Best yarn winders you can buy (and why you need one)

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Are you tired of manually winding yarn and spending hours untangling knots? If so, a yarn ball winder can be a real lifesaver!

These tabletop devices are available in manual and electric versions and can wind yarn into perfect center-pull cakes, balls, and skeins in no time.

By investing in a yarn winder, you can focus on the creative side of your needlecraft or fiber art projects, and make life so much easier.

There are various types of yarn winders on offer, each with different styles, prices, and capacities. Not sure which one to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve listed our favorites in this guide!

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Best yarn winders: Quick picks

Yarn ball winder by knitpicks

Yarn Ball Winder by Knit Picks

  • Perfect option for beginners
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact size
Yarn Winder by Stanwood Needlecraft

Large Metal Yarn Winder by Stanwood Needlecraft

  • Heavy-duty yarn winder
  • Winds up to 10 ounces
  • Doesn’t require tools for assembly
Signature Mega Wool Winder by Knitter's Pride

Signature Mega Wool Winder by Knitter’s Pride

  • Great quality mega wool winder
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Highly aesthetic model for fiber art enthusiasts
Blue Epoxy Resin Yarn Winder by Star Handicrafts

Blue Epoxy Resin Yarn Winder by Star Handicrafts

  • Upscale device
  • One-of-a-kind design
  • Ideal gift for longtime crafters
Valet yarn winder by knitpicks

Ball Winder by Yarn Valet

  • Portable and inexpensive
  • Additional storage compartment
  • For all skill levels

What is a yarn winder? Do I need one? 

Yarn winders are incredibly time-saving, convenient, and can be relatively affordable, depending on your preferences and needs. 

But the question is: Do you need one? We say yes! 

Here are a few reasons why adding a yarn winder to your craft station will be worth it:

  • These tools help detect if there are defects in your yarn beforehand
  • Yarn winders create a flat-bottomed ball that prevents yarn balls from rolling as you pull
  • They ensure material is untangled in all areas
  • A quicker and more practical alternative to hand-winding
  • These devices allow you to speed up baseline work and focus on projects
  • You can make compact yarn balls that are easier to store and organize
  • Yarn winders don’t affect the elasticity of your yarn
  • Allow you to access both ends of the yarn.

Best yarn winders

Below you’ll find our picks for some of the best yarn winders we think every knitter and crochet enthusiast should own!

Whether you’re looking for a jumbo yarn winder, an electronic yarn winder, or a traditional, wooden yarn winder, we’re confident you’ll find something in our lineup you’ll love.

Just getting started with this medium? Check out some of our favorite online knitting classes and crochet classes for beginners to start learning!

Yarn Ball Winder by Knit Picks

Yarn ball winder by knitpicks


  • Modern design
  • Very affordable
  • Discount bundles available 

This Knit Picks yarn winder is an excellent choice, especially for newbies wanting to try out a quality, reliable tool for the first time without spending a fortune.

But don’t let its simple design fool you. This yarn winder can wind up to 100 grams of yarn, making perfectly shaped yarn cakes within just a few minutes!

The plastic yarn winder is also very light and compact, allowing easy storage no matter how big or small your workspace is.

For the sake of more efficient packaging, this yarn winder arrives with its metal arm unattached; this is the only part that requires assembling before getting hands-on. Other than that, it’s easy breezy. 

Knit Picks also sells a variety of yarn swifts you may want to consider to support your prep work before you start knitting or crocheting away!  

Large Metal Yarn Winder by Stanwood Needlecraft

Large Metal Yarn Winder by Stanwood Needlecraft


  • Reduced noise
  • Real-deal heavy-duty yarn winder
  • Winds balls up to 10 ounces

If you tend to work on projects that require large amounts of yarn, a large, heavy-duty ball winder will surely come in handy!

This yarn winder features 3-millimeter-thick steel and rust-resistant coating to ensure stability. Gears are designed to be durable and flexible and can endure high-speed winding while guaranteeing minimal noise.

Creating thread balls ranging up to 10 ounces, this yarn winder is easy to set up, doesn’t require additional tools to assemble, and can clamp onto tables up to 2 1/8″ thick.

This device offers excellent value for money and is designed to cater to novice and experienced crafters alike, making it a well-rounded, user-friendly option no matter where you are on your knitting journey.

Blue Epoxy Resin Yarn Winder by Star Handicrafts

Blue Epoxy Resin Yarn Winder by Star Handicrafts


  • High-end yarn winder
  • Smooth, manual operating
  • Winds skeins up to 1b

If you’re searching for a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one who is passionate about knitting as a creative hobby, this stunning Epoxy Resin Yarn Winder by Star Handicrafts is the perfect choice.

While upscale and on the pricier side, one thing is sure: you won’t find another model quite like this one. It’s perfect for avid crafters who love collecting one-of-a-kind tools — this yarn winder will look amazing on display!

Shipped from India and delivered worldwide, this yarn winder is built with Rosewood and features an anti-skid base and an easy-to-remove spindle and arm fold that makes storage particularly convenient.

