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Yarn bowl buyer’s guide: What to buy and where

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Have you ever caught yourself doing that classic (and silly-looking!) chasing-after-tumbled-yarn move while knitting away? 

Rest assured, you are not alone. 

Having a good yarn bowl can do wonders while you work on your craft, as it provides essential support no matter what material and how much of it is being used during your project. 

These items come in all looks and sizes and allow yarn balls to unravel naturally with just the right amount of tension. 

Another point to consider is how aesthetic most yarn bowls are, coming in different colors, styles, and designs — a great addition to your dining table or crafts station. 

Continue reading to learn more and see our picks for the best yarn bowls you can buy!

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Best yarn bowls: Quick picks


Loveknitting Large Bowl

  • Capacity for multiple balls of yarn
  • Attractive wood finish
  • Easily accommodates WIPs
Yarn bowl neo marble resin

Yarn Bowl – Neo Marble Resin

  • Modern design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great value

Yarn Valet Yarn Bowl

Yarn Valet Yarn Bowl

  • Very affordable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Can be used with multiple yarn types

What is a yarn bowl? Do I need one?

Yarn bowls are usually round or oval-shaped and easily identified by their spiral cut-out carvings or small holes.  

When yarn is placed within a bowl, one tip of the yarn ball is fed through these openings. As you work, the thread will unravel organically without requiring yanking or pulling at your yarn. 

There is also a range of giant yarn bowls available on the market that are ideal for holding knitting/crocheting accessories along with any works in progress (WIP). 

Most avid knitters and crocheters cannot go without a yarn bowl because of how much they enhance workflow while avoiding messiness, knotted thread piles, and of course, the likelihood of comical yarn-ball-chasing scenarios from happening. 

 A few reasons why you should consider purchasing a knitting yarn bowl are: 

  • Keeps multiple color strands separate 
  • Tangle-free and knot-free
  • Adds to home décor
  • Keeps yarn clean and sheltered at all times 
  • Assists with yarn winding
  • Allows you to knit anywhere 
  • Avoids yarn from tumbling on the floor

How to choose the best yarn bowl for you

Whenever choosing your receptacle, keep in mind that one size does not fit all. 

Yarn types and projects may call for specific bowls, so consider these factors before investing in this item. 

Yarn weight and size

What yarn weights do you prefer? 

Do you knit fair-isle patterns and use two skeins at the same time? 

If you regularly use bulky yarn or knit with multiple colors at once, buying a larger option with swirly cutouts is the way to go.

Design and features

These pieces can also act as lovely centerpieces to adorn nooks and crannies in your home or a convenient way to transport your project wherever you go. 

Let your personal preferences shine when you make your pick. Do you want a funny yarn bowl or a ceramic yarn bowl? A chic and modern design or an organic, wooden look? 

Be sure to opt for a bowl with high sides to keep materials from falling out, or go for an item with a tapered top to keep contents from popping out.


Most bowls made of wood and plastic are the most resistant. Not surprisingly, this makes them the most popular and easy to find.

Besides these, you can find vessels in various materials and styles, whether in porcelain, ceramics, or metal. 

No matter the material, the most crucial aspect is that the inside of your bowl and its holes are smooth to prevent yarn from snagging and fraying. You can sand or file them after purchase, but obviously most good yarn bowls don’t require this step.

Best yarn bowls

Yarn stores and online craft marketplaces are great places to buy yarn bowls in all dimensions and designs — and for all pocket sizes. 

Read through our recommendations below and find your favorite soon-to-be knitting/crocheting aid for upcoming projects.

Yarn Valet Yarn Bowl

Yarn valet yarn bowl

Most of us love the beauty of convenience — the reason why this bowl should be right up your alley! 

While ceramics and porcelain yarn bowls are gorgeous, they may cause uneasiness due to their fragile nature. There’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on a cool yarn bowl only to have it break when your cat knocks it to the floor!

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If this resonates with you, this minimal-designed yarn valet is a great option to consider if you are looking for durability and affordability.

