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Macrame wall hanging tutorials, kits, and patterns: Best DIY resources

Domestika Introducion to Macrame

Macrame is a very diverse craft, but some of the most striking pieces you can make are macrame wall hangings. These large-scale works can be intimidating for beginners, but it isn’t too hard to learn how to make your first macrame wall hanging — with the help of the right tutorial!

To get you started, I put together this list of some of the best macrame wall hanging tutorials available on the web. With a little planning and perseverance, you’ll have your very own macrame wall decor in no time!

These tutorials are focused on just large macrame tapestries, but if you want to learn more general skills check out the article below.

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In addition to classes, I’ve also included a list of some of the best macrame wall hanging kits that include both a tutorial and the materials you’ll need to complete it. There’s also a list of macrame wall hanging patterns for those who already have some experience.

With that out of the way, let’s hop into some macrame wall hanging DIY resources!

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Macrame wall hanging tutorials: Classes

Macrame wall hanging tutorials and classes

If you’re looking for a more complete understanding of how to make macrame wall hangings, I recommend checking out an online class.

Classes and workshops are generally better than simple YouTube tutorials because they give you a better sense of the whole project. Plus, they include other tips like material guides and how to take care of finished works.

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Even better, all of these macrame wall hanging classes are cheap or even free! Forget about expensive in-person workshops or Zoom lessons.

Trust me, it’s worth investing more time and energy to learn! Here are some of the best macrame wall hanging classes available:

Macrame for beginners: Make a large macrame wall hanging

Macrame for beginners: Make a large macrame wall hanging image

Teacher: Tiffany Egbert
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 8 lessons (16m)
Level: Beginner

First up is this class from Skillshare that teaches you just the basics that you need to know to start making a large macrame wall hanging. Teacher Tiffany Egbert will walk you through the materials you need and the two key knots to get started.

It’s fast at just 16 minute long, but it’s broken into segments that you can rewatch until you have the knots down. You can also ask questions and see other students’ work for inspiration!

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If you aren’t familiar with Skillshare, it’s a paid subscription service with nearly 30,000 courses (including many more macrame classes!). However, you can take advantage of a 1-month free trial by clicking below, which is more than enough time to complete this course.

Create a macrame wall hanging using 5 easy knots

Create a macrame wall hanging using 5 easy knots

Teacher: Peggy Dean
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 13 lessons (54m)
Level: Beginner

If you’re looking for something a bit more in-depth, this next macrame wall hanging diy tutorial should be right up your alley. It’s just shy of an hour long, and as the title implies it covers 5 beginner knots.

Learning more knots means you have more options when designing your own piece, but it might be overwhelming for complete beginners.

However, since it’s also on the Skillshare platform, you can watch it right after completing the course above to supplement your knowledge. With a 1-month free trial you have plenty of time to experiment!

Click the button below to check out the trailer and learn more about the class.

Introduction to macrame: Creation of a decorative tapestry

Introduction to macrame: Creation of a decorative tapestry

Teacher: Belen Senra
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 15 Lessons (2h 11m)
Level: Beginner

This next course is far more complete and professionally produced, and for the money is one of the best macrame wall hanging tutorials you can find.

Taught by fiber artist Belen Senra, the more than 2-hour long course walks you through everything you need to know: materials, knots, patterns, and even maintenance.

The only downside is that the course audio is in Spanish, with English subtitles. This isn’t a deal breaker since the walkthroughs are presented very clearly visually, but it might put off some people who don’t like subtitles. Check out the trailer to see how the subtitles work.

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If you don’t mind the subtitles, the teacher has two more macrame courses on the Domestika platform that are also worthwhile. Unlike Skillshare, Domestika courses are one-off purchases, which means once you buy it it’s yours forever with no recurring subscription.

Macrame using the fiber emballage technique

Macrame using the fiber emballage technique

Teacher: Pluumbago
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 14 Lessons (2h 2m)
Level: Beginner

Next I’d like to highlight a course that takes a completely different approach to making a macrame wall hanging, and it’s perfect for those who love color and texture.

Taught by Mexican fiber artist Pluumbago, it covers the “fiber emballage” technique, which is all about using dyes and wrapped cord to create colorful and unique compositions.

