding sticks will all be included.

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This kit also offers some unique add-ons! A mini practice kit, a sculpture base for showcasing, and a set of paints to embellish final projects — the latter being an especially inviting feature for children who love creative hobbies!

The color-changing alginate molding powder in this kit is also really helpful in knowing when your materials have set and will make the process feel more intuitive.

If you enjoy this product and want to make more use of this medium, the brand also sells this refill kit which will include everything but a casting bucket, sculpture base, and practice kit.

XL Hand Casting Kit for Families

XL hand casting kit

This XL hand mold kit by Hula Home will meet your expectations if you’re all about quality family time and creative activities.

With the capacity to cast up to six small children, three adults, or two adults and four children, this set contains a large volume of molding and casting material to ensure quality outcomes — fingerprint and wedding ring details included!

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Unlike a standard DIY kit, this pack includes 800g of molding powder and 1800g of casting powder, along with a measuring cup, sculpting tool, spoons, and an XL casting bucket.

This XL kit goes for only ~$40, almost as much as many standard-sized casting kits. But this isn’t usually the case. For example, The Edinburgh Casting Studio XL hand mold kit on Amazon costs more than twice as much!

That said, if you’ve been considering downsizing your project due to cost, this product offers a great solution for family fun on a budget.

New Baby Casting Kit Set

Baby casting kit with frame

Next up is an extra special DIY hand casting kit parents and proud grandparents will absolutely love.

This baby casting kit invites you to replicate your child’s most adorable features and put them on display in a custom-made frame for showcasing — and with a spot to add a photo of your baby for extra cuteness!

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Kits include enough alginate and durable stone plaster to create six hand and/or foot casts of a newborn and two to three casts of a toddler. Materials are skin-safe and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about your little one’s delicate skin.

You’ll also have metallic paint to add a special touch to your pieces and enhance your layout.

Also, know that the frame that comes with this set is spacious and has been built to accommodate curled-up plaster fists or toes; any angle will fit in beautifully!

Luna Bean Deluxe Baby Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

Luna Bean Deluxe Baby Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

The last item on our list is another Luna Bean product, this time specifically designed to cast up to seven replicas of your baby’s hands and/or feet.

This deluxe set is curated to provide your baby maximum comfort while obtaining excellent details and results. Molding materials have been developed with a special formula to resist wiggling and make cast removal and peeling easy.

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And in case you were wondering, your baby will only need to be involved in the process for just a few minutes! Resources are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so they are perfectly suitable for newborns up to nine months old!

Your kit will also contain a tinted glaze to ensure you apply lovely, ceramic-like finishes to your pieces. You can choose which color sealant you prefer if buying through Amazon: clear, bronze, or pearl (prices will vary accordingly).

This is undoubtedly the best pick for casting projects with babies and is available on Amazon and Etsy — the latter being, by far, the more costly option. That said, I suggest evaluating which presents the best purchase and shipping conditions before buying.

How to choose the best hand casting kit

If you’re considering a hand casting kit for your next crafty venture or as a thoughtful gift, here are our tips on what to look out for to ensure you make the best choice!

Most products on our guide are listed on both Amazon and Etsy and may present different prices accordingly. Be sure to check which offers the best conditions for you.

If you’re looking to support small businesses, Etsy is a great pick and often provides the option to pay in installments for greater convenience. Amazon, however, is the more budget-friendly alternative in this scenario and is likely to provide a simple buying experience you’re probably already familiar with.

All of these products are skin-safe and perfectly OK to use! Nevertheless, I can understand hesitancy around using an unknown product directly on your skin. That said, it doesn’t hurt to do a sample test before fully dunking your hands (or your baby’s) into a casting bucket for more reassurance.

Stick to using kits per age group. While these products are pretty similar, casting kits for children and babies tend to possess specific formulas to speed up the setting process and make life a little easier. On the other hand, larger buckets and amounts of molding materials are best suited for adults only.

If you’re going to cast your hand with jewelry on, be sure to check if your potential kit is compatible with objects to avoid any damage. But, this shouldn’t be an issue as most materials peel off like a charm and have been developed with this possibility in mind.

Lastly, you don’t need to be a part of a couple or have a baby to enjoy a casting kit experience! Get together with friends, make a funky peace sign or rock n’ roll hand horns to place in your home or office, gift a friend, or pass it down to someone you love in years to come!

That’s it for our guide to the best hand casting kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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