This item is roughly 5 inches wide, has a beautiful scalloped edge, and is open on top rather than tapered. 

You can find an enclosed ring along the upper rim of the bowl that serves as a guide for thicker yarns and two smaller holes appropriate for thinner fibers. The button below goes to KnitPicks, but you can also buy this one on Amazon.

Jumbo Darn Good Yarn Bowl

Jumbo Darn Good Yarn bowl

Quilt crocheters and winter gear knitters will appreciate the generous dimension of this stunning, jumbo-sized bowl handmade with Sheesham wood (AKA Indian Rosewood).

Each Jumbo Darn Good Yarn bowl is one-of-a-kind and can hold multiple balls of yarn, or one ball and a WIP with needles/crochet hooks.

Along with receiving a practical piece that will also look great in your home, with every purchase, you will be supporting employment for over 50 highly experienced artisans who craft these products individually.

However, it is one of the priciest options on the list, so budget-conscious crafters will want to look elsewhere.

Rooster Yarn Bowl

Rooster ceramic yarn bowl

Who said you couldn’t have fun with your yarn bowl?

While modern designs are always popular, this retro-inspired, countryside-style rooster ceramic yarn bowl boasts a lateral spiral carving on the side: it can’t get any cuter than this! 

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This version has a sizeable opening, suitable for all types of yarn, whether several multicolored skeins or a ball of bulky weight yarn. 

The slit allows yarn to be easily dispensed even from center pull-skeins, without snags or tangles.  

Whether you like to knit, crochet, or do both, this is a suitable option.

Cat Yarn Bowl

Ceramic cat yarn bowl

Another cute animal-imprinted piece is this ceramic cat yarn bowl that can hold two small skeins or one large skein of practically every type of fiber.

Relatively simple in design, this item presents the features of a cat, having the mouth doubling as a decorative element and the hole the yarn feeds through. 

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The opening is big enough for thicker weight yarn and can also easily support two strands. This specific ceramic yarn bowl does not have a spiral cut-out which provides additional protection for fibers from fraying. 

While this piece does support your knitting/crocheting activities, it’s a slightly higher price, primarily for its adorable design.

Yarn Bowl – Neo Marble Resin

Neo marble resin yarn bowl

Stronger than ceramic and more fashionable than plastic, this neo marble yarn bowl is constructed from faux marble made of resin. 

With this item, you can experience the perks of possessing a beautiful, authentic-looking stone yarn piece minus the concern around weight and fragility. 

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The top of the bowl has an open 5-inch diameter that tapers out to a medium-sized bowl. This means that this yarn holder is ideal for small to medium-sized skeins.

Although this is one of the pricier suggestions on our list, its swirly, blue and white design and compact dimension are certainly worth its value. 

Yarn Bowl – Black Mango Wood

Black mango yarn bowl wood

Keeping your yarn bowl on display means finding one that fits into your décor. 

If you’re into chic settings and decorations, this sophisticated black mango wood yarn bowl is an option that might be just right.

This bowl consists of multiple holes and openings to accommodate different kinds of yarn, including a swirly carving and smaller holes to control numerous strands at once. 

The bowl is tapered and holds smaller skeins, either lightweight yarn or bulkier yarns whenever wound into petite balls. 

Yarn Bowl – Two Tone Black Maplewood

Black maplewood yarn bowl

For knitters or crocheters that use medium-sized to large skeins, this two-tone black Maplewood piece has a large opening that guarantees the stability of your yarn. 

The outside is painted to a glossy finish giving it a contrasting color of black and natural wood with a large spiral cut-out: especially convenient for thick, chunky yarn. 

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This two-tone yarn bowl will not only give any room a nice decorative touch but is also a particularly robust and affordable pick for all levels of knitters or crocheters. 

Loveknitting Large Bowl 

Loveknitting large bowl

The wood-sculpted Loveknitting Large bowl is ideal for super-bulky weight thread and big-texture yarn. 

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The thickness of this bowl avoids breakage and has a specially smooth cut-out that lets yarn flow without interferences. 

