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Best rug tufting artists to follow on TikTok

Rug tufting is one of the crafts that has rapidly gone from super niche to super trendy in recent years and rug TikTok has been booming since 2020.

Now featuring an ever-growing community of rug tufters, TikTok has become a popular launching pad for a new generation of fiber artists, who have transitioned from amateur hobbyists to full-fledged entrepreneurs due to their immense talent, and global visibility.

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If you love everything #rugtufting and discovering passionate creatives, whether for inspiration or simply because you’re all about that scrolling life, you’ll love our lineup of the best rug tufting artists to follow on TikTok. You might even recognize some familiar faces — or rugs!

And of course, share the love — let us know who your rug TikTok heroes are in the comments section below for everyone to check out!

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Jacob Winter and Franki Peroff (@mushstudios)

Mush studios rug tufting
Photo credit: Jacob Winter and Franki Peroff

TikTok: @mushstudios
Website: Mush Studios

What began as a quarantine-inspired hobby in 2020 is now the incredible rug-tufting venture Mush Studios. Founded by Brooklyn-based artists Jacob Winter and Franki Peroff, Mush Studios is a thriving custom rug-tufting business that has quickly become popular for its inventive, unconventional approach to rug art.

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The duo’s rug TikTok account is brimming with entertaining footage of custom rug-tufting magic, including snippets of giant rug-making sessions and behind-the-scenes shots. Inspired by abstract art and childhood imagination, Mush Studios will likely have you rethinking your home décor and get you pumped to make an experimental custom tufted rug of your own.

Claire Molenda (@clairemolenda)

Claire Molenda rug tufting
Photo credit: Claire Molenda

TikTok: @clairemolenda
Website: Claire Molenda

Chicago tufting artist Claire Molenda has become a TikTok rug-making favorite for her quirky style and original themes. Besides showing how she powers through her stunning creations, what makes Claire so relatable is the fact that she also shares how she faces obstacles in her work while giving fellow rug-tufting followers lots of tips on the craft.

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Inspired by creatives such as Victor Vasarely, Gee’s Bend, and ceramicist Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, this rug-tufter also proves to be a very versatile artist. Besides loads of tufted rug art, you’ll also find TikTok videos around her approach to visible mending and fashion upcycling you’ll be sure to love.

Mai Ohana (@mai__ohana)

Mai Ohana rug tufting
Photo credit: Mai Ohana

TikTok: @mai__ohana

Another rug artist to keep an eye out for on TikTok is Mai Ohana. Inspired by the interior design aesthetic of the 70s and 80s, this star rug tufter is all about geometric patterns and bold, color-filled power clashing.

I love how she covers the materials she uses in her TikTok posts as well as gives advice to beginners — including the occasional rundown of the costs required by the craft. You can also get a taste of how she incorporates tools like yarn winders into her work and undergoes transferring her designs onto large tufting cloth canvases.

Bibi Fuentes (@rugsxbybibi)

Bibi Fuentes rug tufting
Photo credit: Bibi Fuentes

TikTok: @rugsxbybibi

California-based fashion student Bibi Fuentes discovered rug tufting after attending a workshop on a whim back in 2020 and quickly fell in love with the craft.

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Her style is soft and feminine, with a touch of #millenialvibes. Bibi also adds fun, furry art to more than just rugs: fabric-lined mirror frames and tote bags are some of her other creations. Animal-inspired imagery, cow-prints, and yin yang symbols also make frequent appearances in her custom tufted rugs.

Tim Eads (@tufttheworld)

Tim Eads rug tufting
Photo credit: Tim Eads

TikTok: @tufttheworld
Tuft the World / Tim Eads

When speaking of modern, Internet-age rug tufting, you need to know about OG rug tufter Tim Eads. With over 20 years of experience in the art world, the designer and screen printer discovered his love for rug tufting in 2018, eventually leading him to found his company and tufting community Tuft the World.

Little did he know he would revolutionize the rug tufting scene and become a reference for emerging rug makers and hobby-seeking TikTokers who were striving to make art from their living rooms in 2020.

