Best origami kits: Artful papercraft creations for beginners and up

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Whether or not you know it, you’re likely to have done some form of origami in your life. Pesky paper planes, anyone? How about paper fortune tellers on the school playground? Man, those were the days.

If you want to take things to the next level, origami is a very budget-friendly creative hobby — especially if you purchase an origami kit! These sets are packed with beautifully colored or patterned paper and, often, instructional books filled with unique projects to try out.

If you like the idea of exploring this timeless papercraft pastime, check out our favorite origami kits and quick picks below!

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Best origami kits: Quick picks

Amazing Origami Kit

Amazing Origami Kit by Tuttle

  • Elegant, quality kit
  • Best for adults
  • More traditional origami themes

Ultimate Origami for Beginners

Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit by Michael G. LaFosse

  • Targeted for complete beginners
  • Quality materials and booklet
  • A mix of classic and modern origami motifs

Origami Extravaganza Kit

Origami Extravaganza! by Tuttle

  • Great money for value
  • 38 origami projects
  • Very comprehensive booklet included

Best origami kits

Get your craft desk prepped and your bone folder ready; there are lots of incredible origami kits coming your way. Start scrolling to find your favorite!

Best overall: Amazing Origami Kit by Tuttle

Amazing Origami Kit

While this kit’s name may not be the epitome of originality, it does say a lot —because this origami kit is truly a-ma-zing!

The Amazing Origami Kit is one of the most comprehensive, quality sets you can buy, including a 63-page booklet with instructions and guidelines for 17 projects, 144 high-quality origami folding sheets, 13 custom paper designs, and more.

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Projects include everything from an origami tortoise, carp, and leaf, to a butterfly, peacock, and koi fish, to name a few. And while they are reminiscent of traditional Japanese origami figures, this origami set for beginners and up is everything but passé!

Considering you’ll have to rely on the booklet’s step-by-step instructions to complete projects at first, keep in mind that this kit is best suitable for readers ages eight and up. Also, whether you’re purchasing this kit on Etsy or Amazon, be sure to confirm if delivery is available in your area.

Best for beginners: Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit by Michael G. LaFosse

Ultimate Origami Kit for Beginners

Next up is a fantastic option for origami newbies dipping their toes into the craft for the first time.

The Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit contains cream-of-the-crop items to pursue your first origami experience. Materials include a 62-page book, instructions with images, folding techniques, and 62 sheets of origami paper.

We love the diversity of projects in this origami kit, covering everything from traditional paper folding themes to a more modern take on the craft. And, of course, you’ll get many tips and tricks to master those timeless origami classics we all love, such as paper cranes and flowers.

This origami kit is sold on Amazon and has two purchase options to choose from: a kit with a hardcover booklet or a digital booking. If you’re anything like us and have a passion for craft books, we advise going for the hardcover option; it costs ~$15, which is pretty reasonable for a complete set!

Best money for value: Origami Extravaganza! by Tuttle

Origami Extravaganza! Kit

While none of the origami kits listed in our guide require a costly investment, it’s always a good idea to evaluate where you can find good money for value — and the Origami Extravaganza! kit is an excellent, affordable option brimming with quality.

This origami set offers a well-rounded crafting experience for seasoned and novice papercrafters. It’s not only curated beautifully but has a lot of items to work with, making it a great pick if you’re searching for the perfect balance between quality and quantity.

You’ll find a colored 96-page booklet with written and visual guidelines, 38 origami projects, 162 sheets of authentic folding paper, foil folding sheets, and more. Projects include paper swans, fox puppets, and dandelions; the list goes on!

Compared to the previous products, this kit’s booklet is a little more extensive (best for readers ages seven and up), contains more materials, and — is cheaper! You can buy this set on Amazon with a hardcover or digital booklet. Note that prices vary accordingly.

Best Japanese origami kit: Japanese Origami for Beginners Kit by Vanda Battaglia

Japanese origami for beginners kit

Because it’s impossible to think of origami without thinking of Japanese art and culture, it’s only natural to want to learn more about the origins of this craft and approach it from a more traditional perspective.

The Japanese Origami for Beginners Kit is all about the classics (and one of my favorite options!), delving into newbie-friendly projects for all ages and abilities.

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Your kit will contain a colored 96-page booklet with instructions, 20 classic origami projects, 72 pieces of folding paper, beautiful patterns, and a tutorial DVD. However, if you purchase the digital version of this set, you’ll receive access for download.

Slightly more expensive than the options above, this kit is an excellent gift for anyone intrigued by authentic Japanese crafts who likes to keep mastering something new. And if you want to learn more, kintsugi, sashiko, and shibori kits are other stunning Japanese-originated creative hobbies you can add to your list!

Best modular origami kit: Modular Origami Kits by LiveMoor Natural Living

Modular origami kits

Modular origami is slightly different from single-sheet projects as it entails using two or more pieces of paper to create more dynamic, complex structures. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t beginner friendly!