Note that this is a manual device vs. an electronic yarn winder and can wind up to approximately 1 lb of yarn. It’s important to know that this tool may take a while to assemble. However, when in doubt, remember: YouTube is your friend!

Nostepinne Maple Wood Center Pull Ball Yarn Winder by Nagina International

Maple wood center pull ball yarn winder Nagina International


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • 100% money-back guarantee

If old-school crafting is your jam, it doesn’t get much simpler than this manual yarn winder. It’s an excellent, fuss-free addition to beginner knitting kits and crochet sets!

Despite its simplicity, this tool helps manage the tension of more delicate yarn. It also offers the benefit of being a convenient alternative for on-the-go crafters. 

Lightweight and functional, this wooden center-pull ball yarn winder is 11 inches long and 0.5 inches in diameter, allowing lots of yarn to be winded into a single ball. 

Ironically, considering all of the modern options on offer, this model may present some challenges if you aren’t quite used to keeping things basic or in line with traditional methods anymore!

However, rest assured: there are plenty of free online resources for troubleshooting, like this Knit with Hannah video on YouTube! 

Yarn Ball Winder by Yarn Valet

Valet yarn winder by Yarn Valet


  • “Secret” compartment to store knitting materials
  • Portable
  • Modern design

If you like the idea of a portable yarn ball winder but are looking for something a little different to stand out in the knitting crowd, this Yarn Valet yarn ball winder offers a little surprise you’ll enjoy.

Simple and stylish in design and color, this portable winder incorporates a storage compartment that can hold several knitting tools, including tapestry needles, small-sized knitting needles, and crochet hooks.

This winder measures slightly over 9.5 inches long and 2 inches wide at its widest tip, creating uniform, consistent balls without fail.

The added convenience of having access to both a storage compartment and winding tool in a single item is something that busy needlecrafters will surely appreciate.

Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny

 Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny


  • Knitting kit included
  • Small-sized device
  • Ready to use right out of the box

This yarn winder is a smaller version of the more modern, plastic-crank models for hobbyists.

Although it only holds up to 4 ounces of yarn, this pack offers other perks to make up for its smaller capacity: a complete knitting kit including stitch markers, a yarn gauger, measuring tape, and more.

Once removed from the box, simply clamp the spinner to a table, insert your yarn, and start spinning! The handle is also ergonomic and features a plastic grip on the end so your hand won’t slip while in action.

In addition, this yarn winder has rubber feet to protect your tabletop and can clamp onto surfaces up to 1.75 inches thick.

Signature Mega Wool Winder by Knitter’s Pride

Signature Mega Wool Winder by Knitter's Pride


  • Anti-friction bearings
  • Free shipping
  • Unique design

Wooden winders are fantastic alternatives to traditional yarn winders and perfect if you’re looking for something a little different — and nicer to look at!

This large yarn winder is made from natural birch wood and can wind up to 450 grams of sock yarn. Not only is this device absolutely stunning, but it is highly recommended for its high-quality turntable and smooth, quiet operation.

This wooden winder is equipped with anti-friction bearing and rubber pads to ensure your machine stays firmly in place while at work.

Despite being one of the priciest suggestions in our guide, we feel it’s definitely worth considering if you’re passionate about this craft!

Rosewood Yarn Ball Winder by Heaven of Crafts

Rosewood Yarn Ball Winder by Heaven of Crafts


  • Premium materials
  • Extra belt option available
  • Winds up to 500 grams 

This rosewood yarn ball winder is a limited edition and Etsy Star Seller, a perfect choice for vintage enthusiasts who love to create an aesthetic workspace.

It will look great next to your wooden yarn bowl!

The premium quality of this item is ideal for large capacities and lets you transform hanks and skeins into organized center-pull cakes up to 500 grams.

This model is best suited for more experienced crafters and includes a table clamp, a non-slip base, and a belt-operated mechanism for additional winding space.

You can select from two types of wood and an extra belt at purchase; check out these options by clicking below.

Jumbo Electric Cone Yarn Winder by CPointBox

Jumbo Electric Cone Yarn Winder by CPointBox


  • Versatile device
  • Speed control setting
  • Adapter and plug included 

This electric yarn winder looks like an unexpected mishmash of different parts, but don’t be fooled by its Frankenstein-like design.

Easy to put together, this winder has a cone-shaped piece to create cakes instead of standard balls and is especially handy for fiber artists — especially rug tufters.

The fully adjustable speed control option is also a plus, giving you complete control of the process. Once done, you can remove the plastic spool directly from the machine and work off it. 

This jumbo yarn winder can be adjusted to work with finer yarns or multiple threads, which is a huge timesaver, and can hold up to 500 grams of yarn. It’s shipped from China and delivered worldwide.

All you have to do is hook up your yarn, flip a switch, and watch it go! 

Have you been considering rug tufting as your new pastime? Check out our rug tufting guides and tutorials to help you set up!

That’s it for our guide to the best yarn winders you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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