Essential paper quilling tools: Prep your papercraft station

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Besides being an entertaining activity packed with creative potential, one of the perks of paper quilling is its affordability and straightforward toolset.

While a slotted quilling tool, paper strips, and some cardstock will do the trick as you test the waters, it won’t be long before you feel the urge to mix things up with a few more quilling supplies. The good news? Paper quilling tools are very cheap and easy to learn.

To help you know what to look for and where, we’ve outlined the best paper quilling supplies for beginners based on quality, price, and accessibility to have you set up your craft station like a pro from the get-go.

Check out our top picks for essential paper quilling tools below!

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Quilling paper strips

BRIGHTS Quilling paper by Tilly Viktor

Why you need this tool

Quilling paper comes in the form of long, narrow paper strips and is at the heart of every paper quilling project.

Paper strips vary in width (commonly 3mm-10mm) and are rolled and sculpted into different shapes and forms with the help of a slotted quilling tool. These are usually bought in pre-made packs or DIY’d by patient crafters!

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Our pick: BRIGHTS Quilling paper by Tilly Viktor

Tilly Viktor is a brand specializing in paper quilling and one of our favorites for its extensive catalog of high-quality products. And quilling paper is no exception!

This 10mm quilling paper pack costs under $7 on Etsy and offers a range of bright colors: each bundle contains 150 strips. We love the selection of vibrant, rainbow-like hues and the video tutorial included in this set — ideal for first-time paper quillers.

Apart from this product, Tilly Viktor sells other unique quilling paper packs, such as metallic and holiday-themed paper strips. These are perfect for card-making! Discover your favorite Tilly Viktor quilling paper here!

Slotted quilling tool and quilling needle

4-Pack Tool Set by My Creative Camp

Why you need this tool

Two indispensable quilling tools are needed to create paper coils: a slotted quilling tool and a quilling needle.

A slotted quilling tool features a thin slot at its needle-like tip through which you slip one end of your paper strip. Once inserted, you’ll turn the tool’s handle while using your other hand to support your paper as it rolls into a perfect coil. 

You can also use quilling needles to form coils, although it may be difficult for most beginners since tips aren’t slotted. However, most use this tool to apply tiny dabs of glue to bind the ends of completed coils and to help shape paper scrolls when using quilling shape boards. 

If you’re wondering what the best glue is for paper quilling, most of these book binding glues will work like a charm! Remember to keep glue application to a minimum and use a precision tip container. 

Our pick: 4-Pack Paper Quilling Tool Set by My Creative Camp

While you can purchase these tools individually, we highly recommend this set by My Creative Camp: the brand offers high-quality, well-designed, durable quilling supplies for a great price.

This set includes two slotted tools to accommodate different strip widths (5mm and 10mm), a quilling needle, a craft tweezer, and a convenient, sturdy container to store and preserve your quilling supplies. You can find this set on Etsy and Amazon; prices vary between ~$7-$10.

Electric quilling tool

Paper Rolling Electric Pen by YURROAD

Why you need this tool

The thing about electric quilling tools is that they aren’t crucial. These tools provide the same function as manual slotted tools with the perk of being powered by batteries.

That said, paper-rolling with an electric quilling tool will require less effort and speed up the coil-forming process. In addition, these devices are excellent alternatives to standard slotted tools when working on larger projects, not to mention especially handy when you need to give your wrist a break.

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Our pick: Paper Rolling Electric Pen by YURROAD

If you’re going down the electric quilling tool road, we recommend checking out this model by YURROAD. It’s pretty generic but does the trick with the added perk of accommodating various paper widths. It includes two slotted tips and is powered by AAA batteries (not included).

It also goes for a great price, slightly under $8 on Amazon. While not essential to take on paper quilling, there’s no doubt it will be a helpful addition as you evolve in the craft!

Craft tweezers

Craft Tweezers by Gretel Creates

Why you need this tool

You might wonder why you would buy a set of tweezers if you can just source one from your toiletry bag. Well, paper quilling is a detail-based craft that requires carefully placing, transferring, and gripping delicate paper coils throughout different stages of the creation process.

That said, household tweezers are not ideal. Craft tweezers feature thinner, more ergonomic tips, making it more convenient to control and manage your materials with greater ease, precision, and comfort.

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Our pick: Pastel Precision Fine Tip Crafting Tweezers by Gretel Creates

Our favorite craft tweezers are by Gretel Creates and cost ~$5 on Etsy. Available in a range of pastel colors, this seller offers two models: straight and slanted tip tweezers. Both styles are compatible with paper quilling (although slanted tweezers will provide more versatility) as well as suitable for other papercraft and stationery creative hobbies.

However, keep in mind that some models may be out of stock. Therefore, we encourage you to contact the seller through the platform if you have a specific request; Etsy makes this really easy to do!

Quilling shape board

Paper Quilling Template Board with Pins by YURROAD

Why you need this tool

Quilling shape boards are one of the most beloved tools in paper quilling! These items display a cork backing featuring an assortment of outlined designs, from circles and triangles to ovals, hearts, teardrops, and more.

The purpose of these boards is to provide alternative quilling shapes and sizes. Paper scrolls are “sculpted” into different forms by placing them individually into different slots and rearranging their structure with a quilling needle until they gain the desired configuration.

Tip: Pinning coils down to the cork base while shaping is very helpful!