Etsy sells this incredible collection of creatively-themed modular origami kits for kids, including options for crafters ages three and up. Some of our favorite themes are the mushroom, turtle, palm tree, peacock, and of course, the red dragon!

Unlike the kits mentioned above, these modular origami sets are inspired by more universal themes vs. classic Japanese papercraft motifs and techniques. However, we still find them just as fun, not to mention really affordable, at just ~$9-$13, depending on which kit you pick.

While suitable for toddlers (and a great way to get them crafting!), we advise supervision as younger crafters may struggle to assemble more detailed structures. Unfortunately, these origami kits are only shipped and delivered within the UK. But cheer up; most of our suggestions are available worldwide!

Best kirigami kit: Kirigami Paper Kit by Aitoh

Kirigami origami kits

Another popular variation of origami is kirigami. This approach differs from standard origami because it requires cutting and folding processes to create paper sculptures of different dimensions.

The Aitoh Kirigami Paper Kit is a great place to start learning kirigami, especially if you’re goal is to take origami a step further! This set is aimed at ages eight and up and contains 58 paper sheets and a 20-page booklet. Also, did you know that kirigami techniques are great for cardmaking?

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You’ll also find a nice variety of paper in this origami set: solid, rainbow hues, and iridescent colors. However, mind you that this is a very basic kirigami kit meant for complete beginners. But, because it’s so cheap, at ~$10 on Amazon, it’s a great pick to test the waters without splurging.

Motifs are also simple, floral, cloud, Christmas tree, and snowflake templates. Again, don’t expect authentic kirigami projects here. On the bright side, you have to start learning somewhere, right? Since this kit will involve cutting, be sure to have a good pair of scissors — check out our favorite electric scissors for tips!

Best original kit theme: Star Wars Origami Kit 2 by Chris Alexander

Star Wars origami kit

This origami kit will take you to a galaxy far, far away…!

Perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages, the 2020 Star Wars Origami 2 Kit is the second edition of its kind (you can find the first Star Wars Origami Kit here!) and provides a one-of-a-kind papercraft building experience.

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Including a beautifully designed 384-page book packed with illustrated instructions, this kit features 34 projects and 72 sheets of premium, project-specific folding paper to recreate iconic Star Wars objects and creatures. It’s just so much fun!

Projects include themes from lightsabers and Jedi starfighters to Lando Calrissian’s Millenium Falcon and so much more. And I don’t think we have to say it, but we can’t think of a better gift for die-hard Star Wars fans, whether or not they are crazy about crafts (we hope they are, though!).

Besides this set, you can also find the origami-inspired Star Wars Folder Flyers Activity Kit on Amazon, which puts a whole new spin on paper planes! May the force be with you!

Best for kids: My First Origami Kit by Joel Stern

My First Origami Kit

Before we reach the end of our list, we had to mention this super complete introductory origami kit for kids!

While also suitable for papercrafters of all ages, the My First Origami Kit is the perfect match for children six years and up. It contains 22 child-friendly projects, 150 detailed stickers, pre-colored origami paper, and an instructional booklet.

We all know there are no age limits to enjoy cuteness. Still, kids will be the number one fans of this kit and get a kick out of making these adorable origami creations from beginning to end: penguins, bears, pigs, elephants, and sea turtles!

Like other origami kits for beginners in our guide, you can purchase this kit with a paperback or digital book. Another origami set for kids we recommend — especially for group activities — is the 4M Toysmith Kidzmaker Origami Flower Lights Kit.

How to choose the best origami kits

You’re ready to go on an origami-making adventure and are feeling confident (as you should!), but are you sure how to weed through the best origami kits for you?

Let us help you figure out the essentials before buying:

If you’re purchasing your first kit, trust us, you’ll want a booklet with projects or, at least, a comprehensive pamphlet with instructions. Or else, you’ll be left with adorable, tiny-squared pieces of paper but won’t know what to do with them. So invest in a complete origami kit for beginners first!

Pick an origami kit that you’ll be able to follow. For example, origami kits for kids include more straightforward designs and, more often than not, more illustrative instructions. On the other hand, origami kits for adults are generally more detailed, and booklets are more extensive.

Also, consider the complexity of origami diagrams. Instructional booklets will include these to illustrate steps (besides written guidelines). These take time to understand, especially for more elaborate projects, so be patient while you learn!

When purchasing an origami kit for beginners, we can’t recommend using a bone folder enough! These simple and budget-friendly tools will make life simple and creases precise, which will help you achieve marvelous papercraft structures!

Be sure to consider what style of origami or project type you prefer. Do you want to tackle more genuine Japanese origami creations? Something a little more modern and origami-inspired, instead? Maybe projects that involve cutting techniques? It’s always best to narrow your options beforehand to avoid being overwhelmed by choices.

Besides a bone folder, there are other tools you’ll benefit from having (besides your kit), to complete your origami projects. A scoring tool, scissors or Xacto knife, a ruler, a pencil, a cutting mat, and a smooth, clean craft desk to get cracking are just about all you’ll ever need!

That’s it for our guide to the best origami kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid papercrafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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