The gentle slope of the cut-out also helps the thread move swiftly without requiring yanking or untangling your fibers. It’s a bit pricey, but the materials and finish are truly superb.

Loveknitting Small Bowl

Loveknitting small bowl

Loveknitting also makes a smaller bowl with the same lightly stained natural wood. 

With shorter sides and the same large 6-inch opening, this bowl is perfect for holding and controlling lightweight threads or small balls of thicker yarn.

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Because of its small dimension, this is a great suggestion for crocheters and knitters who are working on less complex pieces. Its neutral design is also a plus for discerning homeowners who love to add new items to their home.

Although more high-end in terms of value, its top quality, design, and sturdy construction will be worth every penny. It’s also significantly cheaper than the large yarn bowl if you like the look but want to save.

Large Wooden Yarn Box – Wood Yarn Bowl

Wooden yarn box

Options like this large wooden yarn box are great solutions for situations that require working with large amounts of weightier yarn.

This substantial wooden vessel is different from the rest listed in our guide because of its square shape. You will find two separate compartments within the box, crafted to offer individual placements for tools and WIPs. 

The box also features two conveniently carved-out handles to comfortably transport your work wherever you desire. 

You can pick from different colors when purchasing this item if you want to go for something new! However, it ships from the Ukraine, so don’t expect next-day shipping.

The Silly Sheep Yarn Bowl

Silly sheep yarn bowl ceramic

Sometimes, all you want is something cute to look at while you’re knitting away — this Silly Sheep funny yarn bowl fills that brief. 

Along with its adorable design, this hand-painted ceramic yarn bowl has small control holes made to hold two strands at once.

Although pricier than other recommendations on our list, this piece is more of a whimsical buy than anything else as it pretty much offers the same basic features as most standard bowls. 

This is the ideal gift fellow knitters with great senses of humor will love! You can also purchase this item in the form of other fun-looking animals

Ceramic Yarn Bowl for Crochet and Knitting Accessories

Ceramic yarn bowl multi color

This ceramic yarn bowl is a total knock-out and totally groovy!

Showcasing unique, iridescent rainbow-colored hues, this bowl is not only fun to look at but very convenient. 

With a deep spiral cut out on the side, this bowl easily accommodates a sizeable bulky-weight ball of yarn or up to six petite balls of yarn. 

Its especially wide spiral cut-out and smaller holes help feed the yarn quickly and smoothly, whether you’re knitting or crocheting, regardless of the size or texture of your yarn/thread. 

Other FAQs

How do you use a yarn bowl?

  • Put a skein or cake of yarn directly into the bowl 
  • Feed the outer end of the yarn through the lateral spiral cut-out or holes
  • Pull the yarn as you work, without yanking (a good vessel will not let yarn get tangled or stuck as you pull)

You can also use this item to store your WIP’s or knitting/crocheting accessories such as needles, extra yarn, and crochet hooks. 

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out these helpful online tutorials:

How do I make my own yarn bowl?

Making a DIY yarn bowl can be fun! There are numerous everyday items you can use to create a custom-made bowl.

All you need is a little imagination! 

Check out these online tutorials/guides for inspiration: 

Can I use a pull skein with a yarn bowl?

Pull skeins or center pull-skeins can be used with a yarn bowl, but they may not work as well as they would with a ball or cake. You can wind a skein into a ball for smoother use, with fewer snags and bumps. Using a yarn winder can be really helpful for this process! 

What size yarn bowl do I need?

Select a vessel that is larger than the skeins you tend to use with big enough holes to hold the weight of your yarn without affecting tension. A yarn box is best if you work with bulkier fibers, while small bowls are ideal for small knitting projects and crocheting.

Where can I buy yarn bowls?

Visit local potters, craft markets, and farmers’ markets for hand-designed yarn bowls. You can also easily find these easily on most online knitting and textile stores:

That’s it for this quick guide to yarn bowls! Have any tips or tricks to share with other budding crafters? Share them in the comments below!

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