You won’t learn as many knots, but you will still learn how to make a macrame wall hanging that’s sure to impress your friends and family (or even clients!).

This course is once again offered by Domestika in Spanish with English subtitles. Although the list price is $40, it’s pretty much permanently on sale for less than $10.

Mastering the Art of Macramé

Mastering the art of macrame Udemy

Teacher: Nicole Woo
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 50 lessons (17h 48m)
Level: Beginner

The last macrame wall hanging class I’ll feature here is the longest and most widely reaching course of them all. It isn’t focused exclusively on wall hangings, but rather on the craft as a whole.

This means you get a full understanding of the materials, knots, techniques, and more. There are several macrame wall hanging tutorials throughout the 17 hour course, but it also equips you with the know-how to create your own wall hanging patterns.

You’ll also learn how to make a plant hanger, owl, macrame dream catcher, mandala, and more! It’s an incredibly complete course.

Since it’s on Udemy, you only need to buy it once and it’s yours forever. New users can get a steep discount, bringing the price down to less than $15. That’s less than $1 per hour of content!

YouTube macrame wall hanging tutorials

macrame wall hanging youtube tutorials

YouTube content can be hit or miss, but if all you are a confident self-starter a quick YouTube macrame wall hanging tutorial can provide all the instruction you need.

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Obviously none of these videos are as complete as the courses above, but since they’re free you can watch several and learn a little bit from each one.

They’re also great to just sit back and watch to relax and enjoy the handywork! Check out a few of my favorites below.

Best YouTube macrame wall hanging tutorials:

If you can’t get enough YouTube macrame content, there are plenty more great macrame channels to check out. Some of them have simple build videos with music, and others have knot guides and more.

Here’s another short list of macrame channels that are worth subscribing to if you love macrame:

Best YouTube macrame channels

Macrame wall hanging kits

Macrame wall hanging kits

Macrame wall hanging kits are an excellent alternative to pure video tutorials. Not only do they include simple instructions and a pattern, they also have all the materials you need to create your very own macrame wall hanging!

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While you might be able to find macrame wall hanging kits at certain retail stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, the best place to get them is Etsy.

Not only is there a huge variety of kits on offer, but by buying them you’re also supporting small creative businesses instead of multinationals! Plus, they are generally higher quality and have more love put into them than generic kits.

If you can’t or don’t want to shop on Etsy, there are also quite a few macrame kits on Amazon that ship around the world.

I’ve listed a few of my favorites kits and shops below. I’ve also included the shipping locations, so whether you’re in the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia you can avoid excessive shipping costs.

Best macrame wall hanging kits

Macranova macrame wall hanging kit
Macranova Kit DIY macramé

  • Includes rope (13 color options), wooden dowel, instructions (English or Spanish), and a knot guide.
  • Ships from Spain.
  • Macranova shop has many more kits with different designs.

Knot it yourself macrame wall hanging kit
Scandi Macrame Kit Beginner Level

  • Includes rope (6 color options), wooden dowel, wooden beads, instructions, and a knot guide.
  • Ships from Belarus.
  • KNOTitYourself shop has many more kits with different designs.

Willow and Rosebud DIY Macrame Wall Plant Hanger Kit

  • Includes cotton rope (1 color), driftwood hanger, and downloadable instructions.
  • Ships from the United States.
  • WillowandRosebut shop has a few more kits with different designs.

Kalicrame D.I.Y. Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

  • Includes cope (6 color options), dowel, printed instructions, and a link to a YouTube tutorial.
  • Ships from the United Kingdom.
  • Kalicrame shop has a few more kits with different designs.

Random Design T macrame feather wall hanging kit
DIY Beginner Macrame Wall Hanging Feather Kit

  • Includes rope (for 8 feathers), dowel, tutorial video (digital), and instructions (digital).
  • Ships from Turkey.
  • RandomDesignT has a few more kits with different designs.

Homevibesmacrame wall hanging kit
Macrame KIT Wall Hanging DIY

  • Includes rope (custom colors available), oak dowel, and printed instructions
  • Ships from Australia.
  • HomeVibesMacrame has a few more kits with different designs.

