Best screen printing kits: Take up the art of serigraphy from home

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It’s surprising how much you can do with a simple screen printing kit at home!

From apparel and stationery to tote bags, tea towels, and more, screen printing kits offer a complete set of materials and tools to create unique, personalized items in just a few steps.

And although thousands of companies offer this service, the advantage of screen printing from your craft station is that it allows you to create whatever you want — on your time, terms, and budget.

If you’re a beginner looking to explore this creative hobby further, our list includes some of the best screen printing kits to have you making all kinds of serigraphy projects like a pro!

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Best screen printing kits: Quick picks

Speedball Introductory screen printing kits

Speedball Introductory Screen Printing Kit

  • Acclaimed screen printing brand
  • Easy set-up for beginners
  • Teaches different techniques to print on diverse surfaces

Caydo Screen Printing kits

Caydo Screen Printing Kit 

  • Contains a total of 33 items
  • Very affordable considering its wide range of supplies
  • Includes 5 different sizes of screen printing frames

Screen printing kits with embroidery hoop

Screen Print a Tote with an Embroidery Hoop Kit by EdinburghCraftClub

  • Creative and cheap kit
  • Appropriate for all ages and starters
  • Specific tote bag project

How to choose the best screen printing kit

Before getting into our list of the best screen printing kits, here are a few helpful tips to remember once you get going! 

  • Start by experimenting with smaller and simpler projects
  • Make sure ink is stirred well and has a balanced, creamy consistency before application
  • Always use a test patch before tackling your final print project
  • Keep your screen as tight as possible
  • Considering mesh count is crucial before putting ink down on specific materials — this will make or break the outcome of your project.
  • Stick to a simple 3-4 color palette at first 
  • Do not rush the process — slow and steady wins the race!
  • Let ink settle as long as it needs to — patience is key! 
  • Research online screen printing classes to learn methods and techniques

Best screen printing kits

Scroll through our roundup of the best screen printing kits to jumpstart your upcoming printing ventures!

Speedball Introductory Screen Printing Kit

Speedball Introductory Screen Printing Kits

Speedball is by far the most popular brand for accessible screen printing kits for all levels —and this introductory set is no different. 

One of its perks is that it’s compatible with all kinds of mediums, whether fabric, cardboard, paper, wood, and more, while providing an easy, intuitive set-up to get you comfortably crafting in no time!

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The kit includes all of the essentials, such as a screen, a dual-edge squeegee, printing inks, a high-quality paper pad, an X-Acto knife, and even a Speed Clean screen cleaner to tidy up your mess in a jiffy! 

You’ll also receive an instructional booklet to support you every step of the way until you get the hang of things. Speedball’s YouTube channel also features short product demonstrations and tutorials you can look up for additional guidance!

Jacquard Screen Printing Kit 

Jacquard Screen Printing Kits

If you’re a beginner, this is one of the most comprehensive, quality screen printing kits you can find, offering great value for money.

With a complete set of materials and supplies, you can conveniently buy this kit from Amazon and enjoy a full-on, entry-level screen printing experience from your very own craft station.

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Although it’s one of the more expensive suggestions on our list, we think it’s definitely worth the purchase if you aim to jumpstart your screen printing projects with high standards from the get-go.

Two factors worth highlighting are this bundle’s aluminum frame and self-curing inks. Working with an aluminum frame will ensure flatness at all times, no matter how often it’s used — unlike wooden frames that tend to warp over time.

Because the ink included in this kit is blended with self-curing properties, you’ll have a wider range of screen printing mediums you can work with vs. water-based inks. And if you purchase this kit and eventually run out of ink, worry not; Blick sells a bunch of Jacquard Screen Printing Inks in multiple colors!

Screen Printing Kit by Print Club London

Print Club’s Home Printing Kits by Print Club London

Print Club London is another great brand to look into if screen printing interests you, providing enough tools to get you printing on t-shirts, towels, tote bags, and banners (the list goes on!) from scratch.

This 12-piece kit includes a pre-stretched wood screen and squeegee, water-based black fabric ink, reusable vinyl templates, wood spatulas, and instructions. It also includes a fun alphabet typeset to print bold, eye-catching logos and witty phrases to truly customize items.

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If you’re planning on screen printing t-shirts, the brand’s official website (see below) sells high-quality blank tees to provide you with all you need in one go. However, this product may not always be available, so reach out to your seller if you’re interested in knowing more! 

Londoners or curious travelers may also enjoy attending an in-person workshop at the Print Club London studio to learn the art of screen printing from pros!

Have an artsy friend who lives in the UK? Workshop gift vouchers are also up for grabs!

Caydo Screen Printing Kit 

Caydo Screen Printing kits

Art supply brand Caydo undoubtedly lives up to its slogan: “Our business is where your fun is” — and this full-on starter kit is proof.

Including a total of 32 pieces to screen print from beginning to end, this is the perfect, budget-friendly kit every beginner won’t regret purchasing!

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For a little under $50, this set will include all the essentials (and more!), such as three different-sized screen printing frames, squeegees, black and white fabric screen printing ink, transparency film for transferring patterns, and masking tape.

These materials will allow you to print on t-shirts, canvas tote bags, and tank tops — the world is your oyster! This set is also perfect for enjoying screen printing group activities with family and friends due to its abundance of items!

Although this bundle isn’t as high in quality as screen printing kits made by specialty brands such as Speedball, it’s a great place to start exploring the craft without burning a hole in your pocket.

Screen Print a Tote with an Embroidery Hoop Kit by EdinburghCraftClub

Screen printing kits with embroidery hoop

This set is a little different from the rest of the previous screen printing kits — and also pretty cool!

Including a tote bag project to get you learning with a creative twist, this kit will have you applying screen printing techniques with an embroidery/punch needle hoop.