Our pick: Paper Quilling Template Board with Pins by YURROAD

You will likely own a quilling board if you’ve bought a paper quilling kit at some point. However, if you’re starting entirely from scratch, this model by YURROAD has a modern, aesthetic design and is perfect for beginners.

This template board costs ~$7 on Amazon and offers multiple features, including a designated workspace, a wide array of circle dimensions, various shape styles, pins, and a reference ruler for sizing. The back of the board also functions as a larger work surface.

Circle sizer

Circle Quilling Board by Tilly Viktor

Why you need this tool

Essentially, a circle sizer is a somewhat simplified version of a quilling shape board. These quilling supplies are usually smaller, provide less variation, and only feature circles vs. various designs and shapes.

This resource is ideal if you often transport your work or like to keep things straightforward — a good starting point for paper-quilling novices! And while more limited in comparison to a quilling shape board, it’s just as useful.

If you’re looking to achieve a circular relief effect, this 3D Dome Mini Mold by Quilling Creations serves a similar purpose and will also make a great addition to your paper quilling toolset.

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Our pick: Circle Quilling Board by Tilly Viktor

If you’re going to get a circle sizer, make it fun! Tilly Viktor sells this heart-shaped circle sizer on Etsy and features hole sizes from 4mm to 22mm — a pretty good range considering how compact this quilling tool for paper is.

It’s also at an excellent price, just a little over $6, which, combined with its adorable design, makes it a great gift for any paper-quilling enthusiast in the making!

Curling coach

Humanoid Curling Coach Set by Lind Kitchen

Why you need this tool

When looking for quilling supplies, you’re bound to come across a tool called a curling coach. Its function is to support the slotted quilling tool as you roll your paper strips. But how does it work, and why should you get one?

Curling coaches feature a circular, flat base with a small hole in its center — this is where you insert the tip of your slotted quilling tool. Next, you feed the slotted tip with paper (as you would normally) and twist the slotted quilling tool to start making your coil.

The difference is that a curling coach provides a surface for your coil to “sit on” as it forms and becomes larger. That said, this tool is especially beneficial when creating heavier, bigger paper scrolls. It’s also extremely helpful in achieving tight, compact coils.

Our pick: Humanoid Curling Coach Set by Lind Kitchen

Surprisingly, purchasing a curling coach outside a paper quilling kit can be a little challenging! However, the good news is that there are a lot of basic sets that include a small number of items for a low price — such as this pack by Lind Kitchen!

For under $7 on Amazon, this set includes two humanoid-themed curling coaches featuring circle sizers, slanted tweezers, and a slotted quilling tool. While very simple, complete beginners will benefit from the affordability and practicality of this product. The truth is you won’t need anything more complex if you’re just starting out!

Quilling comb

Quilling Combs by Quilling Supplies

Why you need this tool

Quilling combs aren’t a crucial paper quilling tool but rather an alternative to achieve specific techniques.

Many crafters use a quilling comb to create laced loops by weaving single or multiple strips around the metal teeth. It’s particularly popular as a quilling tool for paper flowers and developing details for landscape paper art.

Although best for more elaborate works, ambitious beginners will enjoy mixing things up with this tool from the start!

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Our pick: Quilling Comb by Quilling Supplies

Sold on Etsy, these paper quilling combs by Quilling Supplies are available in green, pink, and purple and cost a little over $4 apiece.

They all include grid lines as a guide and feature a plastic head. Note that these are not sold as a set. Another quilling comb we recommend is the E-outstanding DIY quilling comb. It is, however, slightly more expensive.

Border buddy

Ultimate Border Buddy by Quill On

Why you need this tool

Border buddies are an excellent paper quilling tool to be on the hunt for if your goal is making paper jewelry. These cone-shaped structures feature different designs and levels along the edges (from top to bottom) to mold paper strips into specific forms and sizes.

Therefore, by wrapping a strip of paper around the tool and molding it, you’ll create a border or “paper frame,” which will result in a “hollow” shape. This will serve as your main outline to elaborate the center of your piece.

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Our pick: Ultimate Border Buddy by Quill On

We definitely recommend the Ultimate Border Buddy by Quill On — it’s by far the most versatile option for hobbyists and offers excellent value for money. And suitable for crafters ages seven and up!

For $10, you’ll get seven shape towers to make more than 25 different kinds of borders. Each has 12 gradients to choose from, providing lots of range for various projects. Besides jewelry, this is also a popular quilling tool for paper flowers.

Paper crimper

Paper Crimping Tool by HONGTIAN

Why you need this tool

Even beginners like to spruce up their paper-quilling ventures! And a paper crimper is the way to go if you’re looking to play with texture and add dynamics to your projects.

This handheld device is not essential but is pretty enticing. To achieve a rippled or zig-zag effect on your strips, you must insert your paper between a wheel-like mechanism and turn a crank. This motion squeezes your material between the wheels, giving it a super cool, wavey look.

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Our pick: Paper Crimping Tool by HONGTIAN

We really like this crimping tool by HONGTIAN! While it’s the priciest item on our list (~$14), it’s definitely worth the buy if you’re looking to experiment with different techniques.

While a more generic make, this device offers six crimp sizes to achieve both finer and coarser lines. This variety is really convenient as it beats having to buy individual tools. Being an all-in-one device makes life easy and provides versatility for all kinds of projects.

That’s it for this comprehensive buyer’s guide to the best quilling tools! If you have any other questions feel free to drop them in the comments below, and we’ll address them as soon as possible.

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