Macrame wall hanging patterns

Macrame wall hanging patterns

If you already have some working knowledge of macrame knots and just need some designs, there are tons of great macrame wall hanging patterns available online.

These patterns will show you exactly which materials to use, lengths of cord required, knot types, instructions, and more!

They’re probably not ideal for complete beginners, but once you have a few projects under your belt they’re a great way to expand your capabilities.

Below I’ve listed a few free macrame wall hanging patterns, but keep in mind they tend to be smaller projects. I’ll touch on larger (paid) patterns below that.

Oh, and if you prefer physical media, check out The Macrame Pattern Book, Macrame Decor, and Modern Macrame. These books can be great for inspiration or as reference pieces.

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Best free macrame wall hanging patterns

  • A Beautiful MessMake your own macrame curtain
    • This tutorial and pattern is technically for a large curtain, but with some simple adjustments it can be a wall hanging.
  • Honestly WTFDIY Macrame Feathers
    • Fantastic macrame pattern with very clear pictures and instructions. Make 4 or 5 and you’ve got a wall hanging!
  • The Vintage Rug ShopDIY modern gold wall hanging
    • Want a beautiful wall hanging without all the knot work? This is the perfect pattern for you.
  • Foxy TwineBoho macrame wall hanging
    • Great tutorial for a large boho-style piece. Uses just four types of knots.

None of the patterns above are particularly striking, and if you want to have a truly incredible piece you’re going to have to buy some patterns.

Fortunately, patterns are cheap and generally delivered instantly, so you can get started right away. All of the options below are on Etsy, so you’re also supporting creators and small businesses directly!

Where to buy macrame wall hanging patterns

  • TamarThings – Easily some of the best macrame wall hanging patterns you can buy. Large and small projects in a variety of stylings. Plans run about $5-10 with instant downloads.
  • ReformFibers – Another great resource with patterns for wall hangings, plant holders, and other decorative objects. Plans run about $5-10 with instant downloads.
  • KnotsAndWallflowers – Small but growing selection of macrame wall hanging patterns. Features both geometric and boho-style designs with plans costing about $6-8.
  • BerryandClove – Great selection of boho-style patterns that are easy to follow and make. Patterns cost about $5 each, and are available for instant download.
  • HomeVibesMacrame – Patterns for wall hangings, plant holders, and other macrame projects. Well written and illustrated, each pattern is a bit more expensive at $7-20.

Inspirational artists

TamarThings coral reef macrame wall hanging
Coral Reef. Photo credit: Tamar Samplonius

To finish off this article, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite macrame artists that specialize in wall hangings.

Some of these artists publish or sell their own macrame wall hanging tutorials or patterns, so if you really like their work you can create similar works and support them in the process!

Note that there are many, many more great macrame artists on Instagram, but these are just my favorites that frequently feature interesting wall hanging pieces.

  • Tamar Samplonius (@tamarthings): Incredibly talented macrame tapestry maker from the Netherlands. She also sells excellent macrame wall hanging patterns in her Etsy shop.
  • Alisha Ing (@iwouldratherknot): Aside from having the best handle in the Instagram macrame world, Alisha’s work is gorgeous and is notable for its use of color.
  • Elsie Goodwin (@reformfibers): Very prolific and long-standing macrame Instagram account that’s filled with inspiration. She also sells many of the patterns for her works on her Etsy shop.
  • Ixchel Yué (@pluumbago): This Mexican fiber artist uses dyes and thick rope (as thick as 2 inches!) to create stunning works. You can learn more about her techniques in her Domestika course.
  • Windy Chien (@windychien): In a world filled with macrame wall hangings that all look the same, Windy’s work is a breath (or gust?) of fresh air. She uses incredibly interesting knot combinations and compositions that I guarantee you’ve never seen before.
  • Paloma Christiansen (@artezz_macrame): This Brazilian yoga and macrame instructor’s feed is filled with large and intricate pieces, some of which are as much as 3 meters long!

That’s it for this list of the best macrame wall hanging tutorials! Do you know about any more resources or great macrame artists? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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