Whether you’re looking for tips on your first custom tufted rug, live workshops, or connections with fellow fiber artists, this is primo rug TikTok material. Nowadays the account is more about the community than his own work, but it’s still must-follow stuff.

Madeline Ronzoni (@happy.rugs)

Happy rugs_rug tufting
Photo credit: Madeline Ronzoni

TikTok: @happy.rugs
Website: Happy Rugs

Another cool creator you can follow on TikTok is Happy Rugs founder Madeline Ronzoni. Inspired by punch needle techniques, the artist went viral on the app after posting her now iconic, giant-scaled Air Jordan sneaker rug. Check it out; it’s really amazing!

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Creating all kinds of fun, colorful items in different dimensions, Madeline’s mission is to inspire you to find artistry in any subject matter you can come up with and love, no matter how random they may seem. Sports-related depictions, bubble tea drinks, and flowers are some of her signature themes. For Madeline, it’s all about putting joy into your rug-tufting!

Arjang Mahdavi (@firerugs)

Fire rugs_rug tufting
Photo credit: Arjang Mahdavi

TikTok: @firerugs
Website: Fire Rugs

Whimsical and artful, LA-based Arjang Mahdavi began creating and posting his spectacular works on TikTok in 2020 and is now the proud owner of Fire Rugs: one of the top custom tufted rug suppliers in the USA. It’s the perfect account to follow if you’re into custom tufted Anime rugs and hype art.

While covering a variety of themes, Japanese cartoon characters are at the forefront of his art — especially his incredible, eye-catching Naruto rug. Another of his recurring themes are more realistic depictions of pop culture and music personalities — my favorite being the “MM… FOOD” MF Doom rug; it’s just so spot on!

AJ (@ajmakesmagic)

Aj rug tufting
Photo credit: AJ

TikTok: @ajmakesmagic
Website: Magic Carpets

LA-based rug tufter AJ is someone you’ll want to check out on rugtok if you’re all about artsy bold statements. Using creative lettering and colorful patterns to display her primary source of inspiration — queer sexuality and spirituality — I can tell you there are a lot of good vibes and great videos worth checking out here.

Her iconic Queer queen of hearts rug has been one of her biggest highlights, and luckily for you, there are tons of items like it on her online store. You can also find rug-making workshops on her page if interested in creating your own custom tufted rugs! You’ll learn a lot by just watching AJ at work and observing how she brings truly unique pieces to life.

Chrissy Crater (@crater.rugs)

Crater rugs rug tufting
Photo credit: Chrissy Crater

TikTok: @crater.rugs 
Website: Crater Rugs

Multi-media artist Chrissy Crater is based in Nashville and brings a splash of nostalgia and psychedelia to the rug tufting game. Popular for her trippy mushroom, cute food, and Y2K-inspired tufted rugs, this is an artist you’ll really get a kick out of watching at work when she’s in the zone.

Also known for her singular depictions of the female figure, Chrissy is a master at creating black-toned shading, bringing a sense of depth to her pieces. My favorites are her Dolly mirror (impossible not to love!) and neon nuanced cowboy boot rug! If you’re into graphic art, you’ll also enjoy her TikTok videos on how she uses the Procreate app to develop patterns before tufting away.

Trish Anderson (@trishandersenart)

Trish anderson rug tufting
Photo credit: Trish Anderson

TikTok: @trishandersenart
Website: Trish Anderson Studio 

Last but not least is Trish Anderson! This fiber art master is a real pro, and you’ll certainly see what I mean once you check out her rug TikTok videos and website. Originally from Dalton, Georgia (the carpet capital of the world!), Trish designs signature rug patterns with impeccable technique, heavily inspired by the fiber art aesthetic of the 60s.

Transitioning into the craft after experimenting with punch needling, the artist has found an undeniable love for rug-making and a particular joy for creating beautiful, delicate objects with unconventional power tools. The love for her art is palpable and a wonder to see!

That’s it for some of my favorite “rugtok” tufting artists to follow on TikTok. Do you have any more recommendations? Drop them in the comments and spread the word!

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