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Your kit will include a tote bag, three ink colors (yellow, blue, and magenta), a wooden hoop, and step-by-step instructions. Besides supplies, you’ll also have access to a tutorial video and a pouch to store all of your materials.

The only downside to this kit is that it only contains one tote bag. However, whether you want to sew a couple of tote bags or buy them in bulk online, you’ll already have a set of tools you can reuse.

Mind you that this set is shipped and delivered within the UK only.

Speedball Beginner Craft Vinyl Screen Printing Kit

Beginner Screen Printing Craft Vinyl Kits

Next is another Speedball product, this time, an all-in-one kit you’ll love if you’ve wanted to apply vinyl stencils to create personalized items for home décor or apparel. 

This pack includes a top-quality squeegee, wooden frame and mesh, black screen printing ink, three vinyl craft sheets, transfer tape, instructions, and more. 

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Don’t forget you can always get a glimpse of what this set offers by checking out Speedball’s demonstration video on YouTube!

If you’re feeling ambitious, the company also makes an intermediate screen printing kit and a deluxe intermediate kit that won’t disappoint you! 

And in case you’re wondering, stencils are long-lasting and will withstand lots of projects; you’ll be able to use these again and again! When purchasing, check out all the options available, as this product’s price will vary slightly.  

Speedball Speed Screens

Speedball speed screens

Besides fabulous screen printing kits, Speedball also features this out-of-the-box alternative to traditional screen printing methods. 

The Speedball Speed Screens are straightforward to learn and use despite age and skill. This kit comprises an easy solution for home screen printing with everything you need to make permanent photographic stencils for t-shirts, décor, etc. 

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The speed screens won’t require mixing, coating, or drying. That said, newbies can enjoy easy-to-do projects minus the hassle! This kit includes three Speed Screens, a 30W LED lamp, black fabric screen printing ink, a Red Baron squeegee, transparency sheets, and guidelines. 

This approach is an excellent solution if you’re looking to simplify the screen printing process. However, if you’re already an avid crafter, this set may seem a little more limited, so we recommend this primarily for complete beginners and teens. 

To learn more and see what this looks like, check out this clearly explained online tutorial to get an idea of what you can expect.

Easy DIY T-Shirt & Crafts Silk Screen Printing Starter Kit by EZScreenPrint

Easy DIY T-Shirt & Crafts Silk Screen Printing Starter Kits by EZScreenPrint

Want to experience screen printing techniques on various surfaces beyond your typical t-shirt? This kit is on Etsy and is perfect if you aim for easy-to-achieve professional-looking outcomes!

Without relying on heavy equipment or chemicals, this kit includes pre-coated emulsion stencil sheets compatible with various materials, including fabric, metal, plastic, polymer clay, ceramics, wood, glass, tile, and more. 

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Apart from this entry-level set, EZ ScreenPrint also sells bundles for more advanced crafters, as well as a collection of ready-to-use stencils featuring all kinds of designs and patterns. We highly recommend checking out the shop to learn more!

The company’s kits have a mesh count of 110 and sell a wide range of stencils inspired by various themes, making it a great place to look if you’re searching for a specific pattern for a particular occasion. 

However, it’s important to stress that these should only be used for personal creative projects and cannot be digitally copied or reproduced for commercial purposes. 

Daler Rowney System 3 Screen Printing Set 

Daler Rowney System 3 Screen Printing Set 

Last up on our screen printing kits roundup is the sought-after Daler Rowney 3-screen printing set.

This set is the perfect choice to experiment with acrylics on fabrics, paper, canvas, or board. And although it’s an introductory kit, the results are really impressive!

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Each set contains a wooden frame with a high-quality mesh, squeegee, five different colored ink tubes, and textile and screen printing mediums. You’ll also have access to a comprehensive instructional video to guide you from beginning to end.

This set is one of the most expensive products on our list, ranging between ~70-$90, depending on where you purchase it. However, this is one of the best quality options available that more serious crafters will undoubtedly appreciate.

What to know about screen printing from home

Screen printing is the process of pressing ink through a stenciled mesh with a sturdy blade (squeegee) to transfer a pattern or design onto a surface. 

In a way, this transferring technique somewhat resembles what happens in lino cutting or block printing!

Because screen printing kits provide the essentials, often including instructional booklets or access to online tutorials too, beginners will find these a convenient alternative when learning the craft at first. 

Starting with a kit will also help you stay focused on a single project rather than getting side-tracked or overwhelmed by the immensity of online information. Keeping things sweet and simple in the beginning is the best way to build up your skillset before you tackle more complex projects. 

Also, it’s definitely fair to say this isn’t the cheapest creative hobby or as accessible as other crafts, such as knitting or crocheting. However, with some research, you’ll find that many screen printing kits for home crafting are reasonably priced, considering the number of supplies you can receive in a single bundle. 

And because time is money, there will be no need to go out of your way and splash the cash on purchasing items individually (and for a higher value most of the time) when you can have everything delivered in just one go!

Knowing which surfaces you plan to work with beforehand is crucial, too, since most screen printing kits for beginners are designed with specific projects and skill set levels in mind. 

Weighing out the pros and cons of screen printing from home is also a way to evaluate if this craft is for you: 


  • Diversity of surfaces/textiles to print on
  • Vibrant, colorful finishes
  • Fantastic results for bold logos and graphic designs
  • Reusable tools to print multiple identical copies of your artwork
  • More durable than heat presses and digital designs


  • Cannot compete with industrially-produced quantities
  • Set-up can be a little tricky at first
  • Stocking up on extra supplies may be required for larger projects
  • Limited color options may seem restrictive
  • Intricate gradients take time to master

That’s it for our guide to the best screen printing kits you can buy! Any advice for other intrepid crafters? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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